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Why does the tea color and beauty live in Changsha?

tea is beautiful in color. It has opened a milk tea shop in Changsha for seven years. It has successfully broken through the restrictions of second tier cities. It has caused a round of topics on the Internet. If you want to have a fresh taste, you can only go to Changsha once. Even though the fans urged him again and again, Lu Liang, the boss of the “counsellor”, did not dare to open his shop in other places. Living well in Changsha, going out is another world.
Everyone in Changsha wants to have a cup of tea. Or, go to Changsha just for a cup of tea.
In the city propaganda, tea color becomes the fourth card of Changsha after stinky tofu, Orange Island head and Yuelu Mountain.
How good is tea?
Youzhihu netizens said, “it’s not a matter of drinking. It’s the kind. Some people, some things, you’ll remember once for a lifetime.”
In the “gold lettered signboard” selection of “first finance and economics” in 2020, the tea color is happy and the word-of-mouth is No.1. According to the questionnaire survey of first finance and economics, only 1.34% of consumers voted disappointed with the beauty of tea, while 8.56% of consumers liked tea.
Tea Yan Yuese has become “Yang Chaoyue in milk tea industry”. Fans not only want to give their friends from other places crazy Amway, but also are more urgent than the boss himself for the willingness of the store to go out of the city, forcing the official to post “confession on the planning of the outer district of tea Yan Yuese 2020” to show their attitude. The words are as “grounded”: not unwilling, but dare not.
The pioneering spirit of the Hunan army disappeared from Lv Liang, the founder of the tea color. However, it also opened up an atypical path for the popularity of new tea drinks. Different from the tea that likes tea and Naixue, chayan Yuese opened more than 200 stores in Changsha, and won the hearts of Changsha people with the method of “ten steps and one shop”.
After seven years in Changsha, Lu Liang had no ambition.
Yang surpasses
in milk tea industry
At the end of 2018, the founders of Xi Cha and Nai Xue met each other in the circle of friends, and one fan said that if the tea color spread to the whole country, they should be arranged in a clear way, and this microblog has gained 20000 likes.
In the face of the support of Aidou people, Lu Liang used “protecting the short” to explain it. However, looking at the domestic large tea brands, he was the only one, which was very similar to the B station when the circle was not broken. It’s just that we not only speak, but also take out the real gold and silver to invite friends from other places to drink. Compared with the “Internet red” brand, which is popular with most foreigners and local people, it can be said that it is true love.
Strictly speaking, “online celebrity economy” and “fan economy” are not the same. The former may be to join in the fun, while the latter is to follow and pay in a down-to-earth manner. There are two important reasons why tea color becomes a “nurturing brand”.
The first is the acme of products and services, and it is no less than the ultimate of undersea fishing.
Although the price is not as good as tea and Naixue, the first feeling of tea Yan is “exquisite”. The collocation of “fresh tea + milk + cream + broken nuts” looks plump and beautiful. In order to let you get the delicious products, the shop assistants will take the trouble to tell you to eat nuts and cream before drinking tea.
Many of the raw materials are imported, such as Ceylon black tea, American walnuts, etc. the ingredients are selected with high standards and do not stay overnight. Moreover, customers enjoy the “permanent claim for a cup of fresh tea”. If they are unhappy, they can do it again unconditionally.
Why can Changsha’s tea color be so hot Under the question, a respondent got more than 6000 praises for “one small thing”.
Similar stories about service can be found everywhere under the topic of Zhihu’s tea beauty and color, and most of them have a strong “human touch”.
In addition, chayan is very good at narrowing the distance with customers, which is both spatial and psychological.
There are nearly 300 chayan Yuese stores, while about 400 are Xicha and Naixue. The difference is that chayan is all concentrated in Changsha, especially in the popular business district. One store will appear within 50 meters, which can be called the most intensive brand. The store is the brand. Compared with the effect advertisement in the Internet age, it pays attention to the accuracy of the flow. The brand advertisement of tea Yan is very traditional, even simple and crude.
Peng Xin, the founder of Naixue, was born as an IT manager. The tea loving it department even has the largest number of employees in the company. In addition, Ruixing, a coffee racetrack, boasts of “data coffee”, while Lu Liang knows nothing about it. Chayan started to use small program electronic integral points until September 2020. Its store opening logic is more like a kind of perceptual cognition, but its high-density coverage enables decision makers and buyers in the market Buyers, Experiencers and communicators can all receive brand information, which brutally occupies the minds of consumers.
