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In addition, we can also cut into the Isee double 11 fashion recommendation list “part 2”

adheres to the original intention of “let good products be seen by more people”, the Isee double 11 Chaowei recommendation list launched by foodaily witnessed China’s food innovation together with the industry during the double 11, and promoted the outstanding innovative brands / products in the industry into the vision of consumers.
At the end of October, at the time of the double 11 National Congress of major e-commerce platforms, foodaily announced

1. Chocolate cereal

Kalobi is Japan’s largest leisure food listed company, headquartered in Chiyoda District, Tokyo, founded in 1949. The most familiar and favorite products of Chinese consumers are Hokkaido three brothers of French fries and breakfast cereal. In 1988, kalobi began to develop cereal products. In 1991, it launched fruit cereal. In 2009, it introduced fruit cereal and yogurt. In 2017, it officially entered China and continuously developed new flavors.

By 2019, kalobi has already occupied 60.9% of the Japanese cereal market share, and its potato, corn and wheat leisure foods also occupy the first place in Japan. In 2019, kalobi’s sales volume will reach 255.9 billion yen, making it a well deserved leisure food giant in Japan.
On the Isee’s double 11 recommendation list, kalobi chocolate cereal was launched in May this year.
Non fried, healthy baking process

The product is not fried and is made by healthy baking process. After baking, it can fully stimulate the fragrance of grains, and some grains will expand when heated to create a delicious taste. It is easy to digest and reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines.

The ingredients are carefully matched and rich in dietary fiber

Coconut meat, oats, rye flour, wheat, rice, corn flour The product is rich in 8 kinds of vitamins, 5 kinds of grains and 1 kind of dried fruit. The dietary fiber content of 50g per meal is about equal to the dietary fiber content of 4 bananas.

Grains of cereal evenly wrapped in rich chocolate

Open the bag and eat it directly. Every cereal can feel the mellow aroma of chocolate, and the taste is delicious. It is very popular among consumers.

2. Macadamia seed yogurt peach fruit cereal
As a product of tmall V list, Haomai duoqia fruit cereal occupies the first place in the brand preference of Qia seed fruit cereal. Use Guan Xiaotong and song Weilong as spokesmen to attract young consumers. In terms of quality, it pursues healthy nutrition, with “Chinese dietary guide” as the core guidance, low calorie and scientific nutrition ratio as the core, becoming the best choice for breakfast and meal substitute. It can be eaten dry, mixed with yogurt, added with milk, and salad.

