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Sudden change of commander Kang! The new president is a “veteran” of P & G, who is familiar with the languages of the three countries

Today, Master Kang ushered in a new president who is also a “veteran” of P & G and familiar with the languages of the three countries. Today, Master Kong Holdings (hereinafter referred to as Master Kang) announced that the service contract between the company and Wei Junxian will expire on December 31, 2020. Wei Junxian has decided not to renew the service contract and retire in order to have more time to invest in other businesses. After his retirement and from January 1, 2021, Wei Junxian will serve as the senior consultant of the company to advise on the strategic direction and business development of the group. Meanwhile, Master Kang announced that the board of directors appointed Chen yingrang as the chief executive officer of the company with effect from January 1, 2021.

Chen yingrang, new CEO of Master Kang

New handsome R & D background

After Wei Junxian, Master Kang again appointed a professional manager as CEO. According to the announcement, Chen yingrang joined Master Kang in February 2013 as the R & D director, and has made outstanding achievements in the fields of talent cultivation, introduction of external partners, food safety, and technology platform construction. Prior to that, it had more than 20 years of experience in managing multinational companies. Today, Master Kang said that the company expects Chen yingrang to “start from the product force technology platform, promote the further improvement of business efficiency, continue to strengthen the construction of enterprise operation safety and values, consolidate internal cooperation and consolidate external partnership, and lead the team to continue to transform into an excellent company”.


Interestingly, like Wei Junxian, Chen yingrang is also a “veteran” in the daily chemical industry. Both of them have worked for P & G for many years. According to Master Kang’s 2014 annual report, Chen graduated from the Department of chemical engineering at Taiwan University. Before joining the group, he had 25 years of international R & D management experience in P & G. Familiar with Chinese, English and Japanese, responsible for the development of innovative consumer products in Taiwan, the United States, Japan and China.

After working in Taiwan for four years, Mr. Chen worked in Cincinnati, Kobe and Southeast Asia, and came to Beijing in 2007. More than 10 years ago, he gave a speech as the general manager of R & D in the personal beauty Department of P & G. According to the above data, Chen yingrang “successfully built the leading position of Pan Ting, Olay and other well-known brands in Asia. At present, it is fully responsible for the R & D and innovation projects of P & G’s personal beauty department, and constantly launches new products in emerging markets around the world.

(photo: China economic network)

After joining Master Kang and then moving into the food industry, he, who was born in R & D, has expressed his views on the innovation of convenient food for many times. At the 16th China convenient food conference in 2016, Chen yingrang, who attended as the director of Master Kang Central Research Institute, once said that no matter in the “Red Sea” or “blue ocean”, enterprises need to carry out product innovation, and should not innovate for the sake of innovation, and should take consumers as the center. “Master Kang was born and raised in China for more than 20 years, and has always been a national enterprise. The purpose of our company towards innovation is very clear.” Chen yingrang pointed out that Master Kang did not innovate for a small group of people at the top of the pyramid, but for the masses of consumers. He said that as a leader in instant noodles, Master Kang is more responsible on the road of innovation, so it is closer to the interests of consumers in taste research and development, and introduces the latest technology in the world, so as to make great strides in the “blue ocean”.




谈及康师傅的方便面创新模式,他又表示,该公司不只会内部研究,也开始与外部厂商及学术单位进行战略合作。“ 我们会尽量利用自己本身的资源,利用外界的资源,然后把这个创新跟研发来做进一步工作,把它做好,真正做到消费者至上的一个地步”。 

The first professional manager of President

Wei Junxian, who will retire at the end of the year, is the first “professional manager” President of Master Kang. In 2015, Wei Yingzhou, the founder of Master Kang, was the CEO of the group’s food business, who was nearly 60 years old at that time. Before joining Master Kang, Wei Junxian successively served as the top management of the bayersdorf group, Avon and P & G. During Wei Junxian’s term of office, Master Kang’s instant noodle and beverage industries experienced a period of downturn. To this end, the company launched the transformation and upgrading strategy, such as asset light and asset activation, organizational flattening and other ways to save capital expenditure. In terms of products, we will continue to implement the strategy of multi price belt, while consolidating the mass market, focusing on serving the rising middle class.

Wei Junxian, executive director of Master Kong Holdings Limited

When instant noodle food gradually recovered, Wei Junxian once told the snack food agent in an exchange that the growth of the food fast food consumption industry was driven by the increase of residents’ income in low-level cities such as the fourth, fifth and sixth tier cities. On the other hand, in the long run, enterprises also need to meet the needs brought about by consumption upgrading of metropolitan residents and even higher income groups. “From the perspective of the market environment, there is no problem. People’s income is increasing. The problem is how to achieve self-improvement and how to achieve transformation and upgrading. ” He pointed out.

In addition to promoting transformation and upgrading, after Wei Junxian took office, Kangshifu also took many exclusive Chinese mainland distribution rights, including Starbucks’s instant drink, A Hua’s malt drink and UB’s biscuit brand McVitie’s. Today, Master Kang said that according to the business policy of “consolidation, innovation and development”, Wei Junxian has built a talent development system, a digital business system and a business security system. We would like to help the enterprise and the management team successfully complete the alternation of generations and move towards a more professional governance direction. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for their dedication over the years.

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