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Big event & wind vane

Whole foods market releases top ten trends of food industry in 2021

By Ethan

Information sources: whole foods, foodaily


On October 20, whole foods whole foods released the top 10 food trends in 2021, which is the sixth consecutive year that whole foods has predicted the development trend of food and beverage industry in the next year. Let’s take a look at the latest trends in this release.


1. Health comes first

The line between dietary supplements and packaged foods is increasingly blurred, and this trend will accelerate in 2021. This means super food, probiotics, vegetable broth and pickles will continue to grow. Brands are fusing functional ingredients, such as vitamin C, mushrooms and adaption, into food to reduce stress, relax spirit and strengthen the immune system.


2. A good breakfast every day

As more and more people work from home, the most important breakfast of the day gets attention, not just on weekends, but every day. There are a series of innovative products specially tailored for people who pay more attention to breakfast. For example, prepackaged pancakes, egg snacks, and even plant-based eggs.       

3. Kitchen classic product “turn red”

With more and more time in the kitchen, home chefs are looking for hot new foods. Spaghetti, sauces, spices – these basic things are back in favor. New dishes have been invented, such as spaghetti with palm core, apple wood smoked salt, or plant-based “broth.”.  


4. Coffee outside the cup

The love between man and coffee is much more than a pot of boiled coffee. The popularity of coffee has driven food innovation. You can now eat coffee flavored energy bars and cereals, milkshakes and wine, and even coffee yogurt for consumers who want to refresh themselves at breakfast.  

5. Baby food is growing

Thanks to the innovation of some chefs in cooking, the choice of baby food for parents has been greatly increased: Rosemary, Purple Carrots and flaxseed rich in omega-3 can be easily packed into the packaging bag, becoming the new choice of baby food. “Eat less and taste more” has become a new development trend.


6. Environmentally friendly recycled food

We have seen a significant increase in the number of packaged foods made from raw materials that were previously neglected and underutilized. In this way, making “recycled food” from materials that would otherwise have been wasted is very helpful in maximizing the energy needed to produce, transport and prepare ingredients.  

7. Changes in edible oil

Turn over olive oil. Different oils can be used for different dishes, whether cooking or making salads. Home chefs are experimenting with a variety of cooking oils, each with its own unique flavor and characteristics. Walnut and pumpkin seed oil provides a delicious nutty flavor, while sunflower seed oil is on the market in a series of new products and can be used for high-temperature cooking and salad making.

8. Continuous “fermentation” of hard Kangpu tea

In 2018, we predicted that soda would be popular. Now the alcoholic Kombucha is making a big splash in the beverage market. Because hard Kangpu tea at the same time to meet many consumer demands: bubble feeling, full of active probiotics, gluten free, etc.

9. Powerful chickpeas

You can eat any chickpea food other than hummus and chickpea salad sandwiches, or even chickpea noodles, because it’s rich in dietary fiber and plant protein. A variety of innovative chickpea foods have appeared in the market, such as chickpea tofu, chickpea powder and even chickpea cereals. Visible chickpea market heat is coming.


10. Dried fruits and vegetables

“Dried meat” is no longer just for meat lovers. Now vegetable & fruit such as mushrooms, jackfruit and so on are in large quantities in the form of “dried fruits and vegetables”. This is a new way of eating. If not, they can be flavored with pepper, salt, ginger and cocoa powder to satisfy people’s taste buds.  


With regard to health, this is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the food industry. More and more packaged food, based on the flavor, pursues healthy ingredients, less addition and functional elements, and healthy food in the European and American markets is becoming popular.


As for breakfast products, the European and American markets are relatively mature. For example, Jimmy Dean, with a history of 50 years, has a very mature breakfast product system. Some start-ups are making innovations in the breakfast scene, and some large food companies such as Hormel and Smith foods are bringing forth new ideas in the breakfast market.


