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The first “fresh standard” of nut industry comes out, and 50 billion super categories find new growth point?

The fresh standard of nut industry was released, the global nut fresh keeping industry chain alliance was established, and the “fresh quality manufacturing strategy” promoted by qiqiju took another solid step.

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The epidemic is still raging around the world, and China’s economy is unique. Since the summer, many national brands have accelerated the pace of recovery. In recent months, Qiaqia has made great efforts to build a leading brand in nut industry. In July, Qiaqia small blue bag probiotics daily nuts and qiqia breakfast daily nut oatmeal were launched in July. In August, Qiaqia transparent factory was broadcast live on the four new media platforms in conjunction with CCTV news, which was reviewed by hundreds of millions of people. Not long ago, the performance of the third quarter was disclosed, and the “nut +” strategy upgrading and brand rejuvenation achieved remarkable results. Qia ran all the way, unstoppable! November 12th held tiktok preservation Standards conference in Shanghai, live by Xinhua net live. At the meeting, qiaqa first proposed six fresh nuts standards per day. Together with representatives of enterprises in the whole industry chain, qiaqa announced the establishment of qiaqa global nut preservation industry chain alliance. This not only means the first fresh standard in the industry, but also marks another solid step in the “fresh quality strategy” promoted by qiqia nuts in recent years.
“A fresh family” is far from enough,
“Fresh industry” can make the cake bigger and bigger
Since the listing of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011, Qiaqia has been committed to the extension and expansion of its product line, especially the increasingly heated nut food. Under the impact of the new retail wave, traditional snack brands are facing challenges. However, qiqia still maintains a high profit margin envied by its competitors. The key reason lies in its unique whole industry chain mode, firm control of all links, ensuring high quality and minimizing operational risk. Qiqia food is the only snack brand that integrates planting, production and sales. The integrity of the industrial chain is its biggest advantage.
Relying on our keen market insight, we will start to build “daily nuts” from 2017. Relying on the ultimate pursuit of freshness and the high-end experience brought to consumers, the daily contribution of nuts to the company has increased year by year: from 247 million yuan in 2017, accounting for 6.86% of revenue, to 825 million yuan in 2019, accounting for 17.06% of revenue. Driven by the daily nuts, Qiaqia ranked the top three in the nut fried market.
In 2014, at the beginning of establishing the nut development strategy, the leader “fresh” was regarded as an important strategic measure. With the control of the complete nut industry chain, qiqia can implement multiple fresh-keeping and locking technologies for nuts every day, including picking 100% of the high-quality nuts in the country of origin in the current season, fast storage and refrigeration, cooperation with Buhler, a leading enterprise in the field of industrial drying and baking in the world, to accurately and intelligently control the whole process of low-temperature slow roasting, and adopt nitrogen charging and oxygen absorption double oxygen blocking packaging, etc.
Wang Weibo, President of Buhler Asia Pacific region, shared nut intelligent manufacturing and digital industry chain at the conference. Photo source: qiaqa
In the “fresh quality strategy” advocated by qiqia, “quality manufacturing” is the core. “Quality manufacturing” is not only rigorous and attentive in the dimensions of raw materials and technology, but also the integration and control of the whole industrial chain. According to Wang Bin, chief growth officer of qiqia, each packet of qiqiaoxiaohuang bag has to go through 237 tests to ensure its freshness. From raw material procurement, logistics and transportation, production and manufacturing, packaging and processing, market distribution and other aspects of the whole industry chain, we have negotiated and formulated strict standards around “fresh”. Among them, qiqia daily uses 16 fresh monitoring channels to ensure the “fresh” all the way, from 100% picking of the season’s raw materials, to the whole process of cold chain transportation, to big data monitoring of baking temperature, and so on. These measures have laid a solid foundation for establishing a brand image of “fresh” and “quality made”.
On the basis of years of “fresh keeping” practice, qiqia, together with several heavyweight partners, released the first nut fresh standard in the snack industry, which is a concentration and sublimation of qiqia’s years of high-quality production experience.
Looking at the domestic nut field, in the past 10 years, from the state, the Ministry of agriculture, to the industry and local, issued dozens of product, technology, production and raw material standards. Such a complex standard system not only ensures the stable development of nut industry, but also inevitably lags behind category innovation and market development, which is difficult to meet the exploration and breakthrough in quality upgrading of nut food. Therefore, it is imperative to formulate new standards for nut industry.
