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LAN Zhen announced the latest clinical empirical results, Mead Johnson senior management said it is expected to open a new era of formula

In the context of the impact of this year’s epidemic on the consumption environment, Mead Johnson’s super high-end infant formula brand Lanzhen is still the mainstay of the company’s performance development, and this series of products are also regarded as the “core weapon” to open a new era of formula by Mead Johnson.

The day before yesterday, Mead Johnson released the latest clinical research results of Lanzhen formula in Guangzhou. “We believe that the next generation of nutritional combinations that are comparable to DHA and Ara have emerged, which will set new standards for the next generation of formula. I compare it to the 5g era of formula milk. ” ‘it’s about Enda Ryan, chief executive of Greater China for Mead Johnson.

On the same day, Zheng Xizhen, as an ambassador of “Yulan”, came to share her brand name.

A five-year clinical study

For the release of the clinical research results, Mead Johnson said that although Lanzhen has been listed for nearly five years, the company is still doing research on product formula, hoping to bring more authoritative empirical evidence to consumers and the industry.

LAN Zhen brand spokesperson, “Lan Zhen mother” Zheng Xiyi attended the event

According to reports, the published clinical research results of Lanzhen formula were published in the world’s top 10 academic journal “Journal of Pediatrics” at the end of last year. Clinical studies have shown that feeding infant formula supplemented with milk fat globulin and lactoferrin in the first year of life (14 to 365 days after birth) is associated with a significant improvement in neurodevelopment and immune health.

Data show that the study lasted five years and more than 400 Chinese babies were invited to participate in the study, led by Professor Li Fei of Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical School.

Chen Junshi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, also pointed out that both milk fat globular membrane and lactoferrin are important nutritional components in breast milk. Mead Johnson’s addition of milk fat globular membrane in the formula makes the formula closer to breast milk. The clinical verification fully demonstrates the obvious benefits of the formula for children’s healthy growth, which is a great breakthrough in the industry.

Ling Wenhua, President of the Guangdong nutrition society, said that the double-blind randomized controlled clinical research method was adopted in LAN Zhen’s clinical study, and the research evidence was very substantial and the results were convincing.

Open a new generation of formula

Ruienda pointed out that Mead Johnson firmly believes that the key standard of high-quality infant milk powder is the “scientific research content”, that is, whether there is a solid scientific research foundation behind the formula, and whether the benefits of the formula have been fully verified.

He stressed that behind a scientific research formula is not only the nutrients themselves, but also a series of secrets, including the use of raw materials, the effective level of ingredients, and the manufacturing process.

The above studies confirmed that the incidence of diarrhea and respiratory tract infection of infants and young children were reduced after feeding the formula supplemented with scientific formula of milk fat globule membrane and lactoferrin, while the attention concentration time was prolonged.

“Lanzhen, now on the market, is selected by Mead Johnson from more than 60 milk powder formulas, and contains a good amount of milk fat ball membrane and lactoferrin nutrition combination.” Rinda said.

It is not difficult to find that Mead Johnson was the first to launch infant formula containing DHA and Ara in the market in 2000. It is hoped that Lanzhen, which was listed in 2016 and took the lead in adding “milk fat globular membrane + lactoferrin”, will once again set off a new trend in the formula milk industry.

Dr. Han Junhua, R & D director of infant nutrition in Greater China of Mead Johnson, shared the research results

“After 20 years of development, DHA has already become the standard in formula milk powder. I believe that the golden nutritional combination of” milk fat ball membrane + lactoferrin “in the future also represents the direction of a new generation of scientific formula.” Rui Enda said.

When asked if he was worried about the replication of Lanzhen formula, he said: “we welcome the whole industry to copy our formula, invest in scientific research, and put DHA, milk fat ball membrane and lactoferrin in the formula, because I believe that Chinese babies deserve such good products.”

Sustained strong growth

It is worth noting that ruienda also disclosed for the first time the development of Lanzhen in the Chinese market in the past five years.

“Lanzhen has been growing strongly since its launch in 2016 and has become one of the most successful and popular milk powder brands in the Chinese market.” After the outbreak of this year’s epidemic, he told the snack generation that the company has realized that mothers pay more attention to the health of their babies, “the demand for products that have been proved to be effective in improving immunity has increased, which makes Lanzhen more popular in the market.”.

Xiaoshidai had previously introduced that Laxman, CEO of Mead Johnson’s parent company, had disclosed at the first quarter analysts’ meeting this year that Lanzhen, representing Mead Johnson’s super high-end infant powder distribution, was gradually increasing both in product share and market share in the Chinese market. In the first quarter of last year, Lanzhen accounted for 30% of sales in Mead Johnson’s infant powder product mix, and by the first quarter of this year, the proportion has expanded to about 46%.

So, in this year’s consumer environment affected by the epidemic situation, whether super high-end milk powder can still become the engine of growth? In this regard, Rui Enda believes that after the epidemic, many consumers have thought about their original consumption concept, not only paying more attention to health, but also willing to invest in health.

“Consumers are more willing to invest in products that have proven to be effective for families, and they are willing to spend time learning more and looking for products that really provide effective benefits.” Consumers need not only products that provide nutritional support, but also those that are effective and beneficial. These products will be more expensive because they need expensive ingredients, but people are still willing to invest in health.

CEO of Mead Johnson Greater China

As for the future layout of Mead Johnson in the ultra-high-end milk powder market, ruienda told xiaoshidai that Mead Johnson has set a set of high standards in the research and development of upgraded products, and will continue to strengthen Lanzhen Series in these aspects in the next few years.

In order to strengthen the communication between the new generation of mothers, LAN Zhen also provides customized services and personalized knowledge for Chinese mothers through the “Zhen fan Hui” of the mother club.

He also pointed out that in the Chinese market, digital and social platforms are crucial for future performance growth. Mead Johnson will continue to strengthen cooperation with its partners, promote innovation in digital channels, form a consumption closed loop from experience to education, and help transform potential concerns into consumer purchases.

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