About kitchen products, is one of the important markets, in fact, this scene is not only condiments. From a higher perspective, we can interpret it as: how to deconstruct “dinner” for food enterprises. Based on this, we held the industry’s first “food and beverage pre Packaging Conference” this year, and our research and analysis team released the first “food and beverage pre packaging industry map”. In the future, we will continue to provide empowerment to the two dimensions: ① how to deconstruct “dinner” for food enterprises; ② how to develop prepackaged food for catering enterprises, so as to promote the innovation and development of the industry.


JDE pee’s, the world’s second largest coffee group, went public this year. Coffee innovation is not only hot in overseas markets, but also a hot track in China. Start ups in coffee industry such as Santon and yongpu are developing rapidly. We have done a lot of reports and interpretations of the coffee industry in the past weekly. Please search for “coffee” in the background and read it in detail. Other topics such as baby food, Kombucha and other related topics have also been reported and interpreted. Readers can search for the ingredients backstage.

Recent development of artificial meat & plant based industry

Impossible foods launched the prototype of plant milk products, and plans to employ more than 100 scientists in more than one year

By turo

Source: blogger, CNN

Prototype of plant based milk products from impossible foods

Recently, imperceptible foods, a plant-based brand, revealed the prototype of their plant milk products. In the photos disclosed, they compared their own products with other brands of plant-based milk and milk. They claimed that this plant milk product was aimed at imitating the appearance, taste, taste and texture of milk to a very high degree, rather than a plant-based milk with plant flavor.


It can be seen from the picture that the coffee made from the plant milk of impossible foods does not produce precipitation as the general plant milk does, and there is a very similar white foam on the surface of the coffee brewed by milk.


It may be that the product is still in the process of further iteration or the large-scale production facilities are not configured well. Impossible foods said that there is no plan to put this product on the shelves in the near future.


In addition, imperceptible foods recently said that it would recruit more than 100 R & D personnel within one year, doubling the number of R & D team members, so as to speed up product development.

The shaping of plant milk products brings impossible foods closer to their goal of eliminating animal husbandry in 2035 and replacing animal protein with various artificial protein products. At present, the products they are developing are not only plant based milk, but also fish, steak and eggs.

The vegetable chicken hamburger was launched with Dexter on Sunday, and all stores in the country were simultaneously supplied

By turo

Source: official account of week zero


Official account of the green chicken fairy fort.


On the official account, the company announced that it was in collaboration with Dicos on the public announcement of two vegetable products, namely, the green fairy plant chicken and the Pleurotus ereri mushroom broiler, which sold at the national stores of Dicos. The price of the plant chicken fort is 20 yuan, and the membership price is only 15 yuan. This price is the same as that of the ordinary animal burger, and it is about half the price of other foreign vegetable brand hamburgers. 。
This event is a milestone in the development of plant meat in China. One is that local vegetable meat brands in China have been able to make the price of their products almost the same as or even lower than that of animal meat, and the second is that the products are sold nationwide.
Sunday is one of the domestic artificial meat enterprises which run faster in commercialization. On the one hand, it lies in the spreading and trying of channels, on the other hand, it is their “holding thigh” supply chain strategy.
In terms of channels, the channel strategy of Sunday is to cooperate with catering brands or jointly launch products with other food consumer goods companies. In the catering brands, we have cooperated with Dexter, bangjohn, Tim Hortons, Xicha, Miss Fu, wanzhunchuan, wenheyou, guimanlong and other famous catering brands. In addition, on Sundays and Sundays, it also launched joint brand cooperative products with jinmiantang, Zhengda, Dongshi and other consumer food brands. For a vegetable meat brand, these channel cooperation resources will form a relatively solid and difficult barrier to attack.
On the supply chain, Sunday wisely chose the strategy of “join them if you can’t beat them”. Instead of confronting the traditional meat companies, they chose to cooperate with them and use their factory resources to share their customers and supply chain system. This strategy makes it possible for the start-up on Sunday to control costs and cover the country.

KFC China announced to launch a special hamburger with beyond meat in 210 stores

By turo

Source: Beyond Meat official account


Different burgers, photo source: Beyond Meat official account.


Beyond Meat, the plant meat brand, announced recently that it will cooperate with KFC in the official account and launch a different hamburger in 210 stores within three weeks.


