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Just now, Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Industrial Park started! The total investment increased to nearly 1.1 billion

Just now, Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, announced that its “Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Industrial Park” located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, officially broke ground and added the total investment of the project to 1.1 billion yuan.


This means that eight months after the signing of the contract, this project with Starbucks Asia Pacific’s first coffee roasting plant as the core body has made rapid breakthrough progress. It is reported that the project is also Starbucks’ largest strategic investment outside the United States.


In a briefing today, Wang Jingying, the global executive vice president and chairman and chief executive officer of Starbucks China, described the start of the project to further improve the layout of Starbucks’ coffee industry chain in China, and promote the Chinese business of Starbucks to a “new height”.


Details of the park


As introduced by the snack agent, Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Industrial Park aims to build “the first coffee innovation industry base in the whole industry chain” with functions covering coffee bean import and export, baking, packaging, storage, logistics distribution, distribution and coffee baking related training.


In this industrial park, the “protagonist” is a coffee roasting factory with an investment of about 900 million yuan. It is also Starbucks’ seventh coffee roasting plant in the world.


When it announced the signing of the contract, Starbucks said that the coffee roasting plant wholly invested by Starbucks would be responsible for roasting coffee beans from various coffee producing areas in China and around the world, “fully meeting the coffee quality requirements of all Starbucks retail stores in China”.


With the production of the plant, China will become the “important node” of Starbucks’ global baking network.


“The entire industrial park is designed in strict accordance with the international LEED certification standard and China Green Building Samsung certification standard, and will become one of the greenest coffee roasting plants in the world after completion,” the company said in the above notice

Chen Jian’an (sixth from left), vice president of China Council for the promotion of international trade, Wang Jingying (sixth from right), global executive vice president of Starbucks and chairman and CEO of Starbucks China (sixth from right), etc

The snacks generation noticed that Starbucks also made public the details of the park design for the first time.

According to reports, in terms of sustainable development, this concept will be applied to the energy conservation, emission reduction and waste treatment of coffee Innovation Industrial Park. For example, renewable energy will account for up to 30% of the energy required by the park, including more than 20000 square meters of solar photovoltaic power generation.


At the same time, Starbucks will also introduce the industry’s cutting-edge technology in baking production, which can reduce carbon emissions by more than 30% compared with the traditional way. In order to achieve the goal of zero landfill, the park will set up a recycling system connecting internal and external.

In addition, in order to maximize coffee roasting capacity and energy efficiency, the industrial park will use a more intelligent baking production and logistics distribution system.


Taking the raw beans storage warehouse with three-dimensional structure as an example, the warehouse can save 4 times the storage space compared with the traditional storage space, and is equipped with automatic retrieval system, “the intelligent logistics distribution center combined with the latest Internet of things technology will effectively guarantee the core functions of the industrial park in the Starbucks China coffee distribution network”.

In order to further share the concept of sustainable development to the outside world, Starbucks also said that its China Coffee Innovation Industrial Park will open to the public a complete experience of “from a raw bean to a cup of coffee”. Visitors can learn about the production and planting of coffee industry chain through on-site observation and virtual reality technology.


“After the completion of Starbucks China Coffee Innovation Industrial Park, it will not only continue to empower China’s high-quality coffee industry, but also boost the positive practice of China’s sustainable development construction, and guide the public to advocate a more green and environmentally friendly lifestyle.” Starbucks said.


Continue to increase China


Pushing forward the construction of coffee Innovation Industrial Park is only a part of Starbucks’ efforts to increase China’s market. At the same time, the coffee giant’s Chinese store expansion is also accelerating.


According to the introduction of snack food agency, in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020 up to September 27, Starbucks China has set a new record in the total number of stores in the quarter. During the period, China has net increased 259 stores, that is, nearly three new stores are opened every day.


At a recent performance meeting, Kevin Johnson, chief executive of Starbucks, said that despite the challenges posed by the epidemic, Starbucks China broke through the milestones of 4600 and 4700 stores in a row in the fourth quarter. It is reported that so far, Starbucks has more than 4700 stores in nearly 190 cities in mainland China.

Starbucks Coffee shutter shop

Next, the pace of Starbucks in China may be even faster.


Starbucks has previously proposed to achieve 6000 stores in China by the end of fiscal year 2022. “We have always been optimistic about achieving this goal, so this means that after fiscal 2021, we will see the pace of opening new stores in China accelerate.” Pat grismer, chief financial officer of Starbucks, said at the meeting.


As for the series of investment plans in the Chinese market, Starbucks said today: “in the post epidemic era, the rapid recovery of China’s economy has provided a solid foundation for Starbucks to continue to increase the size of China’s market and constantly climb the heights of innovation.”


Wang Jingying pointed out that “all along, we are full of confidence in the strong vitality and full toughness of the Chinese market, persist in deepening investment, continue to make efforts to” China speed “, embrace China’s opportunities with positive innovation, and strive to make more contributions to the promotion of China’s fine coffee industry


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