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Yuanqi forest plans to achieve 7.5 billion offline revenue next year. Yili street and Zhongjie Street cross-border into the convenience food category. Nestle promotes the plant based brand “foodplus weekly” in China

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Foodplus x Shuhai supply chain

Catering new retail · 2020 | reconstruction · growth catering prepackaged food conference:

In 2020, many catering enterprises began to actively explore the research and development of prepackaged food. How can catering enterprises planning to develop prepackaged food enter the Bureau efficiently? How should catering enterprises that have entered the prepackaged food business of the bureau do well? Based on this, foodplus and Shuhai supply chain will jointly hold a “catering new retail · 2020 reconstruction · growth” in Shanghai on December 23 On the spot, we invited more than 10 well-known entrepreneurs and experts in the industry to share more than 10 topics and hold special closed door meetings on product and marketing topics. From strategy to tactics, and then to specific trading experience sharing, we jointly discussed the reconstruction of catering prepackaged consumption scenarios, solved business pain points and helped the growth of catering prepackaged food business.

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Big event & wind vane

Food and beverage prepackaging is in full swing, Yili and Zhongjie cross border into the convenient fast food track

By turo

Source: official account of Erie, 1946 official account of Zhongjie street, Foodaily, FoodPlus


Glutinous rice balls dumplings and dumplings in Zhongjie 1946, source: official account of Zhongjie street.


Recently, we have seen more and more brands cross-border into the trend of catering and packaging.


On December 4, the ice product brand Zhongjie 1946 expanded from ice cream category to quick-frozen food, announcing the launch of a number of new products of quick-frozen dumplings and dumplings. The new products include five kinds of fresh dumplings, such as susanxian, pork and celery, and five kinds of Tangyuan products, such as Shuimo Tangyuan and Dahuang rice dumplings. At present, they are on the shelves in wechat mall. The price of dumpling series is 410g, and the price of Tangyuan series is 450g / bag, which is 20 yuan / bag.


In November, Zhong Xuegao also launched the ideal Xiangguo dumpling brand. At present, there are 10 SKUs on sale in the flagship store of Lixiang country. The best selling product is a mix of four flavors. Each bag of 320G costs about 48 yuan, which is far higher than the market brand.


For Zhongjie 1946 and Zhong Xuegao, although it sounds cross-border to enter the frozen convenience food category from ice cream, it is quite reasonable to expand horizontally to other frozen products based on their current infrastructure, such as product team, e-commerce team, marketing brand team, cold chain facilities and channels. Through cross category to break through the bottleneck of the original business, and then achieve multi business line collaboration to achieve economies of scale effect.


Recently, the dairy giant Yili’s brand new food machine has launched a Japanese style barbecued pork bone noodles. At present, the price of the product in tmall’s flagship store is 23.9 yuan / box. Yili said that the product invited Japanese Nagoya Ramen master as a product consultant.


In addition, Yili’s yogurt brand amuchi and Wuhan hot and dry noodles brand Cai Linji have recently launched yogurt noodle products, which may also be exploring product innovation ideas combined with advantageous business.


Erie hand pulled noodle products, source: new food machine official account


An Muxi and Cai Lin Ji introduced yogurt flour products, source: official account of Erie.


Food and beverage pre packaging is a direction that we have been paying close attention to since 2018. As early as 2018, our anticipation of this trend has been gradually confirmed

① Take out business and retail of catering brands will be reshaped each other;

② Chain catering brands may push the trend of catering prepackaging to a climax;

③ More catering + food brands based on vertical categories will be born and rise.


This year, due to the epidemic situation, the scene of “consumption at home” has been greatly promoted. Many new and old categories and trends have ushered in explosive growth, reaching a lot of scale and state that we thought might be realized or achieved in two or three years. Under the background of the times that all kinds of new retail trends are becoming more and more popular, and new consumers are getting closer to the market center, we are very sure that the wave of catering pre packaging will take advantage of these underlying factors of the market.