As early as 2019, KFC cooperated with beyond meat to launch a limited number of plant fried chicken. In April this year, KFC announced that it would test “Golden Chicken Nuggets” in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In June this year, another hamburger was tested in China for the first time.


This time, KFC extended the test to more cities, with 210 stores in six cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Wuhan, which can be regarded as KFC testing the vegetable meat hamburger market in a wider range.

A consortium led by vegetable egg brand just and proterra Asia jointly invested US $120 million to establish just egg’s plant protein production plant in Singapore

By San

Information sources: businesswire, foodtalks, fooddive, just official website, protera official website


Source: Official Website


According to businesswire, vegetable egg brand just recently announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with a consortium led by proterra investment partners Asia PTE. The consortium will invest $100 million, while just will invest $20 million to build and operate a large plant protein production plant in Asia in Singapore. At the same time, the two sides will set up a subsidiary of just just just Asia, which will become the manufacturing and distribution partner of just egg vegetable eggs in Asia. At present, JUST has already been a distributor in Asia, including SPC Samlip (Korea’s leading food company), Betagro (one of the largest food companies in Thailand) and the partnership that has not been announced in Chinese mainland. Besides, JUST products are also sold through online platforms such as Tmall and Jingdong.


Proterra Asia, the leading organization of the consortium, is a private equity company focusing on natural resources investment, covering areas such as agriculture, food, metals and mining. It was once an independent investment consultant established by Heihe asset management company of Cargill, one of the world’s four largest grain merchants. Since then, Cargill no longer owns the ownership, but many of the core executives of proterra Asia are still owned by Cargill, which is also a limited partner of ProFunds.


Earlier in weekly, we had mentioned that just planned to enter China in early 2019, but the products at that time came from just’s production base in the United States. This time, if just successfully completes the investment layout of the base in Singapore, it will not only expand the production and distribution capacity, but also help to reduce the transportation costs in the Asian market and improve the timeliness of distribution.


According to businesswire, just has sold 60 million eggs of vegetable eggs by the deadline, saving 2.2 billion gallons of water, 8.7 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions and 14 million square meters of land.

Big company news

The three squirrels plan to invest 2 billion yuan with several suppliers to build three squirrel alliance factories, and plan to cut down more than half of the SKUs by the end of the year

By turo

Source: official notice of three squirrels

Photo source: Internet


Recently, three squirrels announced that Anhui Sanzhi squirrel East China Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as East China supply chain) and Anhui Wuwei Economic Development Zone Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as Wuwei Economic Development Zone Management Committee) have reached cooperation intention on three squirrel East China Alliance factory projects. The total investment is 2.06 billion yuan, which will be carried out in two phases, with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan in the first phase The supply chain investment in East China is expected to be no more than 100 million yuan.


In the form of joint venture and joint venture of suppliers, supply chain integration and other supporting facilities will be provided. In this form, the three squirrels deeply bind the upstream supply chain enterprises through the upstream bargaining power, which ensures the stability of the supply chain.


In addition, three squirrels recently said they would cut 300 SKUs by the end of the year, reducing the total by nearly half. This can be seen as three squirrels transferring their channel strategy to brand / product strategy.


The growth of the three squirrels has stepped on the traffic dividend of Taoxi. However, the decentralization of online shopping flow and the massive SKU strategy will lead to the decrease of business efficiency. Therefore, it is also an inevitable choice to streamline SKU and shift strategic inclination to brand / product positioning.

Danone has conducted a comprehensive strategic evaluation of its brands, and some analysts think it may reduce its SKUs by about 30%

By turo

Source: Blogger

Danone’s product portfolio (part), photo source: Danone official website


Danone is conducting a comprehensive strategic assessment of its brands and products and plans to sell some of them to mitigate the impact of some of the outbreaks, according to pembo.


Danone is currently evaluating Vega, a vegetable protein brand, and a 5 million euro asset in Argentina. Vega is part of whitewave, an organic food brand acquired by Danone for $10.4 billion. These two businesses together account for about 2% of total revenue.