Dry grain and Qia seed mix, healthy, nutritious and delicious
Chia seed is added to the cereal. As a non-water-soluble dietary fiber, Chia seed expands after absorbing water to help consumers feel full, slow down the digestion speed, and make blood glucose and insulin more stable. It can provide 40% dietary fiber per 100g for adults.
It contains peach flavor, peach flavor and fresh wheat slice. In addition to the delicious freeze-dried white peach, there are six kinds of fruits such as dried cranberry and strawberry, and six kinds of cereals such as pumpkin seed kernel and rye. In addition, there are fresh yellow peach yogurt freeze-dried made of large pieces of yellow peach yogurt, sweet and sour crisp, provide lactic acid bacteria.
Ready to eat, flexible packaging is more convenient
Good wheat Kwai oats open bags for 3 seconds to eat, is a good breakfast for the office workers and students’ party. And the good MAC company recommends opening the bag and eating a spoon dry to feel its crispy taste. The flexible packaging of cereal is more convenient and fast, and can be opened and closed many times.
3. Olive nut embrace
In 1996, Oreo traveled across the sea to China. The classic “twist, lick, bubble” eating method is widely spread among consumers. Now 108 years old, Oreo can be said to be the most fun cookies.
After a hundred years of trials and tribulations, Oreo still has strong vitality with the courage and toughness of self innovation and evolution in the unpredictable business environment.
In September 2020, Oreo aims at the growing nut Market and explores the opportunities for flavor nuts. It introduces a new “Oreo nut hugging” – a product composed of mini Oreo and flavored dried nuts.
Nuts meet Oreo, crisp and nutritious
The product is composed of mini Oreo biscuits, walnuts, cashew nuts, banana slices, almond and coconut slices, which are crisp, delicious and nutritious.
Honey Cheese & yogurt berry, trend and taste
Sweet honey meets rich cheese, rich yogurt with fresh strawberries, mini Oreo and two flavors of nuts are perfectly matched.
Honey can shape bag, portable and easy to tear, delicious at any time to enjoy
Echoing the flavor of honey and cheese, the honey can bag with bright yellow and bright powder is lovely and portable. The opening of the jar is easy to tear. Breakfast, afternoon and class break can open a pleasant moment at any time.
4. Mixed noodles with pickled vegetables
Dazuo is a new takeout brand established in November 2018. The “takeout” mode of “takeout” is launched for customers by providing a “take out” solution for customers.
According to Yiguan’s “annual comprehensive analysis report of Internet catering takeout market in 2019”, the active users of catering takeout in 2019 keep rising trend, and the annual growth rate of the field is as high as 39%. From the perspective of catering takeout market segments, young white-collar users are still the main trading body, and the “lonely economy” under the one-man meal scenario is surging. In the face of changes in the catering market, many brands are changing.
High quality low salt mustard
Selected from the south of the Yangtze River Plain, the pressed vegetable head is large, with less crude fiber and crisp and tender meat. Remove the old skin and tendons of pickled mustard, and ferment by hand. The taste is crisp and tender. The salt content of aromatic core mustard is less than 6%, which is lower than the salt content of common mustard on the market. It is a fresh mustard that can be eaten empty.
Individually packaged, ready to eat
It adopts 30g independent small package, which can be put into pocket and bag. One bag is just right for one meal. It is ready to eat when opened. It is clean and does not dirty hands.
Simple and versatile food
There are various matching scenes, such as picnics, appetizers, snacks and so on, which are all edible scenes of aromatic mustard; with rice, porridge, steamed bread and other simple ingredients, the food flavor is increased.
1. Yongpu flash coffee / black tea concentrate
Although the coffee market is gradually subdivided, and the competition among high-quality instant coffee, coffee liquid and ready to drink coffee is also very fierce, with the improvement of consumer education in the current market, the coffee track still has great imagination.
Founded in 2014, yongpu coffee has focused on portable high-quality coffee products since its inception, and has its own coffee industry chain. It is the first brand in China to launch portable cold extract coffee liquid and flash coffee concentrate. Yongpu takes cross-border cooperation as a contact point to connect people’s taste of life, and has been involved in fashion products, lifestyle, film and TV dramas, food and travel. Yongpu’s total sales volume of this year’s double 11 reached 20.94 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of more than 1000%, becoming the top 1 in the category of tmall coffee
The espresso coffee / black tea concentrate, which has entered the Isee double 11 Chaowei recommendation list, sold 370000 boxes during the double 11.
New flash black technology to retain the best flavor of coffee
This year’s beverage industry has also emerged a lot of rookies. Yongpu’s room temperature flash coffee liquid, once launched, has been widely praised. Flash extraction, as a new coffee liquid extraction technology, can lock freshness instantly, minimize the occurrence of oxidation reaction and retain the best flavor of coffee. Only 4-5 coffee products have been used in the world.
The latest black technology adopted by yongpu is very expensive to import from Japan. In Japan, only Suntory boss coffee uses flash extraction technology. The retail price of a can of flash black coffee in Japan is close to 20 yuan.
Zero sugar, zero fat, multi taste and multi category pursuit
There are three kinds of green tea on sale. The first is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans. It is 0 sucrose and 0 fat. It is very delicious with water / milk / oat milk.
The second kind of hazelnut flavor black coffee is micro sugar, 0 fat, this black coffee has a sense of happiness, hazelnut flavor and slightly sweet mellow coffee wonderful combination, with dairy products, more suitable for people who can not bear the bitter taste and like dairy products.
The third flash product is Earl Black tea, which is also the favorite 0 sucrose and 0 fat. This flash tea is made of high-quality Ceylon black tea with the aroma of bergamot. Add water and milk are suitable, add water is refreshing British Earl Black tea, add milk is sugar free healthy British milk tea.
Dissolve in 1 second, easy access to quality coffee
Yongpu sparkling coffee is small, lovely and easy to carry. This packaging form gives yongpu flash extract multi scene application mode, and the characteristics of dissolving in one second, so that people can easily enjoy the sparkling coffee anytime and anywhere, and provide a good consumer experience.
2. Tongyi left bank Cafe
In his “confession balloon”, Jay Chou sang “coffee on the Bank of Seine, on the left bank, one cup in each hand, and taste your beauty”. In a few short sentences, he expressed the languid and romantic atmosphere of walking in the streets of Paris.
In fact, the cafe on the left bank of Tongyi has the same effect. This brand was born in 1996 and has been popular in Taiwan for more than 20 years because it is not only an ordinary instant coffee brand with refreshing function, but also a spiritual culture and lifestyle representing French romance and literature and art. With its high-quality products and popular creative marketing, the “left bank cafe” has built a unique brand for consumers The ideal French cafe for everyone.
According to the data published by Frost & Sullivan, China’s coffee market grew by 20.2% in 2017 and reached 31.1% in 2018. In order to speed up the layout of the domestic coffee market and seize the relatively small number of ready to drink coffee track, the brand of left bank coffee shop was brought to the mainland in 2019, and two low-temperature refrigerated products, French style Oulai coffee and latte coffee, were launched.
In order to achieve a better taste, the product uses more than 50% of fresh raw milk with Colombian coffee beans. The mellow coffee and rich milk fragrance are perfectly integrated, and the French romance is enjoyed in 21 days. This product has won the silver award of beverage comprehensive innovation award in 2020 Isee Food Innovation Award.

