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The actual controller of miaokelanduo was changed, Maotai set a new record, Junyao entered mineral water healthily, the 510 million project of Youran animal husbandry landed in Shandong, and seven Wallace illegally purchased frozen meat for rectification

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Miao Ke Lan Duo’s actual controller or change, suspension of trading today and tomorrow (company announcement)

Miaokelando announced this evening that it had received a notice from Ms. Chai Xiu, the actual controller of the company, that the company intends to plan major matters, which may constitute a change of control of the company. The purchaser intends to acquire control of the company by means of agreement transfer, subscription of non-public issuance of a shares and waiver of voting rights of Chai Xiu, the current controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company. The trading of the company’s shares will be suspended for 2 trading days from the opening of the market on December 7, 2020. It is reported that after the company applied to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the trading of the company’s shares will be suspended for two trading days from the opening of the market on December 7, 2020, and it is expected to resume trading from the morning of December 9, 2020, and disclose the relevant progress.

Simba team’s response to the bird’s nest incident: more than 60 million compensation has been promised and nearly 24 million have been paid (surging News)

According to the official news of Xinxuan, nearly 24 million yuan of compensation has been paid to 27270 consumers by noon on the 6th, according to the official news of Xinxuan. Simba had been accused of selling bird’s nest as sugar water. It admitted exaggeration and promised to make a refund of more than 60 million yuan.

Maotai has reached a record high again, rising by 60% this year! (E company official wechat, snack food agent)

In early trading today, Maotai in Guizhou once rose 2.64% to 1840.39 yuan, a new record, with a market value of over 2.31 trillion yuan. Since the beginning of this year, the stock price of Maotai in Guizhou has increased by more than 57%, and the market value has increased by 827.6 billion yuan. As of today’s close, Maotai shares rose 1.08% to 1812.40 yuan.

Is Maotai’s donation of 800 million yuan compliant? More than 230 shareholders joint litigation (Caixin)

According to yesterday, Guizhou Maotai donated 800 million yuan to the outside world, causing minority shareholders to question the compliance of donation process of listed companies. Shareholders decided to launch a joint lawsuit. One of the shareholders, who is also the leader of the lawsuit, told Caixin that as of 0:00 on December 4, more than 230 shareholders had signed up to participate in the lawsuit. The specific litigation plan and when to submit it to the court are still uncertain, and further preparation is needed. The shareholder’s query stems from the announcement of the resolution of the fourth meeting of the board of directors of the year 2020 issued by Maotai Co., Ltd. on October 26. The board of directors passed six resolutions, four of which are related to donations, of which two are relatively large: one is to donate 260 million yuan to Renhuai Municipal People’s government for the construction of Maotai sewage treatment plant; the other is to donate no more than 546 million yuan to Xishui County People’s government for the construction of Xixin Avenue.

Invest 510 million! Yili land Guanxian! (poster News)

On November 5, the people’s Government of Guanxian County of Shandong Province and Inner Mongolia Youran animal husbandry Co., Ltd. signed the investment cooperation agreement on the new pasture project in Waliu village, Xinji Town. The project plans to invest 510 million yuan to raise 10000 cows. It is estimated that the annual output of milk is 72000 tons and the output value is 360 million yuan. It has strong employment driving ability. It plans to transfer 10000 mu of land to promote the development of surrounding villages and promote the revitalization of the countryside. Wang Wei, vice president of Yili Group, Lu Xindong, assistant president of Yili Group, Jiang Guangjun, general manager of Inner Mongolia Youran animal husbandry Co., Ltd., and Fu Li, general manager of Yili Group Shandong Branch, witnessed the signing ceremony.

