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New magic black yoghurt on amuchi, zhubobo yoghurt pushed by Yuanqi forest, and steamed cereals with extra yards to replace meals |Hot news in a week

Every week, foodail picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information of the food industry on time. All the companies that may change the industry are among them.

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New product
1. New products of amhery’s sugar free and black yoghurt will be on the market soon, with both health and taste in mind
2. Occupying breakfast scene, Yili Zhennong pushes milk + cereal breakfast cup
3. Beihai ranch pushes and explodes zhubobo yoghurt, bringing surprise and interest to yoghurt
4. Amuchi and Cai Linji push hot and dry noodles gift box to develop a new way to eat yogurt noodles
5. Wang Satin pushes the new product of brewing series of Cereals, and adds the size to replace the meal scene
6. Maxi bekind promotes high protein nut bar, occupying the market of sports meal substitute
7. The egg yolk crisp is also drunk, and Xuan’s mother jointly promotes the micro drunken gift box of Budweiser
8. No substitute food, Smeal push 0 fat milk tea and ginger honey
9. Suntory winter warm drink is newly launched, including juice, coffee and tea
10. Joint brand of Baicao flavor and Qingdao beer
11. New hope push red bean and job’s tears milk is positioned to nourish and remove dampness
Investment and financing
12. Since the completion of more than 50 million U.S. dollars in round C financing, valued at $500 million
13. Yingji completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing, the investor is ouyou group
14. Capital pursues plant meat and gets more than 100 million yuan a + round financing on Sunday
15. Only five months after its establishment, oatoat, a plant protein drink, has completed the financing of 10 million pre-A rounds
16. 7 Fen Tian completed 150 million yuan round a financing, with Shunwei capital leading the investment
17. Tencent shares in the middle and high-end pasta brand “Hefu Laomian” and has obtained five rounds of financing of more than 400 million yuan
Company news
18. Coca Cola and Mengniu set up a joint venture, keniu, to produce low-temperature dairy products

Amherch has announced on major platforms that it will soon launch two new products, sucrose free and black yogurt. Among them, the sugar free version is named amx control sense small black diamond, which adopts black light sense modeling design, highlighting the health, purity and lightness characteristics. The product not only has no sucrose added, but also uses the popular collocation of dietary fiber and yogurt, each package contains 4G dietary fiber.
The other product is black yogurt, which uses the wonderful combination of black sesame and coconut flavor to bring black surprise. In addition, the bottle body also adopts all black color with golden ink pattern with luminous effect, which is like magic in the dark.

Source: amhery
Recently, Yili Zhennong has launched a normal temperature milk mother and son breakfast cup with top material bag. The lower cup contains 8.25g high-quality protein concentrated milk, and the upper layer is yoghurt block and fruit cereal bag. Users can enjoy DIY breakfast in one minute. In terms of marketing, Yili takes “more sleep for 10 minutes” as the eye-catching point, selects programmers as communication objects and entry points, and radiates to more circles by virtue of topic degree.

Photo source: Yili Zhennong
Recently, Beihai ranch, a health yogurt brand under Yuanqi forest, launched a new product of popo yoghurt. It has two flavors: blueberry, black rice and Beibei, pumpkin and oatmeal. The addition of baobaozhu brings new taste and taste to the yoghurt. It contains 3.7g protein per 100g, without sucrose, and only 105kcal per cup. It is healthy and interesting. At present, both flavors have been put on the shelves of tmall. The price of double 11 is 135g * 8 cups / 64.7 yuan.
Photo source: Beihai Ranch
On October 27, the normal temperature yogurt brand anmusi announced that it and Wuhan hot and dry noodles brand Cai Linji jointly launched a special hot and dry noodles gift box in the shape noodle restaurant. The gift box contains special hot and dry noodles, seasonings, anmusi cheese Bobo yogurt and custom-made bowl and spoon sets. This time, anmusi developed a new way to eat hot and dry noodles, adding cheese popball yogurt as a special seasoning Give the hot and dry noodles different flavor. At present, the gift box has been launched in Yili micro mall, and is in the pre-sale stage.

