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Budweiser China denies the operation of Red Bull anaiji, and Nongfu Shanquan’s lawsuit has a result. Haidilao has applied for “chidilao” and other trademarks. Mengniu is firm in its internationalization strategy, and orange heart has strategic cooperation with Master Kang

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Budweiser China denies operation of Red Bull anagee

Today, xiaoshidai obtained a statement from Budweiser investment (China) Co., Ltd., saying that recently, we are concerned about the rumor about the distribution relationship between Budweiser China and a certain brand. Regarding the related matters mentioned in the rumor, we hereby declare the following: There is no distribution cooperation relationship between Budweiser China and posheng. Budweiser China does not operate Red Bull anagee products, and Budweiser China is not a distributor of Guangzhou yaoneng.

Yesterday, some media said that after announcing the cooperation with “six walnuts”, Thailand’s Tencel may hand over the market operation rights of Red Bull anaiji in “Fujian, Zhejiang and Guangdong” to Budweiser China.

Lu Minfang: Mengniu will firmly promote international development strategy (company news)

After the opening ceremony of China International fair today, Mr. Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu, said that Mengniu was one of the earliest dairy enterprises in China to start internationalization. With years of development experience, we fully realize that the strong domestic market has brought huge driving force for Chinese enterprises to carry out global resources and market layout. In the future, Mengniu will firmly promote the international development strategy and jointly build a global dairy community with partners from other countries.

Starbucks home enjoy coffee sales up to 30 times last year (company news)

Today, Nestle coffee announced that as of 0:00 a.m. on November 4, the first wave of double 11 of this year had come to an end. Following the 455% sales growth on the first day of November 1, the overall sales volume of Nestle coffee business increased by nearly 400% from November 1 to November 3. Among them, the sales of Alibaba platform increased more than 800% year on year, and the sales of cross-border imported products reached 20 times of the same period last year. Among the specific categories, the new product of “feeling coffee” launched in October has completed all the sales targets in the first three days before the start of double 11, and the sales performance of Starbucks home coffee has reached 30 times that of last year.


Orange heart and Master Kang reach strategic cooperation (geek Park)

According to the official website of geek Park, on November 2, orange heart, a community e-commerce platform under Didi, reached a strategic cooperation with Master Kang, a well-known domestic food brand. In the future, the two sides will make full use of the dual advantages of quality and technology, carry out all-round cooperation in the fields of product supply and channel integration, accelerate the in-depth integration of the industry, and provide consumers with healthy and safe food and convenient and thoughtful services.

Haidilao applies for “pond bottom fishing” and other trademarks (fast technology)

According to today’s news from Kuai technology, recently, Sichuan Haidilao catering Co., Ltd. has added a number of trademark information, including “Chi Di Lao”, “Qu Di Lao”, “Qing Di Lao”, “Shanghai Dilao”, “deep-sea bottom fishing”, “seabed picking”, “sanmeidi manual labor”, etc. In August this year, “Haidilao” filed a lawsuit against “hedilao” for trademark infringement. On August 12, the people’s Court of Tianxin District of Changsha City rejected the plaintiff’s claim of Haidilao in the first instance, holding that hedilao did not infringe on Haidilao’s trademark right.

Nongfu Shanquan sued for infringement of reputation: the result of the court’s ruling (Red Star News)

At the beginning of this year, Nongfu Shanquan triggered a heated discussion about “destroying the forest for water” in Wuyi Mountain. After that, Nongfu Shanquan Co., Ltd. sued Qiang Wen, the informant, to the court, demanding that it delete the content of the microblog report, compensate 5.12 million yuan for reputation damage and publicly apologize. According to the civil ruling provided by Qiang Wen to the reporter of Red Star capital Bureau, Nongfu Shanquan applied to Hangzhou Internet court for withdrawal on October 28, which was approved by the court. Finally, the court ruled that Nongfu Shanquan should pay the case acceptance fee of 130500 yuan. For the reasons for the withdrawal of the lawsuit, the reporter called Nongfu Shanquan for many times, but no one answered up to the time of publication.

Burger King encourages diners to order at McDonald’s

“We never wanted to do this, but now this restaurant with thousands of employees really needs your support!” Burger King wrote in a tweet released on the 2nd. Today, the World Wide Web quoted the British “Daily Mail” reported on the 3rd that in this article titled “order at McDonald’s”, in addition to its old rival McDonald’s, Burger King also hopes that people can order at KFC, pizza hut, subway and other restaurants. According to the latest rules, all restaurants in the UK can only provide delivery or take out services from Thursday. Burger King, in conjunction with other competitors, is calling on people to place orders, mainly to work together to tide over the coming difficult times.

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Consumption pattern of China’s imported FMCG: top five sources occupy 80% of the market (Kaidu)

According to Kaidu’s news today, from the source countries / regions of imported goods, the source countries / regions of Chinese consumers’ purchase of imported FMCG are relatively concentrated: as of the third quarter of 2020, the top five source countries / regions (Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, France and the Netherlands) accounted for about 80% of FMCG sales. The Netherlands continued to grow thanks to the strong performance of dairy products.

The epidemic situation did not weaken the demand of Chinese consumers for some imported brand advantage products, such as imported liquid milk and imported butter, which still maintained a nearly double-digit growth trend. In the source countries of imported goods, Chinese consumers have more and more choices. Liquid milk is not limited to Australia and New Zealand, but Germany and France are also showing faster growth. The growth rate of butter from France and New Zealand is more than 20%.

Australian dairy industry plan announced

The Australian dairy industry plan was released in August this year. The implementation of the plan can improve the profitability of dairy farms, increase milk production by nearly 1 billion liters per year in Australia, increase the value of raw milk for dairy farmers by $500 million, and help create thousands of new jobs in small and medium-sized cities and rural areas.

China’s first local special medical food management standard officially released (China Consumer Network)

According to today’s news from China, the reporter of China consumer daily learned that this month, Jinan Health Committee, market supervision and Administration Bureau, and Medical Security Bureau issued “Jinan clinical nutrition diagnosis and treatment application standard” and “Jinan City medical institutions special medical use formula food business management standard”. Wang Ying, director of the Clinical Nutrition Department of the Fourth People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Tongji University, pointed out in an interview with China consumer daily that this is the first time that the local special medicine food management standard has been officially promulgated in China. It provides specific implementation rules and standards for clinical diagnosis, treatment, prescription and management, which provides policy guarantee for the clinical application of special medical food, and also provides other places with policy guarantee The formulation and promulgation of relevant policies provide reference.

Guangdong food sampling batch unqualified rate 2% LeBlanc Yili mineral water on the list (China economic network)

According to today’s China economic network, on 30 October, the Guangdong provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau issued a circular on the unqualified situation of 15 batches of food (issue 40 in 2020), according to the national and Guangdong food safety supervision and sampling plan in 2020, the Guangdong provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau organized the sampling inspection of grain processed products, condiments, drinks, biscuits, convenience food, vegetable products and fried food 827 batches of samples of 9 kinds of food such as nuts, cakes, edible agricultural products, etc.

Among them, the fourth item of unqualified product information of beverage supervision and sampling inspection shows that the content of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Yili natural mineral water (trademark: Danone + “pattern”; specification and model: 18.9l/barrel; production date: June 14, 2020) produced by Guangzhou Branch of LeBlanc (Guangdong) drinking water Co., Ltd., the content of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is 11; 13; 0; 0; 0cfu / 250 ml (standard value: n = 5, C = 0, The inspection institution is Guangdong Food Inspection Institute (Guangdong alcohol testing center).

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