As a research-oriented institution focusing on entrepreneurship and investment in the field of food consumer goods, we hope to continue to extend the research we started in 2018. At the same time, we will also rely on our past and present research accumulation, accumulated industry resources and influence to do something we can do for the ecology of food pre packaged food, such as We held in August this year’s food plus · 2020 food prepackaged food ecological conference.     

Foodplus’s ideas and plans for prepackaged food in restaurants (September 2020), source: foodplus

Yuanqi forest plans to achieve 7.5 billion offline sales in 2021, and put in 80000 intelligent refrigerators to promote the company’s digital development

By Ethan

Information source: first financial magazine, foodplus venture capital insight feii

Recently, first finance and economics magazine published an article entitled “Yuanqi forest will launch 80000 intelligent freezers next spring”. The main content of the article introduces that at the “2020 dealer conference” held in October this year, Yuanqi forest has raised the target of offline channels to 7.5 billion yuan in 2021, and at the latest in the second quarter of next year, at the terminal distribution outlets such as “husband and wife shop”, We have completed the laying of 80000 intelligent freezers.


These self-developed freezers will all be connected to the Internet. Every time a bottle of beverage is sold, its sales data will be fed back to Yuanqi forest in real time. In order to realize the smooth laying plan, on the one hand, Yuanqi forest adopts a more radical “exclusive sales” strategy – if these refrigerators fail to reach the expected sales volume, Yuanqi forest will make up the difference with the stores; on the other hand, it adds an assessment index of “the efficiency of connecting the freezer and the outlets” to the dealers.


Why should forest energy cabinet be built vigorously?


According to the report of “first finance and economics”, the first is to obtain the sales feedback data directly, so as to guide the whole supply chain management and even the research and development of new products in a more timely manner, and the second is to promote the brand. Tang Binsen, the founder of Yuanqi forest, also said at the dealer conference that 95% of Yuanqi forest’s products have not been launched. 2021 will be the “product year” of Yuanqi forest, and the R & D expenses and R & D personnel will be three times of that in 2020. Tang Binsen also stressed that Yuanqi forest adheres to two core strategies: one is to use technical tools to continuously improve the efficiency of the supply chain and save management costs; the other is to constantly upgrade the product formula, increase research and development, and even “raise the cost” to make the best products with better raw materials. “


There are several points worthy of our attention


First, put forward the target of 7.5 billion yuan of offline sales. The foundation of Yuanqi forest may come from its products, supply chain, brand marketing, channel strategy and other dimensions. ① In terms of products, in addition to the existing Yuanqi forest flavor bubble water, burning tea, milk tea, alien energy drink, full score bubble juice, Beihai ranch yogurt and other product series, there are 95% new product reserves; ② in terms of supply chain, Tianjin and Guangdong factories will be put into operation in the first half of next year, and the production capacity will be greatly increased; ③ in terms of brand, Yuanqi forest has formed a certain amount (4) the strategy of “80000 intelligent freezers + guaranteed sales” and high gross profit in the future are reassuring for dealers.


Yuanqi forest’s product series, photo source: foodplus research and analysis team


Second, the launch of 80000 intelligent freezers will guide the whole supply chain management and even the research and development of new products. At the beginning, there must be a process, new products will not sell well. We can focus on whether the R & D team of Yuanqi forest has the ability to iterate out better products through the feedback data from the intelligent freezer, and adjust the product structure of the management team.


Third, at this stage, more and more food and beverage enterprises begin to pay attention to digitization. This trend of digital development is not limited to the sales side, but the whole industry chain. The ultimate goal is to greatly improve the overall operation efficiency of the company through real-time data feedback. The reason why Yuanqi forest puts intelligent freezer is the same. The trend of digital development is a test of the whole industry, which needs to be attached great importance. If a company lags behind in this respect, the risk of being eliminated in the future will be greatly increased.

