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The 20th anniversary of the “student milk program”, Mengniu future star student milk to protect the nutrition and health of tens of millions of students

children’s scientific milk drinking has become a national level problem. Develop the good habit of drinking milk, increase the intake of milk and dairy products, and play its advantages on growth and development and health. At the same time, with balanced nutrition diet, strengthening activities and training good living habits, we can make our children grow up healthily and comprehensively.
A strong young man is a strong country; a young man is a wise man. For decades, it has been the direction of continuous efforts of families, society and the country to enable young people and children to grow up healthily and healthily. It is also the social responsibility that many food enterprises constantly practice.
According to the national student physical health survey, the malnutrition rate of 7-18 year-old students in China is 26.9% for boys and 38.3% for girls. A comparative experiment was conducted among 600 primary school students in China Medical University. The results showed that: in half a year, pupils who insisted on drinking student milk every day increased their height by more than 0.46 cm and their weight increased by more than 0.5 kg.
Recently, Mengniu nutrition inclusive fund was officially established at the 2020 Chinese student nutrition and health development conference, which focused on the theme of “little nutrition, blooming every future”. At the same time, the first public welfare project supported by the Fund – “milk drinking and health assessment project for primary and secondary school students” was officially launched, aiming to evaluate the health status of primary and secondary school students by investigating their milk drinking status and giving more scientific and targeted health suggestions.
The year 2020 is an important year for the 20th anniversary of the promotion of the national “student milk program”. In the past 20 years, with the joint efforts of relevant government departments, local organizations, experts and scholars, production enterprises and other social sectors, the coverage of student milk has been expanded from scratch, creating a brilliant achievement of the national “student milk program”, which benefits countless children Nutrition and health have been greatly improved.
At the meeting, leaders from China Association for the promotion of student nutrition and health, the Nutrition Department of the food department of the national health and Health Commission, the local government, the local education bureau, the China Dairy Association, and the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas all affirmed the contributions made by Mengniu in the field of student nutrition and health in recent years. It shows that the industry has recognized Mengniu’s high-quality student milk and promoted the scientific development of student nutrition and health for many years. So, why does Mengniu attach so much importance to the nutrition and health of teenagers and what have they done?
Milk is the closest thing to an ideal food
A long way to go for the School Milk Scheme
According to the latest statistics of the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there are 62 countries implementing the “student milk program” in the world, of which developed countries and developing countries account for half of them. The origin and rapid popularization of student milk is the necessity of social development, and also reflects the high attention of various countries to the health of teenagers.
The important reason why China is pushing forward the “student milk program” is also worthy of our attention. Taking the “report on the physical fitness of Chinese adults” issued by the General Administration of sport of China in 1997 as an example, the report shows that men under 39 years old in China are 0.68 cm shorter than their Japanese counterparts, and the height advantage of Chinese women over Japanese women also decreases with age. The statistical data on children’s growth show that the average height of 7-year-old boys and girls in China is 0.6 cm and 0.5 cm shorter than that of Japanese children of the same age; boys and girls aged 15-18 are 1.4 cm and 0.6 cm shorter than their Japanese counterparts respectively.
It is for this reason that China initiated the initiative to drink milk for the first time in the 1980s to improve the nutritional status of the whole people, encourage people to drink milk, and put forward the standard of drinking 300 ml milk per day. Although later than the United States, Japan and India. However, according to the report on nutrition and chronic diseases of Chinese residents (2015), the average height of male and female adults aged 18 and above is 167.1cm and 155.8cm, and the average weight is 66.2kg and 57.3kg respectively. Compared with 2002, the height and weight of residents have increased.
In fact, for the value of milk, Hippocrates, the father of ancient medicine, once said that “milk is the closest to the ideal food”. This is especially true for children whose physical and intellectual development is at a critical stage. In addition to calcium, milk contains a large number of protein and amino acids, as well as fat, carbohydrate, lactose, vitamins, phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and so on, all of which are indispensable for the growth and development of children in China. It is also the key nutritional factor relatively lacking for children in China. Therefore, milk is an ideal food for comprehensive nutrition of children in China.
With the continuous promotion of “student milk program”, in recent 20 years, although the overall height and weight of children and adolescents in China have increased slightly, but the growth rate is relatively low. At the same time, bad eating habits and lack of health knowledge are still common. Throughout the development of countries around the world, the healthy growth of young people is of great strategic significance to improve the quality of the people and build a powerful country with human resources.
For a long time, it has been a national strategic decision-making and social consensus to let children drink milk every day. In the “healthy China 2030” planning outline, the national medium and long term education reform and development plan (2010-2020) and the “13th five year plan” of the national education development, it is required that efforts should be made to cultivate students’ healthy lifestyle and improve their health awareness. Among them, “student milk program” is a very important part of healthy China strategy.
