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Fonterra is the first global new product in China! Want to do more than 300 innovative catering applications in 2021

What are the secrets of winning the Chinese catering service market? In this regard, New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra gave the key word is: close to the local, more innovation.


At today’s Guangzhou international hotel supplies and Catering Exhibition, Fonterra’s catering service brand “Anjia professional dairy professional partner (hereinafter referred to as” Anjia professional dairy products) “released its first European imported cream, Anjia multi effect cream. This is also the brand’s first global new product in China more than a month later.


After the press conference, Dai Junqi, vice president of catering service department of Fonterra Greater China, said that the continuous launch of new products and new applications of dishes helped the brand keep ahead in the competition. He told the snack agent that at present, Anjia professional dairy services more than 70000 catering terminals, covering baking, tea, coffee, catering and other channels.


Dai Junqi also revealed that the number of innovative applications of Anjia professional dairy products in fiscal year 2021 is expected to break a new high. In addition, he also talked about the new achievements of the “integration of China and the west” strategy and the driving force for future growth. Next, please see the on-site information sent back by the snack agent.


Differentiated choice


As the first European cream of Anjia professional dairy products, the new product sets China as the “first station” in the world. Behind this, Fonterra hopes to provide differentiated choices to its catering market and customers, the world’s largest market.


According to Dai Junqi, there will be differences in taste between the new products and the cream products from New Zealand due to the differences in cattle varieties, feed proportion and feeding methods, which can provide more choices for Chinese customers.


Today, Fonterra also offers a variety of new bread and tea on the spot. Some people who have tasted it on the spot told the diner that this European cream would be lighter than the classic Anja cream produced in New Zealand.

It is reported that in addition to taste differences, the main features of this new product include light taste, good stability and easy to pass. It is suitable for a variety of baking products, aiming to meet the growing demand of consumers for light taste cream.


It is worth noting that the new is Anjia professional dairy products in more than a month again power cream.


At this year’s fair, the brand also launched two new types of cream in the world, namely, Anjia cheese cream, which combines cheese and cream, and Anjia alcohol easy snow top cream, which can be preserved at room temperature. “Both of our new products are in short supply, and the actual demand exceeds the planned capacity.” Dai Junqi revealed in today’s exchange that customers have a very good evaluation of new products.


The last generation of Xiaopin products were released to customers in Guangzhou. “Through this exhibition, Fonterra hopes to bring more innovative cream products and applications to Chinese catering customers and consumers.” Dai Junqi said in a briefing.


At present, Anjia professional dairy products have launched five types of cream products in China, which have maintained a high double-digit annual compound growth rate in China in recent years.


Achievements of “integration of China and the west”


After gaining a foothold in baking, tea and other fields, Fonterra also focuses more on the larger Chinese food market, and continues to promote new strategies.


As introduced by the snack agent, Anjia professional dairy products officially launched the strategy of “integration of Chinese food and Western food” last year. It will increase the investment of full-time chefs, channel construction, sales personnel and product series in the Chinese food channel, and cooperate with local associations to provide Chinese customers with the creative and application scheme of “integrated Chinese and Western dishes”.


Referring to the latest achievements of the strategy, Dai Junqi takes moon cake as an example. This year, more than 50 mid point customers have listed “cheese moon cakes” with Anjia cheese as raw materials, including daoxiangcun, Shen Dacheng, Guangzhou Restaurant and other well-known Chinese time-honored enterprises.

Dai Junqi, vice president of catering service department in Greater China of Fonterra


“Mooncake is a very traditional Chinese pastry, and it can be said that it is the largest piece of all Chinese cakes, and it is also the most popular business of all midpoint and bakery customers.” Dai Junqi told the snack agent, “just like I asked all consumers, have you ever eaten cake or mousse? Have you ever eaten Swiss rolls? I believe many people may not necessarily say that they have, but they must have eaten moon cakes. “


In order to seize the opportunity of “integration of Chinese and Western food” in traditional season, Fonterra has also made preparations early. It is understood that Anjia professional dairy products will launch triple cheese dumplings and rose cheese dumplings in the Spring Festival next year, and cheese dumplings will be launched in the Dragon Boat Festival.


“We hope that through more innovative application solutions, we can skillfully combine western dairy products with Chinese food and drink, and introduce them into the daily diet of Chinese people.” Dai Junqi said.


Over 300 innovative applications


In fact, innovation close to the local market is not only to serve its “integration of Chinese and Western” strategy, but also the key development direction of Fonterra’s catering service in Greater China.


Dai Junqi pointed out that China is an attractive market in terms of the growth space of per capita dairy consumption and market size. The biggest growth power of Anjia professional dairy products in the future comes from “the continuous growth demand of Chinese customers and consumers for high-quality dairy products”.


“In various subdivided channels, we see a very obvious trend of consumption upgrading in the Chinese market. More and more Chinese consumers not only want to eat enough, but also want to eat well, which will bring a lot of business opportunities. ” He said that if we want to seize these opportunities, Anjia professional dairy needs to continuously invest in innovation and develop more new products and innovative application solutions from the needs of customers and consumers.


According to its disclosure, in fiscal year 2020, Fonterra Greater China catering service team launched more than 270 innovative product applications. “These products are widely distributed in baking, dining and beverage channels, among which Anxin Futuan Dafu series, ice bread series, cheese moon cake, milk capped beer and cheese shrimp skating are well received by the market, which effectively promotes the growth of product sales.” Dai Junqi said.


Xiaoshidai introduced that Zhou Dehan, President of Fonterra Greater China, once pointed out that strengthening local innovation is one of the key elements to promote the sustainable growth of Fonterra’s business in China. According to the company’s annual report, the company’s profit increased by about RMB 174 million before tax in fiscal year 2020.

Entering the new financial year, Anjia professional dairy also wants to break the record of innovative quantity. Dai Junqi said that in the 2021 fiscal year (Note: from August this year to July next year), the number of innovative product applications of the above-mentioned teams is planned to exceed 300, and 54 have been launched in the first quarter.


According to its introduction, as a professional catering service provider, in terms of products, Anjia professional dairy will continue to launch new products, develop customer needs, solve customer problems and meet customer pain points. In terms of service, Anjia professional dairy products will rely on its first-class service team, partners and a wide range of professional dairy dealer network to meet customer expectations.

In addition, in terms of solutions, Anjia professional dairy will provide end-to-end “one-stop” solutions from product concept to formula, production, process, store, marketing, publicity and promotion.


“In fiscal year 2021, our team will bring out more than new concepts and new formulas for the Chinese market, and provide continuous impetus for market development and business development with our market insight and innovation ability.” Dai Junqi told xiaoshidai.

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