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Is bird’s nest free or health trap?

If the gimmick is greater than the commercial value, there is no way to resist the cycle.
“More than 20 yuan can realize the freedom of bird’s nest!”

“Mojito + bird’s nest, happy and healthy!”

“It’s very suitable for a lazy cancer like me…”
Located in Liuyun 2nd Street, West TIYU Road, Guangzhou, the first bird’s nest drink shop of “one cup of Guangdong” in Guangzhou has become an online card punching place. Several friends of the retailer went to punch in and gave a relatively high evaluation.
One of Guangdong’s first bird’s nest drinks are fruit flavored bird’s nest, mojito’s bird’s nest and white jade bird’s nest, with prices ranging from 25 to 28 yuan. The most unusual place in the shop is a window filled with perfume bottles filled with bird’s nest drinks.
A perfume bottle and bird’s nest drink in Guangdong Province
Coincidentally, the bird’s nest drinks mainly produced by Beijing niucha have also entered 8 shopping centers, including skp-s, Guomao Jiali center and Xidan laofoye. The products of its stores include coconut green, Osmanthus fragrans, milk and other drinks.
In addition, there are also brands of xiaomeixueyan tea in Chengdu, sanyueyanyu in Nanjing and yanxiaojiang in Yiwu.
It is worth noting that bird’s nest drinks are not only popular offline, but also popular online.
In the past double 11, “xiaoxiandun”, a brand of fresh stewed bird’s nest, was officially put on sale on tmall’s double 11, with sales exceeding 270 million yuan on the first day, becoming one of the six top new brands of tmall with a turnover of more than 100 million yuan per day.
According to tmall’s business consultant and Jingdong business intelligence, as of double 11:00, the online sales of yanzhiwu reached 200 million yuan, and the sales of fresh stewed bird’s nest and 70 grams of rock sugar official swallow powder bottles launched on tmall’s double 11 both exceeded 10 million yuan.
At the same time, the “classic” imported bird’s nest stewed in weia studio had a sales volume of more than 5 million yuan on the night of live broadcast.
According to the data of tmall double 11, the growth rate of fresh bird’s nest and bottled bird’s nest has reached 300% in ginseng, sea cucumber, and bird’s nest. It can be seen that bird’s nest drinks ranging from 20 yuan to several hundred yuan are being accepted by more and more consumers.
Sometimes the business world is really magical – the combination of alcohol, sugar, dietary fiber, fruit and other ingredients will not only bring different taste experience, but also drive new demand in the subdivision scene, thus creating new business opportunities.
When the bird’s nest is mixed with coconut milk, soybean milk and peach gum, and flies into the “ordinary people’s home”, when the bird’s nest appears in the form of ready to eat, so as to meet the consumer demand of users, does it mean that the track of nourishing and health care has been ploughed again?
Fast digestion of bird’s nest, occupying the highland of new consumption power
Bird’s nest is synonymous with nourishing and nourishing the skin. Chinese people have a long history of eating bird’s nest. Zheng He of Ming Dynasty was the first person to eat bird’s nest in Chinese historical records.
Bird’s nest is mainly produced in Malaysia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. According to 360 encyclopedia, the main components of bird’s nest are water-soluble protein, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium and other trace elements and amino acids. In addition, according to the quality regulations of different grades of bird’s nest, the protein content of bird’s nest is about 30% ~ 50%.
According to relevant studies, sialic acid in bird’s nest can promote brain development and improve memory, which has become a big selling point of bird’s nest. In addition, the protein contained in the bird’s nest belongs to collagen, which is believed to play a role in beauty.
As the unique health care effect of bird’s nest has been recognized by more and more consumers, the import volume of bird’s nest has increased year by year.
According to the data of the Institute of cheetah, China’s import of bird’s nest increased from 3.2 tons in 2014 to 105.2 tons in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of 141.4%. It is estimated that the import volume of China’s traceable bird’s nest is expected to rise to 862.5 tons in 2024.
Forecast of China’s bird’s nest imports
With the increasing and diversified demand, the shape of bird’s nest products is constantly improving, from 1.0 dry bird’s nest to 2.0 ready to eat bird’s nest, and then to 3.0 fresh stewed bird’s nest.
The products have also gone from the popular bottled drinks such as Yu Wenqing’s bird’s nest water, happy family’s bird’s nest coconut milk and Chinese love bird’s nest coffee, to the bird’s nest drinks that stand out from the new tea competition.
Obviously, the way of swallow’s nest digestion is getting wider and wider. The appearance of bird’s nest FMCG shows that its main nourishing and health care needs are not the same as before.
“The post-90s and millennials have gradually become the main consumption force in the market. Enterprises in the bird’s nest industry have begun to introduce innovative products for young consumers, such as ready to eat bird’s nest, stewed bird’s nest, etc., to solve the problem of too long stewed and dried bird’s nest, and meet the convenience needs of young consumers. In addition, many bird’s nest enterprises continue to launch new products for other needs of consumers. ” Yan Yurong, an analyst with the consumer team of the Research Institute of cheetah, made such a conclusion.
