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In the history, the longest lasting, most powerful, most involved brands and the most extensive influence of the double 11 has finally come to an end. This nationwide consumption Carnival has also become a testing ground for brand promotion. In order to win the favor of consumers, brands have used their unique skills. We have noticed that during the period of double 11, the dairy giant Mengniu and three squirrels of national snack brand jointly promoted new products, and the two national brands joined forces to break the brand circle through cross-border, inject new vitality into the brand, attract more young groups to plant grass, and win many favorable comments.
Milk and nuts, national breakfast to me
Mengniu and three squirrels will focus on the breakfast. According to the survey report on breakfast diet of Chinese residents issued by the China Nutrition Association, 35% of the respondents could not eat breakfast every day, 42% of the respondents finished breakfast within 10 minutes, and 49% of the respondents did not eat breakfast because of the lack of breakfast. In addition, in order to save time and energy, most consumers will not pay attention to the nutrition matching of breakfast. One bread and one steamed bread can be satisfied.
In order to provide a more convenient, efficient and nutritious breakfast solution for busy consumers who have no time for breakfast and unbalanced nutrition matching, one is the leading dairy supply chain in China, and the other is the nationwide sales champion in the nut industry. The two brands have taken out their own “food power” ability and formed the “national breakfast” gift box with the perfect combination of milk and nuts.
Source: xiaohongshu @ eat not fat in October
From the content of the gift box, the milk product is Mengniu’s new zhenxiangnong milk Tetra Pak, and the nut product is the daily nut of three squirrels. From the product collocation alone, there are a lot of clever ideas.
On the one hand, milk and nuts are highly related to the breakfast scene in terms of category. The combination of milk and nuts makes up for the pain of insufficient nutrition in breakfast. Zhenxiang strong milk contains 80% raw milk, with protein content of 3.3g per 100ml. Daily nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber and other nutrients. High quality protein + high quality fat, compared with pure carbohydrates The heat bomb, more easily to help consumers quickly replenish energy and physical strength, not easy to cause morning sleepiness.
In addition, the joint brand has new ways to play both in packaging and marketing creativity. From the perspective of the shape of the gift box, it is easy to take it; the gift box is equipped with a pull rope, which is easy to extract. In addition to family retention, it is also suitable for walking in person to give gifts.
The packaging design of the gift box is inspired by Da Vinci’s famous painting “the last supper”. The IP images of Mengniu Zhenxiang and three squirrels are re created into famous figures, which are integrated into the picture, vividly restore the scene of everyone having breakfast together, and create the cute painting “breakfast of the people”. With interesting illustrations, the consumers can generate scenes and then convey the importance of breakfast The nutritional and delicious properties of the products are very easy to form memory points.
Source: Little Red Book

What is the origin of Mengniu Zhenxing?
After reading this joint name with strength and interest, we are curious about one of the leading roles of Mengniu Zhenxiang. As a new layout of Mengniu in the field of normal temperature white milk, when was Zhenxing launched? What is its brand positioning? Who is the target audience? What are the product lines currently launched? With these questions, we interviewed Zhenxiang brand.
According to the information learned by foodaily, Zhenxiang is a new brand of white milk launched by Mengniu in 2018. Different from the general white milk which mainly focuses on health, Zhenxiang is positioned as white milk with both taste and nutrition. Its core value is “nutritious, fragrant and delicious”. Specifically, from the perspective of nutrition, Zhenxiang protein content is 3.3g/100ml, and from the taste, it is more fragrant and mellow than ordinary white milk Thick.
Photo source: xiaohongshu @ Chen Shuli

From the perspective of the audience, Zhenxiang aims to target consumers as family users with children who pursue taste and health. On the one hand, they agree that milk is an expression of a healthy lifestyle and a necessary nutritional supplement for children and adults; on the other hand, they have relatively high requirements for the taste of milk, hoping to absorb nutrition in a more delicious way, especially for picky children.
In fact, the taste and taste of dairy products are very important to consumers. According to the research on dairy products by Ipsos, 78% of consumers pay attention to the taste and taste of dairy products. At the same time, consumers put forward more specific requirements for “taste / taste”, and “rich” and “mellow” are the key words that consumers prefer.

Source: soips image
Based on this consumption insight, Mengniu Zhenxiang was born. According to the introduction of Zhenxiang brand, Zhenxiang is Mengniu’s market insight based on the diversified development of consumers’ demand for basic white milk. It is an important product in the taste of white milk and will become a star brand of Mengniu white milk in the future. In terms of the current performance, Zhenxiang has initially possessed the potential of explosive sales. In the first three quarters of Mengniu’s financial report, Zhenxiang has made great contribution to the growth of Mengniu’s white milk category.
At present, Zhenxiang’s product line includes Zhenxiang strong milk short-term protection and long-term protection products. Changbao products were launched in August this year, with a round of update from packaging to image vision. It retains the family sense of Mengniu mother brand and has a strong sense of separation. More importantly, in order to strengthen the communication with young users, Mengniu Zhenxiang has designed the virtual IP image Zhenbao. In this gift box with three squirrels, Zhenbao also won many appearances as one of the main characters.