People who have been to Changsha, whether they drink milk tea or not, can not ignore the name of tea Yan Yue se.
Compared with the brand image and the product name of “Gao Gao Shang”, the extremely “grounding” of tea Yan’s foreign language forms a peculiar contrast. Bits and pieces of the official account are written, orange is broken, lemon is moldy, and tea is played in Changsha. What is eaten at noon is not logical. It is all concrete life scenes. Under the editor’s brush, Lv Liang was made a “iron Han Han” by the camp, often careless, always apologizing.
Only by the Shanzhai brand “tea Yan Guan se” touch porcelain marketing, made a cruel sentence, “Shanzhai Mo by Laozi.”
In the small ticket to customers, they also write some words of saliva, and change them every time. They report the latest progress of the company and the real sense of words. The first reason why the hot search on the ticket is because of the frequent occurrence of the village, a “let us tell them when we have money”.
In the eyes of love beans, tea and Naixue are the hot hot brand, the tea Yan is the sugar water shop opened by a silly brother next door.
The founder of the most “counselling” A631
The Internet red brand, which was arched by fans, is a boss of “counselling”.
Whether it is an investor or a media reporter or even a colleague, he will leave a common impression after contacting with Luliang – indeed, he and his “personal design” of tea Yan Yuese are perfectly unified. You can hear criticism of the business model of tea Yan Yuese, but it is difficult to hear a bad word from someone who says Lu Liang. As Changsha local snake, tea Yan has no obvious tendency to exclude. Tea is a favorite to Changsha. They also do activities together. Nie Yunchen, who connects with Peng Xin, will also say after meeting Luliang: “you are so good, everything is good.”
If the founder is the ceiling of a company, the advantages and limitations of tea face, namely, the advantages and limitations of Luliang, and many times, both advantages and disadvantages are both sides.
For example, the “small prosperity” at the level of consciousness or character is “safe”.
Compared with the ambitious “overlord president”, Luliang is more like a small and ready-to-do artist. From the extreme details of tea and beauty products service, to the online and offline expression, and to Luliang’s own public comments, it is difficult to avoid suspicion that he has “pleasing personality” or “altruism”. He is very concerned about others’ opinions. He does not drive around the shop, so he is afraid that “if you see it, is the design of people broken down?”
This is a very typical product manager personality. Yu Jun once said in his methodology of product manager, extreme empathy is the essential quality of top product managers. This caution can be the ultimate in products and services, but in business operations, it seems too “conservative.”.
Before 2018, tea Yan never took external investment and made money to open new stores. So far, tea Yan Yuese has completed three rounds of financing in total, and the financing amount and valuation have not been published to the public, and it has maintained considerable restraint in financing.
Every time an investor comes to Changsha, he will go to Lu Liang to make a soft and hard work. Compared with other people, tea Yan is not the investor’s money. No lack of money is one reason, in addition to less money, naturally can be less controlled, as far as possible according to their rhythm.
How much money is corresponding to doing more important things, it is not difficult to find that Luliang has been delaying the time of tea Yan’s expansion, even if fans’ voices have begun early. Naixue, which started business two years later, has gone to the first and second tier cities in China, and tea Yan has not yet landed in a store outside the province.
But Luliang’s worry is not only due to his character, but also from his limitations of ability.
Lu Liang was born in grass-roots, low education, and the road to entrepreneurship was rough. He had opened advertising companies, opened a brine store, sold rice covered with code, and had not been a serious kid in the workplace. In an interview with Huwei, he said: he admired Taiwan milk tea “regular army” like coco: professional, well-trained and standardized, and envied head brands like tea, with strong organizational and executive capabilities.
For capital operation, media marketing and Internet mode, he is more ignorant. After three years of opening, he really ushered in the first professional manager. Before that, the company had less than ten employees, and the management was in a mess. In Luliang’s own words, “none of them have achieved well, and those with good results will not come here to eat together.” It was not until 2018 that the company ushered in its first graduate student. At the same time, both tea and Naixue have changed from scratch, and supply chain management and data-based operation can be carried out.
Luliang is not the kind of person who stands in the center of the stage hold. Nieyunchen and Peng Xin can give guidance to the industry trend, business model and company operation at the conference. He is more like a person who listens quietly under the stage. When the media hits the spotlight on him, the speaker reaches the mouth, and it is difficult to tell a gorgeous story that we are used to.
