Focus on frontier academic, gaopei and famous experts and scholars at home and abroad to explore the scientific secrets of forage


With the advent of the era of big health, people pay more and more attention to health problems. In addition, under the influence of the epidemic situation, forage milk powder stands in the wind with its advantages of natural, healthy, environmental protection and high-end, which quickly captured the hearts of the new generation of Chinese consumers, showed a huge development prospect, and was strongly concerned by the industry.

Based on this, on November 16, Guojian group, together with its gaopei brand, jointly launched the first China forage Summit Forum to “explore the secret of forage scientifically” “Return to natural nutrition” as the theme, in the form of Online + offline summit, gathered a number of well-known experts and scholars from China, New Zealand, the United States, and more than 500 channel partners from all over the country to listen together, focusing on the cutting-edge science of grass feeding, integrating the ecology of mother and infant industry, and building a new ecology of sustainable development of grass feeding!

Focus on frontier academic science and explore forage

This summit forum specially invited Dr. Liu Yanwen, founder and chief scientist of inbiome Sciences, Shanghai East China University of science and technology, visiting professor, School of life engineering, Shanghai East China University of science and technology, Dr. Richard Laven, Professor of animal health and welfare, Macy University, New Zealand; Sandra Fischer, business development director of asurequality, New Zealand; and Michael, senior veterinary expert of Fonterra, New Zealand Shallcrass, New Zealand Fonterra project compliance manager Johanna Blackman, and New Zealand Fonterra ranch R & D technology manager Dr Andrew Millar gathered in the cloud to bring wonderful sharing.

New Zealand is the world’s largest dairy exporter, and Fonterra group, as the largest enterprise in New Zealand, has uncompromising food safety and quality standards as the core part of Fonterra’s brand. Johanna Blackman, compliance manager of Fonterra New Zealand, shared: “from ranch to dining table, Fonterra always adheres to high standards of food safety and quality. Our grass grazing standards are certified and reviewed by asurequality every year, which is a reliable certification for customers. “

Sandra Fischer, business development director of asurequality in New Zealand, said that asurequality is a state-owned enterprise 100% owned by the New Zealand government. As the largest certification body and laboratory group in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand’s leading food safety agency can implement quality supervision and certification of dairy products from pasture to table.

As a more natural and safer food, grass fed milk is not only reflected in the quality and safety of grass fed milk and certification standards, but also reflected in the welfare and health of grass fed cows. Michael shallcrass, senior veterinary expert of Fonterra, New Zealand, shared: “we take good care of cows, systematically record the health index of cows, master and follow up the health status of each cow at any time, and monitor the quality of milk with advanced technology to ensure the high quality of milk produced by cows.”

“It’s better to let cows graze on the pasture!” Dr. Richard Laven, Professor of animal health and well-being at Macy University in New Zealand, pointed out that the most important animal welfare lies in well run pastures. Keeping dairy cows grazing on the pasture can reduce the incidence of mastitis, lameness, acidosis, pneumonia, foot inflammation and other diseases. Even if the cows are properly maintained, the risk of disease is still high. From the perspective of health and well-being, the advantages of dairy cows are self-evident.

Andrew, technical manager, R & D, Fonterra ranch, New Zealand According to Dr. Millar, our cows can be raised outdoors all the year round. The grazing environment, from fertile soil to healthy grass and pure water, has been managed and monitored. The establishment of pasture production advantages based on pasture runs through the whole system, so as to ensure the effective use of natural resources and maintain a sustainable animal friendly way.

Dr. Liu Yanwen, founder and chief scientist of inbiome Sciences and visiting professor of School of life engineering, East China University of science and technology in Shanghai, explained the development, cognition and standards of grass feeding in the United States, and pointed out that forage feeding is not only more beneficial to animal health, but also more conducive to the natural environment. It is also more expensive, nutritious and healthy to eat.

Professor Zhu Huilian, director of the Department of nutrition, School of public health, Sun Yat sen University, vice president of the Guangdong Food Safety Association and Secretary General of the Guangdong nutrition society, said that the nutritional status of early life is the key to life, and pointed out that “the nutritional components of grass fed milk are the key to ensure the early nutritional status of life, promote growth and brain development.”

There is no doubt that there is a more natural milk source from the source, which ensures the quality of grass fed milk powder. From the multi-dimensional sharing of experts and scholars, it can be seen that the certification standard of grass fed milk is higher and stricter, and the nutritional value is more natural and safer. The development status and future of forage milk powder has become the focus of this summit forum.

Deep ploughing in the field of grass and forage

In the theme session of the forum, Mr. Chen Tiejun, the consulting partner of Youlan, led the maternal and infant industry personages and industry celebrities to discuss the development status and future of grass feed milk powder. In this regard, song Liang, a famous dairy analyst, thinks that the core of grass feed milk powder is natural and original, which has not been artificially transformed. The original protein produced by native cattle conforms to the new consumption proposition of consumers after 90 and 95 who prefer natural nutrition. To do a good job in grass feeding, we must do a good job of communication with consumers.

It is understood that with the upgrading of consumption concept, consumers are increasingly pursuing high-quality and personalized product selection, and the pursuit of health has become one of the manifestations of the upgrading of consumption concept. Cao Yong, professor and doctoral supervisor of School of food, South China Agricultural University, director of Key Laboratory of functional food active substances of Guangdong Province, Li Zhiqi, future chairman of Beijing Zhiqi, Dai Guoquan, founder of Guangxi penguin baby Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., and Wang Zhaoyun, founder of Haiyan iron skin frog mother and baby, also agreed with this.

As the leading brand of forage milk powder, gaopei’s development in the field of grass feeding was highly recognized by the guests. In the future, gaopei will continue to increase scientific research and innovation, strengthen cooperation with all sectors of the industry, actively embrace channels, jointly promote the development of forage milk powder market, and help gaopei achieve its strategic goal of “world leading brand of grass feed milk powder”!

As Wu Suguo, President of Guojian group, said: “only for the sake of practicing children’s career and giving children the best! After 20 years of painstaking efforts, we have finally launched grass feed milk powder with high certification standards, so that gaopei has more opportunities to meet the higher needs of more consumers for health and nutrition. “

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