In fact, qiqia has never stopped researching “fresh” topics in recent years. They have carried out 85 special research projects focusing on raw materials and packaging materials; 37 “fresh studies” on nuts fried products; verified the shelf life of more than 100 products in the whole category; and deeply participated in the revision of 32 national standards for nuts These have accumulated valuable experience for the introduction of today’s industry standards.
“Qiqia daily six fresh nuts standard” highlights the demand of fresh keeping. 16 monitoring measures have been formulated for the six links of raw materials, transportation, storage, manufacturing, technology and packaging, which will put forward higher requirements for nut food enterprises, improve the overall competitiveness of the industry, and open the “fresh” era of the nut industry.  
Photo source: qiaqa
Representatives of Shanghai Academy of Sciences, Shanghai dashanqia, and representatives of China’s walnuts Industry Promotion Association, Shanghai Yongqia, and representatives of China’s walnut industry chain, Shanghai, China Quality plays a great role in demonstration and promotion.
Photo source: qiaqa
The fresh snack industry is thriving,
How to read the word “fresh” in nut enterprises?
In the tide of consumption upgrading, the concept of health preservation has gradually become popular. In particular, this year’s epidemic has made China attach importance to immunity and balanced nutrition intake. Nuts with a long history of eating naturally become the first choice of healthy diet.
As early as 2007, the U.S. FDA announced to the world that nuts and seeds are Grade B health food, which have five health functions for human body. It is especially pointed out that it is good for heart health.
Mike Werning, President of the international nut and dried fruit association, said: nuts have natural health attributes and rich nutritional content (protein, vitamins and minerals), and are recognized as healthy food in the world. China’s rapid growth of nut market has made an important contribution to the development of global nut industry. During this year’s epidemic, nuts have also become a key food for “attitude immunity”, helping to improve both physical and psychological immunity.
Mike warnin, President of the international nut and dried fruit association (Inc), shares the power of nuts you don’t know. Source: qiqia
In South Korea, which also belongs to the Oriental food circle, nuts have been recognized as a healthy food for generations and an indispensable part of the national diet. Professor Liu bingxu, director of the International Exchange Department of shuntenheung University in South Korea, said that it is popular in South Korea to eat nuts in the morning. The South Korean government once suggested that people should eat 15-25 grams of mixed nuts every day. Professor Cai Meiqin, director of nutrition and functional food innovation center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, also believes that nuts are not only leisure snacks, but also an important part of dietary nutrition, and a functional food source integrating nutrition and health care.
Professor Liu bingxu, director of the International Exchange Department of Shun Tin Heung University in South Korea, shares the changes brought by eating nuts to the national health of South Korea. Photo source: qiaqa
Based on the high recognition of nuts by the global community, domestic nut food enterprises actively carry out various forms of consumer education, so that the good image of nuts with high nutritional density and natural delicious will take root in the hearts of Chinese people. At the end of 2019, qiqia United life times released the white paper on nut nutrition, which conveyed the nutritional value of nuts to consumers in simple and easy to understand graphics.
Only health is not enough, consumers’ demand for fresh is also quietly upgrading.
According to spins statistics, as of April 2018, the global snack market totaled US $57.8 billion, including US $6.8 billion of fresh snacks, an increase of 8% over the previous year.
Photo source: white paper on Chinese fresh snacks 2020, yiou think tank
China’s momentum is equally encouraging. According to the annual report on the trend of food consumption jointly released by Jingdong big data research institute and Nandu Consumption Research Institute, the sales volume of leisure snacks with fresh concept in China increased by more than 200% year on year in 2018, and the enthusiasm of young consumers for online purchase of fresh food is rising rapidly.
According to the report on China’s nut industry in 2019, freshness ranks the fourth among the top five factors most concerned by domestic consumers when purchasing nuts. In fact, taste and quality largely depend on freshness when there is little difference in the types of raw materials.
Photo source: 2019 China nut industry research report, iResearch consulting
Not only in the nut industry, but also in the whole leisure snack industry, products focusing on fresh concepts have been launched, such as locking fresh duck neck, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, steamed cake and other categories, making the “fresh” concept become the wind vane of the industry development.
Yiou think tank thinks: fresh snacks are becoming independent from the traditional “leisure snacks”, gradually replacing and squeezing the traditional leisure snacks, and then become the upgrading trend and new growth point of the snack industry. Fresh snacks have also begun to occupy the traditional snacks, fresh food and part of the dinner market. The boundary of the subdivided industries is constantly integrated and reshaped.