Responding to the call of the state
Mengniu produces student milk higher than national standard
With China’s dairy industry from the first in Asia to the first camp of the global dairy industry, a sharp contrast is the lack of per capita milk consumption in China. According to the relevant statistics, China’s daily milk consumption per capita has increased from less than 10 ml in 1988 to more than 40 ml (per capita level in urban areas), but this value is still far below the standard of 300 ml recommended by Chinese nutritionists. Moreover, it is still less than 1 / 3 of the world’s per capita level and 1 / 2 of that of Asia.
However, the most concerned is the student nutrition survey published by the Chinese Nutrition Society. The relevant data show that 61.8% of the students do not have high intake of milk and dairy products, which is lower than the recommendation of drinking 300 ml milk and dairy products per day in the Chinese dietary guidelines for school-age children (2016), which will undoubtedly have an extremely adverse impact on the growing children.
In view of this problem, as early as 1999, at the “forum on early childhood education and adolescent nutrition and health”, experts attending the meeting of the national food and nutrition advisory committee proposed that, where conditions permit, international experience should be used for reference to promote primary and secondary school students to drink milk in school. On December 30 of that year, the State Council approved the implementation of the national “student milk program”. All this is only to better improve the overall physical quality of students, and help the education industry by improving the level of students’ nutrition and health.
At the recent 2020 Chinese student nutrition and health development conference, Li Dong, Deputy Secretary General of China Dairy Association, pointed out that in the past 20 years, the promotion of the national “student milk program” has made great achievements. At the same time, it also affirmed the contribution of Mengniu in promoting the development of Chinese students’ nutrition and health.
Li Pengcheng, executive director of Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd., said that he hoped that the development of nutrition and health of Chinese children could be promoted in an all-round way by combining the forces of the whole society, so as to realize the healthy China strategy.
The introduction of Mengniu future star student milk, with its rich nutrition and taste, can effectively increase the milk intake of children, supplement nutrition and physical strength for children during recess, and help solve the problems of insufficient intake of high-quality protein and calcium in the growth and development of teenagers.
As one of the first batch of enterprises to obtain the designated production qualification of national student milk, Mengniu actively responds to the call of national policy. Compared with the milk products that the public consumers drink in daily life, Mengniu’s future star student milk is extremely strict in terms of material selection and production: it always strictly controls the quality, strictly selects the natural and pollution-free high-quality dairy source, and uses raw milk as raw material By adding any nutrition fortifier, adopting special pasture, milk collection in special warehouse, special tank storage, special equipment, special production method operated by special personnel, and technical packaging of advanced instantaneous sterilization and aseptic packaging, through more than 200 tests, 8 processes and 39 core process tests, the output of student milk is higher than the national standard.
Mengniu future star student milk not only pays attention to the production management, but also pays more attention to the safety and standard of drinking in school. Since 2007, Mengniu has launched the standardized operation project in the school for the first time. The school standardized operation project emphasizes training before entering the school, Strictly Standardizing the whole process of subscription and distribution, storage, collection, distribution, drinking and recycling, so as to ensure that every child can drink nutritious and safe student milk.
Thanks to the efforts of responsible ethnic enterprises like Mengniu, up to now, the average daily supply of milk for students nationwide has reached 18.45 million, benefiting 24 million primary and secondary school students, and covering 60000 schools in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. It plays an important role in improving the health level of primary and secondary school students and helping the development of healthy China.
Give up the profit of student milk
How is it different from ordinary milk?
People joke that in today’s society, the best money to earn is the money from children. But for this kind of dairy products for students, is this really the case?
As for this problem, an article in China Economic Weekly entitled “dairy enterprises claim that students’ milk should not be cancelled if they don’t make money or lose money” in China Economic Weekly. This is because the national “student milk program” has been advocating the eight character policy of “safety, nutrition, convenience and low price”. Compared with other milk products, student milk is not only the production standard The standard is more stringent, and the price is lower than the market price. Some dairy enterprises continue to participate in the student milk project under the condition of “extremely low profit, even losing money”.
Even so, large enterprises like Mengniu still do not hesitate to participate in it, and its strong sense of responsibility and mission is worthy of recognition. For this, a person in charge of Mengniu also said: “in the project of student milk, which is related to the future of the country, we will not and can’t talk about profits. It is our focus and pursuit to let children in a wider range get adequate nutrition from milk, improve the nutritional status of primary and secondary school students, and enhance the overall health awareness and level
What’s the difference between school milk and ordinary milk? What kind of milk can be called student milk? We can find out from the official website of the national student milk program.
