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Yuexiu group reorganized Huishan, Yibao and Beidahuang talked about cooperation, and unified central control made 18% more profit in the first three quarters. Feslan plans to reduce 1000 employees by the end of next year

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Star chart data live broadcast double 11 online sales, three squirrels, Yili, golden dragon fish, Vita milk temporarily ranked first in the sub list (company news)


According to the whole network sales data released by star chart data, according to the sales volume from 0:00 to 14:00 on November 11, the top three on the list of leisure food are three squirrels, baicaowei and liangpinpu. The top three milk powder products were Yili, aitaimei and Mengniu. The top three flavoring cereals and oils were golden dragon fish, Fulinmen and Master Kang. The top three drinks were Vitasoy, Yuanqi forest and Dali garden.



Yuexiu group’s reorganization of Huishan dairy industry officially started, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenyang Municipal Government (company news). On the morning of November 11, the kick-off meeting of Yuexiu group’s restructuring of Huishan dairy industry was held in Shenyang, marking the formal opening of the reorganization of Huishan dairy industry, the first dairy enterprise in Liaoning Province. Earlier, the asset restructuring plan submitted by Yuexiu group was approved by the majority of creditors of Huishan dairy. The plan has been ruled by Shenyang intermediate people’s court to take effect. Yuexiu group reorganized Huishan dairy industry, marking that the business scope of Yuexiu group’s food plate also extended to Northeast China. On the same day, Yuexiu Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenyang municipal government, and the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in the fields of agricultural food, comprehensive development and financial services.

Cooperation between China Resources Yibao and Beidahuang (micro Beidahuang)


On the afternoon of November 10, Yang Baolong, deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman and general manager of Beidahuang agricultural reclamation Group Co., Ltd. (Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of land reclamation) met with the delegation led by Zhang Weitong, CEO of China Resources Yibao beverage (China) Co., Ltd., and had in-depth discussions and exchanges on further promoting cooperation. Zhang Weitong said that Beidahuang has high-quality water sources, and high-end mineral water such as gas bearing soda water, gas bearing mineral water, strontium rich mineral water and metasilicic acid mineral water are complementary to China Resources products. China Resources will carry out more detailed communication with Beidahuang on specific issues of cooperation such as marketing, technology and transportation. Both sides will establish a good cooperation mechanism to promote the cooperation to be implemented as soon as possible.

Danone’s new global construction review in the Netherlands

According to foreign media today, Volker Wessels group of the Netherlands has signed an agreement with Danone to build and operate a new 56000 square meter global distribution center in Cuijk. The center, which will start construction this month and open in the fourth quarter of 2021, will have 100 employees.

Fisland plans to cut 1000 jobs by the end of 2021 (nltimes)

According to foreign media yesterday, the Dutch dairy giant feslan

Tyson food plans to build a new plant in China (company news)


Yesterday, Tyson announced plans to build new production facilities in China and Thailand and expand its facilities in the Netherlands. Among them, China’s new factory is expected to create more than 700 jobs. It is understood that the new expansion plan will increase the production capacity of over 100000 metric tons of fully cooked poultry. The plan is based on Tyson food’s global growth strategy and aims to become a leader in the protein field by serving customers in emerging markets and strategies.


China’s first three quarter profit of uni president rose by 18% (Xinbao)


Today, uni President China announced a profit of 1.683 billion yuan in the first three quarters of this year, up 18.34% year on year.


9% discount to shareholders for rights issue (Ming Pao)


According to the Ming Pao news today, the allotment price for 99.9 shareholders was HK $16.88, a 7% discount from yesterday. GYH BVI and MT BVI reduced their holdings of 23.5 million shares and 13 million shares respectively. Before the reduction, GYH BVI and MT BVI held 42.28% and 5.21% shares respectively, and after the reduction, the shares would be reduced to 40.66% and 4.31%. GYH BVI is the controlling shareholder of the company and wholly owned by Guan Yihong; MT BVI is the shareholder of the company.


Liaocheng city cooperates with Yili to build a dairy farm with 10000 cows (Liaocheng daily)


According to Liaocheng Daily yesterday, on November 5, the people’s Government of Guanxian county and Inner Mongolia Youran animal husbandry Co., Ltd. signed the investment cooperation agreement on the new pasture project in Waliu village, Xinji Town, marking the official landing of Yili RANCH project in Guanxian county. It is understood that the Yili RANCH project plans to invest 510 million yuan to build a standardized demonstration ranch and raise 10000 cows. It is estimated that the annual output of milk is 72000 tons and the output value is 360 million yuan.


