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According to the latest survey, the sales volume of sheep milk powder is leading in China, and the growth of Lanhe differentiation strategy is bright

“Infant sheep milk powder brand second, infant sheep milk powder first”, this is Lanhe dairy industry in the past “double 11” sales achievements.

In recent years, Lanhe dairy’s sheep milk products have sprung up in the infant formula milk powder Market and achieved rapid growth. According to the Chinese mainland consulting and research, according to the statistics of retail sales in China, the blue river goats’ milk sales volume was the leading sales volume in 2019.

It is understood that in the next few years, Lanhe will continue to promote differentiation strategy, Omni channel layout, enrich product lines, and seize the market of infant goat milk powder.




As a new type and new nutrition, sheep milk is being selected by more and more mothers. Compared with goat milk and milk, sheep milk naturally contains up to 60% protein and calcium. Meanwhile, the absorbability and delicate taste of sheep milk are strongly recognized by domestic consumers.

Since the acquisition of New Zealand Lanhe dairy industry in 2015 and the listing of the world’s first sheep infant formula milk powder, Lanhe has become a rapidly growing dairy enterprise in the past two years with the help of rapid online and offline growth. According to relevant data, in 2018 and 2019, Lanhe was listed as “Deloitte New Zealand top 50 growth” with the growth rate of 938% and 968%.

During the “double 11” period this year, the sales of Lanhe tmall flagship store increased by 295% year-on-year. Among them, children’s sheep milk has been listed on tmall for more than a month, and has achieved the top 13 of children’s milk powder. In the whole first half of the year, under the background of the industry affected by the epidemic, the online sales of Lanhe increased by more than 200% year-on-year.

As the main product of the company’s differentiation strategy, the online sales of Lanhe sheep milk, which landed in the Chinese market in 2015, tripled last year. According to the Chinese mainland’s sales statistics for retail channels, blue river goats’ milk sales are leading nationwide.

In fact, the online market only accounts for a small part of Lanhe’s overall sales. The relevant person in charge of Lanhe told xiaoshidai that under the company’s Omni channel layout strategy, the proportion of offline channels is still the largest in Lanhe, and it is “the core and top priority”. Moreover, whether in the brand end, channel end or terminal, sheep milk is still the company’s main product.




According to Euromonitor data, the market scale of infant formula milk powder in China was only 16.2 billion yuan in 2005, and it has reached 175.5 billion yuan by 2019, with a scale growth of more than 10 times and a compound annual growth rate of 18.6%. Tianfeng Securities pointed out that infant formula sheep milk powder, as one of the milk powder subdivision categories, currently only accounts for about 5% of the total infant powder Market in China, with huge market growth potential.

Industry experts believe that with the deepening of consumer awareness of goat milk powder, China’s sheep milk powder market will continue to expand in the future, and the overall scale is expected to be more than 10 billion yuan.

“This year, the goat milk powder market as a whole has maintained a good growth, and the products have moved towards high-end and fine differentiation.” The person in charge of Lanhe said that in view of the new generation of mothers who are more independent and confident, highly receptive to new things, and pay more attention to the changes of consumer group characteristics such as scientific feeding, Lanhe will continue to enrich the sheep milk product line and implement the differentiation strategy.

As early as 2015, Lanhe took the lead in opening up a new category of sheep milk track in infant formula industry, which promoted the development of industry differentiation. Just two years later, Lanhe successively launched spring goat formula, MUAP infant formula milk powder and so on, realizing the multi category layout covering milk, goat milk and sheep milk. In September this year, Lanhe launched sheep milk for children, mothers, whole families and middle-aged and old-age sheep milk for different consumer groups, so as to cover the whole category from infants to the elderly.

In the face of the competition of major dairy enterprises in the sheep milk powder Market in recent years, Lanhe chose to continue to focus on the strategy, vigorously strengthen the investment in scientific research, and continuously improve the product strength. According to the blue river source, the company will also launch organic sheep infant formula, sheep hydrolyzed protein milk powder and other products.

In April this year, Lanhe international goat milk nutrition research center, which integrates the scientific research resources of China, New Zealand and Italy, was launched to carry out multi-dimensional and advanced research on the whole industrial chain, including basic nutrition of goat milk, formula milk powder and innovative raw materials of goat milk, so as to further enhance the R & D strength of the company.

In addition, blue river has another hand in the upstream industry chain. The new factory invested 326 million yuan in Italy has been put into operation this year, further strengthening the company’s leading position in the whole industry chain of goat milk.

At the Lanhe marketing conference just concluded in November, Lanhe comprehensively upgraded its brand power, product force, channel force and organizational force, and released multiple good news, including new brand spokesperson, brand-new product image and terminal image. At the same time, Lanhe dairy business school was officially established at the meeting, and it signed a contract with Peking University to set up a blue river president’s seminar in Peking University to empower the team and partners. We can foresee that the pattern of next year’s blue milk powder will be changed, and we will see whether the competition will be strong or not.

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