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Approaching young people, how does nestea nestea tea extract achieve the unity of quality and effect?

new consumer groups represented by generation Z have awakened their independent consciousness. They no longer follow the “instructions” of the brand. They are keen on IP, like freshness, and will buy the most popular and recognizable products. When the brand is no longer superior, how to integrate into their circle of interest first, and then expand the circle through social circle and life circle is the key.
In recent two years, with the rapid rise of new tea, that is, the competition in the tea market has become increasingly fierce. According to Nielsen’s data, the compound growth rate of China’s tea beverage market in the past three years is about 15.2%, becoming one of the fastest growing beverage categories. At the same time, the tea category, which has an annual output value of 84 billion years, has produced more than 100 SKUs per year in these three years.
But in this year’s overall market situation is not optimistic, that is, the tea market segmentation seems to be a bit difficult. According to Nielsen’s market monitoring, as of the second quarter, the growth of tea products has been declining at a double-digit rate since February, and it has not slowed down until May. On the one hand, it depends on macroeconomic regulation and control, on the other hand, it also means that instant tea products are still full of toughness.
It is worth mentioning that “nestea nestea tea extract”, a rising star in tea category, which was launched in mid April this year, has attracted much attention, especially among young consumers. So, after leaving the mainland market for many years, what kind of achievements has nestea nestea tea extract achieved? How does it play with generation Z?
Products to meet Z generation’s picky tongue
Nestea nestea tea extract is always focused on understanding and understanding the young people of generation Z in this competitive category environment. This group of post-95s and post-00s are living in an era of rapid economic growth and diversified environment. The simple juice and tea beverage is far from satisfying their individual expression and independent consumption style.
In terms of products, nestea nestea tea extract is based on the integration of “5% real juice” and “low sugar” and collides with food ingredients with different personalities. It not only retains their unique flavor, but also caters to the consumption trend of good drinking and health. On the social platform, young people from all walks of life grow grass crazily, expressing their “great admiration” for their taste.
In addition, the brand in the packaging appearance, terminal experience is more points.
When consumers enter the store and decide to buy, nestea nestea tea extract firmly grasps the visual focus of consumers through its strong executive power and brand visual impact in a short time of less than 10 seconds in the whole process. From a distance, the cool, international and dynamic design presents clearly and clearly. At the moment of close selection, the combination of simple and direct text typesetting and fresh fruit has already helped consumers make a choice.
Facing this group of young people of generation Z, the combination of high appearance value and healthy and delicious food is only a standard match. If you want to continue to win their favor and pay for it, how to generate value resonance with it is very important, and it has become the continuous hot challenge of nestea nestea tea extract.
Collision with the culture of generation Z
“Fried”, “burning”, “cool”, hip-hop culture has a natural extroverted social field.
As a street dance subordinate to street culture, it gives generation z the opportunity to flaunt themselves and accept new things. Although hip-hop dance is becoming more and more popular from a minority interest to a popular one, it has not lost its circle nature. That is, behind the hip-hop dance, there is a certain threshold for the social circle gathered by interest. Therefore, this relatively closed environment has become an excellent grass planting community, and all kinds of grass are spontaneous.
Nestea nestea tea extract has been constantly exploring products with high recognition, integrating hip-hop dance and collision elements, so that hip-hop culture can be better continued and transmitted through the carrier of drinks.
A 6031. To “dance” friends, first “into the circle” and then talk about transformation
To understand the inherent “hard core” of generation Z, we need to return to a big background
Most of the young consumer groups are only children and live alone. They have a strong sense of self in the process of growing up. At the same time, they also need to socialize. They like to express their interest actively. At the same time, they also make friends because of their interest. For example, you and I play the glory of the king or do hip-hop dance. Then we are friends.

Therefore, the brand “into the circle to lift” is always more effective than “carrying”. It is also easier to “expand” young groups by focusing on the pain points of young people’s interests in social scenes, and then realize cross circle communication, continue to break through the wall and expand influence.
As “this! It is the special sponsor of hip-hop 3, namely nestea nestea tea extract, a famous brand of tea star. Through the form of strong connection such as creativity, plot implantation and brand mention, it deeply cooperates with hip-hop dancers and conveys the brand attitude of “dare to touch and dare to taste”.

1. Insert creativity: do not disturb is the bottom line, interesting is the gold line
We need to know that generation Z needs the “dare to fight” to publicize their emotions. Self expression and integration into the circle are symbiosis. If the communication theme of a brand breaks away from this foundation, it will be “eaten back by traffic”. Therefore, how to convey the correct content of a brand through this medium is an extremely critical factor.
