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Isee’s “double 11” fashion recommendation list has been announced, which will take you back to the wonderful moments of the press conference!

Adhering to the original intention of “let the good products be seen by more people”, foodaily launched the Isee double 11 fashion recommendation list on the eve of double 11, hoping to help the brand achieve off-site diversion and help create popular products on the double 11. Today, we invite participating brands, media, KOL / Koc, etc. to attend the press conference of the list to jointly witness the announcement of the list and boost China’s food innovation force.

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Source: food daily (ID: food)

On the afternoon of October 30, the “Isee double 11 Chaowei recommendation list conference” held by foodaily was successfully concluded in Shanghai, and the Isee double 11 Chaowei recommendation list was officially announced.
At the beginning of the press conference, foodaily’s daily food CEO Cynthia delivered a speech to all the brands, media friends and Chaowei recommendation officers: “we are very happy to have the opportunity to bring a Chaowei recommendation list and products on the list to consumers, which can withstand the double test of industry experts and consumer KOL. Let good products be seen by more people is the original intention of us to do this whole thing, and it has been running through the media platform of foodaily.
In the coming of double 11, we launched the Isee double 11 Chaowei recommendation list. Different from Isee Food Innovation Award, we introduced more consumers KOL into the evaluation, thus forming a Chaowei recommendation list for consumers’ reference. We expect to bring more volume gathering and off-site diversion for brand makers in the promotion period of double-11. Next, we will continue to launch different Isee activities according to important time periods, such as the annual Top 30 and 618 recommendations, and the Chaowei Carnival to help spread the brand and products. “
Cynthia, CEO of food daily
Next, we will review the wonderful moments of this conference and share them with you.
Isee’s “double 11” tide flavor recommendation list announced
The list collection started on September 23 and received nearly 100 innovative food and beverage products applications from 50 + brands as of October 3. After being screened and evaluated by the foodaily Product Committee and the expert panel, and after the real experience evaluation of grass planting by the suprechao Chaowei recommendation official group, we jointly selected the most fashionable eating and drinking guide for consumers in the “double 11” competition.
The following is the complete results of “Isee double eleven Chaowei recommendation list”:
Super consumer experience
In the Chaowei flash show of this list conference, we invited 20 + Super consumers, gourmet talents, friends from the new generation community and we media platform, 20 + industry partners participating in the grand prize evaluation and customers from new retail channels to experience the “Chaowei food” here and exchange their views on innovative products and Chaowei food from different perspectives.

A kind of

Brand site interview to help strengthen B + C end double influence
For the brands listed on the list, foodaily invited a number of industry / commercial / consumer media such as interface, brand geometry, Jung, and “ingenuity” documentary to conduct on-site exclusive interviews. They jointly exchanged and discussed the products, brand strategic layout, industry status and trends of some of the listed brands, hoping to create different sparks to push forward the development of the industry China’s food innovation continues to move forward.
Group interview: from left to right are brand leaders
of yongpu, Mickey rice wine, kalobi Calbee, Airmeter space engraving and Zuo Dashi
Brand on site interview
On site interview and recording of “ingenuity”
In addition to a series of activities of the on-site press conference, each media matrix of foodaily will also carry out real-time reports of the press conference online, interact with major brands and consumers online, and make a “cloud release” on the single line of the list together with 80 + Chaowei recommendation officers and 40 + media, so as to make a concentrated and large-scale exposure and report on this conference and the products and brands listed on the list.
Meanwhile, in November 2nd, Focus Media will conduct the precise launch and touch up of the list. Foodaily daily food will also be an exclusive interview with the official account on the top brands, and will give a detailed interpretation of the products and brands listed above.
Finally, I would like to thank all the brands, media friends and Chaowei recommender friends for their attendance, the experts who gave their professional opinions during the evaluation of the list, and the super consumers who actively spread grass planting. We also thank the industry friends who have been paying close attention to this list. We look forward to the spread of Chaowei Isee through b-end media and C-end consumer experience Spread and plant grass to create hot topics of social media in the food industry, and help the brand have a beautiful “appearance” during the “double 11” period, and its products are sold well!
Join the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449);
Business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246).
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