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See you tomorrow, Isee’s double 11 recommendation list will be announced soon, so that better products can be seen by more people!

helps to create “double 11” explosive products, and Isee innovation promotes “let good products be seen by more people”. After layer by layer screening, the launching ceremony of “Isee double 11 tide flavor recommendation list” held by foodaily will be held in Shanghai tomorrow. The list will be announced soon. We are looking forward to it!
In the online shopping carnival, many food and beverage companies have achieved a huge leap in sales, ranking in the front row of the major rankings, so as to enter the industry and consumer’s line of sight, become the next year’s “online hot money”, Wang satin, three and a half and other brands, are with such high light moment, and so far develop strongly
In the past year, with the gradual formation of UGC (user original content) and e-commerce socialization, content and decentralization, the platform’s strong control over businesses and consumers began to decline, the value of private traffic continued to rise, more and more brands began to pay attention to the operation of private traffic and promote their products with the help of other private domains
In view of this, in order to “let the good products be seen by more people”, promote the best brands and innovative products in the industry into the vision of consumers, and help high-quality food brands realize the off-site diversion, and help to create the “double 11 popular products” on the eve of double 11, foodaily launched the “Isee double 11 flavor recommendation list” to invite and solicit the best food brands in the industry Nearly 100 innovative products have been screened and evaluated by the product Committee and the expert panel. Supreme Chao recommended the official group to plant grass for real experience, and jointly selected the most fashionable eating and drinking guide for consumers in the “double 11” competition.
In the afternoon of tomorrow (Friday, October 30), foodaily will hold a grand press conference of “Isee double 11 Chaowei recommendation list” in Shanghai. While announcing the results of the list, 20 + KOL / Koc will be invited to experience the super consumers of the products on the list, and 40 + industry / commercial / mass media will be invited to carry out activities and list release, brand interview and other activities. We look forward to using b-end media Sports communication and C-end consumers experience, spread and plant grass, so as to create hot topics of social media in the food industry, and promote the potential energy of off-site traffic during the double-11 period.
Highlights of the press conference:
The main products include: Delicious Dove chocolate milk drink, lanfangyuan silk stockings milk tea, a bag of life triangle tea bag, Tongyi left bank cafe, rice wine, rice wine, etc More popular milk, milk tea, coffee drinks, and this year’s burgeoning alcoholic drinks, who can win more consumers’ love for different categories of drinks?
Traditional giant carlsby’s chocolate cereal, national brand’s breakfast oatmeal with daily nuts, and new brand Haomai duo’s Qia seed yoghurt peach fruit cereal With different “killer mace” of cereal products, who is more hit the hearts of consumers?
Liangpin shop mixed nuts, Yizi nut hugs, Airmeter classic tomato sauce stewed spaghetti, super zero snail powder Who can make it to the top 30 of the list for the hot nut snacks, Western convenience food and Chinese regional characteristics convenient food?
Highlights of : flash experience
In the flash event of this list conference, we invited 20 + Super consumers, gourmet talents, friends from the new generation community and we media platform, as well as 20 + industry partners and customers from new retail channels participating in the grand prize competition to experience the “fashionable food” here, which is good-looking, delicious and fun. The online Red KOL will punch in and plant grass to take you to taste the fresh food Move your taste buds and warm your heart and stomach.
Highlights of : brand interview
For the brands listed on the list, foodaily will also invite a number of industry / commercial / consumer media such as interface, brand geometry, Jung, and “ingenuity” documentary to conduct on-the-spot exclusive interviews with the responsible persons of the products listed on the list to further exchange and discuss the award-winning products, brand strategic layout, industry status and trends, hoping to create different sparks to promote Chinese food Product innovation force keeps moving forward!
In addition to the lively and interesting press conference scene, foodaily’s media matrix will also carry out real-time reports of the press conference online, interact with major brands and consumers online, and make an online “cloud conference” with 80 + Chaowei recommendation officers and 40 + media, so as to make a large-scale exposure and report on this conference and the products and brands listed on the list.
In November, we will also interview the brand of Foodaily daily food official account for the brand of Top10, and give a detailed interpretation of Top30’s products and brands.
More wonderful, please look forward to tomorrow’s Isee double 11 tide flavor recommendation list conference, we’ll see you!

Press conference time: 13:30-16:00, October 30 (Friday); check in time: 13:30-14:00

Venue: shanghaicangzhi culture and Art Co., Ltd. (specific address: 2nd floor, No.1 Maoming South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai)

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