In the series of nestea nestea tea extracts, the brand has always been created around street culture. There are Xiaobai and Lude fighting through the stage space and hip-hop dance, while Huang Xiao and Xiao Jie compete with each other by dancing and singing on the water stage in summer.
Different from the previous advertising placement, nestea nestea nestea tea extract’s creativity echoes the theme of the program. Through imaginative scenes, it invites hip-hop dancers to perform, breaking the sense of separation brought by hard placement in the past. While breaking the “sense of conflict”, it also enhances the interest through creative stage form, and then effectively conveys the brand appeal of “daring to touch and dare to taste”.
2. Plot implantation: let the brand have the role attribute
Back to this! In the content of hip hop 3, nestea nestea tea extract breaks the static display, but actively integrates into the program. Nestea nestea tea extract selects the key fate of the contestants by using lemon frozen black tea and peach Qing Oolong as the props for the group drawing.
Think about it with a sense of substitution. Different products determine how far teammates, opponents and themselves can go. This random performance makes people nervous and full of expectations. In this strong emotion, how can we ignore the content of brand implantation. Therefore, nestea nestea tea has become a “fate blind box” and has been given the role attribute of promoting the plot.
In addition to the variety show plot, nestea nestea tea extract is endowed with the role, but also forms the personality, has the perceptual element, and then extends to the broader topic of “choice”.
In fact, for young consumer groups, on the one hand, they grow up in solo more independent, do not blindly respect, have the courage of “battle everything”; but on the other hand, they are facing a future of certainty and scarcity. Faced with the pull of interest circle and utilitarian circle, they want to integrate into the society and do not want to become greasy. They have a strong sense of crisis He also paid special attention to the topic of “choice”.
Nestea nestea tea extract is to encourage young people to “blend and different, collision wonderful”, fearless battle, with my solo, to maintain their own personality, fight for the spirit of battle call.
3. Brand mentioned: to meet the non-linear consumption habits of young people, the needs are both satisfied
For the new consumers represented by young people, their consumption decisions are more random, which is a kind of non-linear consumption habit, which is characterized by short links: both needs are met.
Nestea nestea tea extract to solve the immediate needs, through Youku’s innovative advertising form – “Youku”, to achieve the scene needs of watching hip-hop dance 3 and instant purchase.
When the audience is watching the program, the screen will prompt “nestea nestea tea extract uncovering to help win the hip-hop dance gift”. Click “want” to pop up the shopping cart and buy nestea nestea nestea tea extract with various flavors and fashionable packaging. While ensuring the viewing experience, it can also avoid the problem of long purchasing link, causing jump loss and big discount of extreme marketing transformation.
It is reported that the online sales of nestea nestea tea extracts have brought about nearly 400% sales conversion rate through innovative presentation on Youku platform. Behind this is nestea nestea tea extract’s active integration into the brand-new brand marketing ecology, that is, e-commerce transformation and brand creativity are no longer differentiated from each other, but have synergy on the same link.
2、 Socialized communication: continuous output of values
In social communication, values are “Tao” and communication strategy is “technique”.
How to understand? Because the more circle communication, the more united and professional the audience. If you think about the terms and styles of hip-hop dance, you can understand the audience’s attention to hip-hop culture. If the brand can not respect them and the values conveyed are not accurate, no matter how much resources are invested in the communication strategy, even the brand will be diss.
Nestea nestea tea extract socialized communication is the essence of values first.
Nestea nestea tea extract and bridge, the leader of street trend, jointly create “bold nestea” MV to promote the life attitude of generation Z – keep a real attitude. Even solo will never retreat and explode the culture of collision and breaking circle.
In addition, nestea nestea tea extract is not a discrete single point operation, but a comprehensive attack of aggregation. Nestea nestea tea extract is planned successively according to different themes This is the work of hip-hop dance and hip-hop dance God. From the brand attitude, plot content to the creative dimension of spokesperson, it forms a deep binding with hip-hop IP. Each topic has an average exposure of more than 247 million times and 84000 discussions.
Different from the logic of brand communication in the past, nestea nestea tea extract first enters the interest circle of hip-hop dance, respects their interest and creates relevant content around the theme of hip-hop dance. This positive attitude of entering the circle not only pleases them, but also inspires their self-identity, because the brand should participate in it with them.
