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Business, not so simple, why not everyone can become tea, lucky, small pot tea?

Use different perspectives to think about why a product is well done and what needs it meets in the end.

Others are popular, are they burned by capital?
First of all, I want to talk about a question: is it difficult to do business in consumer goods?
It’s hard, of course. There are 1.3 billion people in China, but there are only more than 3000 listed companies in China. Even when the so-called listed companies are finished, only half of them have passed this year, and more than 10 bosses have gone in.
So, business is hard.
But why has business suddenly become simpler in the last few years?
In fact, it is not really simple, but we have a disease, called that a thing is very simple law.
In other words, it is easy to deny other people’s syndrome and mistake other people’s success for very simple.
The mantra of many people is: what’s so hard about this? Give me the money, and I’ll make you a lucky one.
I’m a little short of Richmond.
The person who said this reminds me of an article, saying that there is a power that you know nothing about.
There is a kind of impatient jet. Seeing that others have become writers, they feel that it is easy for them to write. So they decide to work hard to become a writer. As a result, they can’t write for three days.
In the same way, it is said that others are popular only because of more money. They are never willing to admit some facts
Fact one: when you start a business, no one will ever give you so much money.
Why is lucky rich? Why is the capital willing to give lucky money to expand the scale, instead of giving it to you, which can only spray under the article, because you can’t! Because of your poor ability!
In this world, capital is always the wisest, and money is a relatively fair voting thing in the world.
If you contribute more value to the society, you should make more money, which means that you have created greater labor value for the world. However, there are many ways to express money. For example, it may not be much money, but earning reputation, or being remembered by later generations, and living in people’s heart forever is also a way to obtain and express wealth.
Therefore, money will always be concentrated on people who can create more value, so that they can create greater social value and business value.
For example, if I start a business and a successful listing team, the money will definitely be given to the successful listing team, because the probability of losing the money to me must be greater.

Similarly, those who say all day long that you can make a lucky family just by giving you money. I want to ask you a few questions:
Give you money, can you find a team that understands both offline and online? The Shenzhou special car rental business operated by Ruixing team must be one of the most difficult businesses in that year.
Because it’s very difficult to manage so many car rental assets and hundreds of stores at the same time.
But Ruixing Lu Zhengyao’s team has done so. On the contrary, it is relatively easy to manage several thousand stores of Ruixing.
I have a friend who always liked to spray other people’s business. Recently, I met with a disturbing thing.
He opened a small coffee shop in a small shopping mall. The rent was not due. The commercial real estate would drive him away, and he would not refund the rent. He wanted to cry without tears and look sad every day.
I said, didn’t you say that opening hundreds of coffee shops offline was something? How come a shopping mall doesn’t give you a refund of rent, so you can’t do anything about it.
The coffee shop has been open for three months. It costs 25 yuan for a cup of coffee, but it can’t sell a cup of coffee in a day.
Losing hundreds of thousands of dollars, no longer make complaints about the loss of coffee, because it is also a loss. He asked relatives and friends to borrow money and wanted to make a comeback. As a result, no one lent money to him.
Fact two: give you a lot of money, do you really spend it?
Many people have never seen money and think that they will become a company as long as they give them a certain amount of money, or they will become a company if they give them a lot of money.
Therefore, it is ridiculous that the failure of many companies can be attributed to financing failure. If a company fails because it doesn’t get the capital, I feel that it is unlikely to succeed if it gives money.
Therefore, many people who don’t even have a sense of business and business structure are laughing at Ruixing, who can only burn money.
Give you a lot of money, you can open more than 1000 stores, each of which can be managed in good order? I’m afraid that it’s just the supply chain and the opening of shops and decoration that can’t be done, right?
Give you a sum of money, you can recruit thousands of people, no matter what happens? I often look at a person who has never been in charge of the store and ridicule Ruixing there. As a result, I estimate that half of the four employees below him have left.
Can you run the company to NASDAQ with a sum of money? Didn’t you see a large number of companies fail in round C?
There are always those who don’t know and deny others with the law of ease. I don’t know much about business. I feel it’s very difficult to be a brand that many people know.
In the past, when I was a reporter, I was very conceited and self inflated, which was a common problem for journalists. People who have never finished their own business and criticize others are easy to catch. Later, when they started their own business, they found that it was not easy to manage a team of 10 people.
If a company violates the law and violates the professional ethics, it should be criticized. If we seize a company, we should use the failure of ofo analogy, which is very inappropriate. The ability of people in this society to tolerate innovation and failure is too low.
Therefore, some companies can’t be built with money. If you give it to someone who doesn’t spend money, you may destroy your company more quickly.
A company can do it with luck, but in the final analysis, it depends on strength.
I also despise companies that cheat users, infringe on users’ interests, violate social morality, or have no bottom line speculation.
But I also hate things that are easily denied to innovation.
Therefore, a company is good at financing and uses capital to develop rapidly, which is a kind of ability.
The reason why I think highly of lucky implies my expectation of new business.
First of all, the coffee industry, in the past, was not very popular in China. Before Ruixing, a latecomer, entered, what national brands did you know except Starbucks.
Many people think it’s not good to drink. With 1.3 billion people in China, how many people know that coffee is good?