Photo source: Mengniu Zhenxiang

The image design of Zhenbao is based on the packaging of zhenhenri bricks, which is round and full, very cute and cute, which is in line with the image characteristics of cute, white and fat that consumers like. Zhenxiang has also launched a series of Zhenbao expression packs, adding lively and interesting actions, enhancing the user’s love degree with high appearance value and intimacy, and strengthening the cognition of the brand.
With the launch of Zhenbao, we can see that Mengniu has increased its chips in Zhenxing brand, and at the same time, it also reflects Mengniu’s adaptation to the new brand and new play method. On the one hand, virtual IP can bring its own traffic and memory points. On the other hand, virtual IP is more humanized. It can endow IP with real personality through different scenarios and stories, thus reflecting the tonality and values of the brand. It is very suitable to be implanted into different marketing cases and shorten the distance with consumption.

Add the normal temperature white milk, Mengniu uses new brand
Throughout China’s dairy market, although fresh, organic and other high-end milk has become the mainstream trend and main driving force of growth, will there really be no market for low-end normal temperature milk with slow growth rate in the future? It’s not. An obvious example is that when the epidemic situation stimulates the attention of the whole people on health and immunity, and dairy products become the continuous consumption recommendation, the basic white milk with high nutritional value and high cost performance further releases dividends, which becomes the daily choice of the public consumers and is necessary to stock up.
On the other hand, at present, the main consumers of dairy products in China are urban residents. According to the estimation of Nomura Orient International Securities, the per capita consumption of liquid milk in Chinese cities and towns in 2019 is about 29.1 kg, which is close to the average level of Japan, while the per capita consumption of liquid milk in rural areas is about 12.1 kg, which still has a large consumption space. From this point of view, the middle and low-end normal temperature milk with long shelf life, wide transportation range, high cost performance and essential consumer property still has a lot of plasticity.
As a new move of Mengniu in normal temperature milk, Zhenxiang brand takes taste and nutrition as a breakthrough point, and first realizes innovation in products. At the same time, the pace of communication with consumers has also been accelerated. For example, the short hand video is implanted to attract the attention of young users in the way of Kwai Fu drama. This time, the joint marketing with three squirrels, which is a good insight into the consumption pain points, and a scene marketing, is also a good example.
The target consumer group of Zhenxiang is young family users, who pay attention to the healthy growth of children and the nutrition matching of food. Based on this, combined with the characteristics of nutrition and taste of the product itself, Zhenxiang focuses on the breakfast scene that young family users pay attention to. By cooperating with the “eating power” of three squirrel nuts every day, it provides a convenient and nutritious breakfast solution for young families. The strength endorsement of two head brands can also make consumers who pay attention to quality and safety gain trust.
Photo source: xiaohongshu @ Chen Shuli
Secondly, the co branding effectively transmits the product benefits to consumers through the scene marketing which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Many brands have done this before, but how can Zhenxing be unconventional?
First of all, taking the well-known painting “the last supper” as the inspiration, we transformed it into “breakfast of the people”, and used the brand IP image Zhenbao as the leading role of the famous painting. With vivid and interesting dialogue, the breakfast appeal of consumers was reflected. At the same time, the characteristics of enjoying nutrition and fragrance were presented. The creative scene interpretation mode can not only effectively reduce the communication cost and let go of consumption Consumers can experience the benefits of the product with empathy, and can fully express the brand’s personalized attitude of playing and playing. On Zhenxiang’s official microblog, the IP of Zhenbao and three squirrels are implanted into dozens of different famous painting scenes, and they are also willing to participate in the interaction actively.
At the time point of CO branding, Mengniu Zhenxiang chooses the double 11 with high popularity and full gateway as the voice time. For consumers, it is the time of strong consumption desire. It is a very good node whether it is for self-use or for subsequent festivals. Moreover, taking advantage of the marketing hot spots of double 11, we can enlarge the influence better and obtain more attention and transformation.

When the dairy industry comes to the real product power and communication power, only through fine insight into the deep-seated needs of consumer groups, carry out differentiated innovation, endow products with more diversified positioning from the perspectives of nutrition, function and taste, occupy specific consumption scenes, and convey unique stories and ideas with eye-catching marketing means, can it win in the red sea of dairy industry More consumer attention.
This is the first step for consumers to gain a good impression of the brand by creating a brand with the brand taste and taste, which is the first step to create a brand with the brand taste and taste.

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