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Pushing 20000 new products a year, HEMA has become a fast fashion company?


With 20000 new products a year, what “secret weapon” does HEMA have?


Recently, many people have fallen in love with horse juice. This is a kind of experiential compound seasoning. Just wash and boil the ingredients and soak them. A delicious dish will come out of the oven.

“It’s a blockbuster. It’s for grabbing.” One HEMA user said.

This is true. The world’s online business reporters found that three cold bubble juice, two have been out of stock, the remaining one is only a small amount of inventory.

2020 is the fifth year that HEMA insists on “ask for flow of commodities and efficiency of supply chain”. Commodity power has increasingly become the core competitiveness of HEMA.

Since this year, HEMA has launched more than 20000 new products, of which more than 6000 are HEMA’s own brand products, and the iteration speed of new products is 3-4 times faster than that of the industry. Cold sauce, just one of them.

“Today, what consumers buy in HEMA is not vegetables, but a fashionable lifestyle.” On December 2, HEMA Xiansheng held the third new spare parts supply conference in Shanghai. Zhao Jiayu, the national general manager of HEMA commodity purchasing and marketing, said that in the post epidemic era, “fast” and “fashion” have become the key factors for HEMA to build its commodity strength.

How fast is the box horse?

HEMA’s own brand products include those belonging to HEMA’s own brand, as well as products specially developed and sold by partners for HEMA.

Since the launch of specific Wuchang rice in 2016, hemala opened the prelude of its own commodities. Since then, HEMA has created a series of products such as HEMA blue label, HEMA workshop, HEMA rixian, HEMA gold label and HEMA black label from three dimensions: three meals a day, high-quality fresh food and global scarce goods.

After five years of development, now HEMA’s own goods have become a scale, more amazing is the efficiency. “Our new product R & D landing speed is about 3-4 times faster than the industry.” Zhao Jiayu said.

Take the HEMA workshop, which specializes in fresh food, as an example. More than 30 kinds of cooked food, pastry and semi-finished dishes are updated every 25-30 days. In spring, it sells green Tuan, in summer, it sells stewed grains, in autumn, it sells pork tripe and chicken hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot Since January this year, more than 1400 products have been launched nationwide.

“HEMA is building products with fast fashion thinking, which requires rapid iteration, continuous innovation and leading the trend.” In Zhao Jiayu’s view, “fast fashion” thinking is the subversion of traditional commodity thinking system and the deconstruction and reconstruction of the industry.

“Traditional retailing is often inefficient in R & D and slow to update. Due to the lack of support from digital tools, it is difficult to grasp the latest market trends and consumer preferences, and can not quickly analyze user needs and develop new products. This leads consumers to enter the traditional supermarket and see the same products for thousands of years, so it is difficult to have a sense of surprise Zhao Jiayu said.

However, HEMA can quickly find the market trend through data, analyze the needs of consumers and even actively create demand. Then, through the joint efforts of the R & D team and partners, HEMA can quickly spread fermentation on the consumer side and enter the vision of target consumers.

Under the operation of this mechanism, the new speed of HEMA push has been accelerating. Since this year, HEMA has launched more than 20000 new products.

Net popular model making machine

It’s not enough to be fast. It needs fashion.

On the shelves of boxed horses, the most important thing is “wanghong” — qingtuan, strawberry milk, hairy crab moon cake with big brain opening, and bottled rice As soon as these new products were launched, they sold well.

Online hot money is often unusual, such as bottled rice, which is often packed in 5kg and “shrunk” to 300g and sold for 7.8 yuan.

In Zhao Jiayu’s view, behind the pop money seems to be accidental, but it is inevitable: “box horse is like making rice like milk.”

Based on big data insight, HEMA purchasing and marketing team found that consumers pay special attention to the freshness, variety, production area and storage method of rice. How to make rice easy to store without losing freshness? How to make good rice into good rice so that everyone can eat it?

The purchasing and marketing team went deep into the core production areas of domestic rice, found the best quality rice, and made a nearly “revolutionary” adjustment to the production, supply and marketing link. As a result, “bottled rice” – 8-hour shelling, 24-hour canning, and 48-hour delivery to the store; the filling equipment of the beverage factory was used in the rice industry, fresh milling and selling; the packaging became smaller and smaller, from “slimming” of 5kg to 300g One bottle; consumers will buy bottled rice home, according to one bottle of rice, two bottles of water method configuration, can meet the staple food needs of three people.

“For consumers, these products mean a fashionable attitude towards life. We have driven the trend of the whole industry, and also made some expansion and attempt to let the industry follow the trend. ” Mr Zhao said.

Attempts are ongoing. For example, after the outbreak of the epidemic, consumers paid special attention to the health of food materials, and HEMA launched organic fresh series. For example, HEMA and its partner Xinfeida (Shandong) Food Co., Ltd. jointly created the “1 sauce into vegetable” cold bubble juice series, including HEMA passion fruit lemon cold bubble juice seasoning, HEMA sesame oil cold bubble juice seasoning, HEMA plum flower carving cold bubble juice seasoning It is very popular in May this year.

