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How does double 11 break the situation and make growth? I summed up three track opportunities and seven in-depth insights




在过去 11 年里,双 11 成交总额累计增长超过 5160 倍。2019 年同比增长超过 25%,与此同时,“十亿元俱乐部”崭露、百万级新品涌现、直播电商的爆发。
首先,本届主题是“两次爆发,双倍快乐”,意思就是今年的双11会分成两个售卖期——第一波是11月1日-3日,重点是新品牌、新商品以及产业带商家;第二波为11月11日,全场狂欢。其次,今年天猫官方也对本次双 11做了重新定义——提出新主张,挖掘新人群,创造新供给,赋能新品牌,打造新场景。

A key word reflected in the series of changes of
is “new”. This year’s double 11 not only saw the rising power of China’s new consumption, but also explored a new round of growth opportunities by restructuring people, goods and markets. So how do brands interpret these new rules so as to dig out the insight behind them and effectively achieve growth this year?
some time ago, Ali’s official digital marketing platform, Ali’s mother, released a series of “double 11 official investment guide” reports, combined with the platform data, put forward several super insights, enabling the brand to grow. From this report, I have seen several interesting trends. Today I would like to share my interpretation of this report, hoping to bring some help to those who are engaged in the double 11 campaign.
next, I will mainly analyze from these three perspectives:
1. The growth opportunities of this year’s “double 11” are concentrated in three major tracks: traffic growth track, crowd growth track and sales growth track. 2. Analyze the four trends of new crowd, new supply, new brand and new scene from the seven super insights of double 11. 3. New growth ideas beyond insight: diversified enabling tools
Three key growth tracks of “2020 double 11”: traffic, crowd and sales volume
from the overall perspective, Ali’s mother’s “double 11 official investment guide” report mainly focuses on the growth opportunities of this year’s brand on the three growth tracks of traffic, crowd and sales. This means that the government has pointed out three clear directions for the current double 11 marketing promotion strategy. First of all, because this year is the rhythm of “double peak long cycle”, that is, in the early stage, it will be divided into two strategic stages: water storage and grass planting, and the water storage period is becoming longer and longer. According to the data of previous years, users will start browsing, searching, comparing, collecting and purchasing goods more than two months before the start of double 11. As the water storage period of
becomes longer, users will have a longer period of cognition and comparison. Take the make-up category as an example, the products of lip makeup, liquid foundation and liquid paste are relatively short, and users will collect and purchase them very soon. However, the time interval between the final conversion and the turnover may still be a decision period lasting about a month.

The decision cycle of different categories is different
For the brand, at this stage, it is more necessary to strengthen contact interception and benefit driving to reduce the loss of traffic and find the breaking point of growth in this flow track. For example, make marketing deployment in each stage of consumption decision-making, thus affecting consumers’ final consumption decision-making; combining with hot spots, more reasonable planning of the rhythm of product effect integration, so as to effectively reuse Customer decision cycle, modify marketing rhythm. Next is another key issue that brands are concerned about. How to measure and improve the efficiency of these marketing effects? This year, Ali’s mother announced an internal measurement index, the PI index, which is also the first digital and operational brand grass planting effect index in the marketing industry.

The underlying logic of this index is based on the data of users and sales volume of the population in each category under the 618 promotion scenario to find the people with good performance and potential for each category. Then, according to the specific preferences and other data of these groups, predict the grass of each category in the next double 11 promotion, so as to improve the efficiency of brand marketing promotion. For example, through the PI index of 618 category promotion strategy, we can get insight into the most valuable people in each category. For example, delicate mothers not only care about their own health and beauty, but also care about the lives of their children and the whole family. They perform well in cross category and are valuable grass growers competing for each category. For the rising tide of the elderly Internet, medical care and food categories are the first step, and urban silver haired people are doing very well in planting grass in both categories.

