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Yili jinlinguan won the global science and technology innovation major achievement award, many products have completed the formula upgrade

In the first half of the year, Yili jinlingguan has successively received two big innovation awards after launching new brand propositions and promoting the comprehensive upgrading of product formula.

Yesterday, Yili gold won the “global science and Technology Innovation Award – major achievement award” at the fourth global science and Technology Innovation Conference held by the Shanghai global science and technology innovation center of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

On the same day, at the annual meeting of China Society of food science and technology, the above projects won the first prize of “science and Technology Innovation Award – technological progress award” of China Food Science and Technology Association.

This means that Yili jinlingguan has been recognized by domestic and international authorities in the research achievements and technological innovation of breast milk and infant formula in China.


Yili gold won the great achievement award of “global science and Technology Innovation Award” of UN Organization

According to the data, the global conference on science and technology was built by the Shanghai global science and technology innovation center of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. It is a “arena” for displaying the latest technologies of global scientific and technological innovation and releasing outstanding global scientific and technological innovation achievements. Over the years, the projects that have won the “major achievement award” in the conference have the characteristics of key core technology, industry innovation status and promoting industry progress.

The annual meeting of China Society of food science and technology is one of the largest and most influential annual events in the field of food in China.

Breast milk is the most ideal food for babies, but there are differences and particularities in different countries. According to reports, Yili’s award-winning project “key technology and industrialization of infant formula based on Chinese breast milk ingredients” not only overcomes the technical problems of difficult decomposition of β – casein and easy oxidation of lipids in infant formula milk powder, but also constructs an innovative system of iterative upgrading of infant milk powder based on Chinese breast milk research results, so as to create a patent formula for Chinese babies It provides a scientific basis.


Five core formula invention patents applied in jinlingguan series products

As the first brand to open China’s breast milk research, Yili not only built China’s first enterprise breast milk research database in 18 years, accumulating tens of millions of breast milk research ingredient data, but also established the European Innovation Center to gather global wisdom to uncover the mystery of Chinese breast milk.

In May this year, Yili jinlingguan held a press conference at the Great Wall, and officially announced the brand-new concept of “Chinese patent formula, maternal love inheritance”.

It is understood that up to now, Yili has made major breakthroughs in the scientific research of breast milk nutrition elements such as protein, fatty acid, amino acid, nucleotide, milk fat globular membrane, oligosaccharide and other breast milk nutrition elements, and has obtained five core formula invention patents. These achievements have also been successfully applied to jinlingguan series products. Based on this, in the second half of this year, Yili jinlingguan foundation, Ruihu forage, Zhenhu, Jinghu and other products have completed the upgrading of formula.


Yili gold collar crown continues to upgrade, better care for baby’s health

The company points out that innovation is the core driving force of national and national progress and an important cornerstone of high-quality development of industries and enterprises. “We won two big innovation awards this time, which is not only an affirmation of our scientific research innovation and patent formula, but also a spur.”

Yili also said that in the next step, it will continue to firmly implement the innovation driven strategy, accelerate the construction of a “global health ecosystem”, and continuously provide high-quality products and services for consumers.

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