Discussion between Qingyuan Municipal Party committee secretary and Mengniu president (Chutian media)

According to Chutian media yesterday, on December 3, Yin Zhaoju, Secretary of Qingyuan Municipal Party committee, had a discussion with Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Group, on matters related to deepening exchanges and cooperation. Lu Minfang said that Mengniu Group ranks first in the dairy market of Guangdong Province, and Qingyuan City, as the “back garden of Guangzhou”, enjoys great development potential. As a key investment attracting enterprise in Qingyuan City, Mengniu Group has realized the development of normal temperature, low temperature, ice products and fresh milk after years of development. It is understood that in 2021, Mengniu Group plans to add a new student milk production line in Mengniu (Qingyuan) factory to provide “safe, nutritious, convenient and inexpensive” student milk for the majority of primary and secondary school students in Qingyuan City. In addition, according to Mengniu Group’s strategic goal of “creating another Mengniu” in 2025, a second factory will be built in Qingyuan City in the near future.

Western animal husbandry announced sales of self generated fresh milk in November (company announcement)

Western animal husbandry announced today that the company’s fresh milk production in November 2020 was 3708.9 tons, with a month on month increase of 5.14% and a year-on-year increase of 17.68%.

Haidilao disclosed continued connected transaction (company announcement)

Haidilao announced today that the company (on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries) will cooperate with honghuotai, Haidilao of zarut banner and weihaiho on December 7, 2020, as the relevant exemption granted by the stock exchange will expire on December 31, 2020, and the company will continue to conduct transactions under the existing continuous connected transaction agreement after December 31, 2020 Lding, Yihai, Shuhai and Shuyun Oriental entered into a renewal and continuous connected transaction agreement. According to the data, when Haidilao’s shares were listed on the stock exchange in September 2018, the stock exchange granted exemption to the company, including exemption from the continuous connected transactions under honghuotai technology development general service agreement, zarut banner purchase agreement, total human resource management service agreement, Yihai general purchase agreement, Shuhai agreement and general decoration project management service agreement.

Zhao Liping, vice chairman of Guangzhou Restaurant, has reduced his holding of about 27000 shares, and the reduction plan has been more than half of the time (company announcement)

As of the date of this announcement, Zhao Liping, vice chairman and general manager of Guangzhou Restaurant, has reduced about 27000 shares of the company from September 4, 2020 to December 4, 2020, at a price of 43.30 yuan / share to 44.60 yuan / share, accounting for 0.0067% of the company’s total shares. There are still 33000 outstanding shares in this plan.

Laiyifen signed strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhongtong express and Zhongtong yuncang (company announcement)

Laiyifen announced today that the company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhongtong Express Co., Ltd. and Zhongtong yuncang Technology Co., Ltd. Laiyifen’s cloud business cooperates with Zhongtong cloud warehouse in an all-round way. Laiyifen uses Zhongtong yuncang distribution management system and warehousing logistics system at the price of strategic agreement to jointly improve customer service efficiency and expand customer service demand. Through the in-depth cooperation between laiyifen’s cloud merchants and Zhongtong cloud warehouse, we will jointly explore new models of the retail industry (such as “cloud warehouse live broadcast”) and jointly create a new retail ecosystem. Laiyifen shares terminal channels with Zhongtong express and Zhongtong cloud stores (such as: rookie post station, Zhongtong express supermarket, touxi supermarket, Zhongtong cloud store, etc.), and establishes a special brand exhibition area to carry out sales. Laiyifen’s own app has in-depth cooperation with Zhongtong express and China express, relying on the integration and intercommunication of massive private domain traffic of the three parties, and jointly build a new media marketing network (such as: live broadcast room advertising + celebrity with goods, brand promotion, online and offline communication, etc.).

Tianrun dairy released supplementary announcement on changes in shareholders’ equity (company announcement)

Xinjiang Tianrun Dairy Co., Ltd. yesterday issued a supplementary announcement on the announcement of shareholders’ equity changes disclosed on the 3rd. The latest supplementary contents include: up to now, in the next three months, BINGTUAN dairy will continue to reduce its holding of no more than 2.7 million shares of the company. At that time, the company and BINGTUAN dairy will strictly comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and fulfill the information disclosure obligations and corresponding reporting obligations. In addition to the above supplements, other contents in the original announcement remain unchanged.

Baby room executives complete reduction (company announcement)

The baby room announced today that the company received a letter from senior manager Wang Yun on the 7th of the completion of the share reduction plan. As of the date of the announcement, Wang Yun held 858200 shares of the company, accounting for 0.6% of the total share capital of the company. As of today, the disclosure of the time interval expired, Wang Yun reduction plan has been completed. During the period, she reduced the company’s shares to 114800 shares, accounting for 0.08% of the total share capital.

