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It has obtained 95.13 million venture capital investment, an increase of 380% in 18 months, and just won 14.5 million US dollars in financing. How can this brand lock the millennials with shot drinks? |New Xu brand

So good so you, a plant-based functional beverage brand under the super growth mode, has shown extraordinary growth power in recent years, and its main product features of immunity are reflected incisively and vividly during the epidemic period. How does this 6-year-old new Xu brand aim at a small number of racetracks and develop it into a big business?

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In the past 18 months, sales have increased by more than 380% and 516% in the past three years, which has been selected by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States

Due to the surge in consumer demand for immune products during the epidemic period, the brand obtained the largest investment in the history of the brand, namely, the growth fund of US $14.5 million led by Prelude growth partners;

So good so you, a plant-based functional beverage brand under the super growth mode, has shown extraordinary growth power in recent years, and its main product features of immunity are reflected incisively and vividly during the epidemic period

Eric hall, founder of the so good so you brand, said: “the growth of the refrigerated functional food category is undoubtedly explosive. Four years ago, the market for shot juice drinks and refrigerated drinks did not exist, but we are particularly optimistic about this segment. According to the data of several consulting and research companies, the value of this market may reach 340 million US dollars. Our mission is to make full use of the advantages of the convenience of shot drinks, and do the best in terms of function and flavor, and always maintain the leading role in this market! “

Now, foodaily will take you to know how this 6-year-old brand of Xu aims at a small number of tracks and develops it into a big business? In addition to functionality, pure natural, non additive, immune requirements, portable and compact, what changes and outstanding contributions have the brand made in the production process, sustainable packaging and “her economy”?

Truly natural, zero additive,

Clean label and transparency accumulate popularity for brands

Founded by Rita katona and her husband Eric hall in 2014, so good so you aims to provide plant-based cold pressed functional drinks to meet people’s different consumption demands such as improving immunity, replenishing energy, helping sleep and beauty. As an enterprise for the well-being of human health, so good so you firmly believes that “nature brings nutrition” from the very beginning, and insists on using high-quality and real plant ingredients to produce healthy drinks, so as to ensure pure natural and zero addition.

So good so The ingredients of each juice drink are certified by the U.S. Department of agriculture’s organic and non genetically modified program. There are no preservatives, emulsifiers, additives, gums, etc. in addition, the ingredients of the products will be clearly listed on the label: only contain fruits and vegetables, and all nutrients in them are naturally extracted from these natural fruit or vegetable ingredients.

As the trend forecast of ADM in 2021, transparency has become an important decision point for consumers to purchase products – with the enhancement of consumers’ health awareness, they want to have a clearer understanding of the ingredients of the food they eat and expect food labels to provide greater transparency. There is no doubt that through this transparent label, so good so you has won the full trust of consumers at the beginning of its birth.

Plant herb + probiotics, dual factor to promote immunity

According to the Asia Pacific food and beverage industry trends overview 2020 released by inmate, the preference for natural, simple and flexible diets leads consumers to seek more plant-based ingredients when purchasing products. According to the global new product database (gnpd), the number of pure vegan products announced has increased rapidly in the past three years. In April 2020, the number of new products with such claims reached 8% of the total number of food and beverage products released.

On the other hand, consumers are paying more and more attention to immunization. The new epidemic situation makes daily health care a mainstream trend, and consumers have accepted this trend, and more people hope to supplement daily nutrition with food and drink to enhance immunity. But consumers are tired of pill based supplements and look forward to more portable and fashionable forms, such as small bags with simple water, chewing gum, drinks, snacks or other forms of supplements that can be on the go.

So good so you’s juice drinks perfectly meet the needs of natural, plant-based, portable and compact. Its brand mainly has two product lines, one is shot probiotic juice beverage, the other is bottled juice beverage.

Photo source: Twin Cities business

Shot probiotic juice drinks contain more than 1 billion CFU of probiotics to support digestive and immune health. Through the application of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and other traditional health drink ingredients, such as turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, honey and orange juice, the product greatly caters to consumers’ attention to the concept of dietotherapy and health preservation, mainly including immunity, longevity, sleep, 2x energy, detox, etc.

Not only that, the natural mixed juice and vegetable juice in the raw materials of so good so you products can also provide the real taste of juice, and make the beverage have a variety of colorful colors and easily accepted flavor compared with other plant drinks, which are very unique product characteristics for the younger generation of consumers.

Image source: linkedln

So why do brands add probiotics to their juices?

In fact, more and more studies have shown that gut microbes affect the immune system and even mental health.

It is very important to maintain the health of the digestive tract by maintaining the balance of the flora in the body. The immune system and the digestive system are closely linked, so probiotics are usually added to maintain the immune level of the body.

The probiotics used by so good so you are Bacillus coagulans gbi-30, 6086, this probiotic strain has patented packaging technology, which can ensure the activity until it reaches the hands of consumers, and the added amount in this series of products reaches 1 billion CFU; in addition, there are prebiotics in fruits and vegetables, which are the main components of the products, which can regulate the intestinal flora of human body, benefit the role of probiotics by stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria, and help support the elimination And immune system.

The juice drinks of the other production line are mainly bottled, without probiotics. They mainly provide fresh fruit and vegetable juice, and introduce exclusive products with seasonal fruits, but also include different functions such as de tox, deep clean and radiance.

