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Double 11 glory war report: bagefour has won the double captain of cheese category, and the sales volume has reached a new high!

Double 11 is not only a carnival for consumers to shop, but also a testing ground for the industry to compete. In 2020, baijifu will shine brilliantly on the double 11, and tmall and Jingdong platforms will make a strong dash to defend the double captain of double 11 cheese category again.

In 2020, consumers pay special attention to health, and they are in urgent need of high-quality nutritious food. Cheese, known as “milk gold”, is highly concentrated in milk. It is not only a highly nutritious dairy product, but also a rich nutritional value. It has become the latest consumer focus.

With high-quality products and smart marketing, BJF has made a new record on the basis of last year’s sales volume. It not only reflects the professional and stable product strength of bagefour, but also shows the influence of bagefour in the hearts of consumers and stabilizes its leading position in the cheese industry.

As a leader in the cheese industry, bagefour adopts French professional cheese R & D and production technology, focusing on and deeply cultivating cheese categories. The reputation and sales volume of the products are far ahead of the rest, leading the category growth continuously. Bagefour has already become a wise choice for delicate mothers and young white-collar workers.

Multi brand, multi category

Enrich family choices

As a leader in the cheese industry, after more than 20 years of intensive research, bagefour has become the best choice of high-quality cheese for Chinese people.

In this double 11 campaign, the most outstanding performance has to mention two star items: “bagefour stick cheese” and “a cup of cheese”.

As a professional product of bagefour’s children’s market, Bangbang cheese is 100% imported milk source, rich in calcium, protein and other nutrients necessary for children’s growth. It has become an important choice for young parents to buy snacks for their children, and also a prominent growth point of this year’s double 11. The sales of stick cheese increased by 156% on tmall and Jingdong platforms, and was deeply loved by consumers.

A cup of cheese as an innovative net red cheese dessert, the appearance and taste of double explosion table. At the same time, it can replenish strength for young people. As a new product which has been on the market for less than one year, it has sold 270000 cups on double 11 for the first time, with brilliant achievements.

As the leader of cheese slice category, bagefour innovates and integrates Chinese food, bringing cheese slices into Chinese family table, leading category growth and keeping market leading. This double 11, cheese pieces in the double platform also have a bright performance.

Love tower cream, master “king of word of mouth”, French original import “golden milk source”, worthy of star chef’s choice, add colorful fun to family table.

Call in all directions

Heavy attack with combination fist

In the face of the current information fragmentation and the weakening marketing value of traditional media, BJF has enhanced the category memory of consumers through the continuous communication with consumers and the rhythmic use of highly creative precision marketing, so as to quickly seize the opportunity in the field of double eleven cheese. The excellent performance of double ten hundred cheese sticks once again confirmed the success of brand building and the popularity of mainstream consumer groups.


Let marketing be childlike and make communication more effective

Before the double 11 war, BGF seized the special time of Halloween to start the first step of integrated marketing. Cooperate with tiktok platform to launch the Halloween bar Halloween high energy show challenge, the cute horse Halloween. With the “gorgeous transformation” sticker, consumers create a large number of novel and interesting parent-child stories for the brand at the same time of parent-child interaction, making bagefour stick cheese steadily become the “new choice of snacks for children on Halloween”. The perfect answer sheet of children’s stick cheese series was handed over on double 11. In only one week, more than 23000 consumers participated in the video release, and the cumulative exposure of the video exceeded 1.5 Million times. Let children like it is the strong driving force of precision marketing to drive consumption.

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Multi contact exposure planting grass, fully communicating with the new generation

Tiktok tiktok and Gifford, KOL, have invited hundreds of people to shake hands and red books. They have been able to save eleven times for the eleven times with Halloween snacks and new snacks. From category education to scene mining, they have continuously started to master the reputation and created a new consumption opportunity, providing strong support for sales growth.

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Resources linkage, fit TA positioning, create exclusive content

A cup of cheese, the dark horse of young people’s cheese line, has made remarkable achievements in the double 11. It has landed in the live broadcasting rooms of stars such as Weiya and Lin Yilun, and has reached millions of consumers, further expanding new consumers and doubling the brand’s social traffic.

Focusing on the development of Chinese cheese for 20 years, BJF insists on providing high-quality and delicious cheese products for Chinese people, and is committed to introducing the healthy and nutritious cheese into the daily life of more and more people.

To be a healthy snack for children, cheese sticks for families, and cheese desserts for young people. As a leader in the cheese industry, bagefour will further lead the development of the industry in the future and bring more delicious and high-quality cheese products to Chinese consumers.


A kind of

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