image source: Yili

Recently, Wang Satin launched a new series of warm time brewing Cereals, adding the size of the meal scene. According to the introduction, the series will have three new products: Beibei pumpkin, fruit fish and black tea latte. At present, only Beibei pumpkin is on the shelves of tmall. The product is added with sweet dried Beibei pumpkin and pumpkin powder in cereals. It is rich in high dietary fiber, hot drink and brewing, soft and glutinous taste. It is a good choice for breakfast and light food. At present, the price of the product is 400g / bag / 59.9 yuan.
Photo source: Wang Quansheng
Recently, beckind Benshan, a health nut energy bar brand of Mars, launched a new high protein nut stick with dark chocolate and almond taste. Each 50g stick contains 11g high-quality plant-based protein, especially BCAA and 8 kinds of essential amino acids. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, which is very suitable for fast before, during and after sports Fast charging will fill your stomach. At present, the product has been put on the shelves in tmall’s flagship stores, with the price of 5 pieces of 98.4 yuan.
Source: beckind
Recently, xuanma, the head brand of egg yolk pastry, CO branded with Budweiser, has launched a special gift box of slightly drunk egg yolk pastry. The gift box contains 3 cans of Budweiser beer and 3 pieces of jiuxinxuanma egg yolk crisps. The aroma and taste of beer are blended into the inner core of the egg yolk pastry. It is sweet, salty and soft, and slightly drunk. At present, the gift box has been put on the shelves of tmall, with a price of 93 yuan for the double 11 event.
Photo source: Xuan Ma
On October 29, Smeal, a food substitute brand, announced the launch of two cross-border new products: 0-fat future milk tea and warm spoon Ginger Honey. The former is a solid brewing milk tea, the product 0 fat 0 sucrose 0 added and contains 5 times high fiber, frankincense and tea fragrance interweave, with natural sugar instead of sucrose, sweet but not greasy.
Another product is xiaohuangjiang honey, which is designed as a small spoon. The product is a combination of natural motherwort, Manuka honey, ancient brown sugar, jujube juice, ginger and ginseng honey cake. You just need to tear off the small spoon sealing film and stir it gently in the water to turn it into a special ginger brown sugar water. At present, the two products are limited to sale in the form of combination in the wechat mall. The price of 6 bottles of 0-fat milk tea + 2 barrels of 14 warm spoons of Ginger Honey liquid is 145 yuan.
Source: Smeal
On October 15, Suntory beverage announced the launch of a new and upgraded winter warm drink series, including fresh and elegant sweet scented sweet scented milk tea with sweet scented osmanthus flavor, Honey Scented fruit tea with black tea and NFC honey peach juice, and warm drinking classic sugar free oolong tea, black oolong tea and Lique latte. They are packaged in 350ml small bottles that can be easily held in hand, and are mainly sold in convenience stores and online channels. The sales price of Lique milk tea in tmall flagship store on November 11 is 24 bottles of 109 yuan.
Source: Suntory
Recently, two new strange tea series, sour and spicy chicken feet and beer peach, have been launched in Xiangpiao honey valley. The hot and sour chicken feet taste is the joint brand with the snack brand Baicao flavor. The collision between the sweet and sour juice tea and the hot and sour chicken feet puzzle is quite interesting. Another product is the joint brand with Tsingtao beer, which makes people happy and intoxicated by the sweet juice tea and the slightly drunk beer flavor. At present, both products have been put on the shelves in tmall’s flagship store. The price of double 11 is 43 yuan for 8 cups.
Photo source: fragrant MECO
Recently, new hope launched a brand of red bean and job’s tears milk. It selects red beans, job’s tears, red rice, millet and other nutritional grains to collide with silky milk. It conforms to the traditional cognition of red beans and job’s tears in the minds of consumers, positioning its function as nourishing and removing dampness. The product is rich in high protein, high dietary fiber and a variety of minerals. At present, it has been put on the shelves in tmall flagship store, with the price of 200g * 24 boxes / 89.8 yuan.
Photo source: new hope
Zihi pot, an Internet convenience instant food brand, recently announced that it has completed more than $50 million in round C financing. This round of financing is led by CICC capital and the old shareholder Jingwei China continues to invest. Zihi pot said that this round of financing will mainly be used for deep cultivation of product power, focusing on product R & D and innovation. At present, the company is valued at $500 million.