With the fast fashion method, HEMA has built a huge private brand commodity system, which basically covers the daily, improved and extreme consumer demand. For example, HEMA blue label, HEMA workshop, hemari fresh mainly meet the daily life of the public, while imperial fresh food, which mainly focuses on imported food, is oriented to the people who pursue high quality.

On the basis of last year, the construction of HEMA’s private brand products has become more and more mature and the speed has been accelerated. This year, the number of products increased by nearly 40% compared with the same period last year. In the newly opened x member store, the proportion of private brand + exclusive goods has exceeded 50%.

Industry “troublemaker”

Behind the rapid development of new products and many popular products, is the new zero supply relationship constructed by HEMA.

In 2018, HEMA announced that it would not charge its partners any entrance fee, promotion fee, new product fee and other channel fees in traditional retail industry. HEMA’s partners can only focus on developing and producing good products.

Houyi, CEO of HEMA, believes that commodity power is the most concerned by consumers and the biggest competitiveness of retail. HEMA hopes to change the current situation that retail goods and services are dominated by suppliers. Instead, HEMA adopts the buyer system based on consumer demand, insisting on quality first and freshness first.

Taking bottled rice as an example, in the rice industry in the past, blending, mixing, origin certification confusion, uneven quality levels, difficult to identify and other chaotic phenomena emerge one after another. However, 300 g bottled rice is now milled and sold, which directly challenges the “hidden rules” of the industry.

On the planting side, HEMA also broke many stereotypes. Support the transformation of traditional rice planting enterprises to manufacturing enterprises, directional sowing, promise to harvest, and provide certain channels, greatly alleviating the dilemma of “farmers dare not plant, factories dare not plant, channels dare not connect” in the past.

On the consumer side, HEMA only sells fresh grain in the current season, and uses small packaging to change consumer habits and pull the post-90s back into the kitchen.

In this process, HEMA has subverted the traditional relationship between supermarkets and suppliers.

“We are not going to produce our own products behind closed doors, but to create an open platform and advocate co creation and cooperation with brand makers and manufacturers. It is not to squeeze the price space of traditional brands in HEMA, but the process of symbiosis and co prosperity. ” He ma commodity purchasing and marketing vice general manager Xiao Lu said.

Meixian laoqinren Food Co., Ltd. is the supplier of HEMA hand-made hollow noodles. Ren Jian, chairman of the company, said that to make a bowl of healthy hand-made noodles is his original intention of starting a business. But when he opened the door of Shangchao with hand-made noodles, the channel fees and activity fees were staggering. Later, Lao Qin became the supplier of HEMA, and the only requirement of the latter was to focus on product development.

This surprised Ren Jian, feeling that he had found a “fellow traveler.”. With the support and requirements of HEMA, the production capacity of Renjian factory has increased from 40 kg to 200 kg per day, and the sales volume has jumped from 1 million to 10 million. The factory, which had been struggling on the survival line, survived.

But not all production enterprises can become HEMA’s “fellow travelers”. Zhao Jiayu said that to look for suppliers with the same three outlooks like a lover, both sides should keep their original intention and pursuit, dare to challenge and innovate, and finally “professional people do professional things”.

“This is a win-win”

In addition to the exclusive supplier system, HEMA also invested heavily in building its own logistics network. At present, HEMA has established a cold chain logistics network in China, including 3 cold chain warehouses, 6 fresh and live temporary warehouses, 41 normal temperature and cold chain warehouses and 16 processing centers.

Based on the new zero supply system, more and more “HEMA exclusive” goods can appear online and offline.

A new phenomenon is that HEMA has become the most favorite new product launch test ground of global consumer brands. For example, in domestic retail channels, HEMA has taken the lead in launching artificial meat and innocent winter exclusive of EURONET red juice, so consumers have got a new consumption experience.

In the upstream of the industry, there are many cases of transformation with the help of HEMA. For example, from Japanese fresh soybean milk to soybean milk hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot bottom, quanrun food company has completed the fashion transformation of a traditional soybean milk factory.

Looking back on the mental process of cooperation with HEMA, Ren Jian often laments that he once received new demands from HEMA in the middle of the night, which are not small challenges for a traditional small enterprise. He admitted that “in the early stage, I wanted to give up cooperation because it was too difficult. All the raw materials, processes and processes had to be changed.” In the end, he persevered.

Now Ren Jian began to think about how to develop a surface with lower salinity and how to make the surface more uniform in thickness. At the beginning of October, Ren Jian, who cooked a lot of noodles in Shanghai HEMA x member store, returned to Shaanxi Province and quickly developed a kind of longxumian based on the consumer information collected in the store.

“This cooperation is a win-win situation.” Ren Jian said.

In the past, fast fashion was the exclusive vocabulary of clothing and other department stores; now, starting from the “commodity power”, HEMA and its partners are making the fresh retail industry burst out the vitality of “fast fashion”.



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