Big company news

Coca Cola of Japan will launch tea beverage containing hyaluronic acid to solve dry skin in winter

By: orva

Source: the Japanese food journal

Photo source: the Japanese food journal

According to Japanese media reports, Coca Cola (Japan) will release a tea drink containing hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) throughout the country, focusing on skin moisturizing function and relieving skin dryness in winter. The users are targeted at women aged 20-40, which further reflects that Japan is the most developed functional food and beverage market in Asia and has a large functional consumer audience.


On the one hand, it is reflected in the trend of large scale and continuous and stable growth of Japanese women’s functional nutrition supplements, represented by FANCL and pola. Take FANCL as an example, as of March 2020, the revenue of nutrition supplement business represented by vitamins and collagen was 44 billion yen (about 2.7 billion yuan), and that of healthy food and beverage business represented by barley leaf and mixed grain powder was 6.9 billion yen (about 430 million yuan).


Nutritional supplement products and healthy food and beverage business from 2019 to 2020, photo source: FANCL business performance report in 2020


On the other hand, consumers have a strong sense of health, and the choice of products is not limited to nutrition and health products and drugs, but also timely supplement intestinal nutrition, skin nutrition, emotional sleep health, brain health and so on from daily foods such as yogurt and drinks. Taking Meiji, a famous Japanese dairy company, as an example, yoghurt with probiotics includes pa-3 yogurt with reducing uric acid value, LG21 yogurt with gastrointestinal protection and Helicobacter pylori function, R-1 yogurt with influenza prevention function and SC-2 yogurt with anti ultraviolet beauty function.


Meiji functional yogurt product diagram, photo source: Internet


We will continue to pay attention to the development of functional food and beverage in Japan and the innovation of functional food and beverage products of daily consumer goods.

King, a famous snack bar brand, announced the acquisition of nature’s Bakery

By turo

Source: Foodbev

Photo source: Internet


Less than a month after being wholly owned by Mars, kind, a well-known health snack stick brand in the United States, recently announced nature’s bakery, a snack stick company. The transaction amount was not disclosed.


Nature’s bakery, founded in 2011, is a plant-based, nut free healthy snack bar. Nature’s bakery’s product line and brand tonality are quite consistent with kind. As nuts are a common allergen, their products can also make a good supplement to the current product line of kind.


Earlier, food giant Mars announced that it had acquired the North American business of king, a famous healthy nut stick brand, for a valuation of $5 billion. In the future, King North America will join the king global business group to form an operation organization covering 35 countries and regions. Both sides said that after the acquisition, kind will still operate as a relatively independent company. At that time, we predicted that kind would continue to maintain its unique operation philosophy in product development, marketing activities and even acquisition objects, and continue to adhere to their brand philosophy.

Baixiang launched Yao Xiaoguan, a brand of instant rice, focusing on high-speed rail, aviation, CVs and other channels

By San

Source: Food Board


Photo source: Food Board


According to the food board, white elephant food has recently launched a brand of instant rice, Yao Xiaoguan. At present, Yao Xiaoguan includes two product lines: self heating rice and microwave rice.

Yao Xiaoguan product map, photo source: Yao Xiaoguan microblog


On the product side, Yao Xiaoguan emphasizes its core raw materials, selecting “northeast long grain fragrant rice” and high-quality meat. In terms of taste design, the two product lines have launched a total of four flavors: Stewed Beef Brisket with tomato, curry chicken, stewed pork rice and sausage. In terms of product taste and packaging form, Yao Xiaoguan has a certain similarity with the existing self heating rice brands.


However, it is worth mentioning that the “high-speed rail version” of microwave cooking rice launched by Yao Xiaoguan microwave rice product line has certain characteristics in positioning and main consumption scenarios, and its core channels are high-speed rail and aviation. The product can be eaten only by microwave for 1 minute or boiling water for 10 minutes, which enriches the meal choices of high-speed rail and aircraft users to a certain extent.


Artificial meat & alternative protein industry trends

In recent years, the trend of artificial meat and alternative protein continues to move forward. This week has ushered in many landmark events in China. On the domestic front, Nestle announced that it would launch a plant-based food brand in China, and a large-scale sale of plant-based meat products with the whole family began to be launched in East China on Sunday. In addition, a plant-based seafood venture in Hong Kong has received considerable financing. In foreign countries, eat just has obtained the regulatory approval of the world’s first cell culture meat, and Israel’s artificial meat company savoreat has obtained huge amount of financing through IPO.

