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“Classic Wuliangye” new products appear, pay tribute to the new era with excellent quality

“Emei’s reputation is far away, but the restaurant is not big. It’s a husband and wife shop, so visitors can’t sit down. This one wants a bowl of double cooked pork and the other one is a bowl of bean curd. Outsiders don’t know what they want. If they want Sichuan food and are afraid of spicy food, they will treat you to a cup of Wuliangye… “

In the 1980s, with this Sichuan folk song “Emei restaurant”, Yan Weiwen, a famous artist under 30 years old, won the third place in the second national youth TV Grand Prix of CCTV.

Now, 30 years later, recalling the melody at that time, he can still sing a few words. With the popularity of classical music in Dabei, Yan Weiwen has become a household name. His singing has accompanied the growth of a generation. But what few people know is that besides the singer, he has another identity, that is, a wine collector.


He has been engaged in singing art for 50 years and wine collection for 40 years.

Singing and wine hiding are the two things he loves most in his life. Yan Weiwen has achieved the ultimate goal. At the closing ceremony of Wuliangye classic night and new product release of Shangri La Hotel in Guangzhou, Yan Weiwen told his story and emotion with Tibetan wine.




Singing spreads the meaning of truth, goodness and beauty, while in wine collection, it deeply feels the responsibility of inheriting history and culture. In 2008, China hosted the Olympic Games for the first time and won the first gold medals in the world. Yan Weiwen excitedly invited each Olympic gold medal winner to sign his name on the carefully prepared Wuliangye bottle. It may be a unique way for his generation to record this extraordinary historic moment in this way.

“Our generation has great feelings for every bottle of Wuliangye. He has recorded many wonderful things about us.” Yan Weiwen said that whenever he felt tired, the Olympic athletes’ signatures on the bottles would bring him good memories.

Perhaps most Chinese people, like Yan Weiwen, cherish wine culture not only by touching the taste buds, but also by witnessing numerous vivid stories and beautiful moments. When these memory classics, which have been growing up with a generation, become more and more precious after the changes of the times, can we let them return and make the classics more classic?


“Classic Wuliangye” is a recollection of a good time.

“This bottle of Wuliangye reminds me of my childhood and my grandfather. My grandfather is a veteran. He likes to drink a little wine and the next dish of peanuts. Grandfather said that good wine tastes different. It’s more comfortable to look at, smell and drink. Vaguely remember that year was his 70th birthday. His mother and father negotiated to buy a bottle of Wuliangye with the salary of that month, and prepared a table of food. My grandfather’s mouth closed with laughter, and the smell of wine spread around the food on the table Mr. Zhang of Jiangsu said.

The bottle body of “classic Wuliangye” just follows the classic shape of the past – Wuliangye “drum shaped bottle” model version, which was born in the 1960s.


This is a classic unforgettable shape in the hearts of a generation. In the era of material scarcity, people would only take out precious wine to entertain relatives, friends or guests only when there was a big happy event at home, and showed the importance of friendship through “deep feeling and deep feeling”. “Drum shaped bottle” shaped Wuliangye connects people’s memory and emotion, witnesses the change from weak to strong, and also leaves special memories in people’s hearts.

The changes of the times, in sharp contrast to the environment at that time, China’s society has undergone earth shaking changes: material life is extremely rich, per capita income is rising continuously, and the new trend of consumption upgrading is increasingly obvious.

As a result, drinking culture has changed. More and more consumers drink wine not only for the sake of friendship, but also for their own pleasure. The data shows that the overall sales volume of liquor in tmall has increased by 80% compared with two years ago. In addition, as the core pursuit of liquor consumers, product “quality” has been paid more and more attention.

After 40 years of reform and opening up, people’s lives have changed with each passing day. “Classic Wuliangye” comes with the common memories and stories of a generation. It not only pays homage to the times with classics, but also conforms to the trend of consumption upgrading and constantly meets the higher-level needs of consumers. So far, the core product system of Wuliangye will be more perfect, and the grade and identification will be further improved.

Embracing the new era, what kind of exploration has China’s traditional wine industry experienced?


Yibin, located in the three rivers, has a history of more than 4500 years of wine making, and is also known as the “wine capital of China”. Wuliangye originated here.

Thanks to its unique ecological environment and historical background, Wuliangye enjoys a natural advantage in China and even in the world. It adheres to the excellent quality, complies with the trend of consumption upgrading, constantly enriches the product system, and makes Chinese liquor resonate with the concept and demand of consumers.

When thousands of sails have passed, once the youth raise their glasses together, the classic and ultimate aftertaste in memory can still reappear as yesterday, and sincere communication and emotion continue. “Classic Wuliangye” new product release, let the classic come through time and space.


Wuliangye interprets the profound connotation of the continuous evolution and development of China’s liquor culture and wine industry with classic new products. It should not only keep the classics and tradition, but also keep pace with the times, and reach consumers’ hearts with the spirit of innovation and innovation.

Because of this, after the classic Wuliangye new product launch activities were held in Shanghai and Chengdu, the final closing event location in Guangzhou is more significant.

As the forefront of reform and opening up, Guangzhou is not only a deep participant, but also a beneficiary. With innovation as an important gene for development, Guangzhou has become a veritable city of vitality and innovation, leading the development of China’s economy.

Innovation injects the soul into urban development, and it is also the internal driving force for the continuous development of enterprises. In the face of one belt, one road is to promote the new consumption expansion and upgrade the quality of the industry. It is also a national strategy to promote the development of enterprises with high quality requirements. The strategy is to integrate into the “one belt”, the Shuangcheng, Hong Kong and Macao, the Chengdu Chongqing economic zone and other national strategies. “Wuliangye” is a new product.




“Facing the fourteenth five year plan, Wuliangye will rely more on Guangzhou, an open, pioneering and pioneering international platform, with a more open attitude, more innovative thinking and a more forward-looking vision, maintain strategic determination, grasp development opportunities, strengthen national brands and run first-class enterprises.” Wuliangye Group party secretary, chairman Li Shuguang said.

In the future, Wuliangye will continue to keep its original intention and forge ahead with innovation. Tell the story of the inheritance and innovation of Chinese liquor to the world, pay homage to the times with classic products, and satisfy people’s yearning for a better life.

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