Those who talk about what coffee is good to drink do not see you promoting coffee from the small circle to everyone.
The first choice of coffee is to solve the problem of having no knowledge of it, or having everyone in China taste coffee at least once before they are qualified to let Chinese people talk about what is good coffee.
Therefore, in the first stage, it is necessary to spend a lot of money to popularize users. For example, if you use didi taxi now, there is no capital popularization. Do you know that there are taxi apps for your convenience?
It is a normal behavior of a brand to spend money on brand building. What’s more, every dollar of this brand has user conversion.
I don’t want to continue to write later, in case people think I’m just quarrying. In my opinion, if you look at a company, you should not deny it easily, and think that others are successful only for a certain reason.
As an entrepreneur, the most important thing is to learn from each business case and absorb business, instead of seeing others follow suit. As a result, they hinder their own growth and become a role of watching the sky.

Others are popular. Are you really just waiting in line?
I’ve seen a group of people who do poorly in their own tea shops. They are indignant all day long. They feel that they have to wait in line for tea to turn red.
I have also found an interesting law that those who do not do well like to prove themselves by attacking others.
But let oneself hire a person to line up to let oneself fire, but seem to have no confidence.
So is it true that Xi Cha, a company with an estimated value of 9 billion yuan, is really only relying on hiring people to line up?
So, if you let you hire people to line up every day, can you make a fire of your own brand?
Of course, the answer is No. only those who lack common sense often think that a restaurant fire mainly depends on hiring people to line up.
A brand fire a day you can say rely on marketing, but a restaurant fire for a long time, must have its own unique do the right place.

Looking at the whole catering industry, Neo is a rare and rare person who has a profound insight into his products.
In the past, I have seen a wave of people in the tea industry.
As soon as I came up, I talked about tea culture. As a result, I didn’t talk about the needs of users or how to make a product to meet the needs of users.
Or is it that the front is still talking about making a product with ingenuity, while the back foot is thinking about how to find more franchisees and earn more than five yuan.
Later, when he saw that he was angry, he jumped up and scolded others. He just had to wait in line. This kind of business man is not very normal.
To make a great brand, you must have a strong heart. There are many people in the world who say they want to make a good product, but few people really spend a lot of time on products. It is said that the founder of Xi Cha spent most of his time thinking about his products.
Therefore, the success of Xi Cha is not so complicated. It is neither queuing nor marketing, but has a good product system.

What’s more, it’s delicious. And can meet the brand demand.
Those who say that I can make the same taste as tea, no matter how hard they try, they don’t like tea fire or make it into tea. What’s the reason? Less of their own efforts to really sink down to create products.
Are tea products really so easy to make? How many people who make products have the heart of humility, think about their products carefully.
Of course, the product is not only the taste step, but also the products of the store, including the products of brand feeling.
I am now more in awe of any product. Every company that makes a good brand is the victory of the system.
That is to say, a good brand and a good company is a perfect combination of organizational system, product system and capital system.
It’s not like the conclusion of the ignorant. It’s just a lot of money, just a line of employees.
This is probably the same as imagining that the emperor ate with a gold hoe. Only a frog in the well would think that the emperor ate with a gold hoe like himself.
In the future, never use a single conclusion to negate a company. It’s just like before I had a cup of tea, I always felt like I was in line.
After drinking tea products, I realized that it was because the products were good that I queued up.
The product is good. Many people think that as long as there is a R & D formula, it is good. This reminds me that in the early days, many hotpot shops tried to learn from Haidilao. They thought that people who dug a few Haidilao could be made into Haidilao. They ignored the whole company system, human organization system and cultural system.
It’s very difficult to do any of them.
Just like you make tea, you can not just dig out the formula to make it. A phenomenon or a good company is often the success of the system.
The failure of a company is not a sudden failure. It’s always a system failure.

Is it really just marketing that makes others popular?
Here’s another case of deep misunderstanding, the small pot tea company.