Nestle officially launched jiazhiyao, a plant-based artificial meat brand in China, and its first plant-based production line in Tianjin was officially completed and put into operation

Author: Hai Feng

Source: Nestle China WeChat official account, snack generation


Nestle officially announced on December 9 that its plant-based artificial meat product jiazhiyao was officially put on the market in China. According to the official introduction, Jiazhi cuisine adopts European technology, which comes from the English brand name harvest gourmet. It was first launched in European market, and it was also Nestle’s first plant-based artificial meat product when it was launched in European market.


When harvest gourmet was introduced into the Chinese market, in addition to retaining the advanced technology in Europe, he did a lot of localization, including taking the Chinese name for this brand, namely Jiazhi cuisine. At the same time, a lot of localization work was also done on the products. The most important embodiment is Jiazhi cuisine product line. At present, Jiazhi cuisine product line is divided into two types, one is the vegetable meat dishes series for the C-end market, the other is the professional solution product series for the catering end.


Nestle China WeChat public official account, C product line.


Jiazhi cuisine product line mainly focuses on plant protein. It hopes to PK traditional meat in protein content, and localizes the taste of C-end products. The core embodiment is that it combines traditional Chinese cuisine, and has launched six vegetable meat dishes series, namely, vegetarian crispy chicken nuggets, braised lion’s head in soy sauce, Sugong Baoding chicken, spicy vegetable pot, sausages and braised pork in soy sauce. Jiazhiyao will lay out retail channels and e-commerce channels for the C-end product line.


There are four product lines for professional catering, which are vegetable hamburger beef pie, plant chicken nuggets, vegetable pork mince and vegetable beef mince. In the form of bag, the package specification is 1kg. Nestle has a professional catering service business, in which the western catering raw materials and Taitaile brand are the main, which is the basis for Jiazhi cuisine to enter the professional catering market.


Nestle China WeChat public official account


From the perspective of the whole China’s artificial meat market environment, the consumption base of C-end products has not yet formed, while b-end catering has been gradually opened to the market by various artificial meat brands and catering brands. Relatively speaking, jiazhiyao’s artificial meat product line may have short-term business imagination in the Chinese market in the b-end catering market. After the b-end market brings the consumption of Chinese artificial meat up, The strategic significance of C-terminal layout is highlighted.

New vegetable meat products on Sunday

By turo

Source: official account of week zero


New product of week zero, source: official account of Zhongjie street.


Recently, domestic vegetable meat brands have put on sale four new products in the family convenience store on Sunday, which are cheese vegetable chicken steak pasta (13.8 yuan), vegetable chicken chop fried egg French sandwich (6.8 yuan), eggplant chicken chop egg wrapped rice with eggplant (13.8 yuan), and fried chicken big mouth rice ball with sweet potato and tender egg (7.8 yuan), which are now on sale in the whole family’s East China region.


Sunday is one of the fastest commercialized vegetable / artificial meat companies in China. In October this year, on Sunday, it also announced that it would cooperate with Dexter to launch two kinds of plant meat products in dexex’s nationwide stores, namely, Luxian vegetable chicken fort and Pleurotus eryngii plant chicken nugget. The price of vegetable chicken fort is 20 yuan, and the membership price is only 15 yuan.

East just is approved to be sold in Singapore, the world’s first lab culture meat product approved for marketing

By: orva

Source: New York Times, eat just official website


Image of East just products, image source: Google


On December 2, according to a report in the New York Times, eat just, a US laboratory meat start-up, said that the artificial chicken produced by the company’s laboratory has been approved for public sale in Singapore, making it the first cultivated meat product approved for marketing in the world. The Food Authority of Singapore confirmed that it had approved the sale of chicken bred by the East just laboratory as safe to eat.