Image source: Amazon

According to market research data, so good so you juice has aroused resonance among millennials and become one of the products with the highest repurchase rate in the industry because of its rich nutrition and meeting a variety of tastes and functional needs.

In mid November, so good so you successfully completed a US $14.5 million (about 95.13 million RMB) financing led by venture capital firm Prelude growth partners. The brand said the new financing would be used to expand retail business and develop new products.

Cold pressing technology + cold pressing technology,

The secret weapon of locking flavor and nutrition

As we all know, in order to save cost, high temperature sterilization is usually used for fruit juice drinks. However, high temperature sterilization will not only kill microorganisms, but also destroy the flavor and nutritional components of juice. So how does so good so you do?

According to our information, so good so you adopts high-pressure sterilization (HPP), which is a cold treatment technology. The food is pressurized at a lower temperature, resulting in protein denaturation, enzyme inactivation and cell destruction of microorganisms, and the high-pressure sterilization time is short.

According to the principle of sterilization, on the one hand, high pressure treatment only acts on non covalent bond, not covalent bond, and has little effect on the formation of low molecular compounds of protein, vitamins and flavor substances, so as to keep the original color, flavor and nutritional value of the product; on the other hand, liquid medium can achieve uniform, instantaneous and efficient sterilization, and its energy consumption is lower than that of heat treatment.

So good so you juice is canned, sealed and packaged in the last step, and the product is subjected to the high pressure of cold water transmission. In other words, high pressure is used to destroy microorganisms to ensure safety. Even pregnant women and children can eat it safely, while cold water can prevent its temperature rising and loss of nutritional flavor substances. In this way, it can be realized that the nutrition flavor substances can be protected without heating at the same time of sterilization.

“Our bodies need active enzymes to help digest and absorb other nutrients, but they don’t exist in cooked or processed foods, only in raw fruits and vegetables.” So good so you takes this health need into account – its juice drinks are cold pressed.

That is to use a hydraulic juicer to extract juice directly from the pulp by exerting huge pressure. This process does not generate heat, so it does not destroy the nutrients and enzymes of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as beta carotene, vitamin C, etc., which are still present in products and provide natural nutrients for the human body.

Proprietary additives accelerate the biodegradation of bottles,

Innovation of environmental protection packaging starts from the source

We see more than 100% of our mission to use your so and renewable energy as well as our mission to use your so and plant-based facilities to produce 100% of your so. Foodaily understands that so good so you currently produces its beverage products in a 100% renewable energy, zero waste production facility in Minneapolis.

What’s more, so good so you’s biggest innovation to date is also about environmental sustainability – earlier this year, btrbtl, a bottle with proprietary additives, can accelerate biodegradation in landfills without leaving tiny plastic debris.

Photo source: so good so you

Eric Hall says that in the United States, almost 90% of plastic and 70% of glass end up in landfills, regardless of whether the product is properly recycled or not. In order to solve the pollution problem, they developed btrbtl Gamma , known as the “better bottle”, is also the brand’s best effort to provide a complete life cycle solution for product packaging.

According to hall, btrbtl Gamma It will be recycled like any plastic bottle, but it will not have a negative impact. In case of final landfill, btrbtl Gamma It accelerates biodegradation, turning the bottle into usable energy, breaking it down into water, soil and carbon based gases. Accelerated biodegradation test based on ASTM d5526-94 showed that btrbtl was able to degrade after 391 days under active filling conditions Gamma The biodegradation rate of treated pet can reach 31.7 – 37.0%, compared with that of untreated pet, which is only 2%.

So good so you’s value is “innovation, do it with your heart.”. From a commitment to zero waste manufacturing facilities to being a so good so you charity platform, so good so you is committed to making positive changes for the health and well-being of human beings, communities and the planet from the source to the consumers.

The founders firmly believe that they will become a passionate human group dedicated to bringing change to people. At the same time, every decision they want to make will have a positive impact on people’s bodies and on the planet.

Photo source: so good so you

Smart use of “her economy”, continue to launch beautiful new products

With the improvement of women’s economic independence and social status, women’s purchasing power continues to rise, forming a unique market consumption field “her economy”. With the continuous expansion of the “she economy” market scale, the “she food” produced for women’s exclusive topics in the food field has also been emerging. Among them, “she food” for beauty, health and health care has also become the target of so good so you.

So good so you launched two new organic plant probiotic juices for sleep and beauty. According to the company, these cold pressed juices are made from natural food ingredients, 100% organic, non genetically modified, and contain 1 billion CFU probiotics per bottle, without additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, etc.

Image source: Google

Among them, the sleep functional juice contains California poppy and butterfly pea flower, which can help to fall asleep naturally; the beauty functional juice contains 10g silicon dioxide to promote collagen generation and organic wild cherry, grapefruit and apple juice, and provides 10 mg of active silicon, which can promote the body to produce its own collagen and help daily beauty. At the same time, with the help of 1 billion CFU probiotics, the product can also promote women’s digestive and immune system health.

In a word, the female elements of so good so you will permeate every corner of the innovative exclusive beverage launched for female consumers or as a company led and founded by women and joined by many female shareholders, which will also radiate a strong market power.

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