In addition to crowd opportunities, the PI index can also further reflect more information of products, such as region, product preference, etc. Taking clothing category as an example, the grass planting effect of men’s and women’s clothing is completely different not only in the strategic population, but also in the advantageous areas. The grass planting effect of men’s and women’s clothing and outdoor sports is very good in the offline market, and the grass planting effect in underwear and shoes is better than that in the online market. Not only that, but also through the further excavation of PI index, we can get more insight into categories, such as sinking market. The grass planting effects of mother and child, meizhuang and Jiaqing are more prominent, especially in the fifth tier cities; the grass planting advantages of large household appliances, personal care and food products are mainly concentrated in the first and second tier markets, and the advantages of medical and health care grass planting gradually expand from the first and second tier When it comes to the third tier cities and so on, we will not give examples one by one.

in short, through this PI index, we can find that “grass planting strategy” is another key word of double 11 this year. How to effectively improve sales through crowd planting grass? Ali’s mother in the “double 11 official investment guide” also gave seven super insight reports. Next, I would like to share with you the growth opportunities of new supply, new crowd, new scene and new brand that I have seen from these 7 super insights.
looks at the growth opportunities of new supply, new crowd, new scene and new brand from seven marketing insights
will share my interpretation of the seven super insights from the three tracks of traffic, crowd and sales.
one, traffic growth opportunities: content driven and interactive marketing.
Ali’s mother mainly based on the content marketing and interactive marketing two aspects of super insight, both core is how to effectively improve the flow through refined operation.
first of all, in content marketing, Ali’s mother proposed three important content driven engines: Super content, super rights and interests, and super products, to help brands enhance consumers’ “activity” and “stay time” on commodities.
super content: mainly refers to the short video, on the one hand, it can increase the content of consumers’ staying time, on the other hand, it can also make the brand display the commodity information more comprehensively;
super commodity: the commodity with strong selling point and packaging style, namely, the explosive product;
Super rights and interests: the platform will provide corresponding traffic weight to help brands reach consumers and make sales transformation. In summary, the platform encourages brands to use short videos to promote explosive products, so as to enhance the flow distribution weight of commodities in the platform and achieve the effect of promoting sales transformation.

Another key to obtain traffic is interactive marketing. In this regard, the brand needs to focus on interactive high-value groups, namely young white-collar women in tier 1-2 cities. They not only have obvious preference for clothing, beauty, and care, but also form a natural category flow. At the same time, they are active in tmall farm, gold coin, Taobao life and save money with an 80% year-on-year increase Xiaoxiaole and other interactive scenes. It has a natural high stickiness to the platform, and these hundreds of millions of active users are also helping to build the next traffic highland super interactive city.
and this super interactive city is also a heavy flow depression in the promotion of double festival every year. Do you remember the fear of being dominated by “tmall’s overlapping music” and other games on double 11 every year? This comes from the super interactive city. Through the task reward mechanism, hand Taobao guides users to actively trigger a series of game scenes of brand depth (15s’) interaction, and the interactive city will also adjust the corresponding purpose and playing method for promoting the rhythm. Although the game of
is changeable, it is still a bit of a grind, but for the brand, it is one of the traffic acquisition places that need to be focused on in the next double 11. According to the conversion effect during 618, the potential energy of this wave is relatively strong. During 618, Taobao’s anchor lieer baby passed the promotion and guidance of “super interactive city”. In two weeks, 760000 fans were added, accounting for 15% of the total number of fans obtained by the anchor in history. The average length of stay in the live broadcast room per capita was more than 400 seconds. The interactive guidance into the live broadcast room contributed 30% of the overall Gmv of the store 618.

2. Population growth opportunities: cross category innovation and young population growth. Opportunities on the track mainly focus on “bringing new” and “younger”. The corresponding insight strategies are given to overcome new opportunities of new customers and attract new customers, as well as deeply penetrate into young groups.
new customers and new opportunities mainly focus on cross category innovation, how to effectively cross category? This year, Ali’s mother has focused on the three core strategies of scene, mind and characteristic track, combining with the popular categories of small household appliances, beauty, and cleaning and care.
if small household appliances have the characteristics of low Re purchase and scene, then we can achieve innovation through “demand scene insight + algorithm Construction Association”; for beauty field which pays more attention to grass planting, we can start from the crowd mind by combining algorithm. Based on some high growth tracks this year, the platform also has corresponding crowd segmentation strategy. For example, in the large washing and protection industry, it provides crowd tags and corresponding algorithm recommendations from 7 groups, including luxury and beauty groups, natural people and component party.

