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From the annual income of 5 billion to the verge of Bankruptcy: why can’t the “star harvester” once popular all over the country?

honey pomelo tea can’t save heaven.

“Healthy and beautiful, what to drink? Oh, honey, pomelo tea


Seven years ago, from Fan Bingbing’s first advertisement, tianwo international ushered in the most brilliant moment.


Relying on the hot single honey pomelo tea, tianwo international achieved 4.726 billion revenue in 2013 and successfully listed in Hong Kong in the same year. In 2014, 2016 and 2017, the annual operating revenue exceeded RMB 5 billion.


However, after the scenery, we once again hear its recent situation, but it is a “delisted” news. According to data, tianwo international was suspended from trading due to illegal trading in 2018, and officially delisted on November 13, this year after a 27 month suspension.


In fact, even if it has not been “returned” by the capital market, the revenue situation of tianwo international has also gone down sharply. In 2018, the revenue dropped sharply to 1.572 billion yuan. In 2019, the revenue was only 992 million yuan, and the loss was 138 million yuan, which was on the verge of bankruptcy.


According to industry insiders, the decline of tianwo international is the result of the double attack of “internal and external troubles”. There is financial crisis at home, and new tea drinks such as Xicha, Naixue and Yuanqi forest are catching up with and diverting from sugar free drinks.


The popularity accumulated by star endorsements has been consumed by unchanging products and will eventually decline.


The star harvester


Tianwo international was founded in 1999. It started with a series of products such as candied fruits and fried goods. Later, it developed into a food enterprise integrating the production, packaging and distribution of food and beverage.


According to the official website of tianwo international, there are dozens of independent brands and agency brands, and the products sold include drinks, red wine, nut snacks, chili sauce, etc.


Among them, the most out of the circle is “honey pomelo tea”. But if you want to tell the reason of the circle, it is not the taste, not the taste, but the overwhelming top-notch spokesperson.

Map source / network

Before Fan Bingbing, honey pomelo tea was initially popular by Li Xiaolu, the “youngest Golden Horse shadow Queen”. In 2013, Fan Bingbing became a “net star” in the food and beverage industry, and won the title right of Hunan Satellite TV’s variety show “big change show” for two seasons.

Map source / network


At the end of 2014, the heirs, starring Li minhao, went from Korean red to China, gaining popularity in Asia. At its peak, tianwo International did not hesitate to invite Li minhao to act as the image spokesman of honey pomelo tea, and its revenue exceeded 5 billion yuan for the first time.


In addition to honey and pomelo tea, the marketing routines of other products under tianwo international are almost the same, and the star spokesperson is the standard configuration. According to incomplete statistics, stars such as Zhang Xueyou, Li Yuchun, Zhou Dongyu, Huang Xiaoming and Cao Ge have all represented products of tianwo international in different periods.


The influence of star spokesperson helps tianwo international to quickly open up the domestic market. Not only has the revenue exceeded 5 billion yuan in three years, but it has been listed on the Hong Kong stock market successfully, which has not been popular for a while. Even a “honey pomelo” craze has been set off in the food retail industry. Subsequently, Master Kang, Wahaha and other industry giants have successively launched drinks with similar tastes.


There is no doubt that in the launch of new products, with the help of star effect, tianwo international has made a wonderful move. In fact, this is also a common practice of many traditional brands, such as Daphne. Even now, when it comes to Daphne, many people’s first reaction is “S.H.E.’s shoes”. It can be seen that the strong binding with the spokesperson will give the brand high added value.


However, the most fundamental role of star endorsement and other marketing strategies is to enhance brand exposure and help brand communication. Marketing is ultimately a means, product is the fundamental, if the cart before the horse, the enterprise’s downhill road will begin.


The routine of “single product dominating the world” is out of order


Besides honey and pomelo tea, do you remember other products of tianwo international?


We took a look at the products launched by tianwo international after honey pomelo tea, and found that the memory of other products was almost zero except vaguely remembering the advertisement of tianwo C man E. Even our most familiar “honey series” only remember honey pomelo tea.

Map source / network

In fact, after honey pomelo tea, tianwo international also launched honey Kaman orange tea, honey Sydney tea, Chen pomelo Pu’er honey pomelo tea, honey pomelo white tea.

Tuyuan / tianwo official website

At the same time, in order to cover consumers of different needs and ages and open up new markets, tianwo has also tried to launch charred coffee, milk tea, soybean milk, milk products, energy drinks, sugar free tea drinks, etc.

