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Nestle launched the rash project. Red Bull of Austria made a net profit of 818 million euro last year. Nessler Pro came on the stage. The “aunt Shanghai” raised nearly 100 million yuan in a round of financing. CEO Danone stressed the importance of profitability

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华润资本与AFF拟收购City Super股权(市场监管总局)


Yesterday, the General Administration of Market Supervision announced the acquisition of shares of City Super (BVI) Limited (CSG) by China Resources Capital and Asia Food growth I fresh Limited (AFF). According to the document, CSG is mainly engaged in supermarket business and fashion life shop business, of which the supermarket brand is city ‘super and the fashion life store brand is log-on. After the completion of the transaction, crfc and aff will hold 45% and 20% shares of CSG respectively, becoming the first and second largest shareholder of CSG.

Red Bull Austria made a net profit of 818m last year

According to foreign news yesterday, according to a document with the Austrian company registration department, the net profit of red bull of Austria increased by 10% last year to 818 million euro, and the revenue increased by 8.6%. To this end, Dietrich metschutz, the company’s founder, and the Xu Shubiao family in Thailand received a dividend of 554 million euros. In addition, according to the document, the number of employees in the company will be reduced to 119 in 2019 from 160 the previous year.


Kirin denies selling LDD to Baijia cheese (Beijing News)


According to Beijing news today, it was reported that Kirin intends to sell its Australian Dairy & drinks company, lion dairy & drinks, to Bega cheese. In this regard, Japan’s Kirin company announced on November 24 that the above information was not released by the company. Baijia cheese is only one of the potential buyers, and no decision has been reached on the sale. Last year, Mengniu announced that it planned to buy all shares of LDD from Japan’s Kirin company for a $600 million, but later said it could not reach a termination agreement because of a transaction precondition.


New store type “Naixue Pro” (people’s information)


Today, the new tea brand “Naixue Pro”, a brand-new tea brand, was officially unveiled in Shenzhen, and “double stores” were opened in Nanshan Jindi science and Technology Park and Futian Tian’an digital city. Naixue Pro is also the fourth type of shop after Naixue’s tea, Naixue restaurant and Naixue dream factory. According to the tea related person in charge of Naixue, different from the previous Naixue stores, which are mainly located in high-end business circles, Naixue Pro will concentrate on the first tier cities and settle in business office areas and high-density communities. It is reported that Nessler Pro products are upgraded to four modules: coffee, tea, light baking and snack retail. In the next step, Nessler Pro will expand from Shenzhen to the whole country, and will open successively in Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Xi’an, etc.


With a total investment of 350 million yuan, junle baojunchang dairy has been completed and put into full operation (Tangshan Municipal People’s Government)


According to the official website of Tangshan Municipal People’s government, Fengnan District guided key dairy enterprises to develop fresh milk, whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder, focusing on the development of high-end products such as infant formula milk powder. At present, the project of JUNLEBAO dairy group Junchang Dairy Co., Ltd., covering an area of 100 mu and a total investment of 350 million yuan, has been completed and put into operation. On this basis, Fengnan District encourages and supports JUNLEBAO dairy industry to build dairy farms, purchase local milk sources, and promote the development of deep processing of dairy industry.

One batch of Viagra children’s growth formula was not allowed to enter the territory (General Administration of Customs)


According to the information of the imported milk powder of aiweijia in January 2020, the reason why the imported milk powder of aiweijia Group Co., Ltd. was not allowed to enter the country in January, 2020 was not released by aiweijia.


Danone CEO denies damage from restructuring and cost cutting (Financial Times)


According to Financial Times news yesterday, Danone CEO fan Yimou said in an interview that the new profit margin target was the most ambitious target in the company’s history, but admitted that in the face of the volatility caused by the epidemic, some investors may not believe it. In addition, he refutes the idea that restructuring and cost cutting can be disruptive, saying that “the team doing this has a good track record in executing such projects, which does not affect performance, and we have a strong, in place process.”

Danone CEO says protecting the company’s profitability is the most fundamental task (AFP)

Today, Danone CEO fan Yimou said that the company’s profit is an investment in the future. If the company and its competitors are never synchronized, they can do better one day, and this is about survival. He said that protecting the company’s profitability is the most basic task, stressing that compared with losing one’s job, he was more afraid that he did not do well enough. As for whether there is the possibility of acquisition, he pointed out that this is only a rumor that has existed for many years.


Liquor stocks continued to fall, and highland barley liquor fell more than 9% in the early trading (China Securities Journal)


Early today, liquor stocks continued to fall. Wind data showed that as of 10:10, the wind liquor index fell by 3.95%, highland barley wine and Jinhui liquor fell by more than 9%, and Laobaigan liquor fell by more than 7%.


Daiwa reduces Budweiser Asia Pacific earnings forecast by 6% to 7% in the next two years (Caihua)


According to today’s Caihua news agency, Daiwa released a report that the mainland and South Korea had increased diagnosis, putting pressure on beer demand. Due to the lack of short-term stimulus, the bank lowered its net profit forecast of Budweiser Asia Pacific by 6% to 7% in the next two years, with a target price of HK $27 and a rating downgraded to hold.


Tea chain “shanghai auntie” has completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan, with more than 2000 stores across the country (company news)


Today, the tea chain brand “Auntie Shanghai” announced that it has recently completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing is exclusively invested by Jiayu fund, and Taihe capital is the exclusive financial consultant. Shan Weijun, the founder of “aunt Shanghai”, said that the financing funds in this round will be mainly used to deepen the supply chain and create core brand barriers. “Shanghai auntie” focuses on five grain tea, mainly for young consumers in the second, third and fourth tier cities. At present, the brand has opened more than 2000 stores in more than 300 cities across the country, with annual sales of more than 100 million cups.