The new products of bird’s nest have become the new favorite of consumption, which is closely related to the new consumption forces of the younger generation. According to the health report of the post-90s released by futu Research Institute, as of the end of 2019, the post-90s accounted for 25% of the buyers of health care products, and 21.9% of the post-90s had been eating health products.
Frequency of health care products used by the post-90s source: futu Research Institute
Whether it’s the popular punk regimen or the real regimen, young people have their own unique understanding of health preservation.
For young consumers, collective cognition and trend sometimes play a decisive role, which is an important reason for the rise of the national trend, and it also helps the rise and development of concepts such as health, health preservation and food tonic in the food and beverage market.
As a new consumer force, young people’s cognitive changes give the relevant products a huge space to improve in terms of acceptance, popularity and brand value. For example, Yuanqi forest, which focuses on “0 sugar and 0 fat”, and Wang satin, who focuses on “high fiber and 0 sucrose”, has become popular from the concept of health and health preservation.
No, the bird’s nest is on the way.
Dry bird’s nest is the earliest form of bird’s nest. It needs to be soaked for about eight hours before eating. It also needs picking and cleaning. The stewing process also needs to accurately grasp the heat. A series of complicated processes are not friendly to office workers or young people.
It is necessary to nourish the health, but also fast and convenient, new consumption demand is coming out.
According to the white paper on the development of China’s big health consumption in 2019 released by a third-party organization, the growth of Guochao’s health care consumption is led by younger users. The turnover of users aged 16-25 has increased by 36.9% year-on-year. In the category of nourishing and health care, the transaction volume of bird’s nest accounts for nearly 30%, which is the first.
Bird’s nest drink is in line with the new generation’s consumer cognition with its reasonable price and product convenience, with the intention of occupying the highland of this new consumption force.
However, when the pain points of the younger generation were satisfied, did they fall into the so-called “health preserving trap”? As we are asking, “sugar free = health?” Is bird’s nest drink really good for health?
Pain points become cool, nourishing health care really fragrant?  
“I didn’t think about the bird’s nest at this price, so I took it as a drink. Although the price of more than 20 yuan is several times more expensive than carbonated drinks, it is also good to change the taste.” Lulu, who labels herself as a “post-90s health expert,” tells the retailer.
Lulu is a writer, her parents are doctors, so she pays special attention to her health. However, from the retail King’s point of view, Lulu’s daily health care is slightly “Crazy”:
Every Monday, 35 eat instant bird’s nest, 246 Swiss essence, liver protection tablets to eat, snacks are nutritious, usually collagen bottles, bird’s nest water, hyaluronic acid jelly and so on, occasionally have time to stew a stew of peach glue, blood swallow, Gleditsia rice.
According to Lulu, one-third of her monthly salary is spent on health care. However, heavy users of health care products like Lulu also have a rational side.
She told the retailer that the nourishing and health preserving effect of bird’s nest can’t be seen in the short term, and it will take a long time to adhere to it. As for many bird’s nest drinks on the market, the key is to see the content of bird’s nest ingredients.
In addition, Lulu thinks that the most nutritious way to eat bird’s nest is to stew and dry the bird’s nest. The reason for eating fresh stewed bird’s nest is that there is no time and convenient for drawing.
Retail customers talked with nearly ten post-90s bird’s nest drink consumers. Among them, the main reason for them to consume bird’s nest drinks is not to grow fat but to keep good looks, followed by taste. As for the bird’s nest content, authenticity and other factors are not their first concern.
For this reason, retailers can’t help but ask: when users’ pain points become cool points, is nourishing health really fragrant?
It is not difficult to find that in order to capture the hearts of young people and grasp their taste buds, 371 year old Tongrentang sold coffee, and a cup of “medlar latte” was sold out of stock; similarly, 4-year-old Yuanqi forest, under the banner of “0 sugar and 0 fat”, sells 1 billion bubble water a year.
Health preservation is fire, but it doesn’t necessarily mean health preservation.
For example, there is a “sugar free” whirlwind in the market. In fact, sugar free is not without sugar, just without the addition of traditional white granulated sugar, sweetness mainly depends on sugar substitution.
Relevant nutritionists said that there is no study to prove that the intake of substitute sugar has no effect on insulin. In addition, there are also views that sugar substitutes can deceive people’s metabolic system, induce the body to secrete insulin and store more fat.
It can be seen that the youth health care market has been ignited, and “health care trap” is also everywhere.
The same is true for bird’s nest drinks.
In late March 2018, consumer report published a comparative test of ready to eat rock sugar bird’s Nest: more than 97% of the ingredients of Yan Zhiwu, Tongrentang and kangfulai are sugar water? 》The evaluation results show that: 1
The six kinds of ready to eat rock sugar bird’s nest tested have almost no nutritional value. Sialic acid and protein content is far less than 50 cents of eggs and 2 yuan of milk. Similarly, the actual amount of bird’s nest added is very small, sugar water is the main ingredient.
In July of this year, consumer report sent eight kinds of hot stewed bird’s nest on the market to the authoritative third-party testing agency for inspection. According to the comprehensive evaluation results of CCR, three solid substance contents in eight kinds of bird’s nest products were suspected of false publicity. In addition, the total bacterial count of three products exceeded the standard.