3. Lan Fang Yuan Hong Kong Style mandarin duck milk tea
Founded in 1952, lanfangyuan is the ancestor of Hong Kong style milk tea, representing the highest level of Hong Kong style milk tea. In 2014, the production technology of Hong Kong style milk tea was listed as Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage, with LAN Fangyuan as its representative. 68 years ago, Mr. Lin Lin He, the founder of lanfangyuan, first created Yuanyang milk tea. He developed a unique formula of coffee and milk tea, which made it have the mellow coffee and the rich milk tea.
Healthy and refreshing, convenient and quick
Different from functional drinks and strong coffee, Lan Fang Yuan Hong Kong Style mandarin duck, coffee + milk tea, refreshing more delicious, it neutralizes the hot and dry coffee and the temperature and cool of black tea, can reduce the stimulation of caffeine on the human body, and truly achieve health and refreshing. The instant milk tea is convenient and quick without brewing, and can be drunk at any time. It has become an essential and refreshing product for young people in office and leisure.
High quality raw materials, rich taste
Lanfangyuan Hong Kong Style mandarin duck, the selection of Arabica coffee raw beans, through baking, grinding, extraction, aroma recovery, etc., through 11 processes, retain the original aroma of coffee, match with imported black tea and milk source, inherit the 68 year LAN Fangyuan exclusive formula, make coffee flavor, tea flavor, milk flavor wonderful fusion, each mouthful is the special flavor of silk stockings milk tea bumping into mellow coffee, The taste is rich and the aftertaste is endless.

International recognition of high-end quality, create confidence in domestic products with ingenuity
As a high-end milk tea brand, lanfangyuan won the world quality evaluation conference (Monde) in 2019 and 2020, which is known as “the Nobel Prize in food industry” for its unique taste, rigorous technology, excellent technology and exquisite packaging In May 2020, lanfangyuan won the “top delicious Medal” in the international flavor and quality assessment institute (itqi), which is known as the “Oscar” in the global food industry and Michelin Guide in the food industry. It is worth mentioning that this is the highest award of itqi in China in 2020. Lanfangyuan milk tea quality has been recognized by all countries in the world, highlighting Chinese quality, highlighting China’s self-confidence and transmitting China’s strength.
4. Flavored multi grain grain grain milk drink
Weiquan dairy products are positioned as high-end, fresh and high-quality dairy products. It is committed to the cultivation and promotion of low-temperature dairy products. Behind the brand, R & D innovation and supply chain high-quality control are invested.
Raw milk + whole grain, nutrition 1 + 1
High quality milk and New Zealand milk were selected to supplement high-quality protein; mellow milk and coarse grain were carefully mixed and rich in dietary fiber. Every oats is a whole grain. Whole grain refers to the grain which retains the husk, aleurone layer, endosperm, grain embryo and natural nutrients. Every 100g oats contains 10.6g dietary fiber, which helps to maintain normal intestinal function, stable daily intake and reduce the burden on the body. Milk contains several whole grains, which can keep oats complete nutrition.

Original double frequency cooking technology to retain full oat grains
The development and listing of Weiquan multi grain grain grain milk beverage is not only the innovation of milk beverage industry, but also the innovation of low-temperature dairy products. Weiquanduo grain milk drink has been researched and developed for five years by Weiquan. It is an original “dual frequency cooking technology” technology. It retains full oat grains and adds them to fresh milk. It allows consumers to supplement milk nutrition and absorb whole grain nutrition from oats at the same time.
Double taste, delicious and multi-level enjoyment
Oats, grains and milk are all whole grains, which can be chewed by Q shells; purple rice, red beans, milk, glutinous rice, soft glutinous rice, red beans, q-balls. At breakfast or lunch break every day, the milk drink with rich grains will make the nutrition of milk more balanced. After coming into the market, it has become a net red q-shell grain dairy. In 2020, it won the international flavor medal and the delicious three-star Medal of the international flavor evaluation Institute.
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