In addition to bringing new ideas, the second focus of the crowd growth track is “younger”, that is, the new group. In terms of the contribution of the trend consumption market, generation Z has occupied nearly 30% of the consumption share, and the consumption growth rate exceeds As for how to tap the consumption potential of TA people and make growth, Ali’s mother gives five trends of young people’s consumption: the ultimate pursuit of fashion, the elimination of gender in refined consumption, the upgrading of quality, the cross-border love of IP and the determination to play with things.
The new consumption trend also leads to a new way of grass planting and interception for young people. For example, when planting grass outside the station, the rough through cast exposure can not achieve the accurate access of young people. Instead, according to the different preferences of “tide”, “soil Hi” and so on, and combined with the media usage habits of TA people, the grass planting scheme can achieve better ROI. Similarly, in the field of harvesting, except for In addition to the application of new media forms such as live broadcast that young people are susceptible to, brands can also attach importance to the operation of private domain traffic such as shops and micro Taobao, so as to achieve the efficiency of on-site marketing.

3. Sales growth opportunities: new brands, new product strategies and super single products in the sales growth track, new brand marketing, new product strategy and super single product crowd strategy are the three axes to do well in the marketing growth of double 11 this year. The first point of
, as mentioned in the insight of new brand marketing, is that 2019 is the first year of the outbreak of new brands. After the epidemic, the trend of new brands has further increased. The number of new brands of tmall once reached 25W +. Although less than 50% of them survived, the new brands are realizing huge profits. The reason is that the product power, innovation power and marketing power of new brands are the main factors of brand power of high growth rate brands.

What’s more important about
is that early adopter is the core engine of growth, contributing 50% of Gmv of new brands. Taking the brand Ramen theory with high growth rate this year as an example, through reaching 6000W + new brand highly susceptible groups in Taotao ecosystem, 80% of new customers’ reaching rate and 60% of high conversion rate have been achieved. Compared with the fast food industry, the conversion efficiency of new customers of this industry is 30% higher, and the price of customers is more than 10 yuan.

In addition to the fresh food category where fast food is located, the industries where new brands are easy to move and pay high attention to are clothing fashion, beauty and personal care, maternal and child care, consumer electronics and other categories, which have great opportunities. If we can lock in the needs of TA and formulate the growth life cycle of new products, the brand can, to a large extent, lock in the blue ocean trend of the market and provide more input and ideas to the incubation of new products.
for example, in the early stage of a new chocolate product, we use the susceptible groups of new brands to locate the blue ocean trend of the category, advance the demand keywords such as ingredients, technology, taste, etc., and insight into the differentiated demands of the market. It is found that the taste and appearance of q-pop are the product experience that consumers expect to obtain, while the satisfaction of gift giving and office scene are more likely to become the differentiated selling points of products. This provides a good idea for its subsequent marketing comparison and optimization, forming a 0-1 explosive strategy.

, after the cold start from 0-1, brands and businesses need more refined crowd segmentation and circle Expansion Strategies in the process of cultivating super single products, so as to help the cultivation of super single products and formulate crowd strategy and launch strategy, that is, super single people group strategy. At this point, Ali’s mother gives an insight model to empower the brand. On the basis of the original crowd segmentation framework, it provides a set of bottom frame which starts from the single product, and the two-dimensional cross of brand power and category visual strength as the logic of crowd segmentation.

