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Dealers should learn to add and subtract

In the face of uncertain and challenging market, uncertain factors from manufacturers and increasingly powerful competitors in the industry, what should dealers do? Jiang Zhirong, general manager of Changzhou Houyu leisure food company (hereinafter referred to as “Houyu business”), believes that the most necessary thing for dealers at present is to add and subtract conscientiously.


Do brand subtraction

Dealers generally represent many different brands, but everyone’s energy is limited, it is difficult to do all the brands well. Bad brand operation, at any time may affect their company’s reputation, thus affecting the sales of agency products.
In 2009, Jiang Zhirong, full of love, entered the leisure food industry. He knew that it was better to do more than to do well. Therefore, he decided to find the right direction and focus on pastry and leisure meat products. Over the years, Jiang Zhirong has been paying attention to the subtraction of brands and constantly streamlining the products represented by Houyu commercial bank. Today, he only acts as agent for some mainstream leisure pastries, such as Qianye, Xiaobai and jimanbeide, as well as the mainstream meat products series such as hongxiangji, Jiyang and jinbaozhai. Benefiting from the small number of agency brands, Jiang Zhirong will devote himself to the operation of the agent brand. Facts have proved that his decision is correct, and the brand he acts for has been unanimously recognized by the industry and welcomed by consumers.

Since we do brand subtraction, we should be prepared when selecting products. Jiang Zhirong summed up his own selection methods
focuses on the image of the whole upstream manufacturers. Brand is the symbol of an enterprise. Only when the brand image is in line with the operation concept of dealers, can we carry out happy cooperation and improve product sales;
pays attention to the personal character of the person in charge of upstream manufacturers. To a certain extent, the quality of the product is determined by the character of the person in charge. Therefore, Jiang Zhirong pays special attention to the cultivation of his own character and wins the unanimous recognition of the upstream and downstream;
pays attention to the factors of the brand itself, compares the packaging, price and other aspects, and selects the most suitable product brand;
for the new products that follow the trend, we should learn to use social media to select new products through friend circle and food exhibition. Of course, we should always pay attention to the new products launched by old customers, and do a good job in screening the products recommended by themselves.

In fact, the essence of “subtraction” is to concentrate resources, concentrate limited resources in the work that can produce results, and at the same time, eliminate waste to the maximum extent. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate! To pool resources, start by subtracting.

Adding channels

At the same time of subtraction, dealers should learn to add.

Jiang Zhirong takes the word “honesty” as his motto and implements it in his daily work. Integrity has established a good reputation for him, helped him get more recognition of sales channels, and helped him to achieve the scale of almost full coverage of leisure channels with Houyu commercial bank.
With a huge sales channel, it is necessary to do a good job in terminal services and improve the confidence of business personnel. Jiang Zhirong said: “it has a lot to do with the confidence of the promotion staff that a product is still not good. There are no products that can’t be sold, only those who can’t be sold. Therefore, we must have confidence in being a person, especially in business promotion personnel. ” Only with strong executive ability of business personnel can we better help Houyu commercial bank to develop channels and do a good job in channel sales. Jiang Zhirong is not satisfied with the existing sales channels. In order to better serve the terminal, he has been trying to open up new channels and constantly adding.
The essence of “addition” is to broaden the sales channels, introduce the products to more consumers and improve the popularity. Dealers should learn to add, so as to help terminal service.

Learn to add and subtract

Adding in channels and subtracting in products are new requirements for distributors in leisure food market.
In recent years, China’s leisure snack industry has achieved rapid growth. From the perspective of industry output value, the annual output value of China’s leisure snack industry has increased from 193.1 billion yuan in 2004 to 199.25 billion yuan in 2019, with an annual compound growth rate of 16.84%. This also shows that the development prospect of China’s leisure food industry is still broad, which is a good development opportunity for many dealers. However, opportunities often coexist with challenges. In this regard, Jiang Zhirong analyzed that: “with the continuous progress of informatization and data, the profit of leisure food industry is gradually increasing, and more and more people begin to enter the leisure food industry. But not all dealers can run their products well. In an industry, once engaged in more people, it is inevitable to have a mixed situation of good and bad, leading to oversupply of dealers. “
How to solve this industry problem is a problem Jiang Zhirong has been thinking about. “In order to meet the new challenges of the leisure food industry, we need to do subtraction, refine and strengthen our existing products, and constantly improve our own strength,” he said Jiang Zhirong believes that a mature dealer should learn to add and subtract mixed operations. In the future, Jiang Zhirong will lead Houyu merchants to do addition in channels and subtraction in products, strive for improvement and develop continuously to meet the more perfect leisure food industry.

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Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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