Since its establishment in 2017, zihi pot has cut into the convenient fast food track with self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot. With the Internet playing method, it has become popular rapidly. In only three quarters after its launch, its sales volume has exceeded 100 million yuan. At present, zihi pot has a variety of product matrix, including hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, pot rice, flour, noodles, etc., covering self heating, brewing, quick cooking and other eating methods.
Photo source: zihi pot
Fine coffee brand Eagle set recently completed tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing, the investor is ouyou group. This round of financing will be mainly used in product research and development, brand building and marketing communication, supply chain integration and other aspects.
Eagle integrated was established in 2016, positioning itself as a high-end boutique coffeemaker brand with many stores in Shanghai. At present, Yingji’s main mode is “offline stores + online products”, and has launched a number of innovative boutique instant coffee products online.
Photo source: Eagle collection
On October 29, a new brand of vegetable meat announced on Sunday that it had completed a + round of financing of more than 100 million yuan, led by light speed China, followed by Yunjiu capital, pleasant capital and Jingwei China. It’s the third fundraising this year on Sunday. It is reported that the financing will mainly be used for product development, supply chain upgrading, brand promotion and team building for C-end consumers.
Image source: Monday
It is reported that oatoat, a brand of vegetable protein drink, recently completed a round of ten million level pre-A financing. This round of financing is exclusively invested by IMO ventures, and the funds will be mainly used for product research and development and supply chain improvement. This is the second financing of oatoat since its establishment five months ago. Not long ago, oatoat has just completed the angel round financing with Huachuang capital as the lead investment and the only capital with investment. The total amount of two rounds of financing is tens of millions of yuan.
Oatoat was founded in May this year, hoping to simplify ingredients and redefine plant protein drinks through innovative technical means. At present, oatoat has launched original bottled oatmeal drinks with 0 sucrose, 0 lactose and low-fat, and coffee companion oats with coffee.
Photo source: oatoat
Fruit and tea chain brand 7 Fen Tian has recently completed a round of financing of 150 million yuan, led by Shunwei capital and followed by inward funds. The funds obtained in this round of financing will mainly be used for store expansion, supply chain and digital upgrading of stores, as well as brand promotion. It is reported that Shunwei capital’s legal representative is Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, and 7 Fen Tian is the first tea brand it invested.
The predecessor of “7 Fen Tian” was Xie Ji desserts founded in 2006. In 2015, Xie Ji desserts were upgraded to 7 Fen sweets. From the perspective of cup desserts, Xieji desserts cut into the fruit and tea market, focusing on Mango drinks, and the brand products include Yangzhi manna, etc. At present, there are more than 800 offline stores, mainly in Shanghai, Jiangsu and other East China regions.
Photo source: 7 Fen sweet
According to tianyancha app, on October 26, Jiangsu Hefu Catering Management Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Hefu noodles, changed its business, adding a new shareholder, Shenzhen Tencent Information Technology Co., Ltd., etc. in addition, the company’s registered capital increased from about 11.129 million to 13.658 million, an increase of 22.72%.
Founded in 2012, Hefu Laomian is a Chinese style noodle chain catering brand, focusing on the Chinese culture slow catering concept of self-cultivation. Its products are mainly noodles and snacks, with a customer price of about 45 yuan. The main target group is urban white-collar workers. At present, there are about 180 stores. So far, Hefu Laomian has obtained five rounds of financing, with a total amount of more than 400 million yuan.
Photo source: he Fu Lao Mian

According to the company’s investigation data, on October 28, Coca Cola and Mengniu established a joint venture “keniule” dairy products Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of US $68.8594 million, and its legal representative is venkata vamsi Mohan ThatI, jointly controlled by Inner Mongolia dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. and Coca Cola (China) Investment Co., Ltd., is engaged in the production, sales and marketing of low-temperature milk products.
Photo source: foodie
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