JUNLEBAO, in charge, said to welcome the second wave of e-commerce and promote production increase (Hebei News Network)


According to Hebei news network yesterday, this year’s “double 11” e-commerce war started ahead of time, with the first wave of preemptive shopping from November 1 to 3. According to the relevant person in charge of JUNLEBAO, the current consumers, especially the mainstream consumers after 90s and 95s, are very rational. Their focus is mainly on product quality and cost performance, and it has become a trend to buy domestic products. Up to now, JUNLEBAO’s various single products have been a little tight in stock. They urgently arranged to increase production to ensure that sufficient products were provided in advance for the arrival of the second promotion node.

Aohua new finance and economics Co., Ltd. is committed to issuing a $180 million online


With the help of Jarden, the Australian Stock Exchange and New Zealand dual listed dairy processing company Synlait launched a new share issuance plan with a total value of NZ $180 million, with a 6.6% discount rate. The additional shares accounted for 16% of the existing shares. The funds raised will be used to repay bank debts and complete the current investment plan 。 Bright Dairy holdings and infant formula company a2milk, with 39% and 19.8% shares respectively, promised to participate in the plan in proportion.

Cha Yan Yuese opens the first foreign store (Interface)


On November 10, chayan Yuese, who had only stores in Changsha, opened its first foreign store in Wanda Square in Changde City, Hunan Province. In addition to this store, tea Yan Yuese will open two stores in Changde, and the store in Wuhan, Hubei Province is also planned to open in December.


Xicha Bobo series new products sold nearly 50000 cups on the first day of market (company news)


According to recent news of Xi Cha, on November 8, Xicha’s original and new tea beverage industry’s first beverage using frozen extracted milk, super thick milk Bobo, landed in Shanghai and sold nearly 50000 cups in Shanghai on the same day. According to introducing, frozen extraction milk is to freeze milk, use milk nutrients and water different freezing point temperature, in the process of thawing, let the moisture and milk essence substances separate, improve milk protein content and milk fat content.

Notice of Beijing Municipal Administration of market supervision on risk control of unqualified food

According to the official website of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision yesterday, the national food safety supervision and random inspection organized by the General Administration of market supervision involved enterprises in the city. According to the investigation, Beijing Shida global technology and Trade Co., Ltd. imported 15324 cans of the above batch of heleni infant formula milk powder, 6 cans were sent for inspection by themselves, 5142 cans had been sold and 10176 cans had not been sold. It is sealed in the warehouse of Beijing Shida global technology and Trade Co., Ltd. by the law enforcement personnel of Shijingshan District market supervision and Administration Bureau. The company has stopped operating substandard food and has taken recall measures.

Howard Schultz, the father of Starbucks, talks about China team (Interface)


According to yesterday’s news from the interface, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz said in an interview about the China team: “I would like to attribute Starbucks’ success in China to our many talented and dedicated Chinese partners in China, as well as the excellent leadership of Ms. Wang Jingying, chairman and CEO of Starbucks in China. She is a brave, creative and compassionate leader, which is just a true expression of our values. In her own words, “the success of Starbucks in China is not to open 500 stores a year, but to connect with the local community 500 times with care and respect.” Humility is our way of doing things. “


Three parties compete for dairy company, lion drinks, baccarat cheese has a high chance of winning (Aohua Finance Online)


According to Aohua finance online yesterday, the results of the merger and acquisition competition of famous dairy company Lion drinks & Dairy will be announced this week. Market analysts believe that Baijia cheese is the most likely to win. Its competitors include private tanarra and Canadian dairy giant Saputo. If bacca wins lion drinks & Dairy at a price of over a $500 million, it is expected to launch equity financing. The brand portfolio of lion drinks & Dairy includes big M flavor milk, berry juice and Pura fresh milk.


Yizi invests in Torr (company news)


Yizi announced yesterday that its innovation and risk center, snake futures, has made seed investment in Torr, an Israeli food technology start-up, and the kitchen hub, a food technology incubator. According to Torre’s website, the company aims to use breakthrough technology to produce snacks with a variety of ingredients to provide a unique, delicious and healthier taste.

