Sun Dongbo: all sales come from consumers, and the development of distributors depends on consumers

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In the traditional cognition, dealers will establish contact with consumers through sales channels. Because there are sales channels in the middle, many people think that dealers do not fully understand the needs of consumers.
Sun Dongbo, general manager of Changsha huixiangyuan Green Food Co., Ltd
Sun Dongbo, general manager of Changsha huixiangyuan Green Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Changsha huixiangyuan”), is committed to bringing the relationship between distributors and consumers closer. He said: “all sales come from consumers. Only products that meet the needs of consumers can we achieve long-term development.”
What do dealers need to do to shorten the distance with consumers?
Selection close to consumer demand

When most dealers share their own product selection principles, they will say that they should solicit feedback from channels and select products based on these opinions. Sun Dongbo is no exception. After visiting a large number of sales channels, he summed up consumer demand and formulated a six character selection policy: quality, health and innovation.


2. 健康

3. 创新

Changsha huixiangyuan Green Food Co., Ltd
On the basis of fully understanding the needs of consumers, sun Dongbo has selected nannuoxin, zihaiguo, Qiaqia, Chen Liuxiang, little prince, Youyou, afraid of spicy, haoliyou, kanghuanyuan, Tongyi, Shengge, juedinghalogen, facaiwa, Shuanghui and other products according to the selection policy of quality, health and innovation, forming a brand system of huixiangyuan in Changsha, which is deeply loved by consumers.
Close to consumers through channels
Channel is the closest group to consumers, so sun Dongbo pays special attention to the relationship maintenance of sales channels. “All sales come from consumers. Dealers should learn to combine traditional and modern channels, constantly understand all kinds of new channels, quickly expand their sales scope, get close to consumers to the maximum extent, and improve product sales,” he said
The market of leisure food is changing rapidly. If the distributor is only a bridge between the manufacturer and the channel, it can not meet the market demand. Therefore, the distributor needs to reposition and seek long-term development.
After investigation, sun Dongbo found that many dealers have changed their roles from original roles to service providers of manufacturers’ brands and end customers. In order to better realize the role transformation, sun Dongbo formulated two development strategies:
1. For the service providers of manufacturers’ brands, what dealers need to do is to find the most suitable way for themselves, do a good job in the service of manufacturers’ brand and product promotion, so that consumers can have a more comprehensive understanding of the products.
2. For terminal service providers, good terminal service is the most important. “What we should focus on is to assist the terminal and do a good job in putting the products on the shelves,” Sun said Of course, after the products are put on the shelves, dealers still need to pay attention to the terminal and do a good job in terminal service. “For example, assist the terminal in personalized promotion of products, stretch sales, and manage product inventory dates.” Sun Dongbo said: “we must do a good job in after-sales service, so that the terminal is satisfied, so that consumers can be satisfied.”
Service is a concept, and for dealers, sales are ultimately completed by service. Dealers must do a good job in service, win the recognition of consumers with service, improve brand awareness, so as to let upstream and downstream partners rest assured. In this way, dealers can hold greater enthusiasm to provide better service.
Development follows the pace of changes in consumer demand
Leisure food consumption generally has the characteristics of instant, high frequency and impulsive consumption. Product taste, price and convenience of purchase will affect the purchasing rate of consumers.
According to statistics, the proportion of offline channels of leisure food is as high as 86.8%, dominated by supermarkets, and chain stores are expanding steadily; the flow advantage of e-commerce platform is obvious, and the sales scale can be increased rapidly; the e-commerce channel for snack consumption has achieved rapid development, and the online proportion continues to increase.
It can be seen that the rise of new channels has become a new trend that can not be ignored. In this regard, sun Dongbo said: “dealers must have keen insight ability, take the team together to seize opportunities, and seek more long-term development.”
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