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More than 100000 vegetable meat burgers sold in 5 days! Dexter CMO: we are confident and determined to go public on a large scale

In the “wind outlet” of vegetable meat, western fast food chain Dexter has also taken off recently.

Last week, Dexter cooperated with local vegetable meat companies on Sunday to launch the first vegetable meat product “Luxian vegetable chicken Castle” in 2600 restaurants across the country, becoming the first Western fast food brand in China to supply vegetable meat products on a large scale nationwide.


“In the five days since the launch of the new product, more than 100000 Dexter vegetable chicken burgers have been sold.” Xie Yahui, chief marketing officer of Dexter, recently shared this data with xiaoshidai.


During the exchange with the snack eaters, Xie Yahui also talked about why Dexter “boldly” launched vegetable meat burgers in all stores, the future planning of vegetable meat products, and his views on the development of China’s vegetable meat market. Now, let’s have a look.


Two major pain points


Plant chicken fort is the core product of Dexter this time. According to reports, the company simultaneously launched a series of plant season products, including plant chicken rolls, Pleurotus eryngii plant chicken nuggets, Matcha oatmeal and maple leaf tea, Wuyi Gaoshan Dahongpao milk tea, covering the main meal, side meals, desserts, drinks and other categories.


“The introduction of vegetable meat in stores across the country is based on the fact that consumers pay more and more attention to the nutritional value of diet and the improvement of environmental protection awareness to upgrade its products and brands.” Xie Yahui said in a circular.

Since this year, with the rise of the concept of plant meat in China, some western fast food chains have entered the market, but most of them have carried out small-scale water trials in designated stores. So, why did Dexter have the confidence to be listed in all restaurants in the beginning?

In this regard, Xie Yahui revealed to the snack generation that the main reason is that Dexter has solved the existing two major pain points of plant meat products: not delicious enough and high price.

(hamburger) if the product is to be delicious, “meat” is the soul, the sauce level should be rich, and the bread germ should be soft Xie Yahui said.


In order to make the vegetable chicken burger closer to the taste of Chinese consumers, Dexter specially highlighted the “Chinese flavor” in the sauce and side dishes. For example, in the sauce part, the vegetable chicken burger was seasoned with rattan pepper, and then fresh bamboo shoots were added to the side dishes.

According to its introduction, in the pre market consumer test, the preference of vegetable chicken burger reached 95%, exceeding the expected level.


In addition, in order to better interpret the Chinese flavor and provide cost-effective vegetable meat burgers, Dexter also selected local vegetable meat enterprises as suppliers on Sunday. The snack agent noticed that the price of Dexter vegetable chicken burger was similar to that of ordinary animal meat hamburger, with the retail price of 20 yuan and the membership price of only 15 yuan.


When talking about how to make the price close to the people, Xie Yahui told the food agency that, on the one hand, the cooperation with domestic manufacturers reduced the cost of raw materials, such as freight; on the other hand, since Dexter set the target of national listed vegetable chicken fort from the beginning, large-scale mass production also helped to control the cost.


“We are confident and determined to launch the plant meat products on a large scale, so it took us about 8 months to plan and prepare for the new products.” Xie Yahui told xiaoshidai.


Xie Yahui also said that after considering the sales situation of the plant season and the response of consumers, Dexter will also actively evaluate the possibility of turning the limited time sale of vegetable meat products into normal products.


Communication “offensive”


In order to attract more consumers to have a taste, Dexter will also launch a wave of online communication “offensive” for vegetable chicken fort.


Dicos delicacy plans a new promotion plan for the new meat products, which covers the Eclipse platform, the micro-blog, the little red book and the official WeChat official account.

Together with “Eclipse” to shoot an aesthetic video, click open to feel “Xianqi”

“The direction we want to communicate with consumers is the Chinese flavor embodied in the green fairy vegetable chicken hamburger. In addition, compared with animal meat, vegetable meat is more environmentally friendly, and its nutritional value of 0 cholesterol, 0 trans fat and rich in dietary fiber is also the message we want to convey to consumers. ” Xie Yahui told xiaoshidai.

At present, environmental protection and nutrition are also the product features emphasized by many plant meat manufacturers. “It’s crucial for plant protein meat producers to teach consumers that the brand-new vegetable protein meat is not only a modern version of meat imitation, but also healthier and more nutritious,” emint suggested in a report released this year


Under the background that domestic vegetable meat consumption is concentrated in catering channels, Xie Yahui proposed that as an emerging thing, the vigorous development of vegetable meat in the future needs the joint promotion of major catering brands, including consumer education, improving taste and taste, and reducing prices.


Response to environmental protection


In fact, the layout of plant meat outlets is part of Dexter’s response to environmental protection.

Xie Yahui said in a notice that the launch of plant meat in stores across the country is not only to let more young consumers in China contact and try plant meat, but also to help spread the concept of healthy and environmental protection.


It is reported that in addition to the listing of vegetable meat products, Dexter will also switch the straw of carbonated products in stores across the country to direct drink cup caps from November, so as to reduce the consumption and waste of resources.


Behind this move is the upcoming food and beverage “plastic restriction order”. In January this year, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment issued the “opinions on Further Strengthening the control of plastic pollution”, which stipulates that by the end of 2020, the use of non degradable disposable plastic straw in catering industry will be prohibited.


“We are also studying whether there are more environmentally friendly materials to use.” Xie Yahui told xiaoshidai.


Dexter said that in the future, it will continue to bring more healthy food choices based on the needs and preferences of consumers, and help promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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