Junyao healthy march into mineral water (company announcement)

Junyao Health announced on the 6th that the board of directors deliberated and passed the proposal on the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary. In order to actively implement the company’s development strategy and enhance the influence of the company’s brand, the company plans to set up Shanghai Junyao natural mineral water Co., Ltd. (tentative name, subject to industrial and commercial approval, with registered capital no more than 90 million yuan), in order to seek new business growth points and further expand the company’s product line. The announcement said that the company’s landing in the capital market, the business has entered a new stage of development. For the company’s product structure, R & D capabilities and management capabilities are put forward higher demand. In order to further meet the health needs of consumers and comply with the consumption trend, the company plans to carry out new business of mineral water as an important strategic layout. As an important part of healthy diet, the main product mineral water is the product of national drinking water consumption upgrading and the first choice of urban healthy life. The future development of mineral water industry has broad prospects.

“Meifu” was judged to be similar to “Haitian” in terms of seasoning and other categories (Beijing business daily)

According to Beijing Business Daily on June 6, Beijing Business Daily reporters learned that on the validity of the trademark “Meifu” and whether it is similar to the “Haitian” trademark held by Haitian flavor industry, the Beijing Higher People’s court has finally ruled that “Meifu” and “Haitian” constitute similar trademarks in terms of seasonings and other categories, while rejecting the appeal of the State Intellectual Property Office and maintaining the original judgment. In December 19, 2008, Fang Mei Hong applied for the “per husband” brand, and approved the use of commodities including thirtieth categories: soy sauce; condiments; ice cream; food flavors (excluding ether flavors and essential oils); cooking food thickeners; crispy rice noodles; flour; bread; coffee flavoring spices (condiments). The Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the former State Administration for Industry and Commerce made a ruling to maintain the registration of the former on the ground that the trademark of “Haifu” was not similar to that of “Haitian”. The court of first instance held that the use of “Meifu” in “condiments, flour” and other commodities is similar to that of Haitian series trademarks held by Haitian flavor industry. The court of second instance held that some of the facts were found wrong in the first instance judgment. In addition to bread and ice cream, the trademark of “Meifu” is similar to the “Haitian” trademark approved for use in 30 categories such as soy sauce, but not similar to some “Haitian” trademarks approved for use on bean products. The Beijing Higher People’s court finally determined that the trademark in dispute and the reference trademark No.1, No.3 and No.5 respectively constitute the similar trademark used in the same or similar goods except for “bread and ice cream”, while the two and four do not constitute the similar trademark used in the same or similar goods respectively.

Why do catering enterprises like to be vice brand when Xiaolongkan promotes “Xiaolongkan Mini hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot dish”? (Interface)

Xiaolongkan Mini hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, a new sub brand of Xiaolongkan, a chain hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot restaurant brand, was launched with a low profile, according to the news on the 4th of the interface. Interface news from meituan, hungry Mo and other takeout platforms found that “Xiaolongkan Mini hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot dish” was put into operation recently, all concentrated in Chengdu. At present, the price of single package after discount is between 25 and 36 yuan. Relevant person in charge of Xiaolongkan holding group confirmed the authenticity of this sub brand to the interface news, saying that the reason why all stores of Xiaolongkan Mini hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot dishes are concentrated in Chengdu is to test its business model.

Seven Wallace illegal procurement of frozen meat closed for rectification, the person in charge was detained (surging News)

According to the “Huanggang release” wechat official account on December 5, December 4, A novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention command novel coronavirus pneumonia in Huangzhou District, Huanggang, Hubei Province issued a circular. The 7 Wallace chain restaurants in Huangzhou district seriously violated the spirit of the Announcement No. twenty-fourth and No. twenty-seventh of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters in Huangzhou District, and sold frozen meat products for illegal procurement, sealed up investigation and closed down for rectification. At 8:00 p.m. that day, Huangzhou branch of Huanggang Public Security Bureau detained Tang Mou, the person in charge of Zhengtai apartment store in Wallace Hamburg, Huangzhou District for five days.

