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annual! This “adverse weather” employee welfare of poly plus has come to the screen again

If you want to take stock of all kinds of “adverse weather” employee benefits, international wine giant poly liqua should be on the list. Since 2010, pollolica has cooperated with contemporary photographers to launch “art action” with employees as the leading role. Works can not only be published in the company’s annual report, but also displayed in art exhibitions.

This year, pollolica continues to play with new ideas. With the help of Sanja Maru š I šššššššššššššššššššššššššš.


What are the interesting stories behind these blockbusters? Let’s have a look with the snack stand.


New models


This year, poly plus continues its practice of “auditioning” seven employees from all over the world to serve as employee spokesmen for the art campaign.


At the same time, this year, each employee has a new partner, and each of them forms a combination to perform individual interpretation on specific topics. All of them are partners of polyriga, from owners of Kelvin oak barrels in the United States, owners of tequila plantations in Mexico, and chief bartenders in Cuban bars, which also reflects the importance that polyriga attaches to cooperation with local suppliers.


Before shooting, the staff and their “new partner” had known each other for a long time, and had long-term trust in their work for many years. For example, Finbarr, head of debt at the Irish brewery, and Paul, the owner of the Kelvin oak barrel company in the United States, are like this. They are connected by oak barrels.

Paul McLaughlin, owner of Kelvin cooperation

Finbarr Curran, head of debt at Irish distillers

Paul’s studio is located in Louisville, Kentucky, the birthplace of Bourbon Whisky. Relying on its advantages of origin, Paul has long used traditional techniques to produce oak barrels. With Finbarr’s help, their oak barrels came to Ireland, another country of whisky, and became barrels for aging whiskey.


Go deep into the origin


In addition to the new “model” team, this year has adopted a very different theme, “naturally committed.”. With this theme, photographer Sanja Maru š I šššššššššššššššš.


In the shooting, the photographer focuses on the relationship between man and nature, so as to highlight the country of origin and the awe and gratitude for the local conditions. Oak barrel, grape, orange, cork, fennel, Agave, sugarcane and other picture elements have become an important clue to identify the origin of wine.

Laurence prulho, director, vineyard and winery, La perruge

Adeline loizeau, manager of water for life and wine supply at Martell house

Tommy, the UK purchasing director, and Sean, the golden wine operations manager of Chivas brothers, were filmed in Murcia, Spain. The oranges produced here are one of the raw materials for brewing gin. Therefore, in this group of blockbusters, the original ecological orchard, flying orange peel become the performance elements of the picture.

Sean Harrison, gold wine operations manager, Chivas brothers

Tommy Haughton, director, beacon commodities, UK purchaser

Speaking of Murcia’s unique production process, Tommy was impressed, saying, “even with the latest technology, orange peel is largely hand peeled. The blade cuts the peel into a long spiral and releases the bitterness, which is a wonderful journey


Luis, the owner of the tequila plantation in Mexico, and Stefania, the liquor coordinator, came to alandas, Mexico. In their photos, the blue-green leaves and the red land are impressive.

Luis Torres, owner of Rancho La garita tequila plantation

Stefania elizalde, house of tequila liquor Coordinator

Luis thinks he’s just a passer-by to this field in the highlands of halix. The field doesn’t belong to him. It is said that agave has grown on this land for more than 2000 years. As for the growth of tequila, Luis has her own experience. “You have to wait for it to grow up and take care of it all the way. It’s about six to seven years before you can harvest it.”

Virginiae Bartholin, purchasing manager, France, polyriga

Vincent fanguiaire, director, gaec de peyronnet farm

Special consolation


The difference between this year and previous years is also due to the special background of the times. Olivier cavil, director of communication at polyriga, said: in this special period, which is shrouded in the shadow of the epidemic, we need artistic creation more than ever. Art, like a dream, brings color and joy to our life.

Pernod Ricard winemakers, sustainability manager, EST í baliz torrealba

Conchi garz ó n, sales director, masilva & garz ó n

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the original plan to display the works in Paris International Photography Art Exhibition was cancelled. It is hoped that in the bright color contrast, it will continue to convey an optimistic attitude to consumers and create a happy atmosphere.

Asbel Morales, Maestro del Ron cubano

Alejandro Bolivar, chief bartender, El Florida

A kind of

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