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Lei Jun 150 million into the Bureau of tea, Tencent investment and government noodles, new catering opportunities?

We should sort out our own enterprises and brands, and clearly judge whether they are strong brands or weak brands in the subdivision categories? From the front door, from the super symbol, from the product to the ingredients and so on, step by step to improve themselves.

On October 28, the industrial and commercial changes occurred in the affiliated company of Hefu Laomian, including Shenzhen Tencent Information Technology Co., Ltd., and the company’s four times of financing totaled 395 million.
Just a few days ago, Shunwei capital led the investment of 7 Fen sweet round a 150 million financing has also become the focus of major websites.
Leijun’s Shunwei capital has invested in supply chains and catering brands such as American cuisine, frozen food online, Maxim point and yuanmai hill, while Tencent has successively invested in meituan, Xicha, Tim Hortons coffee and Yipin fresh food.
There is no doubt that the food and beverage brands under the background of strong consumption growth have been trapped in the “hunting ground” of capital, and the door of capital market has been completely opened to the new and cutting-edge brands.
There have been two follow-up reports on catering o2o before. Today, I’d like to analyze some key points to “comment on” 7 Fen Tian He He Lao Mian.
Changing the rules of the game is an innovation
360 Zhou Hongyi once said: Micro innovation, starting from many small points, step by step to improve the user experience, is also an innovation.
It is not necessarily said that innovation requires the establishment of research institutes. Sometimes changing the rules of the game is also innovation.
This is especially suitable for catering enterprises, making a breakthrough in user experience, such as 7 Fen Tian and he Fu Lao Mian.
The innovation of “7 Fen sweet” is that it makes the usual Hong Kong Style desserts (similar to mango and grapefruit sago) into cup desserts, which initially focused on “cup packed Yangzhi manna”, and then extended to “cup sweeteners”; it is obviously different from milk cap tea and fruit tea of other tea brands.

In the field of “cup sweets”, 7 points of sweet is the number one.
  • Seize the category positioning. The use of Yangzhi manna as a signboard not only makes many consumers think of “7 Fen sweet” as soon as they mention it, but also makes many tea enterprises follow suit and launch various versions of Yangzhi manna.
  • The consumption scene changes from hall food to cup, and the consumption scene changes into walking desserts, which is more suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle. The store saves huge Hall Food space, saves costs and improves efficiency.
While Hefu Laomian is to innovate and upgrade the consumption scene of noodles, and to position itself as the “aristocrat” of pasta

  • The concept of “slow” catering of “noodles in study” is introduced, and the Chinese culture of “health and heart cultivation” is implanted to meet the “moment” tranquility of consumers and conform to the rising tide of the national tide;
  • A bowl of noodles can be about 40 yuan, and the price of snacks is about 10 yuan. The main purpose is to rob white-collar workers from Japanese restaurants back to Chinese noodle shops.
  • The price is a little expensive, and he Fu Laomian proposes to make up for it. The soup and noodles can be served free of charge. This practice makes customers feel that they are taking advantage of it. In fact, there are few cases of adding noodles.
He Fu Lao Mian has made innovations in scene design, cultural implantation and brand positioning, so as to meet the “moment” comfortable and quiet dining experience of consumers.
Saturated attack regional market and seize user’s mind
Saturation attack thinking is a kind of military strategic thinking. It is used by Huawei in the business environment to refer to a core marketing idea established in the long-term marketing practice. When attacking a market, we must invest in large resources and the strongest equipment. If we want to do it, we must take it completely, at all costs.
Take 7-point sweet as an example, the saturated attack methods are as follows:

1. Door header and super symbol
Be a big door and be the most beautiful boy in the street!
For example, 7 Fen Tian repeats and highlights a “7” word on the door, becoming a super symbol of Qifen sweet and a distinctive brand logo.
Anyone who has seen 7 Fen sweet store will be deeply impressed by its front door. There is a big “7” word at the door, the brand suddenly jumped out, especially distinctive.
2. Brands are strongly related to color
Whether it’s KFC or McDonald’s, or Wang Laoji or jiaduobao.
The overall color of sweet door head is mango color, which has a high correlation with its main products, and has a high degree of identification; large area of high brightness yellow is used to render the vitality of the brand.
3. Brand price range
The price range of 7 points sweet is mainly 20-25 yuan, avoiding the price range of tea like tea and Naixue tea about 30 yuan, which is also higher than the price positioning of 10-15 yuan of honey snow ice city.

4. Monopolize the regional market
Qifentian did not invest resources in the South China market where tea brands are concentrated, but concentrated in the East China market. After the brand upgrading in 2018, we will concentrate resources in the East China market to penetrate the market;
At present, there are more than 200 companies in Shanghai, more than 100 in Suzhou, and more than 800 in East China, becoming the dominant regional market.
While Hefu Laomian makes saturation attack around the high-end positioning of pasta:
1. Scene creation
In addition, it is also a new model to create a new style of self-cultivation.
For the men and women who are working in the first tier cities, fast-paced is their daily life. In busy working days, they may only be able to relax at meal time. He Fu Lao Mian, which advocates the concept of slow catering, has become a good choice.