Behind the freshness is the concrete presentation of high-end image, and also the huge investment of brand manufacturers. From a global perspective, leading snack companies, such as Yizi, kalobi, Pepsi, etc., are sparing no effort to promote the “fresh strategy” and find excellent raw materials and suppliers worldwide.
Qiaqa also always implements the principle of “direct harvest from producing areas”, that is, the first of the six fresh standards. It has more than 1 million mu Sunflower Garden and nut planting base, all of which are picked locally. During the harvest period, the production area was investigated and monitored, and the regional dynamics of the harvest area was controlled in the whole process. Qiqia has 9 high-quality production plants all over the world, with 4 flight inspections every year to ensure the fresh and stable raw materials. This series of nearly strict control measures are only to ensure the freshness of raw materials.
Photo source: white paper on Chinese fresh snacks 2020, yiou think tank
The control of raw materials and suppliers only solves the upstream link. As pointed out in the Qia “fresh quality manufacturing strategy”, the pursuit of fresh quality requires the ability of overall deployment, reverse control and coordination for the whole industrial chain. At the processing end, new technology makes it possible to obtain fresh texture. The improvement of low-temperature sterilization, freeze-drying, mold inhibition, food storage, extraction and other technologies will bring substantial improvement to fresh snacks.
There are many thorns on the way to break the game,
Using “differentiated fresh strategy” to lock in the future
In 2019, the daily nut market scale will exceed 10 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 20 billion yuan in 2022. Nut food, which takes freshness as the demand point, has become the fastest growing sub category of leisure food and one of the most dynamic areas in the food industry. Because of this, nuts have become the most competitive battlefield in the snack industry.
Qiaqa knows well that after sunflower seeds, daily nuts will be the second “mast” to lead enterprises to take the lead. Since June 2019, qiqixiaohuangbao daily nut won the “treasure Award” medal in the “itqi world top delicious Award”, it has become a consensus of the whole nut industry to use fresh as a breakthrough. How to highlight brand personality in homogeneous competition?
On July 25, in the “2020 Qiaqia strategic new product cloud launch conference”, Qiaqia launched the upgraded version of Xiaohuang bag daily nuts – probiotics daily nuts, and qiqia breakfast daily nuts oatmeal. From two levels of functionality and consumption scenarios, daily nuts will be further promoted to daily diet. Qiaqi takes “fresh keeping” as the core and “upgrading existing categories” as the breakthrough point, leading the new trend of the industry again.
Photo source: cover news
This year’s epidemic has accelerated the trend of turning retail channels from offline to online. We have agreed to comply with the commercial trend, increase investment in online channels, and continue to innovate online marketing methods. On July 27, a fully upgraded transparent factory was negotiated to open the global cloud live broadcast. More than 5 million people watched in 11 hours. The ultimate pursuit of high quality and brand confidence embodied in transparent factory have caused a great sensation in the whole society. On August 10, CCTV news, the authoritative media, once again carried out live coverage of qiacha transparent factory. The fresh secret of a nut has never attracted more attention than it does today.
image source: advertising gate
Paying attention to the younger brand is also an important part of the “differentiated fresh strategy”. In October, the QQ and jitter launched the tiktok to make a happy trip to the national challenge competition. The theme was launched online for a month, and the total volume exceeded 300 million +. In addition, it has established cross-border co branding with such brands as Jinlin baokemeng and Li Ning. In the eyes of the new generation, from products to brands, there are fresh activists.
On October 29, the third quarter financial report of 2020 was released. In the first three quarters, the company achieved 3.651 billion yuan of operating revenue, a year-on-year increase of 13.41%, and a net profit of 530 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 32.3%. Behind the brilliant performance is the strong performance of qiqia star products daily nuts, and it is also a commendation for qiqia’s firm implementation of fresh strategy.
It took 12 years for a melon seed to be listed on the gem, and 5 years for the decision on product line adjustment, opening up the second battlefield of nuts, and strengthening the leading position of nut food industry. Now, qiaqa is “soaring” on the trillion nut track, casting a new model of “food” with fresh quality.
In August 2019, Wang Bin, chief growth officer of qiqia, put forward a view at FMCG 2019 · China FMCG 2019: the next ten years will be the golden decade of nuts in China. The annual consumption of nuts per capita in China is only 221 grams, equivalent to 3.1% of that in the United States. Such a huge market space, for every nut brand, is an infinite force to run forward.
The future of harmony lies in the word “fresh”.
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