Tuyuan / tianwo official website


Therefore, compared with other competitors, tianwo international has many kinds of drinks. But the popularity of these new products is not high, from the market response, consumers also don’t buy it.


In contrast, Master Kang, Wahaha and uni president, the three major beverage giants in China, have their own star products, such as Master Kang’s iced black tea, uni president green tea and Wahaha AD calcium milk.

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However, the popularity of other products is not low, such as Master Kang’s green tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea, sour plum soup, mineral water, unified Assam milk tea, Xiaoming students, fresh oranges, crystal grapes, Wahaha’s pure water, nutrition express, refreshing and so on, which meet the different taste choices of consumers with the products of hundreds of flowers, which also occupy a market share.


Unfortunately, the follow-up tianwo International did not develop more powerful products. As more and more brands have launched similar competitive products, honey pomelo tea is no longer the exclusive exclusive of tianwo international. Finally, the “Jiangshan” that relies on honey pomelo tea, which is a single popular product, is gradually lost.

In addition, the group’s internal revenue has declined from 1.572 billion in 2017 to 1.572 billion in 2017.


What’s more, even after this year’s delisting, when people miss the glory of tianwo international, what impresses them most is still the slogan Fan Bingbing said when he spoke.


From the former star “harvester” to today’s dismal delisting, relying on explosive products to fight the world, and finally the failure of the explosive product set is far more than tianwo international.


Southern black sesame, as the first group of well-known brands that have risen successfully by virtue of marketing after the reform and opening up, its development has been deteriorating in recent years.

Tuyuan / Jingdong flagship store of southern black sesame paste


The data shows that the sales volume of black sesame paste products in southern China is decreasing year by year. In 2015, the annual sales volume was 9.067 million units, and by 2019, the sales volume had dropped to 6.6495 million units.


By 2020, the situation is still not better. In the first three quarters of 2020, the revenue is 2.401 billion yuan, and the net profit is – 2478.6w, a year-on-year decrease of 184.85%.


In addition to performance losses, it is calculated that in the coming year, southern black sesame will pay off more than 100 million yuan of debt each month, including more than 200 million yuan in June and July 2021.


Like tianwo international, southern black sesame has also tried to cultivate new business growth points, such as the introduction of canned black sesame paste, black and black light fat drinks, Saibao oats, selenium rich rice and other new products, and even spent a lot of money to invite Fan Bingbing as the image spokesperson.

Tuyuan / Nanfang black sesame paste official website

But in the end, because of ineffective product promotion, the decline of large losses is inevitable.


Looking at the current market and looking back at the brand development process of tianwo international and southern black sesame, it is not difficult to find that the failure of explosive products is only the fuse. The unchanging products and outdated marketing routines eventually lead to the brand being abandoned by consumers.


But it is not so much the consumers that really abandon these brands as the era of rapid change.

We can’t catch up with each other step by step


1. Marketing is out of date


In the era of no Internet, a lot of corporate publicity comes from TV advertising and star endorsement. In particular, in the field of FMCG, 90% of the brands can be established as long as the products are put on TV and broadcast circularly at different times every day. If it can be promoted in CCTV, basically half of the brand revenue target of that year can be achieved.


This is also the reason why honey pomelo tea can rise rapidly in just one year. In addition to the spokesperson, choosing Hunan Satellite TV as the main advertising position is also very important.


The concept of Hunan Satellite TV is to be happy in China, and its programs tend to be entertaining. The main audience is young people, which is in line with the target consumers of honey pomelo tea. In addition, the brand has been repeatedly exposed in the evening prime time variety show, thus driving up the sales of products.


But now, the emergence of the Internet has broken the traditional marketing, consumers are in a passive position of acceptance.

For the content they want to see and buy, consumers have strong autonomy, and their access to information is diverse. A grass log, an evaluation video, and even a beautiful picture sent by others in the circle of friends can make people have the impulse to consume.


In other words, the direct influence of TV advertising is weakening. Brand marketing, if still traditional hard promotion, consumers will choose to block.


Based on this, many brands have carried out a variety of marketing methods. For example, micro-blog, jowl, little red book and other new media platforms, with the help of KOL, tiktok and so on.


And the marketing of tianwo international, with the changes of the times, does not seem to go further. Until now, only the celebrity spokesperson has been remembered. The brand will lose its vitality if it blindly uses the old method and does not focus on the innovation of marketing methods.


2. Too conservative about the arrival of e-commerce wave


Tianwo international established a strong channel support in the early stage. In East China, there is Nanpu food, which once had the largest super channel of food and beverage and imported alcohol in East China. In Central China and South China, there are also self built sales channels, which make tianwo International’s product sales in the whole country more smoothly.


