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Swisse’s “one stop family nutrition program” launched at Swisse Expo

At this year’s Expo, Swisse Swisse, a health and nutrition brand of Jianhe group, showed a one-stop family health and nutrition program in the exhibition area. Its products cover beauty nutrition, maternal and infant nutrition and functional nutrition. Among them, a new “blue hat” probiotic capsule exhibited by the brand has also attracted attention.

It is understood that people generally pay more attention to health in the post epidemic period, which also brings more market opportunities for professional nutrition brands like Swisse.

According to the three quarterly reports recently released by Jianhe group, in the first nine months of this year, Swiss Swisse’s active sales in the Chinese market continued to grow, with revenue up 23.9% year-on-year. The ANC business of Swisse brand accounts for 60.1% of the group’s market share in China

“One stop” nutrition program

The snack generation noticed that Swisse Swisse has exhibited professional beauty and nutrition products such as Swisse Swisse q-bottle, water light tablets, oral hyaluronic acid, grape seed tablets and other professional beauty and nutrition products in the beauty and nutrition area of the Expo site this year. In terms of family nutrition, it has launched the men’s and women’s compound vitamin tablets respectively, as well as adult functional liver protection drinks and infant vitamin D3 drops Health nutrition products for different groups of people, covering all aspects of family nutrition.

In the company’s view, the development of new products to meet the needs of consumers of all ages for more refined and comprehensive health nutrition products will become a powerful driving force for enterprises to accelerate their development in the post epidemic period.

For example, Swisse launched a new losai Lactobacillus capsule for gastrointestinal sensitive people this year. According to reports, the product “selects the star patent strains with 400 + global patent technology companies” and “provides 16 billion bacteria per day”. At present, the product has been registered in China health food (commonly known as “blue hat”) and attracted a lot of attention in this Expo.

So far, Swisse, as the first Australian enterprise to obtain the approval for import of health food, has launched seven “blue hat” products in China.

Li Fengting, CEO of Jianhe group in China, pointed out that Swisse Swisse, as an important member of the health and nutrition industry, will “insist on providing more abundant and comprehensive new health and nutrition products for Chinese consumers through the diversified development of product categories and professional research on product functions, so as to promote the high-quality development of China’s health and nutrition industry and stride forward to the development of” double cycle ” New pattern will be displayed.

Li Fengting, CEO of Jianhe group in China

Continue to lead the cross border e-commerce of nutrition products

Xiaoshidai learned that in this year’s intense double 11 war, Swisse also released a lot of “big moves.”.

On October 21, Swisse officially announced that Liu Yuxin, member of the-9, was the new spokesperson of collagen series, and cooperated with tmall wonderful box to release three customized gift boxes for stars. On the same day, nearly 6000 sets of grape seed gift boxes were sold in 5 hours, and 10000 sets of small q-bottle gift boxes were sold in 2 hours.

In addition, this year’s double 11 period, the brand also focuses on the layout of the live plate, mining more performance growth space.

At the China Health Industry (International) ecological conference held in August this year, Swisse also exhibited three new products with “blue hat” certification, including deep-sea fish oil soft capsules, protein powder and plant lactobacillus capsules.

According to the third quarter results released the day before yesterday, the Chinese market is still the growth engine of Swisse’s adult nutrition and care products business unit (ANC). Thanks to the growth of people’s demand for healthy nutrition products in the post epidemic period, Swisse’s demand for immunity and beauty and nutrition products has increased significantly.

According to the research statistics of independent data provider earlydata, Swisse’s market share in China’s cross-border e-commerce market was 5.8% in the 12 months ending September 30, 2020, and continued to maintain the first ranking. The Group expects sales of ANC immunity related categories to continue to grow as global consumer demand for immune products and health increases.

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