CEO of beyond meat: I believe we have a very strong relationship with McDonald’s (CNBC)


According to CNBC yesterday, beyond meat CEO Ethan Brown tried to clarify the relationship between his company and McDonald’s. Previously, McDonald’s will launch a plant based product line, but did not mention that the supplier is beyond meat, which caused its share price to fall. “I believe our relationship with McDonald’s is very strong. We have worked with McDonald’s in many different ways and are preparing for the future of McDonald’s “I just can’t come out and say on behalf of the company which supplier they’ve chosen or who they’re going to work with,” he said

Costa coffee acquires briggo (daily coffee News)


According to foreign media reports yesterday, Costa coffee acquired briggo, a maker of automatic coffee machines, and the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. According to the company, all machines built by briggo in the future will appear under the brand image of Costa coffee barista bot. A representative of Costa coffee said the acquisition would help accelerate innovation around fully automated, contactless specialty coffee solutions.


Pizza Hut launches CNBC in USA


Starting on Tuesday, pizza hut has added vegetable meat sausage pizza to its U.S. menu from beyond meat, CNBC said yesterday. Prior to this, pizza hut had tried to sell pizzas with vegetable meat supplied by Kellogg. According to David graves, chief brand officer of pizza hut in the United States, “we learned from that test that there are really a lot of people who really want to eat vegetable meat, and there is a lot of demand for this product.”


Uber’s acquisition of postpates, a delivery company, was approved (Zhitong finance and Economics)


According to Zhitong finance today, in a document disclosed by the US Securities Regulatory Commission, Uber said that the antitrust Department of the U.S. Department of justice has agreed to acquire postmate, a delivery service company, for us $2.65 billion. Uber expects the acquisition to be completed in the fourth quarter. But after the acquisition, Uber will have to abandon the exclusive agreements between postmates and about 800 restaurants in some parts of the United States, and Uber will not be allowed to enter into new exclusivity agreements with these restaurants for six months after the acquisition.


Appointment of female CEO of LVMH’s three major champagne brands (Hua Lizhi)


LVMH group has appointed Berta de pablos Barbier as chief executive officer of its champagne brands Mo è T & Chandon, DOM P é rignon and Mercier champagne with effect from January 1, 2008, according to Huali Zhi. Berta de pablos Barbier will report to Philippe schaus, chief executive officer of Mo è t Hennessy, and will become a member of the Mo è t Hennessy Executive Committee.


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The intended turnover of the third ICIF is 72.62 billion US dollars, which is higher than that of the last (Shanghai)


According to the Shanghai Securities News yesterday, the third China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as “ICIF”) closed successfully on the 10th. Sun Chenghai, deputy director of the China International Import and Exhibition Bureau, said at a news conference held on the afternoon of October 10 that the enthusiasm of the cooperation intention of all parties in the third ICIF has not decreased. In a year’s calculation, the accumulated intention turnover is 72.62 billion US dollars, an increase of 2.1% over the previous one.


Five departments jointly crack down on fake and shoddy food in rural areas, focusing on infant supplementary food, etc. (Xinhua)


On November 9, the State Administration of market supervision, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the Ministry of Commerce and the all China Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives held a teleconference in Beijing on November 9 to jointly deploy a special law enforcement action on counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas, reported yesterday. According to reports, the special law enforcement action will focus on the production and operation of low-quality moon cakes, zongzi, Lantern Festival and other seasonal food, fake and shoddy meat products, dairy products, infant auxiliary food, liquor, seasoned flour products and other illegal acts.


Tian Shihong meets with President of American Chamber of Commerce in China


According to the official website of the State Administration of market supervision, Tian Shihong, deputy director general of the State Administration of market supervision, met in Beijing on November 9 with Alan beallen, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, and representatives of relevant US funded enterprises. Tian Shihong said that the General Administration of Commerce will take positive measures to promote the construction of business environment, attach great importance to the concerns and suggestions put forward by foreign-funded enterprises in China. He hopes that member enterprises will further strengthen communication and exchanges with relevant departments of the State Administration of Commerce. He also hopes that the American chamber of Commerce in China will continue to play its role and influence to jointly promote the steady and healthy development of Sino US economic and trade relations.  

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