The laboratory meat products listed this time are the company’s brand good meat “chicken” product series. The series of products will be launched in Singapore first, and then are planned to be gradually launched into many international markets including China.


The regulatory approval was made by the Food Authority of Singapore (SFA) after repeated and extensive safety reviews, which met the safety requirements of SFA for new food. It includes proving that the production process is consistent; no antibiotics are used in the production process; safety and quality verification laboratory culture chicken products meet the domestic poultry meat standards; microbial content is far lower than conventional chicken; and higher cleanliness. In addition, the analysis results of good meat products also showed that the cultivated chicken contained high protein and various amino acid composition, the relative content of healthy monounsaturated fat was high, and rich in minerals.

Savoreat, a plant-based food technology company in Israel, has raised $13 million through an IPO

By: orva

Information source: Official Websites of Foodbev and savoreat


Image of savoreat product, image source: Google


Savoreat, an Israeli food technology company, has listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (tase) and raised a total of NIS 42.6 million (about US $13 million). Investors include Millennium food technology, gemel, meitav dash and gemel pens. The money will be used to promote product development activities, pilot testing, and accelerate commercialization.


Founded in 2018, savoreat produces meat substitutes through 3D food printing. Its first product is a patty focusing on creating plant-based hamburgers. At present, the team includes top experts in food science, plant molecular biology, mechanical engineering, biochemistry and business, and has completed a $5.5 million venture capital investment earlier this year.


Savoreat’s 3D food printing plant meat product is to insert ink cartridges and ingredients (fat, cellulose, water, seasoning and colorants) into a 3D printer. Customers use the app to order food from a 3D printer and specify the amount of protein and fat required. The machine receives the order and presses the button to mix the ingredients of the vegan meat in six minutes. The meat can then be cooked, grilled or roasted to produce the same odor and sound as traditional animal meat. The advantage is that it imitates the unique taste and texture of meat, and has high food safety and long shelf life, which is convenient for storage and transportation.


The company has applied for patents on 3D food production methods in the United States, Europe and Australia. Savoreat plans to sell machines and ingredients to restaurants, and savoreats is also looking for a global partner focused on the U.S. market.

Avant meats, a Hong Kong cell cultured fish meat brand, received a $310 seed round financing of

By: orva

Information source: Official Websites of Foodbev and Avant meats


Image source: Avant meats website


Avant meats, a cell culture fish and meat start-up, has completed a seed round of US $3.1 million. Institutional investors involved in this round of investment include China venture capital, lever VC, CPT capital and artesian, and individual investors include angelhub, particlex and Markus haefleli, chairman of Regal springs, a world-famous tilapia producer. This round of funds will be used to accelerate product development to promote the commercialization of fish and meat products in its laboratory. The product is planned to be launched in 2021.


Avant, headquartered in Hong Kong, is officially the first laboratory meat company in China and the only laboratory fish company in Asia. At present, the company is applying for technical patents, and will directly produce animal free marine protein from fish and seafood cells for food, nutrition and health care products and skin care and beauty products.


“We will accelerate our collaboration with the sustainable seafood and functional protein industries to accelerate the application of our products to existing global supply chains,” said Avant co-founder and CEO Carrie Chan.

Investment and financing news

Honlife, a fruit cereal brand, completed the financing of 150 million yuan

By: orva

Information source: 36 krypton, tmall flagship store


Picture of the production of Haomai duo, photo source: 36 krypton


According to 36 krypton news, the fruit cereal brand Haomai duo completed a new round of 150 million yuan of financing. Zhongwei capital led the investment, Qingke master fund followed, and the old shareholders XingTuo capital and Qianhai master fund continued to increase their holdings. This round of funds will be used to strengthen product research and development, brand building and supply chain transformation.


There are three characteristics of Haomai Duo: first, the product is low in calorie, and the meal is as low as 134kcal; second, the team’s upstream industry integration ability, the team has the global overseas direct mining ability, recently acquired the land of haliscoccia seed gold production area in South America; third, it adopts double baking non frying technology and fruit cold bubble technology, so that the product shelf life can reach 10 months without preservatives.