Therefore, nestea is no longer the brand of nestea! To become a person with attitude, temperament, personality, momentum, and even like a person to establish their own circle, like people to show their position and attitude, from the youth’s street trend culture, actively stir up users, interact with users, improve the desire of crowd participation, brand with them to reach a consensus, complete a mental injection.
3、 Spokesperson strategy: transmitting unique spiritual core
In the opening stage of nestea nestea tea extract, three popular hip-hop dancers, Huang Xiao, Yang Yuting and Xiaobai, were officially announced as spokesmen. Through rich and creative virus videos and interactive playing methods, the brand attitude of “daring to touch and taste” was interpreted from more levels and dimensions, and the current positioning and attitude of the brand were conveyed to consumers, making the brand values more concrete.
In the choice of spokesperson, there are two mainstream ways of brand selection: one is to “harvest the flow”, which pays attention to the popularity of traffic stars and the purchasing power of fans, so as to help the brand obtain greater exposure and increase sales volume; the other is to pay attention to the consistency between the spokesperson’s temperament and brand tonality, which produces synergy effect and makes the brand more recognizable.
The cooperation between nestea nestea tea extract and popular hip-hop dancers is to harvest traffic through social interaction, and always focus on the consistency of values. Nestea nestea tea extract boldly collides with the concept of young people, with their persistence, love, purity, unique spiritual core, occupy the values of consumers.
At the same time, we should know that good values need interesting presentation, and interest is often a kind of contrast. The stronger the contrast is, the more attention and participation of the audience will be aroused.
Nestea nestea nestea tea highlights the theme of “hip-hop dance”, the first half is a serious hip-hop style, and in the second half of the painting style changes, the hard core hip-hop style meets the retro elements such as old Shanghai, Swan Lake and Beijing opera. The sense of conflict and comedy before and after the contrast not only expresses the brand attitude of “daring to touch and taste”, but also brings a lot of tap water flow and phase The amount of exposure of related topics exceeded 260 million, and 147000 discussion contents were discussed.
After a public discussion triggered by microblog, nestea nestea tea extract did not stop there. It moved the online hip-hop dance stage offline, started Shanghai Wujiaochang sunken square show offline, and attracted people through more than 120 hours of shopping mall advertising space promotion, as well as on-site delivery of small gifts. The saturated exposure was carried out in each path of the mall, reaching a cumulative of 100W + on-site audience.
Different from this! It is the fierce battle theme of street dance 3. In the offline theme activity of “dare to touch and smell”, nestea nestea tea extract invited Huang Xiao and Yang Yuting to solo on site. In the early stage, regional saturated publicity and promotion were carried out to undertake the “this! It was the last wave of heat after the final of hip hop 3, which ignited the hip-hop lovers on the spot and formed a more realistic interaction. In order to expand the audience of hip-hop dance, nestea nestea tea extract online simultaneous live broadcast, leading the live atmosphere to the online, to achieve more extensive group reach.
This customized hip-hop theme is a close-up experience with hip-hop dancers, which is recognized by generation Z people who pay attention to consumption experience, gain the popularity of potential “hip-hop” lovers, and make pan street dance people become potential consumers of nestea nestea nestea tea extract.
embraces generation Z, which is the beginning of generation Z
The new consumers represented by generation Z have awakened their independent consciousness. They no longer follow the “instructions” of the brand. They are keen on IP, like freshness, and will buy the most popular and recognizable products. Among the factors that affect the consumption decision-making, “brand” factor ranks the fifth.
Therefore, the brand is no longer superior, how to integrate into their interest circle first, and then expand the circle through social circle and life circle is the key.
According to the report of “2019z generation consumption power white paper”, generation Z netizens spend far more time on mobile entertainment than offline entertainment. 71.7% of generation Z spend less than 3 hours playing mobile phones, while 61.3% of generation Z offline entertainment does not exceed 1 hour.
The diversity and richness of their online entertainment scenes far surpass those of the post-80s and 90s. From listening to music to karaoke social networking, from “just playing” games to professional E-sports feelings, from watching videos to live interaction The interests of generation Z meet most of their entertainment needs. Therefore, the brand “into the circle” can not stay in the traditional form of display.
In a word, the collision and integration of nestea nestea tea extract and hip-hop culture gives us the Enlightenment of brand younger communication: embracing generation Z is the beginning of having generation Z. So, let go of the stereotypes and prejudices and embrace the future with the independent and overspending generation Z.
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