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Nestle plans to purchase a takeaway company with 10 billion yuan. Australian free food said it would cooperate with Mengniu strategically. Three squirrels responded to the detection of carcinogens in potato chips. Heineken headquarters plans to lay off staff and issue temporary license for Jinbo special food

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Nestle plans to buy delivery company freshly (company news, Reuters)

Nestle said on Friday that it had acquired freshly, an American fresh food delivery company, for $950 million, and would pay about $550 million (3.68 billion yuan) if its business continues to grow successfully.

Freshly, a New York based start-up founded in 2015, offers weekly orders of healthy meals to be delivered home and then heated in a microwave or oven in minutes. As a result, customers can get the benefits of fresh, healthy meals, but unlike packaged start-ups, people don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking them themselves. According to Nestle’s press release, freshly now ships more than 1 million meals a week in 48 states in the United States, with sales expected to be $430 million in 2020.

Total dairy output value of Heilongjiang Feihe and Yili dairy decreased in the first three quarters (Heilongjiang Statistics Bureau)

Today, according to data provided by Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of statistics, the added value of dairy products in the food industry decreased by 29.3% from January to September (36.4% from January to August). Among them, Heilongjiang Feihe and Yili dairy products production decreased by 57000 tons, and the output value decreased by 5.38 billion yuan. The output value of Longjiang flying crane, Gannan flying crane and Tailai flying crane increased by 410 million yuan, 250 million yuan and 580 million yuan respectively due to the growth of product market demand.

Mengniu Dairy plans to build a new ranch in Qiqihar (company news)

At noon on November 1, Qiqihar Beiyuan Development Zone and district development and Reform Bureau invited Song Hui, general manager of Mengniu Dairy’s milk source business department, to exchange views again on the construction of 100000 new dairy farms of Mengniu Dairy during the “14th five year plan”. The senior management of Mengniu Dairy Industry thought that the preliminary negotiation results were in line with the intention of both parties and were quite satisfied. Some links still need to be further refined and 3000 large-scale sightseeing animal husbandry should be built The company made deep planning on the cooperation mode and site selection construction, fully promoted the construction of milk source base, and helped to improve the self-sufficiency rate of fresh milk in this area.

Heineken’s headquarters plans to lay off 20% (Financial Times)

Affected by the epidemic, Heineken’s net profit in the first three quarters of 2020 was 396 million euros, down 76% year on year. According to foreign media reports, recently, Heineken’s Dutch headquarters said it planned to lay off 20% of its staff in the first quarter of 2021 to reduce its labor costs and deal with the profit impact of restaurant and bar closures caused by the new crown epidemic. The target of the layoff is the management posts of the headquarters and regional branches.

41 temporary licenses for special foods issued in the 3rd China International Fair (surging)

Special food such as infant formula milk powder needs “special permission” to participate in the Expo. This afternoon, Danone, Abbott, Wyeth, Nestle and other imported special food enterprises were awarded temporary license certificates for infant formula milk powder, formula food for special medical purposes and health food in the Third International Fair. According to the Shanghai market supervision bureau, 41 temporary licenses for special food were issued in the first batch after expert review. Up to now, some exhibitors are still in the process of consultation and application.


According to Xinhua news on October 30, Shi Penghai, vice president of the Asian, African region of Swiss food and beverage giant Nestle group, said recently that Nestle “has been actively investing in the Chinese market without any hesitation.”. Nestle will display more than 250 best-selling products at the Expo, and about 25 of them will be the first time they will appear in the Chinese market. China is the group’s second largest market in the world. Nestle has 28 factories, 4 innovation centers and 3 R & D centers in China, with more than 36000 employees.


Danone goes against the trend to increase the third ICIF (company news)

The third Import Expo will be held in Shanghai on November 4. Zhou Zhigang, vice president of Danone Greater China, said recently that with the help of the “entry Expo effect”, Danone’s new product listing efficiency has been greatly improved, and the sales channel has been further opened. Since entering the Expo last year, Danone has introduced nearly 40 pieces of products from Germany, France and other countries into the Chinese market.

Australia free food says it will cooperate with Mengniu and fengxingbiao (company news)

Free foods group of Australia, who participated in the Expo, said that on the afternoon of November 5, a “cloud contract” will be held at the New Zealand booth. Michael perish, CEO of free food group, will make a wonderful appearance. The cooperative products include New Zealand A2 pure milk and 1L pure milk, with a planned cooperation amount of 134 million yuan. On November 6, free food group will sign strategic cooperation agreements with Mengniu and Fengxing, two major dairy giant groups, with the planned amount of 470 million yuan and 67 million yuan respectively. During the exhibition, free food group will also carry out strategic cooperation with tmall global, Jingdong and Suning.

