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The growth of China’s polonika is back after the outbreak! We had a chat with the boss of China at the fair

At present, the foreign wine giant Pernod Ricard, which owns Martell, Chivas and other brands, has regained its vitality in China and is accelerating the landing and trial of some “new ideas”.

“In the first quarter of fiscal year 2021 (i.e. from July to September 2020), although there is still the impact of the new outbreak, the growth of China has been rapidly restored to baorolica.” Jean Etienne gourgues, the managing director of poly plus China, told Mr. xiaoshidai yesterday.

Today, the company made its third appearance at the China International Import Expo. During the above-mentioned exchanges, Gao Shengtian not only disclosed the business recovery of poly plus China in the post epidemic period, but also talked about the creative ideas and future plans of the company in the new retail, as well as the project progress of the new Emeishan whisky plant.

Polyriga is on the China International Import Expo 2020 today

It is worth mentioning that this dialogue was arranged in the newly opened “drinks & Co drinking Wonderland”. This store in Xintiandi, Shanghai, is the first retail flagship store in the world, and is the latest attempt in the new retail sector.

Let’s take a look.

Return to growth

“In the first quarter, we felt that the bottom rebound was very obvious.” According to Gao Shengtian, from July to September this year, polyriga has resumed year-on-year growth in China.

In terms of specific brands, he said that Martell, the core brand of China, has returned to the track of growth. In terms of Scotch whisky, including Chivas, royal salute and single malt whisky represented by Granville, the growth of absolute vodka and other brands has been gratifying.

Jean Etienne gourgues, managing director of poly plus China, is at drinks & Co’s Wonderland store

According to the presentation data of the performance meeting of snack food agents, in fiscal year 2020, the global consolidated sales volume of poly Riga is 8.448 billion euro. In the first fiscal quarter, the growth rate of poly Ricard in China was 4% year-on-year, mainly due to the recovery of ready to drink channels (i.e. catering, bars, nightclubs, KTV, etc.), as well as the early shipment of the Mid Autumn Festival.

Among them, the import volume of Martell was relatively stable, but the sales to dealers showed a double-digit growth; the sales of Chivas to dealers returned to high single digit growth; absolute vodka and Granville “continued to develop strongly”.

“Especially from the dealer’s some data, the first quarter performance of poly plus China is quite optimistic.” Gao Shengtian tells xiaoshidai.

Let’s look at it in different channels.

In China, the retail channel and ready to drink channel business of poly Ricard account for about half respectively. “First of all, in terms of retail channels, we have a relatively stable performance in new retail (i.e. o2o) and convenience stores, which provides a good foundation for our bottom rebound.” Gao Shengtian said.

He said that in addition, the sales of some tobacco and alcohol specialty stores of polyrexia “have returned to a new growth track relatively quickly”. “Of course, we may need some time to reverse the situation, because some large-scale events such as wedding ceremonies have not fully recovered, but we see that the growth potential in this area has begun to release.”

As for the ready to drink channel, Gao Shengtian said that in the early stage of the epidemic, this channel was indeed greatly impacted because many bars and night clubs had to be closed at that time. “However, as China has achieved great success in epidemic control, we have gradually seen waves of cities begin to allow nightclubs to reopen, so now our ready to drink channel business in China can be said to have returned to normal.”

As far as the ready to drink channel in China is concerned, at least 90% of the outlets have resumed business, the snack agent learned. “Although some bars may be stalled due to the financial difficulties caused by the epidemic, on the other hand, we also notice that there will be new bars or night clubs in big cities like Shanghai because of people’s optimism about the future. This makes the market more dynamic. ” Gao Shengtian said.

“One stop shop”

In addition to the traditional retail and ready to drink channels, the foreign wine giant is also accelerating the exploration of “new retail” mode.

One of the latest creative attempts is the new drinks & Co drink Wonderland store. As introduced by the snack agent, in September this year, poly Ricard opened its world’s first retail flagship store in the bustling business district of Shanghai, China. The store, which integrates the “retail store + bar” format, is described as “the strategic new deployment of Polaroid plus offline retail channels”.

“Drinks & Co Wonderland” store

“This is a testing platform for spirits and wine. Here, we sell and test not only the products of perrolica, but also the good products of other companies, as well as the products of some new wine companies at home and abroad.” Gao Shengtian said. According to the snack agent, the shop has more than 400 types of wine and drinks from polyriga and other groups, including cognac, whisky, champagne, wine, white spirits, etc.

According to Gao Shengtian, such an open platform can not only enable poly plus to test innovative ideas, products and services, but also give consumers a brand-new experience and get first-hand feedback from consumers, “which will be of great help to us.”