Although the above test conclusions can only be used as one side of evidence, it is not appropriate to treat the whole health track as a generalization, but they undoubtedly pour a basin of cold water on the hot health track.
If on the track of health maintenance, donkey hide gelatin is just boiled donkey skin, which can’t replenish blood; there is no collagen in peach gum, and it is not as good as Tremella in terms of taste and value, then the commercial value of young people needs to be re examined.
In the face of systematic opportunities, who can laugh the last?  
As we all know, under the black swan epidemic, the capital market was very cold in the first half of this year. And in the second half of the year, the consumption of the track appeared not small surprise. The rise of second-line liquor, the listing of Nongfu mountain spring, the impending listing of perfect diary, the booming of Yuanqi forest and the re ignition of community group buying
“When the younger generation came to the center of the consumer stage, 99% of the products could be redone.” Gao Hongqing, CEO and managing partner of Lianchuang capital, puts forward that the essence of the rise of new retail is the new needs of new people.
As Gao Hongqing can see, new consumer demand is constantly driving consumption to more subdivided areas. In the past two or three years, a large number of new local brands have emerged in various subdivisions of the consumer industry, such as cosmetics, Cereals, ramen, underwear or wine. These brands are like a black horse.
Ramen said that the Japanese style Ramen was moved to the family table, which was called “redefinition of healthy instant noodles”; Wang Satin used low-temperature baking technology to make baked oatmeal, and added yoghurt, dried fruit and other snacks to make the demand of “delicious but not fat” into explosive products; while “inside and outside” expanded from rimless underwear to black science and technology physiological period underpants to “not please, not please” ”The pursuit of truth and freedom, highly recognized by women
Among the hot new products and categories, such as floor washing machines, electric mops, hair openers, protein bars, ready to eat fish glue, black sesame balls, and so on, have bred new and cutting-edge “black horse” brands.
New demand drives new opportunities. As Xiangfeng investment Xu Ying analyzed, consumption itself has no absolute threshold or innovation. The fundamental development is the structural opportunities brought about by intergenerational switching.
Source: National Bureau of statistics, Bain and tmall
Of course, behind the emerging consumption driven by structural opportunities, it is inseparable from the maturity of the industrial supply chain foundation, the development of e-commerce infrastructure, the change of people and organizations of consumer goods enterprises, and so on.
There is no doubt that this is a systematic opportunity.
Looking back on the popularity of bird’s nest drinks, on the one hand, it has seized the systematic opportunity of emerging consumption; on the other hand, we need to be alert to the life cycle of new categories and brands. In other words, as entrants continue to join, what will the product rely on to maintain its vitality after the dividend window period of the subdivided categories?
Beverage is a large single product. The era of promoting enterprise growth through a large single product has gone. Instead, systematic iteration must be carried out. At the same time, it is more important to return to the essence of products.
Take young people’s health care as an example, when rationality replaces emotional consumption, the repurchase rate of products depends on product research rather than marketing “health trap”.
Nowadays, bird’s nest drinks are entering the business circle. The demand and the scene match. It looks beautiful, but it is not necessarily a good business.
First of all, in the “nourishing and beautifying” track, we must consider the cost of bird’s nest.
According to the owner of a bird’s nest store, the price of bird’s nest depends on its quality. The price of dried natural bird’s nest on the market is usually 20-40 yuan / g.
For example, if the cost of raw materials such as the cost of the raw materials of the raw materials of the raw materials, such as the cost of the raw materials of the raw materials, such as the cost of the raw materials of the raw materials, such as the cost of the raw materials of the raw materials, such as the cost of the raw materials of the raw materials, such as the cost of the raw materials of the raw materials, such as the cost of the raw materials of the raw materials, such as.
When cooking the bird’s nest, the ratio of bird’s nest and water is 1g: 30ml. The ordinary size of instant bird’s nest in a bowl of 40g on the market, the content of dried bird’s nest is 1.3g, and the market price is about 26-52 yuan.
If only the broken swallow’s nest is put in, the cost of raw materials for a bowl of ready to eat bird’s nest will be 16.9 yuan at the cost of 13 yuan, which does not include other ingredients such as rock sugar, as well as industrial chain processing, packaging, marketing and other expenses.
It can be seen that the main products of bird’s nest are sold at a price of more than 20 yuan, and the profit margin is quite limited. It’s not hard to predict that when bird’s nest drinks come into the offline scene, I’m afraid it’s a drain for high-end users.
If the gimmick is greater than the commercial value, then the anti cycle is out of the question.
In recent years, pet economy, single economy, blind box economy, beauty economy, happy economy and so on emerge in endlessly. These industries have created one growth miracle after another. However, a new brand and category from birth to growth is a leap forward from 0 to 1, and the attack from 1 to 10 depends on who can laugh to the end.
Author: Yan Kai; source: new retail business review (ID: xinlingshou1001), reprinted with authorization. Join the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449); business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246). A week’s hot news of the high quality original selection column of innovation interview lingting new Xu brand trend insight packaging sentinel food people are watching

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