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Yuan Zhigang, a gold dealer: to reassure customers is the forever pursuit of dealers

2021 autumn total food exhibition gather in Ningbo on August 28-30
In 2020, a special lucky draw dinner will be held in Nanjing, and many luxury cars will be sent out on site, which will be highly praised by the participants.
The host of this large dinner is yuan Zhigang, general manager of Nanjing huixiangyuan Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “huixiangyuan”).
Yuan Zhigang, general manager of Nanjing huixiangyuan Food Co., Ltd
In Nanjing, as long as Yuan Zhigang is mentioned, many people will be full of praise. Engaged in the leisure food dealer industry for nearly ten years, Yuan Zhigang said that he only did a good job as a dealer, so that upstream and downstream customers can feel at ease.
Focus on credibility
How to reassure downstream customers? Of course, it is to provide products with guaranteed quality.

Enterprise reputation is closely related to the stability of product quality. Yuan Zhigang said: “when selecting products, we will first consider the enterprise’s reputation concept. The other party’s judgment on the future trend should be basically consistent with our judgment, so as to provide products that meet our quality requirements, and the cooperation in the future will be more pleasant.”
At the same time, Yuan Zhigang is more inclined to look for innovative enterprises. He believes that enterprises committed to continuous innovation will pay more attention to improving the quality of products.

For example, Krick’s bold innovation in packaging is one of the first brands in the industry to use manual stickers. Such changes bring the experience of baking workshop production to consumers, and are sought after by consumers. Yuan Zhigang discovered Krick’s innovation and seized the agency right in time, which set off Crake’s upsurge in Nanjing.
With Yuan Zhigang’s efforts, huixiangyuan now has about 300 suppliers and more than 1000 single products, covering almost all products. For example, hongxiangji, Licheng, moyao and other meat products, jimambede, Krick, Qianye, Jintong, bolumen and other pastry products, Houdi and Zhang Benren’s fried nuts, ADiZai, Zhongbao and other candied products were all included in huixiangyuan’s command, setting a good sales record. At present, the sales volume is still growing.
Dealers continue to provide quality assurance products for sales channels, so that downstream customers can rest assured, but also let themselves rest assured.
There must be a great reward for a brave man
How to let upstream customers rest assured? Increasing product sales is the most effective way.  
At present, huixiangyuan’s sales channels are concentrated in the leisure food stores. Yuan Zhigang said: “we are doing the traditional tasting, display and promotion methods.”
Yuan Zhigang has always believed that “there must be brave men under the reward”, so he boldly made a decision: to increase the sales commission. “We arrange Commission according to the multiple of the same industry, and many excellent talents stand out under this system,” Yuan said
In order to better encourage terminal channel sales, Yuan Zhigang changed the live promotion activities to live network sales. He explained: “compared with sales performance, we care more about the sales atmosphere. A good sales atmosphere will bring a brand-new experience to consumers, so as to attract more consumers. The effects brought by live broadcast and traditional promotion are quite different.”
The favorable treatment has introduced a large number of excellent talents for huixiangyuan, and the appropriate sales mode has greatly increased the sales volume of the products and attracted a large number of consumers.
Yuan Zhigang provides a good learning template in the way of improving product sales. In fact, as long as dealers mobilize the enthusiasm of sales personnel, they can improve product sales to a certain extent.
Every crisis is an opportunity
The year 2020 has entered the countdown stage. With the arrival of the post epidemic era, the demand of consumers has changed greatly, and quality and health have become the common pursuit. How to survive the epidemic era has become a hot topic in the industry.
Yuan Zhigang believes that in the coming time, the classification of leisure food industry will be more detailed, he explained: “the future of the whole industry is full of uncertainty, but after each crisis, society will usher in a rapid development.”

In order to meet the future development of leisure food industry, Yuan Zhigang formulated a series of development plans







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Author: Guo Jia; Editor: Liu Yuting

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