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Domestic goat milk ushered in troublemakers, yangzizi brand strategy upgrade, also invited the world champion to help

A few years ago, goat milk powder was still regarded as a minority category of infant formula milk powder in China by milk powder manufacturers. At present, the heat in the Chinese market is obviously warming up.

Today, the domestic sheep milk powder brand “yangzizi”, headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province, has signed a brand-new brand image spokesperson — Wei Qiuyue, the world champion of women’s volleyball team. The relevant person in charge of yangzizi introduced to the snack agent that the signing of the contract aims to empower the brand, share its products with more consumers and promote the upgrading of brand strategy.

Rapid development of goat milk powder Market

In recent years, milk powder enterprises and capital have “flocked” into China’s goat milk powder market, which is undoubtedly attracted by the growth rate of this category which is significantly higher than that of infant milk powder industry.

According to the first “Research on the development of China’s sheep milk powder industry” released by China Social Science Food and drug industry development and supervision research center in September 2018, China’s sheep milk powder market is expected to reach 10 billion yuan in 2020.

According to Nielsen data, in the first half of 2019, the overall growth rate of China’s infant powder market was 9.4%, including 16.8% of organic milk powder and 10% of ordinary infant milk powder, while the growth rate of goat milk powder was as high as 30.8%.

In fact, in the current environment of the milk powder industry, entering the category of sheep milk powder has become one of the best choices for milk powder enterprises to segment the market, cater to the high-end trend and seek new growth points.

Data show that, from the perspective of imported sheep milk powder brands, Gabriel is firmly in the first place in the market.

According to Nielsen’s “2019 China infant and child goat milk powder Market Research” report, Gabriel has been selling more than 60% of China’s baby and baby goat milk powder for two consecutive years from 2018 to 2019, becoming the top 10 imported milk powder brands in China and the only goat milk powder brand on the list.

“Yangzizi”, which signed a new spokesperson and made a high-profile appearance, is located in Wangcheng District, Changsha City, Hunan Province with Gabriel. It is a sub brand of OBI Jia dairy group.

Speech by Chen Yuewen, deputy director of Hunan provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau

It is understood that the new products of yangzizi are produced by the southern milk powder factory of OBI Jia dairy group in Changsha, Hunan Province. According to the data, obica southern milk powder factory is a more large-scale infant nutrition food production base in Central China. The first and second phase projects can produce 25000 tons of infant formula milk powder every year.

Today, the snack generation learned that Emir í, the self built plant of obica in Ireland, which was completed last year, will also be included in the plan for the production of goat milk products in the future.

Obi Jia said that the main purpose of building eMRI factory is to improve its own controllable upstream supply chain, and also hopes to “enter” the imported milk source camp with the help of integrating international resources, enrich its own goat milk product matrix, and rank in the forefront of the sheep milk powder market.

Amre factory, Ireland

According to the data, the total investment of aMRI factory is 45 million euro (about 350 million yuan). After the completion of the first phase project, the annual production capacity can reach 5000 tons, and the annual revenue is expected to reach more than 50 million euro (about 376 million yuan). At the same time, Amre will also cooperate with the National Laboratory of Ireland and Kerry R & D center.

Focusing on the strategy of large single product, breaking through 1 billion in three years

Today, Wen Zhigang, general manager of obijia dairy industry, said that in the future, the group will deeply cultivate the brand of goat milk powder, extend its product line and expand its product matrix. In addition to infant formula, it will also produce a series of products such as children’s and adults’ sheep’s milk powder.

Wen Zhigang, general manager of obica dairy

In the next three years, the group will focus on yangzizi. Under the guidance of the large single product strategy, the group aims to achieve a sales scale of 1 billion yuan by 2023.

It is understood that in 2020, yangzizi will upgrade its product packaging, and open the strong screen dominating mode of high-speed rail, elevator, bus and TV advertising. Under a series of strong brand promotion, up to now, the sales volume of yangzizi in 2020 has increased by 62% compared with the same period last year, and 71% compared with that of the last quarter.

Milk powder enterprises “pile up” goat milk powder

From the perspective of milk source, goat milk powder in the domestic market can be roughly divided into domestic milk source and imported milk source.

According to the data, Shaanxi Province is the first province in China to develop goat milk industry. At present, the output and sales volume of goat milk products rank first in China. Over the years, a number of goat milk powder enterprises, including Heshi, Hongxing Meiling, Baiyue, Yatai and Shengtang, have been born.

With the local milk powder enterprises increasing the merger and integration of international resources from the capital level, the new force of sheep milk powder represented by jiabeite, a subsidiary of Aoyou, has grown rapidly, occupying the first place of imported sheep milk powder brands.

In addition to Gabriel, the “representative” of goat milk powder, currently occupies the top position, there are many dairy giants in the same camp. For example, Mengniu, Yili, Jianhe group, and Wyeth hope to have a share in this field: Mengniu Yashili imported “Dora lamb” from Australia, “Youzi lamb” imported from Holland by Yili jinlingguan, and kebeisi, the first infant formula sheep milk powder of health care group. In April this year, Huishi’s ultra-high-end Qifu also started to make efforts in the goat milk powder Market and launched the Qifu Yunyou goat milk powder.

Not only that, sheep milk powder market this “big cake”, but also from foreign enterprises covetously. For example, the Australian sheep milk powder brand bubs, as well as the French Danone’s first kerikan sheep milk infant milk powder, which appeared in the China International Fair last year.

According to the “Research on the development of China’s goat milk powder industry” released by the Academy of Social Sciences, China’s goat milk powder market still lacks a real leading brand and a complete market echelon. In the face of the blue ocean of 10 billion sheep milk powder, how the major dairy enterprises will break through, let us wait and see.

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