The main product scene of Haomai Duo is breakfast, supplemented by snacks. The core users are urban users aged 18-35. At present, the main category of fruit cereal is kiwi fruit cereal. The first product, kiwi fruit cereal, was launched in March 2019. The first month sales volume of the product exceeded 2 million yuan. In less than two years, the total sales volume of Omni channel exceeded 1 billion yuan. At present, there are more than 10 SKUs.

The low alcohol brand will not clear the wine, complete the angel round financing of ten million yuan, focusing on the leisure scene with meals

By Ethan

Sources: 36 krypton, enterprise inspection, walking up to micro-blog and official account


Photo source: 36 krypton


On December 1, according to 36 krypton, the brand of low alcohol wine fermented with pure natural raw materials announced the completion of angel round financing with tens of millions of yuan, and the exclusive investor was Dexon investment. Liu Shuo, founder of zouma qingniang, said that this round of funds will be mainly used for continuous R & D and innovation of qingniang series products and upgrading and transformation of supply chain.


Photo source: enterprise check


We found that the main body of qingniang is Beijing gouma qingniang Technology Co., Ltd., which was registered on April 30, this year. The founder Liu Shuo holds about 68% of the shares, the two entities invested by Dexin hold about 15% of the shares, and Li Zheng and Shao Kuixing each hold 8.5% of the shares. Its official microblog account released a video of a product on September 27.


Photo source: go to qingniang microblog


According to 36 krypton, the core management team of zowanqing brewery has been engaged in beer for more than 15 years on average, and has served as an executive in the world’s top 500 companies such as Budweiser InBev, Heineken and Carlsberg. Different from beer, rice wine and fruit wine, it is a pure natural fermented wine with 100% natural flower and fruit tea raw materials. After 11 months of experiments, the company has launched two kinds of products, original Qing Jiu and blueberry Qing Jiu, to meet the needs of multiple scenes including dining and leisure.


Photo source: go to qingniang microblog


Liu Shuo, the founder of the company, said in an interview that the “zoumang” series has achieved zero carbon water, zero fat, zero gluten and ultra-low calorie. In addition, the raw materials such as hops and grain crops are discarded, and the bitterness and carbohydrate of beer are removed, and the heat, sugar and belly swelling are reduced. At the same time, by adjusting the temperature, the activity of yeast changes alternately between peak and valley, which enhances the natural layer sense of the wine body, keeping fruit flavor and fermenting sugar to the minimum.


The target market is to replace the medium and high-end beer market in stock at a healthy and affordable price and upgrade its quality. At present, the price is 99 yuan / 2 bottles on the official wechat public platform.

Hot pot food material brand food blast gets another 10 million yuan financing

Author: Mika

Information sources: instant food ingredients,


According to the official disclosure of food explosive ingredients, the hot pot food ingredients brand “instant food ingredients” has recently completed the financing of 10 million yuan led by Donghe venture capital. This is another financing of the brand within three months after it was invested by Merrill Lynch venture capital in September.

image source: fried food ingredients


Instant food ingredients is a hot pot ingredients provider, mainly providing hot pot, barbecue ingredients and prefabricated dishes for family consumers. At present, there are more than 400 SKUs, and they are sold through multiple channels such as community group purchase, community supermarket and e-commerce.


In terms of products, Chaoshan high gluten beef balls, hand-made sausages, deep-sea cuttlefish balls and string hot pot packages have been launched, which are suitable for community group purchase channels. In terms of channels, the company has established cooperative relations with many large-scale community group purchase platforms, such as Tongcheng life, buy more vegetables and meituan optimization, and has established a warehouse matching performance system for this purpose. At the same time, online e-commerce channels, food explosion also officially entered Jingdong Mall.


Fan Rong, founder of instant food ingredients, said that after the financing, “instant food ingredients” will continue to strengthen cooperation with the community group purchase platform, continuously improve the product R & D capability, and add 50 regional warehouses to enhance the warehouse matching performance ability. At the same time, the company will also invest more resources in live broadcast and short video, increase brand promotion, and continue to invest in talent introduction, product development and it construction.