Analysts at Barclays Capital believe that the comprehensive strategic assessment is a wise business move and that Danone will pay more attention to its largest brands and products and cut down about 30% of its SKUs.


In addition, Danone has some staff changes recently. Danone’s CFO Cecile Cabanis will leave in the management restructuring, and the current CFO Juergen Esser of Danone’s bottled water business will replace Cecile Cabanis, who left in February.

Investment and financing news

Five months after its establishment, new investment was obtained, and oat milk brand “oatoat” completed the pre-A round of financing of 10 million yuan

By: orva

Sources: 36 krypton, oatoat WeChat official account, Tmall flagship store


Oatoat product map, photo source: tmall flagship store


On October 21, the domestic vegetable protein beverage brand “Maimai! “Oatoat” completed the pre-A round of financing of 10 million yuan, adding a new star to the domestic oat milk brand matrix. IMO ventures is the sole investor in this round of financing. This round of funds will be mainly used for product R & D and supply chain improvement.


“Maimai! In more than five months since its establishment, oatoat has completed two rounds of financing, including Angel round and pre-A round. The former is led by Huachuang capital, with the sole capital invested; the latter is the exclusive investment led by IMO ventures of this round, with a total financing amount of tens of millions. The strong financing ability of oatotat is closely related to its “less is more” brand positioning, channel strategy and core advantages of the company.


First of all, oats + simple ingredients, simple and natural ingredients symbolize a healthy lifestyle. The brand slogan of oatoatoatoats produces simple and pure oatmeal drinks for “making only the ingredients you can understand”. Similarly, “wholly wholly wholly” is preferred by consumers and investors because its main ingredient is oats, which is unprocessed and its ingredients are simple and natural;


Secondly, the company has two core advantages: one is technology reserve, oatoatoat self built product R & D team and patented technology; the other is with its own oat milk preparation line to ensure the whole process controllable and stable production capacity.


Thirdly, oatoat is more inclined to 2C channel strategy. The current product line includes two product lines: flavor instant oat milk and 1L coffee companion oat milk. The former has two product specifications, namely 280ml and 330ml oat milk. The product has four flavors: original flavor, cocoa flavor, coconut flavor and Matcha flavor. However, coffee partner oat milk has only one single product. It can be seen that oatoat’s current channel strategy is more inclined to 2c, which is contrary to most channel strategies for entering the domestic oat milk market, but looking back at the current channel of 2B and 2C The strategy is occupied by the pioneer brand, and it may be easier for a brand-new start-up brand to break the circle.

Australian vegetable meat brand V2 food received $77 million in round B financing

By turo

Source: business insider


Two products of v2food at present, photo source: Internet


Recently, the Australian vegetable meat brand v2food has completed a US $77 million round B financing. Investors include Temasek, ABC World Asia, altitude partners, and Novell investments. It is worth noting that Chinese food production and distributor Shanghai Yihe agricultural products are also included in this round of investors.


V2food was founded in 2019 by CSIRO, founder of Hungry Jack, Jack Cowin, and competitive foods Australia. In November 2019, v2food completed a round of financing of US $35 million, including Sequoia China.


At present, V2 food has two product lines: minced meat and hamburger patty. In terms of channels, both catering and retail channels have their own products. Catering channels include Australian fast food chain giant Hungry Jack, Burger King of New Zealand, etc. V2food is on sale in more than 600 retail outlets, including Woolworths, the largest supermarket chain in Australia.


A few days ago, Yihe agricultural products announced that it plans to participate in the investment amount of 349792.29 US dollars, accounting for 0.15% of the equity of v2food after the completion of this round of financing, and plans to introduce the products of v2food into the Chinese market this year. The early sales target is catering enterprises, and tries to expand the sales in the supermarket network of the Chinese market with reference to the retail mode of Australian supermarket.

Private equity fund Kainos capital bought NutriSystem for $575 million

By: orva

Information source: Official Websites of Foodbev and Kainos capital

image source: Internet

According to Foodbev on October 20, Kainos capital, a private-equity fund, will buy all of tivity health’s nutrition businesses, including NutriSystem and South Beach Diet brands, for $575 million. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.


