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Xiangpiao’s Internet strategy! Set a small target of “100 million users”

After becoming a “national milk tea” with a strong dealer network, Xiangpiao now wants to build online channels into a new growth point.


At the recent Xiangpiao “National Milk Tea Festival” held recently, the snack agent learned that since its establishment 15 years ago, Xiangpiao has sold more than 12 billion cups of milk tea, “with sales volume of nearly 40 circles around the world.”. In addition, based on the sales data in 2019, Xiangpiao also won the title of “instant tea sales record” Guinness world record holder.


According to a notice, the company has three brands, Xiangpiao, MECO and lanfangyuan, covering brewing milk tea, juice tea, liquid milk and other categories. At present, Xiangpiao products have covered more than 80% of retail terminals in domestic provinces, cities and counties, and entered more than ten overseas countries and regions.


“In the future, we will continue to make people enjoy life more as our mission, strive to build Xiangpiao into a benchmark enterprise for leisure and enjoyment drinks, promote the vigorous development of Chinese milk tea culture, and promote milk tea to become the mainstream beverage in the world.” Xiangpiao Chairman Jiang Jianqi said at the scene.






Last year, Xiangpiao’s e-commerce business achieved a bright growth. According to the company’s annual report in 2019, the annual revenue of its e-commerce channel is 125 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 59%.

“At the earliest time, our e-commerce company still entrusted a representative operation company in Hangzhou to do it, but this mode is certainly unsustainable, so we took it back.” Jiang Jianqi disclosed in the exchange that Xiangpiao had established the Internet business unit the year before last, which is responsible for online sales, Internet marketing, user operation and data center management.


“We hope that this business unit will slowly transform our company and give people a sense of traditional enterprise. I personally spent a lot of energy, but I mainly listen, speak less and listen more, because we have to trust young people. ” Jiang Jianqi told xiaoshidai.


He also revealed that he is very confident in the growth target of Xiangpiao e-commerce this year.

However, in Jiang Jianqi’s view, e-commerce for Xiangpiao is not only a sales channel, but also a user-centered product creation platform and a marketing platform with greater flow and higher efficiency.


Taking the current popular live broadcast with goods as an example, Jiang Jianqi said: “we call Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya to live. Do you think we make money? It doesn’t necessarily make money, but it works well. ” He believes that, compared with traditional media, live broadcasting is a way of communication that combines product and marketing, enabling more consumers to quickly reach new products and understand product selling points.


Xiaoshidai learned that in this year’s 618 e-commerce promotion, Li Jiaqi and Deng Lun, who was the spokesperson of MECO brand at that time, carried goods live together, and sold nearly 1.25 million cups of juice tea.


“To do marketing on the Internet, one thing is to see how your sales volume is. Good sales volume is the hard truth, which shows that the information I spread this time is right and is recognized by consumers. Another is that it has (consumer) reviews. ” Jiang Jianqi said.


In addition to increasing sales, e-commerce also helps Xiangpiao effectively reduce the trial and error cost of innovation.


Jiang Jianqi told the snack agents in the exchange that the new products launched by Xiangpiao will be put on trial sale in e-commerce first, and at the same time, some consumers will be presented with fresh products. Subsequently, Xiangpiao will adjust according to the consumer evaluation, and then pave the offline channel after the product is mature.


“Although your (innovation) time cycle is longer, the success rate of new products is greatly improved and the waste is greatly reduced. I used to waste the biggest time, a new product failure caused me to lose more than 30 million. ” He said.  


A successful example of the new model is the MECO cherry berry juice tea launched in April this year. Xiaoshidai learned from the company that three months after its launch, this product has become the most popular new taste of Xiangpiao juice tea.


Elsa disclosed to the snack generation that during this year’s double 11, Xiangpiao released several limited new products in tmall, including new exotic products such as “taozui Shuangpin” and other cross-border cooperation with Luzhou Laojiao, and new health products such as MECO Lactobacillus tea.

“It is certain that the sales of this year’s double 11 will be higher than that of last year, but our goal is to see how much higher it can be.” Elsa said.




It is not only to expand the scale of online sales, but also to get through the online and offline resources.


The first is to return the offline consumption data to the online user center. In the communication with snack food agents, Elsa said that the focus of Xiangpiao e-commerce this year is to establish user middle platform to lay a solid foundation for subsequent consumer communication and deep marketing.


Xiaoshidai also learned from the company that the operation plan of “reaching 100 million target users” has been set for the project.


In this process, the transformation from public domain traffic to private domain traffic will play a key role. For example, the “one size per cup” on the Xiangpiao product cup has set up incentive mechanisms such as giving away spokesmen and limiting surrounding areas, aiming to attract consumers to join their private community and conduct in-depth operation.


“In fact, a cup of one size is quite important, because user-centered is the core of the Internet, and we have a large offline volume.” Elsa told the food agency that a cup of one yard could help Xiangpiao return offline user assets to Zhongtai.


In addition, Xiangpiao also hopes to combine the online sales platform and offline dealer network to help the latter better adapt to the changes in the Internet.


“Because our original offline sales network is actually a better logistics network, which can save a certain amount of logistics costs. Online is a relatively more convenient channel for consumers to reach and trade. ” Elsa said.


According to its disclosure, Xiangpiao is trying to conduct in-depth cooperation with o2o platform to help some offline channels accelerate product distribution. “To a certain extent, our so-called Internet is also the result that we, the platform side and the offline dealers can win-win results through technology and data to achieve online and offline linkage.” Elsa said.


“The trend in the future must be online and offline integration.” Jiang Jianqi told xiaoshidai: “at the end of (e-commerce), we are going all out to make efforts. Because we also feel that this is a big trend in the future. “

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