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Just ascended the sky cat pre-sale list first, and jointly promote tea new products, adopt a cow’s pace, can you catch up with it?

In just a few years,
has adopted a new strategy to stand out from the Red Sea dairy market and become the representative of new domestic brands. Cross border co branding, Guochao new products, immersive shopping, the adoption of a cow is rapidly out of the circle, unstoppable.

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Three days ago, that is, the first day of the pre-sale of tmall’s double-11, “tmall food innovation camp debut ceremony” was held. Dairy black horse adopted a cow and got the certification of the first batch of members of tmall food club. Outside the grand ceremony, a flash shop with the fragrance of milk tea is surging with people and picturesque scenery

Hangzhou’s beautiful scenery in the tip of the tongue

On October 21, the new dairy industry in China adopted a cow and United tea. With the theme of “stubborn heart, good milk, inspired tea”, it launched a new limited milk tea with strong national flavor, and made a wonderful cross-border combination.

Sweet osmanthus rain at manjuelong Wutong, Hangzhou, and Yunzhu bamboo path, seven creative flavors of tea are being produced in Hangzhou.

Photo source: adopting a cow

In recent years, the concept of Guochao has become an important means to attract consumers’ attention and enhance brand influence. The adoption of a cow attaches equal importance to Guochao marketing. On the eve of the Spring Festival, they jointly launched a breakfast gift bag with Wang quansui, the new army of cereal. The festive Chinese red and the playful and lovely lion dance image will quietly implant the golden breakfast combination of cereal and milk into people’s hearts. In April this year, they jointly with Dunhuang Museum and poly Cultural Innovation Co., Ltd. launched the “adoption milk card god beast guard card”, aiming to give the brand a deeper cultural connotation, embrace the ancient fashion trend preferred by the new generation of groups, and strengthen the brand image of new consumption and new domestic products.

This time, the adoption of a cow will focus on Hangzhou, which has profound traditional culture and colorful humanistic memory. It will pass on the most representative urban beauty to consumers in the form of delicious food. “Hangzhou late autumn that can be drunk” has become the key word for new products to spread.

Foodaily learned that the adoption of a cow at the flash event site also provides users with in-depth experience of DIY, turning scenery into tea, and blending feelings and scenes, which instantly ignited the sharing enthusiasm of users and astonished the whole network. In addition to the milk tea party, this flash show has attracted dozens of fashion celebrities and Han suit bloggers to punch in. The topic of CO branding has been pushed to hot search on microblog, xiaohongshu and other platforms. More than 10 million people have been exposed and interacted with each other on the whole network, and Gaoguang has emerged. The joint booth in the name of “made in China” has become the most popular super-c of tmall food debut ceremony.

Photo source: raising a cow

In addition to the event site, the linkage between the adoption of a cow and the love of tea has also extended to the online. Two well-known brands of CP interact with each other to enter the popular fashion venue, realizing the accurate breakdown and efficient transformation of online crowd. At the same time, the live broadcasting rooms of the two sides also carried out activities such as the anchor’s off-line shop exploration, and the interactive PK between wheat and wheat in the live room. More than 100000 people watched the official live broadcasting room that adopted a cow. It is reported that on October 21, the adoption of a cow won the certification of the first batch of members of the million yuan Club of tmall food, marking a successful end of the cross-border marketing of product and effect.

Adopting a cow and choosing Xicha as a partner this time is not only because of the huge number of fans and the high degree of topic behind Xi Cha, but also because they are representatives of new forces of Chinese food. Xicha, which started a little earlier, has been well-known in the scene marketing. This cooperation combines product quality with marketing methods to create a surprise experience for users in life scenes and complete mental grass planting. It not only connects the online and offline, but also realizes the linkage between inside and outside the station, reaps the hot search exposure and industry attention at one stroke, and improves the brand reputation.

After four years of high light, where is the “cattle” adopted?

It is not difficult to make a brand known quickly. There are too many exposure channels and marketing strategies in we media era. The hard part is that it’s been shining ever since it was born. This requires the brand to have a clear, distinctive positioning, more need to have a keen consumer insight, have the hard power to withstand the test of time.

Since the “debut” in 2016, the adoption of a cow has been operated with a subversive brand, quickly catching the new generation of consumers and shining China’s dairy industry.

