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Speed up the production of herbal tea again! With an investment of 367 million yuan, Wanglaoji health Meizhou original liquor extraction base was completed and put into operation

Wang Laoji once again increased the size of herbal tea industry, covering an area of 177 mu, with a total investment of 367 million yuan. The great health Meizhou original liquor extraction base was completed, which will become a large-scale herbal tea extraction base with leading automation technology.
On October 29, in order to implement the strategic deployment of Guangdong provincial Party committee and government to “revitalize the East and northwest of Guangdong” and the work arrangement of Guangzhou Counterpart Assistance in Meizhou, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Group vigorously carried out industrial support in Meizhou. Its landing project, Wanglaoji large health Meizhou original liquor extraction base, was officially completed and put into production, which will become an important engine for Wang Laoji to help Meizhou health industry development and build a long-term assistance mechanism To promote the sustainable development of local economy.
More than 200 leaders from Guangzhou, Meizhou and Guangzhou SASAC, Yang Jun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Weng Shaoquan, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd., and other relevant enterprise leaders, participating units and key enterprise representatives of guangmeiyuan attended the activity.

Wanglaoji and Caizhilin Meizhou production base completed and put into operation
Wanglaoji health Meizhou liquor extraction base was completed and put into operation, and the layout of herbal tea industry was upgraded
According to reports, Wang Laoji’s large health Meizhou liquor extraction base covers an area of 177 mu, with a total investment of 367 million yuan. The project will provide four large-scale projects, including Wangji raw tea extraction base and Wangji raw tea extraction base, which will provide more than 400 original tea extraction bases and other large-scale projects.

Wanglaoji large health Meizhou original liquor extraction base

In terms of technology, the base adopts the world’s most advanced herbal tea liquor extraction technology, and innovates the management in the way of full automation, so that Wang Laoji can quickly complete the closed-loop industrial chain of herbal tea “raw material preparation raw liquor preparation canned factory sales”. The 24 extraction tanks in the base can extract more than 60 tons of medicinal materials every day after they are officially put into operation, and the annual output of herbal tea concentrate is more than 20000 tons.
Production workshop of Wanglaoji health Meizhou original liquor extraction base
Yang Jun, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, said that after the two bases are put into operation, the group will actively play its advantages in scale, science and technology and industry, strengthen the radiation leading role, realize the mutual promotion and mutual progress of long-term assistance and self-development, and make contribution to the economic development of Guangzhou and Meizhou.

Speech by Yang Jun, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group
The leaders of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou affirmed the role of the base in industrial support. At the same time, Wang Laoji of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. would continue to play a leading and radiating role of Guangzhou state-owned enterprises, drive more high-quality projects to settle in Guangmei Industrial Park, promote Meizhou’s integration into the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, and enhance the endogenous development momentum.
Relevant leaders of Meizhou city also fully affirmed this “blood transfusion + hematopoietic” industry support integration mode, saying that the production and operation of the base will not only help guide the industrial cluster development, enhance the driving force of sustained economic growth, but also provide more jobs for Meizhou, and build a long-term poverty alleviation mechanism in the form of industrial support.
To explore sustainable development,
Wang Laoji realizes “double harvest” of enterprise benefit and social benefit
At the same time, Wang Laoji has also been exploring his own development ideas to enhance the strength of enterprises. This year, due to the impact of the epidemic situation, the development of many industries has been impacted to a certain extent. For instant consumer goods such as herbal tea, the first to bear the brunt is the gift market of the Spring Festival.
In response to the current situation, Wang Laoji constantly broadens the application scenarios of herbal tea, vigorously develops the gift market and outdoor market, and develops sugar free herbal tea, black herbal tea, iced iced iced herbal tea and jasmine herbal tea through the strategy of “single product diversification”, so as to meet the diversified market demand.
In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic, Wang Laoji took a variety of measures this year, such as setting up a contactless community retail model and community e-commerce, and cooperating with the takeout platform to expand channels such as takeout and catering chains.
At the same time, Wang Laoji also actively explored the value of herbal tea industry. Meizhou is the main production area of Xiancao, the main raw material of herbal tea. Its vegetation, water quality and other ecological environment are very superior. At the same time, Meizhou is also one of the most arduous areas in the province to overcome poverty.
Wang Laoji’s construction of raw liquor extraction base according to local conditions is not only conducive to providing quality assurance for herbal tea raw materials of enterprises, but also enabling Wang Laoji to maintain the advanced technology of herbal tea extract and strong independent management innovation in the industry, so as to maintain strong product competitiveness in the market.

Wang Laoji herbal tea Xiancao planting base
Wang Laoji’s large health Meizhou herbal tea extraction base, which was officially completed and put into operation, has also achieved the national green manufacturing level. Its “green design platform construction project of herbal tea plant beverage” was selected into the “green manufacturing system integration project” organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance in 2018; in 2019, Wang Laoji “integrated research on green manufacturing technology and exclusive equipment of traditional Chinese medicine” The “research” project was selected as the key project of TCM Modernization Research of the Ministry of science and technology of the people’s Republic of China, which not only built the “Golden Mountain” but also protected the “green water and green mountain” at the same time.
In a word, Wang Laoji’s health Meizhou liquor extraction base has promoted the development of local transportation, packaging materials, biological materials, service industry and other industries by strengthening the cooperation between the East and the west, optimizing the local industrial layout, and extending the upstream and downstream industrial chain. It not only promotes the “acceleration” of Meizhou’s poverty alleviation, but also “accelerates” the development of herbal tea industry 。
Source: Wang Laoji’s official flagship store
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