This is a very new business model.

“In our store, consumers can either have a drink with their friends, buy a bottle of wine to take home, pack our ready to drink pre mixed cocktails, or buy a hand mail gift for others. All in all, it’s a little bit like a restaurant bar, where you can enjoy offline gatherings, it’s a bit like a wine retail store, and you can order online. ” Gao Shengtian said.

Drinks & Co

As introduced by the snack agent, drinks & Co drinks Wonderland has set up a bar which occupies two floors of space. It also provides craft beer, snacks, wine peripheral products and customized services. Among them, the customized exhibition area has “more complete categories and stronger privacy”, and has several tables, chairs and bar seats.

He described that from online consumption to offline consumption, from ready to drink channels to non ready to drink channels, and from dining to taking out, this is a “one-stop” place for business integration.

“In this epidemic, we also have more in-depth thinking. During the epidemic, consumers will spend more time and energy online, but we think people still want to socialize face-to-face and get together. This is one of the important reasons why poly plus China is keen to integrate these experiences. ” He said that in the post epidemic era, innovative retail interactive experience will be an important strategic focus of poly plus China.

Drinks & Co

Next, the company plans to open more new retail stores and even export this experience of exploration in China to overseas markets.

“We will copy the new world flagship store model to Paris, where we will open our second Drinks&Co drinking Wonderland.” Gao Shengtian said, “when China’s new City store has been running for a while and has accumulated some experience, I think we will definitely open up Drinks&Co stores in more cities in China.”

The new plant will be put into operation next year

In a statement released today, the world’s second largest spirits and wine company reiterated its determination and confidence to continue to enter the Chinese market.

In August last year, the first malt whisky distillery in China, located in Emeishan City, Sichuan Province, was officially broken. It is estimated that it will invest 1 billion yuan in the distillery in the next 10 years. This is also the first time that the international spirits and wine group has invested in the construction of a whisky distillery in China.

When asked about the construction progress of baorolica Emeishan malt whisky distillery, Gao Shengtian said that it was expected to be officially put into production in the summer of 2021. “At the end of September this year, I also went to Emeishan malt whiskey distillery. At that time, the Sichuan Provincial Culture and tourism development conference was being held. The Sichuan government also selected Emeishan distillery as one of the three cultural and tourism projects to visit and inspect, which shows that this project is highly expected.”

Effect drawing of baolelija Emeishan malt & amp; Weishi distillery

“In a few months, we will be able to officially make malt whisky, and we plan to create a product with Chinese characteristics that you can’t buy anywhere else.” He said that poly Ricard has successfully built its own whisky distillery in many other markets around the world, and has also chosen to build a whisky distillery with local characteristics in China.

“In terms of the brand performance of our own whisky, whether it’s Chivas, royal salute, or our single malt brands, Granville and Abreu, have performed very well. In the long run, we are very optimistic about the growth of China’s whisky industry. ” Gao Shengtian said.

In addition, he also mentioned in the exchange that polyriga is increasing its investment in online channels. “For polyriga, our online growth is very strong, including o2o or e-commerce. Tiktok said that our online sales growth is faster than the industry’s average level, “recently,” China has opened flagship store on the jitter.

At this fair, baoleli, led by France and Britain, presents diversified strategic product portfolio in the world’s five major regions of origin

Interestingly, he said that in terms of the proportion of online sales, the products of different brands or price ranges of poly plus will be quite different. In general, the more expensive the product, the lower the proportion of online sales.

“For some products of perrolica, the proportion of online sales is about 60% to 70%, while the proportion of online sales of high-end products is smaller, about 30% to 50%. When it comes to luxury products, for example, when it comes to the price of 1500-2000 yuan per bottle, consumers will have higher requirements on Jianzhen, and they will also have more stringent requirements for service and delivery. ” He said.

One of the key exhibits of poly Riga in this Expo: new mam red belt champagne fashion Edition

Asked about the next performance expectations, Gao told xiaoshidai that the second quarter will be crucial.

“We’ve had great growth in the first quarter of fiscal year 2021, and I think it’s critical that we continue to grow in the second quarter. I’m not worried about the third and fourth quarters, because we are compared with the third and fourth quarters of last year, which happened to be the period when China’s business was most affected by the epidemic, so there is no pressure to achieve year-on-year growth in the third and fourth quarters of fiscal year 2021. ” He said.

Therefore, Gao Shengtian said that poly plus China hopes to make a new breakthrough in the second quarter and lay a solid foundation for the performance of the whole fiscal year. “At the moment, I’m full of confidence.” He said.

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