Compared with ordinary milk, “school milk” refers to the milk products for primary and secondary school students to drink in school with the permission of China Dairy Association, which is directly supplied to primary and secondary schools, and is not allowed to be sold in the market. At the present stage, it is recommended to use raw milk as raw material for processing, ultra-high temperature sterilized milk without using or adding reconstituted milk and nutritional fortifier, and sterilized mixed milk with raw milk as the main raw material, without using or adding reconstituted milk and nutritional fortifier.
In addition, the milk should meet the basic requirements of “safety, nutrition, convenience and low price”. The raw milk must come from fresh and high-quality milk sources, and the product packaging must be printed with Chinese student milk logo. Secondly, in terms of packaging specifications, sterile packaging materials are used to package the milk products for students, and the net content specifications of single piece are 125ml, 200ml and 250ml.
In order to ensure the safety and nutrition of students’ milk, referring to the standards of developed dairy countries, and according to the level of dairy farms and dairy processing enterprises with higher production level, China Dairy Association has formulated and promulgated group standards for student drinking milk system on the basis of relevant national standards, including “source base specification for students’ drinking granny” and “drinking for students” Raw milk, pure milk for students, sterilized mixed milk for students’ drinking milk, and marks for Chinese students’ milk for drinking.
It is relying on Mengniu, a large and medium-sized enterprise as the backbone, and giving full play to the enthusiasm and role of designated enterprises, so that the student milk program can be effectively implemented, and this also better ensures that since the implementation of the student milk, it can always maintain a good record of quality and safety.
Nutrition inclusion program
Strengthen the nutrition and health of Chinese teenagers
As of September 2020, the daily average supply of Mengniu future star student milk is 6 million, covering more than 20000 schools in more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.
1. To upgrade the program of inclusive nutrition
In March 2017, in response to the “China’s well-off milk action” launched by the Ministry of agriculture and China Dairy Association, Mengniu upgraded the milk aid program carried out for 15 years since 2002 to Mengniu’s “nutrition inclusive program”, donating student milk to children in poor areas, and carrying out nutrition and health education to improve the nutritional level of children in poverty-stricken areas.
In addition, through precise positioning of the donor population, strict process control, efficient and professional landing activities, it is really practical for rural public welfare, so that each box of milk can provide real nutritional support for the nutrition inclusive program. From 2017 to 2020, Mengniu’s “nutrition inclusive program” activities covered 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and donated 20.88 million boxes of student milk, benefiting more than 800000 students.
2. Linkage with the World Wide Fund for poverty alleviation
On May 24, 2018, the signing ceremony of a series of cooperation projects between the World Food Program of the United Nations and China and the donation plan of Mengniu Group and Xiangxi Prefecture Government was successfully held in the United Nations building in Beijing. Starting from September 1, 2018, Mengniu will provide a total of 2045 children from 15 kindergartens in Yongshun County and 14 kindergartens in Longshan County of Hunan Province to provide Mengniu future star student milk for three academic years. In June 2020, we will again donate Mengniu future star student milk to 22 kindergartens in Jingxi city. The project, together with international professional public welfare organizations and research and monitoring institutions, is committed to the nutrition supplement of preschool children in poor areas.
3. Nutrition inclusive partners drive the whole industry chain
Mengniu promotes the development of China’s big health industry by integrating its own resources, driving the whole industry chain of the industry and more ordinary people to participate in the action of nutrition inclusion. A series of activities of “Mengniu night” were held at the summer Davos Forum on July 1, 2019, and the public welfare project of Mengniu nutrition inclusive partners with the theme of “lighting up a star and donating a cup of milk” was jointly launched. After the activity was launched, it attracted more than 500000 people to participate, bringing nutrition and hope to children in mountainous areas.
4. Join hands with “green pepper project” to revitalize rural education
In 2019, Mengniu nutrition inclusive plan will join hands with the “green pepper program” to revitalize rural education, help the poor first, help the wisdom, and strengthen the teachers. At the same time, through the green pepper Program Internet training, improve the teaching ability of young rural teachers, give them a learning exchange platform, so that rural children can also get good education Good health and good development.
National rejuvenation dream
Everything starts with children
It has become a national problem to popularize children’s scientific milk drinking and promote physical health and nutritional development. Develop the good habit of drinking milk, increase the intake of milk and dairy products, and play its advantages on growth and development and health. At the same time, with balanced nutrition diet, strengthening activities and training good living habits, we can make our children grow up healthily and comprehensively.
A strong young man is a strong country; a young man is a wise man. Healthy China starts with children. Primary and secondary school students are the future of the country. The promotion of the national “student milk program” has become the consensus of the whole nation. Only under the guidance of national policies and industrial organizations, and with more participation and promotion of enterprises, can we promote the health quality and comprehensive development level of children and adolescents in China in an all-round way through the joint efforts of all parties To help the development of healthy China and realize the common vision of a healthy and powerful country as soon as possible.
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