Eight new products of Ferrero will meet Chinese consumers for the first time (Xinhua)

According to Xinhua news agency today, Ferrero will bring more than 20 varieties of products at the third China International Fair, covering chocolate, biscuits, candy, daubing sauce and other categories. Among them, 8 new products will meet Chinese consumers for the first time.

Three squirrels respond to the detection of carcinogens in potato chips (Netease News)

Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Consumer Council has selected 15 potato chips of famous brands at home and abroad from online and offline to conduct a comparative test. Among them, yanjinpuzi, three squirrels and Miss Dong contain more than 2000 μ g / kg of carcinogen acrylamide, which is higher than the European Union’s benchmark level (750 μ g / kg). At present, the response of the three brands is basically the same: the carcinogenic effect of acrylamide is not clear, there is no limit requirement for acrylamide in national standards, and the products are still sold normally.

Xiangpiao’s revenue in the first three quarters was 1.893 billion yuan (company announcement)

On the evening of October 30, Xiangpiao released the third quarterly report of 2020. In the first three quarters of 2020, the company realized an operating revenue of 1.893 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 20.47%, and a net profit of 44.4902 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 66.35%. After deducting the non recurring profit and loss, the net profit of the company was 2.614 million yuan, down 97.90% year on year.

Starbucks to enter Laos next summer

Starbucks plans to open a branch in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, in the summer of next year. The Lao branch will be operated by coffee concepts, a 50% owned Hong Kong based Maxim group. Starbucks said it plans to use its global scale to have a positive impact and create jobs with Laos. Wu Weiguo, chairman and managing director of Maxim group, said that he was pleased to introduce the Starbucks brand into Laos and believed that the 20-year cooperative relationship between Maxim and Starbucks could be further strengthened to develop the coffee industry in all parts of Asia.

Innovopro, an Israeli food technology company, won $3 million in round B financing (Foodbev)

According to foreign media reports today, innovopro, an Israeli food technology company, has completed a round B financing of US $3 million, which is invested by Rabobank’s Food & agri innovation fund, ICOS capital, a venture capital firm, and iangels, an Israeli angel investment platform. Not long ago, the company had just completed $15 million in financing. The funds obtained in this round of financing will be used to improve the production and operation capacity and carry out more business development activities, including the establishment of joint ventures with strategic partners. Innovopro aims to provide protein food based on chickpea for users.

PepsiCo launches kDa custom cans (Tencent News)

According to Tencent News, PepsiCo announced yesterday that it would cooperate with the League of heroes to launch a sugar free customized can coke of kDa series, a famous women’s group in the League of heroes. The customized cans of this series have been put on the shelves and have been sold in advance. PepsiCo has also launched different styles of suits. The price of kDa limited customized cans is 49.9 yuan / 5 cans, and kDa Limited gift box (439 limits) Order 1000 boxes) and need to draw lots to buy.

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“Beijing cold chain” QR code put into supermarket (Xinhuanet)

According to Xinhua today, the “Beijing cold chain” food traceability platform has officially run since yesterday. By scanning the QR code with mobile phones, consumers can find out the origin of imported cold chain food and whether there is nucleic acid certificate on the platform of “Beijing cold chain”. Since then, the “code on” traceability management has been fully implemented for imported refrigerated and frozen meat and aquatic products in this city. The imported refrigerated and frozen meat and aquatic products that have not entered the relevant traceability data according to the management requirements of the traceability platform shall not be purchased, sold or used. The reporter visited the supermarket yesterday and found that many imported cold chain foods have been attached with two-dimensional codes.

General Administration of market supervision: carry out special actions to clean up and rectify “special supplies” and “special supplies” (Xinhuanet)

According to Xinhua news today, recently, some e-commerce platforms have used “special supply” and “special supply” signs in the form of Pinyin abbreviations to sell and publicize commodities, disrupting market order and misleading consumers. In response to the above problems, the State Administration of market supervision and Administration organized special actions to clean up and rectify online sales and publicize “special supply” and “special supply” marked commodities. Focus on liquor, wine, beer, tea, edible oil, dairy products, drinks and other daily consumer goods.

Emergency measures taken by General Administration of Customs (GAC)

According to the Announcement No. 103 of 2020 of the General Administration of customs, the national customs has suspended the import declaration of firexpa S.A. (Registration No. 7790) of Ecuadorian aquatic products production enterprise for one week since October 31, due to the positive detection of NCV nucleic acid in one inner package sample of a batch of frozen pomfret imported from Ecuador, and the import declaration will be automatically resumed after the expiration of the period.

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