Yanjinpuzi disclosed the shareholding of the top ten shareholders of repurchase shares (company announcement)

The day before yesterday, Yanjin shop issued a notice on the shareholding situation of the top ten shareholders and the top ten shareholders with unlimited sales conditions, showing the shareholding situation of the top ten shareholders on the trading day before the announcement of the repurchase resolution by the board of directors of the company.

On December 1, Yanjin shop announced that the company plans to use its own funds to buy back the company’s shares, with a buyback amount of no less than 150 million yuan and no more than 250 million yuan, for the subsequent employee incentive plan.

“Water purification plan” entered Lushi County, Sanmenxia, Zhengzhou Taigu Coca Cola donated 12 water purification equipment (Zhengzhou National High tech Industrial Development Zone)

On December 4, Zhengzhou high tech Zone Management Committee, together with Zhengzhou Taigu Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., an enterprise under its jurisdiction, delivered “clean” water to more than 5300 rural students in Lushi County, Sanmenxia. On the same day, the water purification project equipment handover and donation ceremony of “walking together for love, pure joy all the way” was held in Shuanglongwan Town Central Primary School of Lushi County. So far, Zhengzhou Taigu Coca Cola this year put in 11 schools in Lushi County, Sanmenxia City, 12 sets of water purification equipment have been handed over. The “water purification plan” launched by Zhengzhou Swire Coca Cola in Henan Province has lasted for eight years, benefiting more than 37000 students. This love project will continue in the future.

Nestle joins index roadmap with suppliers to accelerate climate response (company news)

Nestle today joined the index roadmap initiative, a coalition of organizations following the United Nations 1.5 degree Celsius climate change target. Members, including technology innovators, scientists, companies and NGOs, are committed to accelerating action on climate change. The initiative is an official partner of the UN’s “towards zero carbon” campaign.

Coca Cola in Japan to launch tea drinks containing hyaluronic acid

According to foodtalks, quoting Japanese food news, Coca Cola’s brand “YuCha” recently launched a new tea beverage containing hyaluronic acid. The product is added with hyaluronic acid, which can improve skin dryness. With the advent of winter and the need to wear masks under the new crown epidemic, dry skin has become a concern for women aged 20-40, according to officials. This tea drink is a functional beverage food and will be on sale on December 14.

Gathered foods to launch plant based seafood products in Europe

Gathered foods, a plant protein company, announced that it would expand its retail sales in several European markets, and high-quality vegetable based seafood products would be put on shelves in the Netherlands and Spain, according to the foreign media quoted by food partners. The company points out that plant based products are becoming more and more popular in Europe and the UK, and the value of alternative protein products is expected to reach 7.5 billion euros by 2025, according to a study by Dutch international group in October 2020.

Dairy company KTD signs agreement with Coles (Aohua Finance Online)

Ketone dairy (KTD), a producer and exporter of dairy and nutritional products in Australia, has signed an agreement with supermarket giant Coles Group Ltd to provide Coles with products that will be sold under Coles’ own brand name, according to Aohua finance online today.

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State Administration of Market Supervision announced that the quality index of one pure goat milk is not up to standard (State Administration of market supervision)

Shaanxi Tianzhi Dairy Co., Ltd. did not comply with the regulation of Shaanxi Tianmu Dairy Co., Ltd National standards. The inspection organization is Shanghai Institute of quality supervision and inspection technology. For the unqualified food found in the random inspection, the market supervision administration has instructed the provincial market supervision departments in Beijing, Hebei, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi and Gansu to immediately organize the inspection and disposal, find out the product flow, and take measures to control the risk, such as recalling the unqualified products off the shelves.

Duodi cold chain food and packaging nucleic acid positive (surging News)

In recent days, cold chain food and new coronavirus nucleic acid test results of cold chain food and its outer packaging were found to be positive in recent days, causing public concern. From December 2 to December 5, cold chain food and its outer packaging were found to be positive in Linfen, Anhui and Yingkou, Liaoning Province.

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