Invest a lot of money to build modern pastures and production lines, improve their own supply chain; take the lead in promoting adoption mode in China’s dairy industry, reshape the relationship between brands and consumers, and build a new milk consumption scene; use self-Media to occupy users’ minds with carefully polished original content, and establish a stable sense of trust and communication link; focus on new e-commerce, and bring goods and enterprises through anchor Industry self broadcasting, cross-border inter broadcasting and other ways to successfully absorb powder and break the circle

Photo source: advertising door

In addition to the above reasons, the secret to the rapid rise of adopting an ox is to build brand influence by leveraging tmall, China’s largest e-commerce platform. After accumulating rich operation experience in content we media, boutique e-commerce platform and grass planting platform, in January 2019, we adopted a cow to become a tmall Ka merchant. At the end of March this year, together with Li Ziqi, Lele tea, Xinshiji, Yuanyi forest, keep and other new forces, they were selected into the second phase of tmall super rookie camp, and drove into the fast lane of growth from new sharp to super big brand. In August, it became the first dairy store of tmall with more than 5 million fans. As of October 22, in the list of pre-sale sales of tmall’s double 11, adopting a cow ranked first in the category of coffee / cereal / beverage. In only one and a half years, they completed the strategic goal of “one billion in three years”.

Photo source: adopting a cow

The rapid development of adopting a cow reflects the great driving force of the new consumption wave for the achievement of national brands. With the rise of the new middle class, generation Z and other backbone consumer power, China’s dairy industry ushered in another opportunity to accelerate. The new middle class pursuing Wumart is willing to pay a premium for high quality and consumption experience; young white-collar workers with stronger national self-confidence have a special preference for new Chinese products with national fashion style and moving stories. The adoption of a cow has firmly grasped these new consumption trends and embarked on a completely different business road from the traditional dairy enterprises.

The success of adopting a cow provides a good model for the transformation and upgrading of China’s dairy industry.

Forging digital intelligence ecological chain and strengthening the future road

In the past three years, the adoption of a cattle brand has grown rapidly, and the whole industry has made a joint bet. It is reported that the sales volume of adopting a cow is expected to exceed 1.5 billion this year, and become the first enterprise to reach the goal in the strategy of “incubating 100 10 level brands in three years”.

Behind the geometric growth is the adoption of a cow to adhere to the construction of the source of the ranch, and to build a complete industrial chain of self owned pasture + high quality milk source + WCM production + Tetra Pak.

Up to now, seven modern farms have been built and put into operation, with 60000 Australian Holstein cows distributed in Hebei, Heilongjiang and other places. From production, processing to packaging and logistics, the company adopts Swedish equipment, technology and technology with international leading level, and realizes the whole chain digital production with the help of digital information technology. At the same time of efficient operation, provide good quality guarantee for products.

Just on the 8th of this month, the first phase of the intelligent manufacturing base project in Shandong Province was officially completed. This huge investment built intelligent chemical plant has 7 fully automatic production lines with a daily processing capacity of 500 tons. From the raw milk into the factory to the inspection of canning and finished product packaging, the adoption of a cow adopts the world’s top equipment and technology. The industry analysis points out that the completion and commissioning of the first phase project in Shandong Province marks that the adoption of a cow has further improved the national strategic layout of “own pasture + high quality milk source + WCM production + Tetra Pak”, creating the integration of seed, production, marketing and tourism The new development mode of dairy enterprises.

Photo source: raising a cow

At the same time, the adoption of a cow will continue to deepen and create a unique adoption mode, which will provide consumers with the ultimate and unique consumption experience through a variety of paths such as cattle raising partner mode, AR games, cloud cattle raising games, and member cycle purchase service, so that customers can become users and make transactions run through life.

Photo source: raising a cow

“We have never been an online brand, but a professional cattle company,” Sun Shijun, CEO of adopting a cow, said at the “2020 billion state future retail conference” held recently. It is the original intention to adopt a cow. Although they use the new retail and new marketing tactics perfectly, they also know that to be a Changhong brand, they must lay a solid foundation. High quality is the moat to adopt a cow, and intelligent pasture and intelligent chemical plant are the foundation under the moat.

Under the new consumption wave, the opportunities for new brands to break the ground are greatly increased. How to live longer and healthily will test the brand’s cognition of the industrial operation law and its lasting fighting power.
It is worth pondering over how to adopt a cow to stand out in a highly monopolized track. China’s dairy industry has a bright future!
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