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Collection the cold winter of 2020 is coming. Have you made seasonal adjustment of your convenience store?

Recently, the weather in Beijing has become more and more “beautiful and frozen”. From hot summer to late autumn and then to winter, the seasonal changes have also become more and more obvious for customers’ demand for goods!

Imagine that in summer, the outside of the store is blazing, but the first place to display liquor is liquor. In winter, the rain and snow outside the store are fluttering, and drinking water and drinks are displayed at the entrance of the store.
In winter, in an 80 square meter shop, the display space of water, carbonation, tea and other drinks occupies a whole section of the display shelf… Will customers want to go shopping in such a convenience store?
Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the commodities according to the seasonal changes and festivals, which is beneficial to improve the turnover and the image of convenience stores.

What is the seasonal adjustment of the shop? Xiaobian thinks that we can operate from these aspects.
01 adjust commodity structure

According to the different regions of the convenience store, make adjustments, to prepare enough warm goods, such as hot water bags, gloves, cotton slippers, warm stickers, etc., and also provide hot drinks, cooked food, breakfast, etc.
In winter, relatively speaking, many people would like to eat something hot to warm up. Therefore, convenience stores can provide some hot drinks and food, and add some hot food according to their own situation. Cooked food can sell bread, Kanto cooking, sausage, boiled corn, chezai noodles, etc., and can also offer preferential packages of hot drinks with cooked food. I believe it will be more popular in winter!
02 add service facilities

In order to facilitate customers, the store needs to provide hot drinking water to facilitate customers to warm up, make noodles and make milk tea. Can also increase coffee, hot drinks machine, with hot drinks to increase the number of customers.
In addition, many customers are reluctant to go out because of the cold at night, and more people tend to order takeout. Therefore, the convenience store must do a good job in door-to-door delivery service. This can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also increase turnover.
03 increase wine type

Because of the cold weather in winter, more festivals at the end of the year, and frequent party and dinner activities, there are more people drinking in winter than in summer. Convenience stores may as well increase the types of drinks.
At the same time, before the new year’s day, prepare some holiday wine gift boxes in advance.
04 shelf adjustment

It is time to remind the customers that winter has arrived. It’s time to buy these products.

The gold display space of the convenience store is the cash register, the end shelf and the shelves on both sides of the main channel.
Adjust the display according to the season and put the seasonal commodities in a conspicuous position, which is easier to promote rapid sales.
05 adjust business hours

The weather is cold in winter, and fewer customers choose to travel at night.
Shop owners can combine the surrounding environment of their small shop to shorten the business hours to adapt to seasonal changes. This can greatly save water and electricity costs, labor costs and other expenses.
06 cooperation between different industries in surrounding areas
You can establish cooperative relationship with these merchants in busy places such as mahjong hall, chess and card room, and places with high demand for snacks and drinks.

For example, cooperate with the mahjong hall nearby, let the store owner recommend customers to send you hot drinks and snacks, and give them a certain percentage of rebate.
07 equipped with music to increase atmosphere

It’s cold in winter and cold at night. It’s suggested to play some soft and warm music in the store to increase the atmosphere in the store.
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