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Miller, together with Semper, will add organic layout in China, and new products of fruit and vegetable puree will be the first to appear in the Expo

This is an extraordinary year for Mille. Following the previous announcement of restructuring the corporate structure and establishing a new business unit, Mille will join hands with Semper, a Nordic infant food brand, to enter the organic infant food market and further expand its business territory.

“Mille’s market expansion in China in the past five years can be said to have been in a relatively stable state for channel management and control.” Mille said that the cooperation with Semper has been well thought out and considered to be a strong alliance, and both sides are expected to achieve complementary advantages.

It is worth noting that the greater intention of the two sides is to increase the overall layout of organic infant food in Greater China. In addition to organic fruit puree, organic rice flour and organic snacks, Mille and Semper plan to enter the organic infant formula market. At present, the formula registration of this organic infant formula milk powder has entered the actual promotion stage.

In addition, Mille will fly alone for the first time this year, with its own stand at the upcoming third China International Import Expo. From November 5 to 10, Mille’s full range of products will appear at the fair together. In addition, the first product jointly launched by the company and Semper will also be on the Expo booth for the first time.




According to the data, Semper is a Swedish local brand with a long history and an absolute leading share in the infant food market. Since the establishment of the brand in 1938, it has been committed to providing products with absolute safety guarantee for infants and young children. At present, Semper’s most important products include formula milk powder and cereal milk powder.

In Sweden’s supermarkets, Semper has an absolute advantage in the market, and it is also the brand that Swedes first think of when talking about infant milk powder. The other two more common milk powder on the market are Nestle and Germany’s Xibao.

This time, we are working with Miller on Semper’s ultra-high terminal brand Semper organic. The product series of this brand is all organic infant and child supplementary snacks. To this end, Semper has also opened up an organic product line for the Chinese market and has given Mille the sole agency in China.

“Mille has strong channel control and market experience in China; Semper brand has more than 80 years of history and high-quality products. They share similar values, similar ideal goals and genes The reason for this cooperation is explained by Miller.

In addition, the target consumers of the products of both sides basically coincide. They are people who advocate health, nature and pursue high-quality life. “Together with Semper, Mille can provide a wider range of nutrition and care services to our target consumers and families.” The people said.

It is understood that the two sides will first launch Semper organic fruit and vegetable puree suction music products in the Chinese market. It is expected that the products will arrive in China as soon as early as next year. In the third and fourth quarters, the two sides will also launch organic rice noodles and organic snacks.




At present, there are six brands under Mille, including macome, Mirena, m Ø Ko, moohko and milleholm. Its four series of infant formula milk powder, namely, macarone, macarone, and Mirena, have passed the CFDA formula registration.

In July last year, Mille announced that it would build two business units to provide independent support for its two brands, macome and Millard, which operate in China.

“The independent operation of the business unit is a concrete practice of Mille food’s confidence in mire products and determination to expand the Chinese market.” The company believes that through this important restructuring, Mille has broken through the traditional business model of dairy enterprises.

According to the introduction, maikou business division is in charge of maikou loxiang series products, and mire business department is responsible for mire Lok series products. Both of them are responsible for the strategic control, brand marketing and market development of their respective brands.

Mille related people told xiaoshidai that with the continuous refinement and deepening of the Chinese market, Mille needs to constantly adjust its operation mode. The main purpose of business unit operation is to focus more on brand development, and further deepen the organizational structure and product layout.

In terms of organizational structure, the division will set up independent marketing, promotion and financial posts to provide more precise and fast services, expand the brand strength of Mirena and enhance the stickiness of channels; in terms of product layout, Mille plans to continuously enrich the product categories of Mirena, meet the needs of different age groups, and improve the coverage of existing market segments.

In China, the birth rate of newborns has been declining for two consecutive years, and the competition in the milk powder market is becoming more and more fierce. Miller’s expansion and horizontal expansion of categories are based on the consideration of the increasingly differentiated market demand.

“Consumers’ requirements for details are more and more detailed, which promotes the high-end products. More and more segmentation fields appear in the milk powder field, and the special formula milk powder, organic milk powder and sheep milk powder are becoming more and more mature.” Axel castensciold, chairman of Mille food, said this at last year’s launch.

In fact, in addition to the high-end and diversification of products, China’s infant food industry has also moved to the segmentation field. In recent years, domestic and foreign brands are competing to enter the track of children’s milk powder, maternal milk powder, etc., in order to gain more market share. Mille also had a layout before, launching high-end milk powder series for children aged 3-7 years and lactose free pregnant milk powder and other products.

As for the promotion and sales plan of new product Semper organic, Mille said that it would select high-quality and appropriate stores and distribution with the help of macome’s existing channels, and combine with the experience of inviting consumers to participate in the product layout and implementation. At present, Mille has settled in more than 10000 physical stores for mothers and infants in China, and has set up flagship stores in major e-commerce platforms. In the future, Mille will continue to invest resources in existing channels.

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