After sorting out the seven insights, let’s summarize the seven insights. In fact, Ali’s mother gives four important signals to the brand to grow around the new crowd, new supply, new brand and new scene.
first, the new population is being stratified, and “refined operation” is not the only indicator. In addition to pulling new growth with the help of conventional crowd tags, brands can also take advantage of the crowd attributes of the platform for growth. For example, the susceptible groups of new brands are higher value groups for new brands in the initial stage; and interactive high-value groups are the high sticky users in Taobao ecology, the growth sources that can be mined by the brand, and the key groups of this double-11. A 6031 second, new supply characteristics. The pre marketing positioning and post marketing tracking of new products can be optimized with the help of platform data. Taoxi is building a supply chain system with its own characteristics. At this stage, it is also the best time for the brand to make growth. At the same time, with the help of this double 11 data, it can break the situation for the next growth. Third, ecological diversification of new brands. Not only the new domestic brands focusing on young people, but also foreign trade products and industrial belt brands that point to different groups of people will become the next focus of Ali’s support. The “double peak long period” of the double 11 also points to the diversification of ecological content.
fourth, the new scene traffic maximization. The new high traffic gathering place of hand washing is not only the live broadcasting room, but also tmall farm, gold coin, Taobao life, saving money and xiaoxiaole, etc., so the daily form of high interaction may become a new source of high traffic. The drainage effect of super interactive city can not be ignored.

Under the diversified growth tools, it is the platform that wants to form a closed loop of brand empowerment
after reading the double 11 growth analysis of Ali’s mother, I would like to talk about my recent views on Ali’s mother, the official marketing platform of Ali. As for brands, it also reveals some platform trends.
in order to enable brand growth, Ali’s mother opened a 4m marketing IP matrix this year. The series reports of “double 11 official investment guide” we analyzed above belong to a part of 4m marketing IP matrix – insight super insight. In addition, there are mtalk mother said live broadcast, m case super case and M awards super awards, which enable brands from different angles.
for example, mother m talk said that live broadcasting and M case super cases mainly empower brands from the dimension of data and methodology. The super awards of M awards are aimed at building the cohesion of brand and ecological partners and incubating the number one player with super linear growth. Through the official live program of Ali’s mother,
deeply interprets the new commercial products of double 11, such as new brand advertising products and new double 11 special playing methods. It provides efficient and detailed promotion channels for brands and businesses, and also provides special support for middle and low-end businesses.
The super case is the most powerful support for the commercialization of Ali’s mother’s products. For example, during the 618 period, Ali’s mother made a series of marketing solutions for red star, which made 618 of them in the 618 period. The content was absorbed by the eyes and absorbed by the interaction. It included 8 special Taobao live broadcast, the challenge of the challenge of the voice area, and the 618 tiktok interactive city of Tmall. The total sales volume was far higher than that of last year’s double 11, and the cumulative total orders increased by 181% compared with last year’s double 11.
on the other hand, these super cases created by the government will deposit a new position for brand communication, learning and transformation on the official website. At present, there have been six cases of Red Star Macalline, lierboy, Yanjing Beer, Winona, Cartier and super zero.
at the same time, Ali’s mother joined hands with Zhihu and Himalaya to build a content position outside the Taoxi department, incubated the personalized IP image of “bag ear”, and implemented corresponding strategies based on platform tonality. For example, in Zhihu, Alibaba created the first virtual Pu, established a long-term content sharing position, and in Himalaya, created the first e-commerce brand digital marketing radio station in the whole network. Seize the fragmented time of consumers to help achieve marketing content dissemination and brand mind building.

The growth tools of
and above make me feel that Ali’s mother not only wants to promote products through her own commercialization, but also wants to reshape her brand influence and sense of leadership in the marketing industry with data insight and strategy application ability. In this double 11, these cases finally precipitated into the unique marketing position of Ali’s mother, so as to enhance the cohesion of ecological cooperation.
in my opinion, as Ali’s official digital marketing platform, Ali’s mother is trying to create an e-commerce ecological closed-loop that integrates product and effect. As I mentioned earlier in the five steps of new consumption growth, e-commerce is forming a closed-loop, that is, the closed-loop effect is achieved through the accurate flow of e-commerce, product portfolio, transformation and undertaking, and crowd operation. E-commerce has become an integrated channel of planting grass and harvesting content. Taoxi is also changing from the original rough traffic operation to a brand ecology based on crowd and category operation.

The logic of
as an e-commerce has been updated. With the ability of diversified growth tools, I think this “double 11” is really a test to verify the phased effect of e-commerce closed-loop, and also to calibrate the insight of brand how to obtain superlinear growth.

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