However, after the rise of e-commerce as an online channel, the advantages of offline channels of old food enterprises like tianwu have been virtually weakened.


In fact, tianwo international is not indifferent to e-commerce, even traditional food enterprises that have laid out online channels earlier. In 2014, Lu Ying, then the financial director of tianwo group, pointed out in an interview with the magazine CFO that tianwo products were sold in No.1 store, Jingdong and Taobao tmall.


However, he has always maintained a calm attitude towards the popularity of e-commerce, believing that “not all tianho products are suitable for all online channels.”


Now it seems that tianwo International’s cautious attitude towards online channels has slowed down the company’s development of new channels.

Seeing that competitors are rushing towards the tide of e-commerce, tianwo international has been caught in the tide, but it has missed a few opportunities for self-help.


3. Failed to grasp the new needs of consumers


With the continuous improvement of the level of national income, people’s consumption demand has been significantly upgraded. For example, high-quality enjoyment, high cost-effective service, highlighting personalization and gaining more people’s recognition have become new consumption demands.


Under the stimulation of consumption upgrading, the new tea represented by milk tea expanded rapidly. According to the white paper on China’s food service industry (beverage) in 2020, from 2016 to 2019, the number of existing tea shops in China has increased by nearly 100%.


However, in the recent years of the gradual rise of new tea, tianwo international still adheres to its traditional tea ideas. With the large-scale expansion of new brands such as Xicha and naixueyi tea, the traditional sales channels have been sharply compressed. It is difficult for tianwo international to continue its brilliance with only a bottle of honey pomelo tea.


At the same time, in addition to diversified and high-quality experience, “health” is also more and more concerned by people.


Many people begin to reduce sugar intake and increase dietary fiber in their daily diet, so low sugar and low-fat 0-calorie drinks have become a trend. However, the product structure of traditional bottled drinks is mainly composed of low concentration juice drinks, and the proportion of drinks that can meet the health needs of consumers is insufficient.


In this context, tea shops which mainly focus on offline consumption scenarios have launched a variety of new products, such as sugar free, fresh pressing, health preservation, etc. Many old food companies have launched more beverage products with novel taste and complex functions, such as Oriental leaves, sugar free cola, etc. at the same time, many new online Red brands, such as Yuanqi forest, have been created.


In the face of such a rich variety, taste diversity, more nutritious and healthy new choice, only tianwo international, a blockbuster product of honey and pomelo tea, has any chips to stop consumers?


Give us thinking


”Seeing him rise from a high building, seeing his guests feast, seeing his building collapse. “


Looking back on the development process of tianwo international, it took more than ten years to go from zero to peak, but only a few years from peak to decline. This should be a warning for many brands:

1. There should be explosive products, but not only explosive products


In this article, we have discussed the problem of explosive products many times. It can be said that tianwo international is a product of “success and failure”.


If there is no honey pomelo tea as a pioneer to seize the market, tianwo international after the glory may not exist. But only explosive products, consumer awareness of the brand will be too shallow, too narrow.


Once the explosive products are copied and competitors give consumers more choices, they can’t be blamed for contributing to others.


Imagine if tianwo International launched different products in 2014, when honey pomelo tea was a great success, and launched different products with the help of the popularity of hot products, would the outcome be different? At least, there’s only one word that people don’t think of.


Therefore, the days when only one explosive product can fight alone has passed, and the long-term development plan is to use single point blasting and fully blossom.


2. Sticking to the old ideas is fatal


Tianwo international was established in 1999, which can be regarded as an old brand and a time-honored brand. But the old brand often has the idea of sticking to the tradition, does not understand the flexibility, or is not willing to change.


When e-commerce develops most rapidly, it adopts a calm and conservative attitude; when competitors launch fancy products one after another, they react and act later; when other brands are busy getting close to young people and playing fancy marketing, star spokesmen are their only marketing moves In the face of the general trend, tianwo international seems to be a step slower forever.


To be sure, it is inevitable that the products of old brands will be aged. However, Kanglao brand is still based on the product’s taste of iteration and iteration.


This also tells us that even if the brand can not lead the trend, it must also comply with the trend. Only by keeping up with the times can we not be eliminated.


The decline of tianwo international is deeply lamented. At the same time, we also see the fierce competition in the food and beverage market. The new tea will eventually become a competitor of the race and the bottle when there is no progress.


Consumers have a lot of choices. They won’t wait for a brand to grow in place. They will only rush to the direction that knows him best.

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