Founded in 1972, NutriSystem provides consumers with a range of card control and low calorie snacks, dinners and milkshakes, as well as weekly contact with weight loss coaches and nutrition consultants. In addition, the brand operates the Numi app, which enables consumers to track body performance and nutritional changes during weight management in order to achieve their goals. Tivity health acquired NutriSystem for about $1.3 billion, and the divestiture of nutrition business is to focus resources to better develop the company’s core healthcare business.


Kainos capital is a private equity investment institution focusing on food and consumer goods in North America. The investment categories include food, pet food, pet products, household appliances, beauty and personal care and over-the-counter nutrition and health care products. The single investment amount is usually between 50 million and 200 million US dollars.


In the field of nutrition and health products, Kainos capital has invested in a number of brands, the most famous of which is the British weight management company slimfast. Kainos capital acquired slimfast from Unilever in 2014 and sold it to glanbia, Ireland, for about $350 million in 2018, including slimfast’s sister company HNS.


Bob Sperry, partner at Kainos capital, said: “NutriSystem provides customers with a complete, cost-effective weight loss program that has proven to be delicious and convenient without paying dues.

Food upstream supply chain enterprises concerned by foodplus

This is a new version of foodplus weekly. We introduce and analyze food upstream supply chain enterprises from time to time, hoping to build a small bridge between food venture capital and food upstream supply chain. The upstream supply chain enterprise is one of the core links in the food consumer goods industry, including raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, and packers. Among them, food machinery is the starting point of the food industry. The combination of raw material suppliers, equipment and production technology determines where the food industry development and food innovation can go. The packer is an important part of logistics transportation and consumer experience. We will also gradually do more in the future to provide more and more in-depth linking opportunities for food venture capital and food upstream supply chain enterprises.

Buhler, a food equipment manufacturer, held a consumer food summit in Wuxi to promote the innovation and development of the food industry as a technical service provider

Author: Hai Feng

Source: Buhler consumer food summit


Buhler holds the 2020 Buhler consumer food summit with the theme of boundless innovation in Wuxi

Recently, foodplus attended the 2020 consumer food summit held by Buhler, invited industry experts and Buller customers to share and discuss how to innovate in the food industry. At the same time, Buhler also released two new products for chocolate molding and flour dough making: chocoone and jetmix.


Buhler is a well-known machinery and equipment manufacturer in the world, mainly engaged in the fields of grain, food and advanced materials, among which it is the absolute leader in the world in grain milling, Weihua, chocolate refining and refining equipment. In the food field, it can provide various equipment for baking, Weihua, biscuits, chocolate, coffee, nuts, sweets and other products; in the grain field, it can provide various equipment for animal feed, pet food, pasta, Asian noodles, grain processing, flour, aquatic feed, plant protein and other products.


As a 160 year old enterprise, Buhler has been in China for more than 30 years. It has been committed to meet the daily needs of consumers through the technology provided by Buhler, and promote the innovation and development of the industry. At the summit, we also interviewed Wang Weibo, President of Buhler Asia Pacific region. When asked about Buhler’s role in the whole food industry, President Wang concluded that Buhler is a technical service provider.

Wang Weibo, President of Buhler Asia Pacific region (left) and Chen Tao (right), director of Buhler’s consumer food business unit in China, are interviewed. Photo source: Buhler

At the same time, as a technical service provider, Buhler plays three roles in the industry: 1. Helping the industry. For example, Buhler is promoting the development of plant protein in China; 2. Leading the industry, such as flour, chocolate and Weihua processing industry. Buhler is leading the development of the whole industry; 3. Innovation promotion. Some innovations will develop slowly in the early stage At the same time, Buhler has set up a food manufacturing subsidiary in Wuxi to show the application results of the equipment, and promote innovation through this layout.