2. Improve the production process
He Fu Lao Mian said that it uses 1 jin bone to make 3 bowls of soup as the core idea of the product, with 18 kinds of herbal food slowly simmering for 8 hours.
3. Selected ingredients
The raw material of noodles is the red wheat core powder from Canada. The dough needs to be kneaded and pressed for 4 times to make a smooth and smooth taste. All beef is from Australia’s grain fed snow beef, which is more delicious and tender than ordinary beef;
4. High efficiency
It is stipulated that if the noodles are not served within 15 minutes, they will be free to eat.
All the above measures focus on its high-end positioning and make efforts in details to make it meet the expectations of customers, even exceed the expectations of customers.
Compared with the gradual decline of Japanese ramen, we can see that Hefu Laomian has a strong market impact.
Food and beverage are above the wind
Food and beverage is just needed. The growth trend of subdivided track after the epidemic shows that brand catering enterprises have considerable space for development. In the long run, head catering enterprises have great investment value.
1. Market share growth
Compared with foreign catering chain enterprises, domestic chain brand Cr5 market share is less than 2%, while foreign chain organizations occupy about 20%. So there is huge room for growth.
2. The transformation of the Internet to the industry
From order booking, seat arrangement to ordering, cash register, user portrait, hourly labor, supply chain, customer repurchase, private domain traffic, e-commerce, etc;
Each link is rapidly transformed by the Internet, so the food and beverage industry is also a “technology” enterprise.
3. The stock market opens the door to catering enterprises again
Haidilao, jiumaojiu, Barbie steamed bread and other enterprises listed on the stock market ignited the enthusiasm of capital.

Data show that the supply chain catering enterprises are the most concerned.
In terms of financing quantity, the catering supply chain and catering service are in the front row, and tea is the third; in terms of financing amount, tea is ranked second, second only to the supply chain.
The total and single financing amount of catering enterprises in the supply chain is the highest, most of which have exceeded 100 million yuan. Among them, Wangjiahuan and No.1 food have more than 500 million yuan in single financing.
In addition, No. 1 food and boiler circle enterprises both obtained two rounds of financing in a short period of time.
The chain and digital speed-up of the downstream catering industry forces the upstream food supply chain to continuously standardize, industrialize and scale up. For capital, there is more room for imagination.
Three questions of the soul:
How does capital look at the investment value of enterprises?
Seeing the surging tide of capital, many students are full of desire for capital and hope to understand their preference for capital.
Tiantu capital is the top 10 organization in the new consumption field. It has invested in xiaohongshu, zhouheiya, Baiguoyuan, Naixue tea, Feihe, Zhong Xuegao, master Bao’s pastry, melon seed used car, jiangxiaobai, etc;
As a well-known investor in the new consumption field, its CEO Feng Weidong (known as Dongge in the industry) once said that the most important thing to judge whether an enterprise is worth investing in is as follows:

1. Can an enterprise successfully build a brand
Because brand is a tool to reduce transaction costs between enterprises and customers. It is a deep moat and can also generate higher premium.
For this reason, Dongge put forward three questions of “soul” — what are you? What’s the difference? How can we see it?
What are you – first of all, category, hotpot? Hunan cuisine? Boiled dumplings? wait
Because the customer supplies to think, supplies to search, supplies to meet demand.
Haidilao is so famous, we still need to add the category name after it to show that it is “Haidilao hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot”.
2. The most important feature of a category is that it will continue to differentiate into new categories.
In the process of category growth, there will be more and more customers, while the original category is difficult to take into account the needs of a small number of customers.
When the demand of these small customers reaches a certain scale, a new difference will be split out, which is new demand and business opportunities.
Category differentiation is the fundamental force of business progress.
Each differentiation is equivalent to creating a new blank market, which is a good opportunity to enter and create a brand first.
3. What is tuyere? The rapid growth is a big category.
In all kinds of categories, we should give priority to those “strong categories”.
What is a strong category?
It is the category that customers will “reserve” in mind. They have already thought of you before going out and have reserved a good position for you. For example, we just mentioned clothes and shoes.
What are vulnerable categories?
That is, customers may not remember you at all before they go out, or they want to remember the category you are particularly troubled with. Nail clippers, glue. Because these things, where to buy are basically appropriate, will not pay special attention to.
You need to sort out your own enterprises and brands, and clearly judge whether you are a strong brand or a weak brand in the subdivision category? How to build your own brand?
From the front door, from the super symbol, from the product to the ingredients and so on, step by step to improve themselves.
Until you are eager to fly, let the capital plug wings for you!
Source: Catering o2o (ID: coffee o2o), reprint has been authorized.
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