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Mengniu Yashili sheep milk powder next city! First two imported new products

In the more and more “lively” goat milk powder market, Mengniu Yashili launched two new imported products.


Yesterday, Mengniu Yashili held a new product press conference for its brand “Dora lamb” and announced the first launch of two new products, namely Dora lamb Xinchen children’s milk powder and cross-border version of sheep milk powder.


According to reports, the two new products are aimed at school-age children and infants aged 3-14 years. They are all imported from Australia in original cans, using 100% pure goat milk protein.


More complete product portfolio


After years of development, the market scale of goat milk powder in China has increased significantly.


According to the “Research on the development of China’s goat milk powder industry”, the market sales of goat milk powder in 2008 was only about 300 million yuan, which had exceeded 5 billion yuan by 2015, and it is expected to reach 10 billion yuan in 2020. Some industry insiders predict that the market of sheep milk powder may grow to 20% or even 30%, and the market scale may reach 20 billion yuan.


Previously, Mengniu Yashili has completed the “card” infant milk powder market with Dora lamb. From the launch of new products for children, we can see that the company hopes to seize the growth opportunities through a more complete product portfolio.


In order to create a differentiated advantage, Mengniu Yashili launched two sheep milk powder products in the formula also has a new breakthrough.


According to reports, Dora lamb Xinchen children’s milk powder “specially added with PS (phosphatidylserine), DHA, lutein, combined with choline, taurine and other brain nutrients”, is conducive to brain development. At the same time, the product contains β – S1 casein and a large amount of whey protein, which is easy to absorb and not easy to allergy.


In addition, Lactobacillus fermentans cect5716 was added to Dora lamb cross-border milk powder. “Lactobacillus fermentans cect5716 is isolated from healthy breast milk, which is compatible with human body and plays an important role in regulating the intestinal health of infants.” Mengniu Yashili said.


It is reported that at this fair, Mengniu has exhibited dozens of high-end and innovative dairy products, while Mengniu Yashili, together with ruibuen, Dora lamb and Arla, a strategic cooperative brand, appeared together.


“This is not only a concentrated display of Mengniu’s achievements in the construction of an international ecosystem, but also a microcosm of China’s dairy industry embracing the world with an open mind and working hand in hand with partners from all over the world.” Mengniu Group President Lu Minfang said in a circular.


Yan Zhiyuan, executive director of Yashili International Group, said: “in the environment of” double circulation of dairy industry “, we need to constantly explore overseas markets and strengthen international cooperation.”


He also said that with the help of ICIF, a new platform for deepening global cooperation, Yashili has demonstrated its international achievements over the past 37 years. In addition, the group is also seeking new business cooperation, hoping to unite more industry forces to jointly improve and strengthen China’s dairy brand.


Behind steady growth


After the outbreak of the epidemic, Mengniu Yashili achieved a steady growth in net profit in the first half of the year.


It is understood that after the outbreak of the epidemic, Mengniu yashilide made use of the advantages of the global supply chain, and with the help of COFCO, Mengniu, Danone, Arla and other shareholders’ resources, Mengniu yashilide made the world’s eight largest factories return to work and production quickly, and smoothly ensured the stable supply of products.


Take Yashili New Zealand factory as an example. Although the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still severe, the production capacity of the factory quickly returned to the level before the epidemic, the international logistics was in normal operation, and the production of Ruipu enjinger was stably exported to the Chinese market.


In addition to maintaining the normal operation of the supply chain, during the epidemic period, Mengniu Yashili also optimized the channel delivery mode, insisted on carrying out the home delivery business, so that the products could be delivered to consumers as soon as possible.


In addition, in order to further tap the potential of domestic consumer market, Mengniu Yashi also actively explores marketing innovation, focusing on creating scene based community marketing. A few days ago, Mengniu Yashili launched the ruibu en dynamic marketing competition, joined with a number of maternal and infant stores, and carried out multiple dynamic marketing activities including street roadshows and large-scale village visits in many communities across the country.


“Through on-site interaction and online and offline advertising, consumers can get to know the brand through multiple channels and experience the product instantly, which not only shortens the process from cognition to transformation of new products, but also improves the user’s good impression on the brand, and effectively reduces the marketing cost.” The company said.


Before that, Yan Zhiyuan disclosed that Yashili’s annual performance target is to achieve steady growth.

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