When asked what kind of service or support plan Buhler has for food start-ups, Wang Weibo introduced that if it is a good start-up enterprise, Buhler is willing to do research and investment in technology together. At the same time, Buhler has nine laboratories in China, which have been opened to start-ups to help them solve some technical and product innovation problems.


The development and innovation of food industry, from the upstream, equipment suppliers, raw material suppliers, manufacturers & brands, and packers are the four core participants, which need to be gathered together to effectively promote the development and innovation of the industry. The progress of technology and technology needs to be realized by equipment suppliers. Raw material suppliers play a key role in the discovery, innovation and application of raw materials. At the same time, manufacturers will realize the products in the form of finished products.


Sometimes the producer and the brand are integrated. How to find and grasp the market and consumer demand, and promote and penetrate innovative products in the market, the brand is the core role. At the same time, different packaging solutions of packers will also promote product innovation and new product experience.


The development of the food industry and food innovation is an interesting topic, and it is also an eternal topic for the food industry. I hope that in the future, equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, packers and manufacturers & brands will have more close and open cooperation to jointly promote the development of this industry.

Food technology industry and company trends

Aleph farms, a cell culture meat company, officially launched a research project to cultivate cell meat in space

By turo

Source: business insider


Wang Weibo, President of Buhler Asia Pacific region (left) and Chen Tao (right), director of Buhler’s consumer food business unit in China, are interviewed. Photo source: Buhler


Recently, Aleph farms, an Israeli cell culture meat company, announced with NASA at the cms20 online (culture meat Symposium) that Aleph zero, a research project for cultivating cell meat in space, was officially launched.


Aleph farms was founded in 2017 by the kitchen, the Israeli food technology incubator, the Israel Institute of technology, the University of tubia, and Professor Shulamit Levenberg, chief scientific officer of two start-ups. The core technology of Aleph farms is to cultivate beef cells in the laboratory, and arrange and copy the cell tissue with 3D printing technology, so as to produce products with high taste, texture and structure with beef. The kitchen’s chief executive, Jonathan Berger, said in a statement that the steak produced by Aleph laboratories will be available in 2022.


The important time points since the establishment of Aleph farms are as follows:

In December 2018, Aleph farms officially released the world’s first prototype of laboratory bred steak

In May 2019, Aleph farms obtained a round of financing of US $12 million, led by the Singapore alternative protein theme fund visvires new protein, and m-industry of Cargill group and Migros group of Switzerland also participated in this round of investment.

In December 2019, they announced that they had successfully planted cell meat on the International Space Station 248 kilometers above the ground.

Aleph farms may become one of the first commercial cell culture meat brands, and their attempt in space also brings more imagination for cell culture meat products.

Some interesting new products


Zhixuan co branded daily Heiqiao has launched a “super vegetable box” Limited gift box with a cover. The new products developed by Zhixuan include original cocoa, hazelnut flavor cocoa and banana flavor cocoa. After consumers twist and tap the bottle cap, the raw materials will fall into the plant milk and mix them to produce a new taste by shaking them. Consumers can use different vegetable caps Quickly change the taste of products and experience the fun of DIY. This highly innovative product co branding scheme can not only perfectly integrate the high-quality vegetarianism nutrition of plant selection with the taste of daily Heiqiao, but also meet the taste differentiation needs of different consumers. (source: microblog @ plant milk, foodtalks)


Shenghetang, a famous brand of guiling paste, has launched a self heating herbal health preserving dessert hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot called “love in the palace”. The product includes five flavors of black tea, cocoa, cheese, durian and Matcha. The core content of Guiling cream is rich in matching and combining with milk, corn, purple rice, coconut, cranberry and yellow peach, And ensure the rich nutrition and low calorie beauty and other product characteristics. (source: shenghetang tmall flagship store, foodtalks)


Morinaga Dairy Co., Ltd. of Japan recently launched a Morinaga tomato yogurt containing tomato pulp. Senyong dairy said that although tomatoes are rich in nutritional value, there are still a large number of consumers who can not accept the unique taste of tomatoes. This kind of tomato yogurt can make consumers feel the unique flavor and taste of tomato. (source: gdqun)

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