Dorothy cat, a children’s food brand, has won several million dollar Angel round financing with exclusive investment of SIG

By turo

Source: 36kr


Founded in September 2020, qixuduo cat cat Co., Ltd. is a brand image of self-designed IP duo cat. Its products are mainly for preschool children aged 3-6 years. At present, it has developed five product lines of staple food, supplementary food, snacks, condiments and nutrition products, including nearly 20 products such as yoghurt beans, rice cakes, seaweed, fish sausage, lutein soft candy and hawthorn sticks. The new cycle is planned to be two in the future It shows a good supply chain management ability for a start-up company which has just been established for 3 months.

source: 36kr


In terms of the team, public information shows that the core management of duomaomao is basically from the core FMCG plate of JD and Ali, and is familiar with the operation of e-commerce and the Internet. Due to the strong endorsement effect on product safety and other quality, Jingdong’s self operated maternal and infant products have developed rapidly in recent years. For a mother and baby / child snack brand, getting Jingdong’s self operated license is equivalent to getting a safety promotion certificate. At present, duomaomao has entered Jingdong’s self operated business, and its sales volume far exceeds that of its tmall store. It is also closely related to the background of the team to successfully enter the self operated channel of Jingdong.


At present, the categories of children’s snacks are gradually warming up, and many giants are closely arranged. In 2019, good good good, a brand of organic children’s snacks under Jianhe group, will enter the Chinese market. This year, liangpin shop plans to promote the development of group standards for children’s snacks products, and launched a snack brand for children in May. Just five days after the launch of liangpin xiaoshixian, baicaowei launched Tong’an children’s product line on May 25. Then, on May 28, Zhang Liaoyuan, the founder of the three squirrels, announced that he would “start to lay out the children’s snack market”, and launched Xiaolu blue, a children’s snack brand, on June 19.

Lemonbox, a domestic personalized nutrition subscription brand, has been invested by panda capital and other millions of US dollars. It is already one of the three functions and nutrition companies invested by panda capital

Author: Hai Feng

Source: 36kr, food venture capital insight by foodplus

Lemonbox product image source: 36kr


According to 36kr’s report, domestic personalized nutrition subscription brand lemonbox has won millions of US dollars in pre-A round of investment, led by panda capital, followed by Y combinator and Zhonglin capital. The 36kr report did not mention the purpose of financing, but we speculate that this round of financing funds should be used for market launch and personnel recruitment.


Lemonbox adopts the more common way of nutrition subscription in foreign countries, that is to know the demand for nutritional supplements through questionnaire, so as to customize the nutrition package. The ordering process is roughly as follows: fill in the nutrition survey questionnaire through the lemonbox small program, and lemonbox recommends nutritional supplements through the questionnaire, and then check the specific supplements according to the recommendation, and then place an order to pay, and wait for receiving after payment. It is worth noting that because each person’s demand for specific supplements is different, each customer’s small bag of nutrition bags is different. Generally, lemonbox begins to pack nutrition packs after customers place an order and pay for it.


At present, lemonbox has two cooperative factories located in Silicon Valley and Shenzhen. According to 36kr, lemonbox has more than 30 types of supplements to choose from and is also developing new products such as fudge.


Lemonbox’s channels are mainly focused on small programs. At the same time, lemonbox has also entered the channels of Koala shopping and Xiaomi products. At present, it is also preparing to launch tmall global store. In the past year, it has achieved tens of millions of revenue.


It’s worth noting that lemonbox is already panda capital’s third start-up in the field of functions and nutrition this year. It has also invested in Dongshi, a weight management brand, and goodnight water, a sleep food brand. For analysis of goodnight water and sleep market, you can click here to see the food analysis article in by FoodPlus official account.


We will also release an analysis article on lemonbox’s access to Panda capital investment in food venture capital insight by foodplus.


