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Grass feed milk powder has a bright future

Affected by the global epidemic situation, the development of maternal and infant industry is difficult! How to break the situation of milk powder industry? Gaopei, a new high-end milk powder brand in New Zealand, sees the new outlet of grass feeding milk powder! On November 17, at the 2020 high-tech training partner conference held in Haikou, Wu Suguo, President of Guojian group, made it clear that he would reconstruct the brand at full speed and open fire to CaoShi city wall mouth.


However, under the background that domestic and foreign brands have begun to target grass feed milk powder, what are the advantages of gaopei? In this conference, gaopei has made two major events: one is to sign cooperation with Fonterra once again to increase the grass feed market layout; the other is to build a cross-border e-commerce industry Incubation Park to accelerate the construction of global industrial chain.


Focus on, add the size of grass feed milk powder


“We will work together with all partners and staff to achieve the goal of gaopei becoming the world leading brand of forage milk powder!” Wu Suguo, President of Guojian group, said that gaopei innovated in the changing situation, had a forward-looking vision and strategic choice, reconstructed its brand at full speed, and opened fire to CaoShi city wall!


Wu Suguo, President of Guojian group


According to the data, Lu Min, Secretary of Haikou comprehensive protection zone, appeared at the press conference of gaopeizhen love grass feed milk powder in April this year.


Determine the types of coke grass feed, open a new journey of brand, and add the category of forage milk powder after high-level training.

On the spot of the meeting, gaopei and Fonterra held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Mark robins, vice president of Greater China raw materials department of Fonterra group, and Liu Shaojun, vice president of Guojian group, signed the cooperation agreement.


According to the cooperation agreement, Fonterra will deepen cooperation with gaopei in the field of forage milk powder, jointly bring gaopeizhen love grass feed milk powder to Chinese consumers, and fully support the development of gaopei in China.



“I’m very proud to have come to China all the way from New Zealand to provide high quality milk for Chinese babies.” At the meeting, Mr. mark robins, vice president of Greater China raw materials department of Fonterra group, affirmed the rapid development of gaopei and gave high expectations. He also said that as a partner of gaopei, Fonterra will spare no effort to support the development of gaopei in the Chinese market in the future.


Dairy giant’s “Pro parenting” to strengthen the advantages of milk source


It is reported that Gao Peizhen love grass feed milk powder was born in Fonterra group, a global dairy giant, and its milk source was obtained from zhenai 1871, a farm owned by Fonterra group. According to gaopei’s response, the signing of the cooperation marks the deepening of cooperation between the two sides, and gaopei will receive greater support from Fonterra.


Xiaoshidai noted that, according to the draft released by both sides at the time of entering the Expo in 2019, “based on the existing close business cooperation relationship”, the two sides signed a new production capacity plan with a contract amount of RMB 500 million.


In fact, the strategic layout of gaopei in formula milk powder is inseparable from Fonterra. The two sides have been cooperating for eight years and have a very good relationship. In addition to infant milk powder, the two sides also have in-depth cooperation in the category of children’s milk powder. Last July, the two sides also jointly launched Gao Peizhen love children’s growth milk powder.


After the joint launch of grass feed milk powder, Fonterra group also chose to make a joint appearance with gaopei in the fair shortly after the end of this year, demonstrating to the world that gaopeizhen loves grass feed milk powder.


The selling point of forage milk powder is to follow the natural law and is scarce. Therefore, milk source has become the focus of the relevant dairy enterprises. The signing of the strategic cooperation between the two sides is undoubtedly “Pro Plus Pro”, and at the same time, it has added a “lock” for the milk source of grass feeding milk powder.



Xiaoshidai learned from gaopei that the signing of the contract with Fonterra will not only continue to jointly bring gaopeizhen love grass feed milk powder to consumers, but also increase cooperation in domestic milk powder to share the natural and high-quality forage nutrition of New Zealand to more Chinese babies.


Based on Hainan free trade port to speed up the construction of global industrial chain


Under the condition of enhancing the advantages of milk source, gaopei has also been accelerating the construction of global industrial chain. In this conference, gaopei International Industrial Park “cross border e-commerce industry Incubation Park” built by Guojian group was officially unveiled.



According to reports, gaopei International Industrial Park is located in Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, which is the main undertaking place of free trade port policy and the first pilot “incubator”. It is mainly used to develop cross-border trade business and expand gaopei product line. Taking advantage of Haikou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Guojian general has formed a triangle base with New Zealand, Guangzhou and Haikou as the core, which can guarantee the product supply system of gaopei for a long time in the future.


Wu Suguo, President of Guojian group, pointed out that under the influence of the global epidemic situation this year, although many industries are facing challenges, China still has great market potential. With the help of the new opportunities of free trade port construction, gaopei will enter a new period of development and serve more consumers.

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