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Yili’s 9 global cooperation products appeared in the Expo, and this year it also played “cloud shopping Exhibition”

At this year’s fair, Yili, which has been “clocked in” for three consecutive years, appeared with its Oceania Dairy Co., Ltd., and displayed 9 products of liquid milk, milk powder and yogurt, all of which are representative products of the group’s global cooperation.

For example, the golden collar guanrui grass feed milk powder imported from New Zealand in original cans is the combination of New Zealand milk source and formula developed by Yili based on breast milk research results.

In addition to Jinling guanrui grass feed milk powder, Yili also exhibited Yili’s professional dairy products, global selection of cream and original butter and other new products on the market this year.

Behind the exhibition of a number of imported new products, this is inseparable from Yili’s continuous promotion of global layout. At present, the dairy giant is already one of the top five dairy companies in the world and the largest dairy enterprise in Asia.

Take Yili professional dairy products global selection cream and original butter as an example. Last year, Yili successfully acquired New Zealand’s second largest dairy company, wesland, at a price of more than 1.1 billion, and based on this, it established Yili’s global selection series of professional dairy products (the original muen brand).

In addition, Yili also played “cloud shopping Exhibition” this year.

It is reported that Yili has invited yuan Chengjie, a well-known male singer, actor and host, as the “one-day shop manager” of its booth to introduce the exhibition contents to netizens who failed to arrive at the scene by live broadcast. Under the guidance of Wei Han, a gourmet blogger, Yuan Chengjie also brought a dessert made from Jinling guanrui grass feed.

In addition, Yili also invited nutrition expert Zheng Yulong and mother and baby Darren Ziqing diamond to the exhibition stand to explain health knowledge online.

At the opening ceremony of this ICIF, Zhang Jianqiu, executive director of Yili Group, said: “ICIF is a global sharing platform for ‘buying the world, selling the world and benefiting the world’. Yili has been invited to attend the fair for the third time this year. On the one hand, it is to show the high-quality products created by Yili’s global high-quality resources, and on the other hand, it hopes to play a leading role in strengthening” global cooperation “and losing “China standard” will lead the global dairy industry to share the “China opportunity.”

It is understood that Yili has built a global R & D platform in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and other world-class dairy resources, and carries out joint research and development with international first-class scientific research institutes and their enterprises.  

In an interview with the media not long ago, Pan Gang, chairman and President of Yili Group, introduced that in the future, Yili Group will formulate corresponding development plans, actively build a “global health ecosystem”, and constantly promote the integration of local market and international market.

“In the future, Yili will rely on the advantages of domestic large market, continue to adhere to the development concept of win-win industrial chain, and actively build a” global healthy ecosystem “. At the same time, it will also formulate corresponding development plans according to local conditions, continuously promote the integration of local market and international market, and actively open up a “dairy Silk Road” for the world to share health. “

At the leadership summit of the company in 2020, Pan Gang officially announced the medium-term goal of advancing into the “top three global dairy industry” in 2025 and the long-term strategic goal of “No.1 in the global dairy industry” by 2030.

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