Noveltea, a British tea wine brand, received an investment of 1.4 million pounds

By Ethan

Information source: Foodbev, noveltea tmall


Photo source: Foodbev


Recently, noveltea, a British alcoholic tea brand, has received an investment of 1.4 million pounds from the venture capital fund North East venture fund (nevf), which will be used to expand noveltea’s new overseas markets and recruit new employees. According to CrunchBase data, noveltea completed three rounds of financing from August 2017 to June 2020, totaling GBP 674000.


Image source: CrunchBase


The brand was created in 2017 and noveltea is also sold in China, in addition to the UK and Germany. On tmall global, there are three products on sale, including oolong tea whisky, Earl Black Tea gin and mint green tea rum. The double 12 event price is 98 yuan / bottle, and the monthly sales volume is close to 2000 bottles. There are more than 1300 comments.


Photo source: noveltea tmall


Noveltea adopts low temperature cool green technology to blend the aroma of tea into the wine. It has a slightly sweet taste and can be made into a variety of cocktails. It is more suitable for female consumers. Tmall also provides an innovative drinking method of 50ml oolong tea wine + 20ml whole milk. However, tea wine is still a relatively new category, and the future achievements still need to be further observed.


Marijuana beverage producer unity wellness received $1.25 million Angel round financing

By Ethan

Source: Foodbev


Photo source: unity Wellness


On December 1, unity wellness Co., a Beverly Hills, Calif. – based marijuana beverage maker, raised $1.25 million from angel investors, according to Foodbev. The brand’s product portfolio includes hemp drinks containing adaptogens, a blend of CBD and collagen. The brand will launch a new protein bar on December 4, each containing 20 mg of CBD. The company was founded in 2018 and has been developing through self financing. This round of financing will expand the scale and promote the brand.

Solar foods, a Finnish food technology start-up, received 4.3 million euros in financing

By turo

Source: Foodbev


Photo source: Foodbev


Recently, solar foods, a Dutch “air protein” company, announced that it had completed the financing of 4.3 million euro, funded by the Finnish state-owned organization business Finland, whose mission is to promote the development of science and technology in Finland.


Solar foods’ main product, solein, is an edible protein made from air and electricity, which involves capturing carbon dioxide from the air and combining it with bacteria to form a single-cell protein.


Since its establishment, solar foods has received 24.8 million euros in financing, including nearly 20 million in September, of which 15 million was invested by fazer group, Finland’s largest food company. The remaining investors include bridford investments, agromics limited, lifeline ventures and CPT capital. Solar foods said the financing would be used for the construction of new production facilities, which are expected to start production in 2022.


At present, these “air-based” protein companies use microbial fermentation to produce protein with air as raw material. This technology does not need harsh soil and climate conditions like animal and plant cultivation, and does not occupy land (relatively speaking), which is a more sustainable protein production mode than plant base. If it can be commercialized and standardized under the premise of ensuring the abundance of amino acids in protein, it will be of great significance to the continuation of human population.

Some interesting new products



Recently, Yili’s yogurt brand amuchi and hot and dry noodles brand Cai Linji jointly launched a yogurt hot and dry noodles, which is now officially pre-sale in Yili micro mall. (information source: Yili micro mall)



Recently, fitt8 has launched a “little red bottle” lyophilized probiotic protein powder. According to the official introduction, this product has the characteristics of easy absorption and high survival rate of probiotics. It is worth mentioning that fit8 launched the “planet 8 regeneration program”, which is similar to the “three and a half” return plan for empty bottles. Users can exchange rewards according to the amount of recycling, and the recycled plastic packaging will be used for other industrial products. (information source: fit8 tmall flagship store)


Recently, Xijie food’s brand bibingge has launched a children’s cheese dumpling. At present, it has two flavors: beef cheese and shrimp cheese. The product mainly focuses on high protein. In addition, the bright dough made from vegetable juice can improve children’s eating taste. At present, the product has been put on the shelves in Xijie tmall flagship store. (information source: Xijie tmall flagship store)

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