After 90 years, Nie Yunchen and Peng Xin, who grew up with the Internet entrepreneurship trend, took the first tier cities as the main strategic base, started from the trend center, built brands by the capital trend, and pointed to the whole country. They came up to be the “revolutionaries” of the industry.
After the 80s, Luliang stumbled and stumbled. At first, he just wanted to open a profitable milk tea shop. He never thought about making the times popular. If it wasn’t “accidentally getting red”, he would not have thought about putting the banner of tea beauty and color into the changing land.
How to fight the war of breaking the city?
In this era of “no advance or retreat”, tea Yan can not avoid the fate of going out. Even if he is out of the province, Luliang does not plan to go to the first line. Because the competition is too fierce, he chooses the neighboring Wuhan as the first stop, and three stores will be landed at the end of this year.
But even the second line of translation, the head brand like tea and Naixue has also been killed, let alone a little bit, coco, a cheap milk tea brand.
Looking at several major brands, each has its own advantages, step by step. Xicha is well versed in marketing. Naixue caters to “her economy” and focuses on “cost performance” a little bit. Mixue ice city has been deeply cultivated in the “sinking market” for many years.
In any case, the major brands have proved their strength through the national market, only chayan has been growing slowly in Changsha, the “greenhouse”. Wuhan is just the beginning. There is still a long way to go.
How to fight the battle of breaking the city? The following aspects will be tea Yan’s challenge.
The first is supply chain management and quality control.
The biggest test for chain restaurants is the stability of product supply and output. To put it bluntly, from the perspective of consumers, no matter what city or store I am in, there is no difference in what I eat. The reason why Haidilao has become a catering giant is that the taste of hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot is easy to standardize.
Supply chain management and quality control are also problems faced by the whole new tea chain brands. As Lv Liang himself said, “this is the track of new tea. There are too many standardized, mechanized and industrialized things than coffee.”
In terms of supply chain management, Xicha is an early and relatively good intervention. It arranges its own tea garden to ensure the stability of raw materials, and according to the market selection of products, it reversely seeks upstream tea garden for customized purchase. The raw materials of chayan come from all over the world. Quality inspection and logistics itself are problems. The cost of fine management of the supply chain is very high. However, if it turns to China, it will face the problem of product transformation. Can consumers pay for it? There is still a lot of work to explore.
In terms of production, because the brewing milk tea and whipping milk foam are all manual operations, there will be differences in the selling phase and taste. This is also the reason why chayan launched the “permanent claim for a cup of milk tea”. However, this is also a common problem faced by everyone. Even if the tea Yan is used as a benchmark, in terms of Zhihu, some internal staff have said that: a spoonful of tea has to be scooped to 27g ~ 28g, but even after passing the training and examination, even if a scoop of 35g will not be found in the process of making milk tea, because it is impossible to take a scale to weigh at any time, so the taste of everyone will be different.
The production depends on the training and management of employees. In the process of rapid scale-up, it will be a problem for Cha Yan to form an efficient and systematic training mode. However, tea Yan has more than 20 years of chain management experience born in Taiwan’s 50lan.
Secondly, digital management and application
It is not until September 2020 that chayan has replaced the paper accumulation point with small program integral. In digital application, Xicha and Naixue are far ahead of chayan.
Ruixing’s birth once surprised the market. The reason is that its gene is different from Starbucks. It belongs to “data coffee”, which has a new retail nature since birth.
Digital management can be applied to the supply chain. As early as April 2017, Xicha launched the ERP system to lay out the digital supply chain, from raw material quality control to procurement, inventory and distribution management, laying a solid foundation for front-end product innovation.
On the sales side, it is the construction of private domain traffic pool and user precision marketing. In the second half of 2018, Naixue launched the order ordering applet. During the epidemic period, the order volume of small program increased by 50% month on month, and the visit volume of online shopping mall also increased by 89%.
In terms of delivery, chayan has found her own way to pack cream, tea jelly and other raw materials separately from milk tea, but its orders mainly come from the takeaway platform. Her own small program orders still need to be cultivated slowly. There is still a long way to go for the collection and operation of user data.
Supply chain management, information technology, team management and so on are all the problems that cha Yan needs to face. In fact, from a long enough time line, all problems can be solved, but the key is how much time can be given by capital and market?
Whether chayan can still be welcomed in other provinces, the only answer is to go out to know.
Author: Mu Yu, source: baobiannews, reprinted with authorization.
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