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Fighting for 100 billion new tea market in China

What will be the next powerful growth engine of the new tea market after breaking through the 100 billion scale?


Today, new tea brand Naixue’s tea (hereinafter referred to as “Naixue”) and cbndata jointly released the “2020 new tea white paper” (hereinafter referred to as “white paper”) in Shanghai. According to the white paper, by the end of 2020, the scale of the new tea market is expected to reach 102 billion yuan. This market has entered the digital 3.0 stage, and digitalization has become the “just needed equipment” for new tea drinks.

As the head of the brand, Naixue also showed a new way to play. Xiaoshidai noticed that He Gang, the chief technical officer of Nessler, who took office in August this year, made his first public appearance and introduced the new changes in the digital transformation of the company.


Now, let’s take a look at them one by one.




In the post epidemic period, new tea has become one of the fastest returning markets in the catering industry.


According to the wechat big data quoted in the above white paper, since March, consumers have started “compensatory consumption”, and the number of small programs for tea has increased by 744% month on month, far higher than that of snacks, desserts and fast food.


The epidemic has also accelerated the growth of more convenient and safe online orders. According to the white paper, 54% of consumers choose to buy new tea through online channels. Compared with 2019, the proportion of online orders for new tea drinks increased by nearly 20%. “Shortening the waiting time and no contact are the main reasons why consumers choose to order online.”.


Facing the huge data brought by online orders, many new tea enterprises have accelerated the pace of digital transformation.

“Consumers’ changes in channels are actually an important factor in boosting the digital transformation of our enterprises. We said that the epidemic has pressed the pause button for many people and objects, but it has stepped on the accelerator for the flow of data. ” Liu Yixuan, chief data analyst of cbndata food and beverage industry, said at the scene.


Talking about how digitalization can “arm” the new tea brand, she elaborated from the aspects of management, supply chain and member operation.


As far as management is concerned, Liu Yixuan pointed out that digitalization is the reset of the “people’s and goods yard” of new tea. She says numbers can help understand consumer preferences and develop products that consumers really like. In addition, new tea brands can also rely on big data to open stores and improve the efficiency and efficiency of store location.

In the supply chain, she takes the example of Naixue, which has its own supply chain, as an example. Digitalization can help different stores match better materials, and make use of the integration of warehouse management to ensure the freshness of raw materials.


As for the operation of members, Liu Yixuan proposed that the new tea can be used for fine operation of members through digitization, so as to improve the repurchase rate and stickiness of members. “We also found that through digital operation, the repurchase rate of Nessler members increased by more than 81% compared with the same period last year.”.

According to the above-mentioned white paper, Nessler started to build its membership system at the end of 2019. Through the functions of member points, member stored value discount, member voucher package, Nessler e-card, and order making, the whole membership system forms a closed loop. Up to now, the membership number of both Naixue and Xicha has exceeded 30 million.


Liu Yixuan said that after the outbreak of the epidemic this year, new tea brands have invested more energy in digital transformation, including operating their own membership system, online digital marketing and building a digital supply chain. “We can see that the new tea brands in the head have basically set up their own digital teams, and the number of digital teams of Naixue and Xicha has exceeded 100.” She said.


New changes


In the post epidemic period, digitization has become the key to brand recovery.


Naixue is no exception. When communicating with Pan Pan Pan, the investment management partner of Naixue investor Tiantu in August this year, he once told xiaoshidai that after the epidemic, the company with brand power and good digitalization will recover well, and its advantages will be magnified. He also revealed that Naixue’s sales recovery is very good, “even has begun to grow year-on-year.”.


For this new type of tea, digital will undoubtedly play a key role for a long time. In this regard, a clear signal from Nesher is the creation of a new chief technology officer.

Prior to that, He Gang will officially become its chief technology officer in August this year, and said that “He Gang has excellent resume and rich management experience in the field of technology”. According to public information, He Gang is the former chief technology officer of Ruixing coffee. He was the vice president of technology and chief scientist of Jingdong Mall, the co CEO of Sheng Dayun, and the technical director of Amazon cloud computing project. In May this year, foreign media reported that He Gang resigned from Ruixing for personal reasons, and he did not participate in the financial fraud incident previously disclosed by Ruixing.

He Gang, chief technical officer of tea of Naixue


At today’s event, He Gang also made his first public appearance after taking office. Xiaoshidai learned at the scene that one of the important changes that took place in Naixue after he joined was that the digital transformation gradually got rid of the dependence on the third party.


“We used to rely on third-party suppliers to help us with digital transformation, but for enterprises of our scale and with great dreams, we must grasp the system in our own hands.” He Gang said at the meeting, “if the information system is not good, the technical system is not good, it will hinder business development. But if done well, it can actually drive the business. “


According to reports, Naixue has established a set of information system independently developed by itself, and has been used in the newly opened “Naixue Pro” store not long ago. Compared with ordinary stores, the products and consumption scenarios of Nessler Pro are more diversified.

“In support of Nessler pro, we upgraded the entire end-to-end information system. From the user’s connection end, app, applet, membership system, card and voucher system, members can interact with us more conveniently. From making meals in the store to the middle of the supply chain, from purchasing raw materials to sending raw materials to stores, we can ensure that our stores have raw materials to produce customers’ drinks and baking products. ” He Gang said.


At the level of stores directly facing consumers, he added that the advantages of the self-developed system include faster product production, more standard product production and smoother store experience.


Taking Pro store experience as an example, He Gang introduced that Naixue has made a lot of investment in store it equipment, and can provide better dining experience in the store through self-developed system. “For example, when you go to the store, you should show the number on your mobile phone to the clerk, and then the clerk will find you your drink. Now the user can take the meal code and sweep it at the mouth to pick up the meal. ” He said.

In the future, Naixue Pro will realize automatic process and mechanized operation, and produce more standard products, so that users can drink more quickly.


Looking forward to the future of digital work, Naixue said that the next step will continue to deepen the digital construction with digital management as the core, covering the supply chain, store operation, brand marketing, online channels and digital driving of products.

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