Ten billion beer project settled in Enping, Jiangmen (Jiangmen daily)


Yesterday, the 2020 Enping investment promotion meeting sponsored by Enping Municipal People’s government was successfully held. Among the projects signed on site, Heidelberg craft beer production project and beer town project with a total investment of 11 billion yuan are particularly attractive. It is reported that the two projects are invested and constructed by Kellenberger (Germany) beverage Co., Ltd. among them, Heidelberg craft beer production project plans to invest 150 million euro to build a production line of 300000 tons of Heidelberg craft beer; the beer town project plans to invest 10 billion yuan to build a beer museum, performance center, beer Square, international bilingual school, etc.


Bubs: any country will set up “barriers” and don’t think China manipulates the market


Dennis Lin, executive chairman of the high-end brand of Australian infant and goat milk powder and complementary food, said in response to a shareholder’s question on Monday that he did not think that China manipulated the market and damaged the interests of Australian companies, according to the Australian newspaper quoted by Australia China finance online today. He believes that any country will set up “barriers.”. Lin said that whether in Australia, New Zealand, China or other countries, the business of bubs will face obstacles, some from the market and some from regulation. China is the most important market for bubs, and 21% of its revenue comes from China.


Liangpinpu plans to establish a joint venture with general manager Yang yinfen to develop and operate a new sub brand company (Zhitong finance and Economics)


Liangpin shop announced yesterday that it plans to jointly set up Ningbo sauce stew uncle enterprise management partnership (limited partnership) with Yang yinfen, director and general manager of the company, respectively, of 999000 yuan and 11000 yuan (total investment of 1 million yuan) (the name of the enterprise is tentative, and the actual business license shall prevail). The company said it plans to set up a new holding subsidiary in the future, namely liangpinpu sub brand company, which will operate independently and conduct independent accounting. In order to develop and operate the new sub brand and improve the equity structure of the sub brand company, the company plans to jointly invest with Yang yinfen to set up a new limited partnership, which will jointly invest with the company and other investors to set up liangpinpu sub brand company.


Diageo CEO says company wants to acquire more high end brands (CNBC)


Diageo hopes to buy more high-end brands in recent months after buying spirits companies in the US and UK, foreign media reported yesterday. Ivan Menezes, its chief executive, said the acquisition strategy was driven by people drinking “better, not more,” and that the trend had been stable during the outbreak. He added that the company’s China business is now almost back to normal. Yesterday, Diageo also announced its sustainable development goals for the next decade, including achieving zero carbon emissions in its direct operations by 2030 and reducing water use for its products by 30%.


American Meat giant Tyson launches vegan food and living in Europe


According to foreign media yesterday, raised & rooted, a plant-based brand launched by Tyson food last year, is entering European markets, such as the UK. According to reports, raised & rooted series is made of broad bean protein, including chicken nuggets. The series will be launched in the UK catering service channel first, and is planned to be launched in retail channel in the near future.


Nestle launches rash project to study the effect of moderate hydrolyzed protein formula on infant skin barrier function (company news)


Recently, Nestle has launched a new clinical study called rash. The formula used is Nestle’s first moderately hydrolyzed formula on the market in China. Yang Yantao, director of medical and scientific affairs of infant nutrition business unit of Nestle (China) Co., Ltd., said: “this newly launched rash study is the first clinical study in China on the effect of moderately hydrolyzed protein formula on infant skin barrier function”, which can not only consolidate and strengthen the evidence of Nestle moderately hydrolyzed whey protein formula in preventing ad, We can also provide clinical research evidence different from other brands from different angles. “


China flying crane becomes official partner of “chang’e-5” infant formula food (company news)


Today, China’s lunar exploration project chang’e-5 has been successfully launched at Wenchang space launch site. At the same time, China flying crane announced to be the official partner of “chang’e-5” infant formula. It is reported that the center for lunar exploration and space engineering of the National Space Administration and China’s flying crane have jointly launched a series of public welfare activities of “listening to flying cranes tell the story of the moon”.


Quick reading of food industry information



Jiangxi province organizes special food system inspection (Jiangxi market supervision bureau)


According to the official website of Jiangxi Province, three experts were appointed to inspect the production system of infant milk powder in Jiangxi Province on December 12. In the process of inspection, Nanchang Municipal Bureau requires the relevant inspected enterprises to attach great importance to the business, objectively understand and treat the inspection results, draw inferences from one instance, conscientiously carry out self inspection and rectification, formulate rectification scheme for potential risks in time, and fully implement the main responsibility of food safety enterprises.


Liquor is popular among young Chinese consumers (cgtn)


According to cgtn yesterday, tmall data showed that half of the spirits sold on the platform were purchased by consumers aged 18-29. As to why young consumers are more interested in spirits, there are suggestions that social media may help, while others say that the idea of trying new and modern things is driving demand growth. Global data, a consultancy, predicts that China’s alcoholic beverage market will reach $450 billion in 2021, accounting for 47% of global consumption.


China Turkey dairy cooperation promotion activity successfully held (Ministry of agriculture and rural)


According to the official website of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas yesterday, on September 16, the foreign economic cooperation center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the Commercial Counselor’s office of the Turkish Embassy in China jointly organized the China Turkey dairy cooperation promotion activity, which is an important enterprise communication platform built after China opened the dairy import market to Turkey in May this year. On the same day, all 54 Turkish enterprises with export qualification attended the meeting online, and more than 40 well-known Chinese dairy enterprises and dairy products trading companies participated in the docking. After the meeting, the organizers set up a wechat group of participating enterprises to facilitate the rapid development of bilateral investment consultation.


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