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Xiangchunlian: high efficiency, high operation and implementation of 101 innovative business philosophy

New retail simply refers to Omni channel retail, which is an integrated marketing mode of online and offline. In essence, it combines online and offline channels to jointly sell. With the advent of the new retail era, dealers also ushered in a challenge and opportunity coexisting leisure snack market. In order to meet the new retail era and conduct more accurate marketing, Xiang Chunlian, executive general manager of Guangdong Jiangmen Huayi Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huayi”), proposed “high efficiency, high operation, 101 innovative business philosophy”.
Xiang Chunlian, executive general manager of Guangdong Jiangmen Huayi Food Co., Ltd
“To put it simply, it means to show the product to consumers in the shortest time, so that customers can purchase in the channel at the first time and make the product run efficiently,” Xiang Chunlian said Next, follow the introduction of Xiang Chunlian and learn more about “101 innovative business philosophy”!

1: The dealer warehouse is always ready

Xiang Chunlian has been thinking about how Huayi should improve its product popularity and promote sales? After practice, Xiang Chunlian draws a conclusion: the dealer warehouse should keep the product inventory reasonable and not return to “0”, and can ship at any time.
To ensure that the warehouse has goods at any time, it is necessary to do a good job in warehouse management. Xiang Chunlian believes that the most important thing in warehouse management is to take stock regularly, first in first out. Dealers will learn to summarize the goods into a report form, check in time, to achieve first in first out, to avoid a large number of on-time products. At the same time, dealers must always check the condition of the warehouse and do a good job of supervision. Not only can drive the staff to take the warehouse work seriously together, but also can timely understand the situation of the warehouse to ensure the normal delivery of goods.
Under the supervision of Xiang Chunlian, Huayi’s warehouse has maintained the normal shipment status, sugar game products have entered the market, and leisure food has entered the state of scale operation, which has been unanimously recognized by the industry.

0: store warehouse 0 request 0 excuse

With the advent of the new retail era, Huayi’s sales channels have gradually expanded. Xiang Chunlian said, “our current sales channels are mainly offline, supplemented by online.” This requires close cooperation between dealers and the warehouse of sales channels.
“0” in “101 innovation concept” refers to the time that the product stays in the warehouse of the supermarket. Xiang Chunlian explained: “Shangchao warehouse can’t meet with consumers and can’t produce sales. Therefore, the shorter the stay time, the more favorable it will be for sales. The goods will be directly put on the shelves after they arrive at the mall, and the faster they face the consumers, the higher the sales efficiency of the products will be. Just like the task assigned by the army to the superior: to ensure the completion of the task, unconditional obedience, 0 request and 0 excuse.
”To achieve “0”, it is necessary to maintain the relationship between distributors and downstream terminal stores. Xiang Chunlian stressed: “downstream terminal stores are closest to consumers, so they know the needs of consumers best. Just like upstream manufacturers are closest to products, so manufacturers are the most familiar with products. Dealers should learn to analyze the consumption demand provided by the downstream, feed back to the upstream manufacturers, and find out the best-selling products that really meet the market. Only by meeting the needs of consumers can we create explosive products. “

Dealers should make good use of the warehouse in shopping malls, so as to get closer to consumers and understand the real market demand.

1: Store shelves never run out of stock

As we all know, the most direct way to increase the sales volume of products is to organize free trial eating activities and do more display, so as to ensure that there will always be goods for sale on the shelves or special display positions in shopping malls, so that consumers can purchase successfully every time. Only when the product shelf inventory never returns to zero, can the product continue to be sold and consumers can achieve every purchase. Xiang Chunlian said: “our goal is to finally achieve invincible, invincible results.”

In order to ensure that the shelves of shopping malls will never be out of stock, two practical requirements are put forward to Chunlian

Each delivery truck needs two people to cooperate with the operation, and directly send the goods to the store. After the goods arrive at the shopping mall, the staff of the shopping mall will directly pull the goods to the shelves of the shopping malls. This requires not only the precise cooperation of the distributor distribution team, but also the cooperation of the shopping mall team. The store’s inventory is always on the shelf, which is beneficial to both sides.


“After the team’s continuous exploration, we found that if the goods are not delivered directly after they are delivered to the store, but wait for the employees to load the goods when they are free. Under normal circumstances, the product stays in the warehouse of the mall for 3-7 days. If the goods are delivered twice a month, the wasted sales opportunities are 6-14 days.” Xiang Chunlian said: “according to the” 101 “business philosophy, timely display of goods, monthly sales can increase by 20% – 50%

“101” business philosophy needs a lot of practical experience summary. Under the guidance of Xiang Chunlian, the team works closely in all aspects and strives to achieve the goal of seamless link.

With the development of leisure food industry, the new retail will reach a new stage in the near future. To keep up with the development of the market, we must constantly improve our own strength. Xiang Chunlian said: “in the future, the big health category of leisure food will usher in vigorous development. We will seize the opportunity to upgrade the current sales system, gradually improve the online sales channels on the existing basis, expand new marketing channels such as community marketing and live delivery, with high efficiency and high operation, and implement 101 innovative business philosophy to adapt to the development of the new retail era.”

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Editor in chief: Li Jun

Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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