Because its boss has done a lot of classic marketing in the past, we ignore this channel and do well in marketing products.
My definition of a good product is often different from that of others. What kind of product is a good product? It is a good product that meets the needs of users.
Just like at first many people attacked and spelled out a lot, they thought the product was too low, just like many people who attacked the Kwai Fu people too low.
It seems that in the eyes of these people, they have to be like themselves. But I don’t know that the world is multi-layered.
Some people want to use toilet paper with more than one dollar, and you can use 50 Yuan paper with upgraded consumption.
And many people always like to use their own consumption habits to define others.
Small pot tea products are originally defined as gifts based social currency products. This group of people turn over and over as if in a word, it depends on marketing.
Which beauty product does not rely on marketing? Marketing and capital are both important means of Commerce, and marketing is also an important part of products.
The essence of marketing is to meet the needs of users and obtain their own business value. There are always people who like to evaluate business behavior with their moral superiority.
From my point of view, why small pot tea is a good product.
In the past, China’s tea industry had categories and no brands. At the same time, he likes to talk about origin and tradition, which often leads to the supply priority of traditional supply chain.
At the same time, the price information of tea industry is not transparent, and the cognition of the whole society is chaotic.
So tea lovers break the category concept of tea, such as oolong or Tieguanyin.
For the public consumers, in fact, they don’t need to know what kind of tea is. Tea is tea, as long as it is good to drink.
Therefore, the concept of tea has been popularized rapidly since it was separated from the concept of origin.
And I guess small pot tea will probably enter the field of FMCG in the future.
I had a long talk with the founder in the small pot tea office, and I was very impressed. In order to make this product, the founder started from the supply side, and spent several years to transform the product supply chain. The start was a big deal.
That is to say, the previous year has been carefully making their own products, and the outside world is full of cognitive bias towards this product.
A good product in their mind must be a good product in their field of vision.
For example, the more traditional product people, the more they like to talk about the basic selling point of the product.
But I don’t know that the core of today’s good products is to meet user scenarios and needs.
Social currency products need marketing to create a sense of brand. If you talk to Maotai, are you just a wine? Why is it so expensive? Isn’t it a ridiculous thing?
Another example is that some people always say that the glasses industry is profiteering, which is actually a cognitive bias.
Many people who don’t understand business always regard product cost as product material cost.
But the product also has additional marketing and delivery costs. As a low-frequency consumer product, glasses can not support continuous commercial delivery without price increase rate.
Therefore, the cost of many products is a comprehensive cost consideration, including intellectual property rights and added value.
There are also a lot of products and high value in design.
Therefore, the high price of a product is often due to a large number of hidden costs. There is no point in criticizing a product without this point.
Many people are not willing to study and study the product innovation and marketing of small pot tea, as well as the innovation of the tea industry supply chain. On the contrary, it is easy to follow suit and rely on marketing.
Rarely use the perspective of system thinking to think about what we should learn from a product.

How does prejudice hinder us?
Let’s finally talk about what a good product is?
Is McDonald’s delicious? It’s not that delicious.
But McDonald’s core product is fast food, what is the core of fast food? It’s fast.
Would you ask how delicious your Chinese fast food is? To tell you the truth, the fast food that I ate in everyone’s eyes is really bad in my heart.
But I’m still eating because this is the only one in the neighborhood, and the delivery speed is very fast.
So the core of fast food is not to make you delicious, and it’s hard for them to be delicious.
Any little fly house I eat in Chengdu is delicious. Why are they not big enough.
And the bad fast food can open hundreds of shops?
That’s because different products correspond to different needs. Similarly, many innovative products are also corresponding to different needs.
A pair of shoes is not necessarily to wear, but to show off.
Use different perspectives to think about why a product is well done and what needs to be met.
You will gradually change your narrow perspective and prejudice. It is good to try not to follow suit.
Therefore, why can’t some of our brands be as good as these brands, because their prejudice hinders their learning, or jealousy hinders their progress.
When you see what others do well, you will habitually deny others, so that you can gain a sense of self-esteem.
If we are all discussing something, we should listen to it carefully and have a look at it carefully.
Just like to see this article, don’t scold me if I have received the soft text fee, but first see whether the article I wrote can be learned.
Therefore, every business is not so easy.
Others are not easy to succeed, not just the simple reason you think.
This is the right way for us to survive and think.
Only in this way can we grow and progress and get better and better. Learn not to deny others simply.
A good founder must be good at learning. Learning never negates others’ innovation easily.
This is a good habit, and vice versa.
There is no advantage in denying others except to gain a sense of supreme superiority.
Choose to believe, in order to get more things.
Author: dragon cat king; source: new consumer reference (ID: cychuangye), reprinted has been authorized.
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